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  1. I think you are correct hutchinson should be in midfield, there is cover defensively we need to tackle in the middle of the park
  2. Why is this squad undoubtedly talented, it does not look that way to me
  3. Good ambitious appointment we still have hopes of staying up despite recent results, this should have happened earlier but lets hope it is better late than never
  4. David Moyes would be a great signing but I think he will wait for a premiership side to sack their manager
  5. Yes I think be a great appointment although I don't think he would take the job not high enough profile for him
  6. What happens with the "new" signings if the transfer embargo does not get lifted would they then become free agents and look elsewhere
  7. Cardiff poor team – Warnock to leave Huddersfield very poor team inexperienced manager/coach more likely to go down than up Fulham Mitrovic will leave No body coming up from league one to worry about Middlesboro – Pulis will leave Leeds will Bielsa stay
  8. Why is Jos still Wednesday manager is it only supporters who can see this guy does not have a clue and will relegate us. Are we waiting for another raft of ridiculous changes, changing system and conceding another four goals, ignoring quality players for no apparent reason.
  9. no chance of Moyes coming he has far bigger fish to fry than us
  10. Nigel Pearson or Ian Holloway but I fear that it will again be a stupid left field appointment, Carlos returning would defiantly be a boost for the players we were never this bad with him in charge. What about John Sheridan always, in my opinion done a good job often in very trying circumstances I think the problem here will be Chansiri not wanting a real manager
  11. if we were to change mangers what about Neil Lennon very upset by events in Scotland and in my opinion the type of manager we require
  12. good choices from op we need someone who knows the game here in England but I fear left field would rule again I think Moyes has bigger fish to fry than us
  13. would I trust him to appoint someone left field yes I would I trust him to appoint someone we need no I would not
  14. Agree but with our owner another left field appointment would follow
  15. Carlos was a left field appointment there could well be another. The chairman appears not to want a "manager" so it could be a case of expect the in expected
  16. Do we really need a new manager this is my take on the managers since I have been watching Wednesday Steve Burtenshaw - Disaster failure Len Ashurst - Did well arrested slide into oblivion - success Jack Charlton - Took us to respectability did well - success Howard Wilkinson - Fantastic great job - success Peter Eustace - Disaster - failure Ron Atkinson - Great time to follow Wednesday - success Trevor Francis - Did a fantastic job brought in probably the best players I have ever seen at Wednesday - success David Pleat - Total failure Ron Atkinson - Sacked in revenge - success Danny Wilson - Sold a pup ultimately failed Paul Jewel - On the way down failure Peter Shreeves - Did not really make a mark failure Terry Yorath = Again as above failure Chris Turner - Former player but failed in management here - failure Paul Sturrock - As Jack took us to respectability - success Brian Laws - Carried club during very difficult period - success Alan Irvine - Utter failure Gary Megson - Did super job - success Dave Jones - Took us up on the back of Gary Megson - failure Stuart Gray - Did great job with little resource - success Carlos Carvalhal - Taken us to our best two league finishes almost in living memory - success It is my opinion very close weather we get a good manager or a failure a change does not always mean success
  17. You are right next two games are vital bad results and we are in a relegation fight
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