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  1. Overheard a bloke on the way home get asked by a Rotherham fan how we had gotten on and his shock when he found out not just that we had scored but that Nuhiu was the scorer was just fantastic. Made my day.
  2. I’ll take that. Off to Nando’s for some chicken now. Yummy.
  3. You have five options. 1) Go to the game 2) Go to the pub 3) Go to a friends with Sky 4) Get Sky 5) Stop being tight and repeat 1-4
  4. THE TERRIERS DONT LIKE THE OWLS UP EM. Goooooooooaaaaaaal.
  5. Fletcher is a beast up top, at hold up play and linking play. Still not convinced it’s right to have Reach as his partner though.
  6. Pretty sure I just witnessed loads of positive stuff said about our squad, describing Bannan as the best player in the league, about the fact we are a sleeping giant and Monk will have us in the playoffs. There’s more important things to worry about in life, for example, why does 0% Bavaria smell like Ovaltine?
  7. Brilliant initiative this. However, if they did a Def Leppard one I would buy ten.
  8. Droll. Did you ask your mate to help you come up with that one?
  9. Ashamed to call myself an owl reading this thread. Wednesday ladies are Wednesday, full stop. Why are you all so angry at everything? Don’t like women’s football, don’t watch it. End of.
  10. Knuckle draggers have nothing better to do today, I see. “Do we have a womans’ team?” “No idea, women’s football is shït.” “It’s nowt but a politically correct exercise, shouldn’t be on telly.” Did I stumble into a time machine this morning? Jesus.
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