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  1. You might need something stronger that that mate in a few minutes.
  2. Wasn't Birminghams 9pt deduction for breaching FFP? It may be taking so long because we are the first club to try and back date our stadium sale into the previous years accounts.
  3. So less than 2.5m each to 62 clubs IF it was shared equally, and around 29m each to the other 9 clubs last season. What a joke.
  4. If we can get sky to stop showing our games live than life will be bearable.
  5. I just fear the worst. I think DC would have been shouting from the roof tops if we had been found not guilty.
  6. They obviously havnt watched us this season.
  7. Players only loyalty is to their bank balance these days. Sad reflection on the state of football.
  8. 1 win in 4 since the restart. We have continued where we left off in March. Yes, performances may have been slightly better, but the results remain the same. Good performances don't matter when you only take 13 pts a possible 54. It's results that matter, and they arnt happening.
  9. I just feel sorry for the people who have to live in Hull.
  10. 13 pts from the last 54. The buck stops with Monk.
  11. This table is unacceptable, and the buck stops with Monk. No one can defend Monk faced with these stats. Utterly shambolic.
  12. He ain't half as frustrated as the supporters are seeing the same old, same old week in week out. 3rd to 15th is some achievement since Christmas.
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