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  1. Do logos/crests really do that? Sorry @punkskaphil
  2. JumboRex

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Exactly the same
  3. Recall him scoring a scorcher against us for Udders, was decent at that point but had a number of years in the wilderness, do we really need another player of that type.
  4. I think this comment shows a complete misunderstanding of Fletcher's role within the side.
  5. Fletcher has been superb whenever I have seen him this season.. maybe one of the only players to come out with at least some credit
  6. JumboRex

    If I was SWFC manager.

    Lets thanks god you are not manager then
  7. JumboRex

    The logic of Jos

    Kind of made my point for me.
  8. JumboRex

    The logic of Jos

    Said topic has been covered a thousand times, use some initiative (if you have any) and post a thread that's positive/thought provoking, something that can spark meaningful discussion.
  9. JumboRex

    The logic of Jos

    Can we give this a rest, honestly, it gets boring.
  10. How do you measure importance other than attendance.. Bigger attendance suggest bigger clubs. So if bigger clubs are competing then is it not more important?
  11. Taken out of context. Just any opportunity to give him a bashing.
  12. agreed.. I mean for all intents and purposes football was invented here yet the football museum is in Manchester, why?