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  1. Well, the lady of the house decided she wanted a Switch Lite so we now have two Switch’s. She loves Mario though, she even had the WiiU just for those Mario games so I’m not shocked she asked for one. Im going to say something probably unpopular, I’m completely underwhelmed by it. Had a good day at it today, it just feels really childish compared to the Vita and PS4 and Mac/PC. I don’t know what I was expecting, I like the idea of going from home to portable but it just feels... obsolete already. Why the fizz can you not download apps, themes, real customisations? Why are games that are arguably run at a better rate on PS4 really expensive? I just don’t get it, honestly. Meh.
  2. Amazing stuff! Weirdly I’ve been selling off my NES, SNES and Gameboy collection so I’ll really enjoy those retro ones, thanks! Snapped up the online annual thing and got those now. I love JRPG’s and turn based games like Sid Meier games but there seem to be a lack of those (good ones anyway) beyond about three or four big name JRPG, that surprises me. I have my Vita for those but obviously that’s coming to an end now. I’ve bought a few Mario games on carts and a few of the multiplayer party type games in the sale in town so that’s all ok. My one criticism so far is the menu in the store is poor compare to PS Store (IMHO).
  3. Overheard a bloke on the way home get asked by a Rotherham fan how we had gotten on and his shock when he found out not just that we had scored but that Nuhiu was the scorer was just fantastic. Made my day.
  4. Ok so bought a Switch this week. Best cheap downloady type games? Hit me up.
  5. I’ll take that. Off to Nando’s for some chicken now. Yummy.
  6. You have five options. 1) Go to the game 2) Go to the pub 3) Go to a friends with Sky 4) Get Sky 5) Stop being tight and repeat 1-4
  7. Fletcher is a beast up top, at hold up play and linking play. Still not convinced it’s right to have Reach as his partner though.
  8. Pretty sure I just witnessed loads of positive stuff said about our squad, describing Bannan as the best player in the league, about the fact we are a sleeping giant and Monk will have us in the playoffs. There’s more important things to worry about in life, for example, why does 0% Bavaria smell like Ovaltine?
  9. Brilliant initiative this. However, if they did a Def Leppard one I would buy ten.
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