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  1. Carlos was a left field appointment there could well be another. The chairman appears not to want a "manager" so it could be a case of expect the in expected
  2. Do we really need a new manager this is my take on the managers since I have been watching Wednesday Steve Burtenshaw - Disaster failure Len Ashurst - Did well arrested slide into oblivion - success Jack Charlton - Took us to respectability did well - success Howard Wilkinson - Fantastic great job - success Peter Eustace - Disaster - failure Ron Atkinson - Great time to follow Wednesday - success Trevor Francis - Did a fantastic job brought in probably the best players I have ever seen at Wednesday - success David Pleat - Total failure Ron Atkinson - Sacked in revenge - success Danny Wilson - Sold a pup ultimately failed Paul Jewel - On the way down failure Peter Shreeves - Did not really make a mark failure Terry Yorath = Again as above failure Chris Turner - Former player but failed in management here - failure Paul Sturrock - As Jack took us to respectability - success Brian Laws - Carried club during very difficult period - success Alan Irvine - Utter failure Gary Megson - Did super job - success Dave Jones - Took us up on the back of Gary Megson - failure Stuart Gray - Did great job with little resource - success Carlos Carvalhal - Taken us to our best two league finishes almost in living memory - success It is my opinion very close weather we get a good manager or a failure a change does not always mean success
  3. bhaigh107


    You are right next two games are vital bad results and we are in a relegation fight
  4. After Leeds have sold Wood this appears to be very possible
  5. bhaigh107

    Is anyone being put OFF football..

    Football is now a quite sickening game with transfer fees that are an insult and players who "earn" in a week more than some people get paid in a lifetime. This is not the working class game I grew up watching the greed now shown is beyond belief.
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    I thought the objective was to get points, we are better off than last season. If we make the premier league will we remember "oh we didn't play very well" I don't think so. The game is all about getting results
  7. I was at this match but lost my programme anyone know where I can get one
  8. Does this transfer deadline day feel different to other transfer deadline days when we have been desperate to sign - well anyone will do we need them
  9. bhaigh107

    The choice

    It is pretty obvious we cannot sell Fernando to any of our rivals. I for one would like to see the situation resolved and Fernando in the team, selling our best player in the current transfer market makes no sense the objective must be to get into the premier league. But on the other hand the club cannot be held to ransom contracts are signed and give the club some sort of power, if Fernando does not want to play then he must stay in limbo and wait until the end of the season or a premier club willing to pay silly money comes in.
  10. Fantastic team Trev put together signed players all who saw them will never forget, played fantastic football. In all the years i have watched Wednesday the team Trev put out was far and away the best. Ron changed the mentality at Hillsborough but Trev built on it, top manager
  11. I was there dont remember anything about the game
  12. Now the season has ended will we embark on a player revolution or will it be evolution. I guess the retained list will go a long way towards answering this question.I think evolution is the way to go with a gradual improvement if we go down the revolution path we risk losing what we have already got.
  13. If anyone has a ticket for the Blackpool away game available i would be very interested