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  1. Good evening Mi`Lord. Top work as usual. Did you venture down the Nuns Chuff last saturday for a slurp ?
  2. Yep, Neil back safe and sound from Whitby, beard intact.
  3. Us in particular or the EFL circus in general.?
  4. Hardly surprising, these are the same local journos who ran the Terry Henfleet story, TWICE.
  5. Wonder if DC will sell the trademark to "himself" as a way of generating income into the club? * I'm just off to check 2018's accounts.
  6. The game needs a reality check, especially now with Covid and clubs having zero income. I really do fear for a lot of clubs.
  7. Even with the ground sale we will have breached FFP again.
  8. Seems relegation this season will be decided by lawyers in court rooms, not on the pitch. It's a sad reflection of what football has become.
  9. Ask Derby's chief exec, he's on the EFL board.
  10. They just dropped me a parcel off this morning. They never said owt about an announcement.
  11. We need a sweepstake on who Neil will ban tonight.
  12. 9 pints, its going to be one of those nights on here.
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