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  1. None hopefully as I would like to stay in this league if at all possible... jokes, love Dave, hat trick in every game
  2. I was at college with Joe, and can confirm he was indeed dogshit at football
  3. What makes me laugh, before training they all have to sit 2 metres apart but then can go full contact blood and sweat training, breathing etc on each other. Why is that allowed here but the average Joe cannot give his Grandchild (for example) a hug? Confuses the hell out of me?
  4. Did Greame Lee play there at one point? I knew he played up top for a game too (maybe against Plymouth)
  5. Red button not working for anyone else?
  6. ahh right, don’t recall that at all. I mean it’s a horrific tackle, but the most surprising thing about this is he sprinted 5 yards without breaking his knees
  7. Can’t make out who that is? Steve Watson?
  8. my head looks disproportionately large compared to my body
  9. won’t be laughing at the horrendous brain/nerve illness they may suffer as a consequence of said lack of mollycoddling.. 2 weeks is sensible IMHO
  10. Could just as easily mean the opposite
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