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  1. I think, obviously it’s dependant on the level.. but I would say nobody should ever have to pay more than £15-£20 to watch a football match, male or female, that’s a fair price..
  2. stupid idea. What they should be doing is making football more affordable for all, not just trying to score the moral high ground
  3. A football fan calling a phsyio their clubs greatest ever asset tells you all you need to know about us as a club
  4. If a PL clubs wants him, we literally have no power to keep him so assume we will never see him in a SWFC shirt, will got to Man City and get loaned to some Belgian 2nd Division team until he's 25 then go play non league
  5. So how much of a mess do we think will be made of checking covid status today?
  6. What do you mean, you are whining about the quality are you not? So just have something before or after and vote with your foot, the fact is, people still buy this trash they serve up and will continue to do so whilst people purchase it.
  7. you could just not eat something until after, i mean a 90 minute time period isn't particularly difficult to make it through without eating
  8. I think calling someone thick is a bit harsh to be honest, not really called for
  9. They might be gash but how many wingers are in the side for their ball winning ability.. nonsense comment
  10. I do agree that you should always play your strongest available team
  11. Easily cost north of £10m to get him here permanently
  12. Optimistically gone for early 2030’s but it’s entirely possible we never will
  13. Thanks for the smarmy reply, could just link it here and close.
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