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  1. Tell us the truth, you did that didn’t you?
  2. Seemed nasty looked like some bloke booted a bird/bloke in the back of the head
  3. suppose when you put it like that it makes sense, I’m probably just grumpy as it took me 4 hours to get home from Newark.
  4. A team that has been a PL team much more recently than the 2 clubs you mentioned
  5. Sorry.. Any one from Stoke is a massive cheeky monkey and they are the most deluded set of fans that side of Bumhole Lane. Better?
  6. As valid as everyones opinion is, pretty sure the same thing happens on here when we get beat.
  7. With that attitude, probably best that you don't go
  8. Toughest based on someones opinion before the start of the season, this definitely seems like its something we should pay attention to
  9. That last one, WTF is the ref thinking.
  10. Appointment is worse than Pulis in my opinion. At least TP had been successful at some stage of his career.. GM has failed pretty much everywhere.
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