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  1. Just get the feeling there is something else happening with Wednesday apart from the EFL charge and that's why it's taking so long.
  2. No way is this sustainable mate. Something will give, and soon because of Covid in my opinion. If supporters are not allowed in stadiums next season, and I cannot see how they will be, then clubs are looking at another 12 months with zero income, plus having to repay season tickets already purchased. I think wears looking at disaster for clubs outside the premier league.
  3. You obviously didn't see Darren Potters corners if you think Bannans are bad.
  4. In any other line of work if a business was operating line that it would be made insolvent.
  5. Because the EFL havnt got the balls to stand up to the premier league and tell them they won't accept failure payments in the championship.
  6. With Wigan in admin, another club rumoured to be going into admin imminently, and with them trying to shaft us, I think the EFL have got themselves into a right mess and havnt got a clue how to sort this all out. At this rate all three relegation places will be decided OFF the pitch, which is a damming reflection on the EFL.
  7. Obviously I have no proof that's why Derby havnt been hauled before the EFL, but it dosnt smell right.
  8. We are roughly where we were when Chansiri bought the club and sacked Gray. So all the money spent, stadium sold, breaching of FFP and we have not progressed.
  9. Derby's chief exec is on the EFL board. Hope that answers your question. https://www.efl.com/news/2019/june/club-representatives-on-efl-board-confirmed/
  10. If they wore proper bloody ld fashioned studs they wouldn't slip. Short studs for hard dry pitches, long studs for wet, soft pitches. Six studs in each boot.
  11. I suppose errors can occur when there are so many "companies" involved in running the club.
  12. Hope the server has the extra power needed for the meltdown.
  13. With the squad so threadbare, there is very little Monk can change from the subs bench.
  14. Have to admit, the lack of any depth in our squad is concerning considering we have a game every four days till end of season pick up any injuries and we are screwed, as tonight showed with only one centre half in the squad.
  15. The lack of depth in our squad showed tonight. We had no one on the bench who could change the game, compared to West Broms.
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