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  1. Been here since 2013 and before that I was based in Cyprus for a year and a half... I think the army is trying their upmost to keep me away from Sheffield! Haha!
  2. Based in Warminster, but got a season ticket in the north because I’m stupid...
  3. Mainsey

    The fans...

    Shut up
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    He is genuinely awful. Knockaert nut-megged him, sent him into next week for their first goal and made him look like a league two left-back all night. The thing is though, he has been like it all season but has gotten away with it purely by good fortune or by Loovens and Lees' good partnership. You're all crying out for a right back, but I'd rather see Palmer on the starting line-up any day than Pudil. He needs to learn that there is more to life for a left back than 4 days of space to the opposition ,no blocking of opposition crossing, poor crosses himself and the below par standards now that he has got himself a contract. No wonder Brighton spent 80% of their attack down our left/their right.
  6. Managed to get hoppers second on video trim.C8451F40-D8FB-46F3-B7D4-E89FE7605020.MOV
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    i wanted to do that :(
  8. Mainsey

    Leon Best

    hes not a particularly good player, he just pops up wth goals. thats something we need, someone who can, at the right moment, pop up and score which is what he seems to do
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    occording to the star weve given up on onyewu
  10. Mainsey

    Sam Winnall

    isnt that what a good striker is?!
  11. why do people make up rumours? whoever JTO is he kept doing it about fryatt and wickham, bit strange and sad really tbh
  12. Mainsey

    Hutchinson back on?