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  1. We have been shocking since Christmas with a full squad mate. We just arnt good enough, simple as that
  2. Only 8pts between us and the plughole. Any points deduction and I can't see us staying up.
  3. It's only our finishing which is letting us down.
  4. Raw pace, direct and runs at defenders. He has everything you need apart from his finishing. Definitely worth trying to keep him next season.
  5. Or he dosnt fancy sitting on the bench and has thrown the teddies out of the pram.
  6. @Maddogbob did the catering, which is probably why we havnt heard anything from the hearing.
  7. 8 pt gap between us and the plughole as it stands.
  8. IF the rumour Is true, apparently the bet was placed when they bought the club, but they have won five out of the last six games to climb to mid table, hence putting them into administration so 12 pts are deducted, thus putting them back in the relegation zone.
  9. The Wigan owner only owned the club for a month or so then put it in administration. Now there are strong rumours he bet on them being relegated.
  10. Staggering. Yet the EFL are more interested in punishing owners who DO have plenty of money and want to invest in their clubs. The EFL make me sick
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