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  1. Money and greed has destroyed football. It is infested with parasite agents, dodgy owners and governing bodies that are dictated to by the clubs and Sky. I just feel the Wigan case is just the tip of the iceberg.
  2. All these rumours over the last 12 hours are the reason why I never have, and never will go on Twiiter or Facebook. People sat with nowt better to do posting rubbish that others pick up on and then it snowballs until some people actually believe it.
  3. Relegation clauses should be have mandatory in Premier league contracts a decade ago, which would have stopped the need for failure payments.
  4. We are still waiting for the Page Hall one you promised to do for us Neil.
  5. This one will probably end up in the hall of Fame when it's finished.
  6. There also used to be a good comments section On every article in the star, now you have to register and log in, and the comments section isn't there on most stories now.
  7. Making the star website readable would be a start. It's just one big adverts page. Even using a blocker it's slow. I avoid it totally now.
  8. The problem is even he cannot do that forever. He is basically setting fire to all his money on a weekly basis.
  9. That would make the relegation battle interesting ,especially if they shaft us as well. four clubs with points deductions.
  10. I'm starting to think the Chuckle Brothers would do a better job of running the football league.
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