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  1. Can we not just have an op pinned with a list of ever manager, ever, so w can cover all bases in one go?
  2. Fans in having different views on football forum shocker. Whatever next?
  3. You win as a team and you lose as a team. Lots of fault for that goal, Westwood made a positional error, defence weren’t picking up their players properly, too much space was allowed. When we were in possession we spent far too much time in the centre of the park, the shots on target figure hides the fact there was not much creativity going on against a compact ten men team, the finishing was poor... Overall there is no hiding that it was just a very poor performance from supposedly a playoff challenging team against a team who will be happy to finish above the bottom half, and with ten men. Players to blame, manager to blame, lost as a team.
  4. I’ll say it like it is, we should be beating the Millwall’s of this world when they have eleven on the field, to lose to them with ten is just a poor result. No excusing it. And to lose without really troubling the ten men of Millwall makes it worse. I know people are desperate for Bully to do well but be careful what you wish for, this is the same Wednesday team people have spent loads of time saying should be up there challenging for promotion.
  5. Of which kind? Have you told Scully and Mulder?
  6. Sometimes I wonder if people understand the game at all. You do know the off field problems at that club and how he saved them? It was a huge ask and he did it.
  7. Sorry but i think you have totally missed the point of my posts, I was merely asking what happens should Bully fail, hypothetically. I think it’s something he himself will have thought long and hard of, he’s a job for life here pretty much right now. That could potentially be ruined if it went south quickly.
  8. Leaving after three games? He took over last season, with the club reportedly facing major financial issues and at the foot of the Football League, went on a long unbeaten run and saved them. I suspect this season he’s fed up that he wasn’t able to move the club forward due to the financial issues so asked to leave, he has nothing but credit from the outside looking in. Unless the club come out an say anything to the contrary he’s gone there, done a job others of his high stature in the game wouldn’t and it’s a big green tick on his CV.
  9. Fair enough reasoning there. My big worry is if we experiment with him and it goes all wrong fans will turn on him and he will lose the respect needed in the dressing room to even coach at the club, making a step back to the back room team impossible. Purely hypothetical obviously but it would be a big shame were it to unravel like that.
  10. Just playing devil’s advocate. Scenario A: A former Champions League, World Cup level player who captained at the very top comes in and has no connection to the club and fails. He quits/sacked after 8 months and Bullen stays on as coach. Scenario B: Bullen is given the job, he has less experience than the ex top level player but is a fan favourite at the club, he fails after 6 months and is sacked/quit and leaves the club after many years. Realistically would you prefer A or B? Working on a premise both are unsuccessful (just for the purposes of this. I think people May be overlooking the outcome of Bully failing and if he is then forced to leave the club.
  11. The thing here, this thread is full of comments like “I’m not racist but...” and “not knocking him but he has issues...” He’s played in World Cups, won domestic honours, was part of arguably the best domestic club defence of all time in England. He’s a fully qualified coach, he’s seen his former team mates propelled into high profile roles in Spain, England, in world football at national level. I totally understand why he feels race is an issue, the stats bear out his concerns. And in this day and age of supposedly ‘it’s ok to not be ok’ for young men then why should people be judging his ‘issues’ rather than empathising with him and understanding his frustrations? I’m not saying I think he would be a good fit here but I do question some of the responses on this forum as to his ability.
  12. He did better than win promotion, he took a club in financial turmoil off the foot of the table and saved their League status. Pretty sure that’s as good as his target when he signed up. We all have to start somewhere in any job.
  13. Ah ok. Ron did make the odd blunder but he genuinely could pick a quality player when he felt like it.
  14. Was signing the likes of Bryan Robson at Man United just a fluke then?
  15. I feel really sorry for Campbell. He played at the very top, was arguably one of England’s best ever defenders and unlike many of his peers who wander into high profile jobs (like Lampard recently) he’s gone the long way round and proven himself in the most difficult possible scenario, a club on the brink of extinction and dropping out of the Football League. He deserves a chance at a big club, regardless of what people May think of his often eccentric personality.
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