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  1. David Moyes would be a great signing but I think he will wait for a premiership side to sack their manager
  2. Yes I think be a great appointment although I don't think he would take the job not high enough profile for him
  3. What happens with the "new" signings if the transfer embargo does not get lifted would they then become free agents and look elsewhere
  4. Cardiff poor team – Warnock to leave Huddersfield very poor team inexperienced manager/coach more likely to go down than up Fulham Mitrovic will leave No body coming up from league one to worry about Middlesboro – Pulis will leave Leeds will Bielsa stay
  5. Why is Jos still Wednesday manager is it only supporters who can see this guy does not have a clue and will relegate us. Are we waiting for another raft of ridiculous changes, changing system and conceding another four goals, ignoring quality players for no apparent reason.
  6. no chance of Moyes coming he has far bigger fish to fry than us
  7. Nigel Pearson or Ian Holloway but I fear that it will again be a stupid left field appointment, Carlos returning would defiantly be a boost for the players we were never this bad with him in charge. What about John Sheridan always, in my opinion done a good job often in very trying circumstances I think the problem here will be Chansiri not wanting a real manager
  8. if we were to change mangers what about Neil Lennon very upset by events in Scotland and in my opinion the type of manager we require
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