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  1. I think in this case, 99.9% of fans will see if he fails it’s completely not his fault. Anyone who doesn’t must be an ostrich
  2. Didn’t Adam Bolder score a double in a Sheffield Derby? Or have I made that up?
  3. Ok, fine.. but lets say we stay up this season and we play the same brand next season and go up.. would you not be happy with that? He did it with Stoke so why not here? Honestly, there are no pleasing our fans, its a complete joke. Given the above statement you would be happy to stay up this season playing poo football then bring in a new manager, rebuild again (with no money, so not like we can bring messi in is it)? Give me a break
  4. Why are people upset at Pulis, but would take Megson. Pulis is basically the same as Megson but more successful, I for one, am happy with the appointment
  5. What makes you say that, done a good job at pretty much all his other clubs? what makes you say he doesn't have the skills? How do you know if he isn't given the time?
  6. Enjoyed that a lot, I thought Monk was honest in his approach, refreshing actually.
  7. Agreed, just a shame about is political views eh
  8. Morning, Anyone have a caravan they rent out in the skeggy-mablethorpe area, and it be free from 24-27th September?
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