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  1. Can’t see a thread on it, but I cannot wait for flight sim to launch on Game Pass, it looks immense on Xbox S/X
  2. 100% agreed.. I’m not making a point for or against him staying or not. I’m simply saying using physique as a reason for or against is incorrect.
  3. nice im not saying they are in anyway comparable but what I am saying is that unlike the 70’s you don’t have to be big and strong to play football, despite what most of our fan base seem to think. Just look at players like Messi, Ineista, David Silva, Hazard etc etc some of the best players of this century and you wouldn’t describe any of them as being big and strong.
  4. Why open a thread to check for where people are watching and pick out a post and still not say where you are watching it.. saying I’m not watching is a valid answer to the question posted
  5. If they can’t be bothered to turn up all season then I can’t be bothered to support them.. at the end of the day we don’t deserve to stay up and I expect us not to, and go out with a whimper
  6. Not watching it, not interested in the slightest
  7. To be honest.. it really Suggs to be in the position we are now.
  8. Why are penalties so heavily biased for teams at the top of the table?
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