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  1. Appointment is worse than Pulis in my opinion. At least TP had been successful at some stage of his career.. GM has failed pretty much everywhere.
  2. The main problem with Tango, ain't the man himself (by all accounts is a decent enough bloke) its the hangers on, the mini tangos. The 13 year olds with winter jackets zipped up to the top in August. I think his kind of aggressive "fandom" is a thing of the past, just don't really see it anymore. Other than above I mentioned and the aggressive pointers you see at away games (never got that myself)
  3. Terrible football.. tippy tappy crap
  4. This is my lad few months back, proper proud dad.
  5. will be at least an additional 5 game ban
  6. Thought it might be worth discussing separately. I couldn't see any issue with maybe a 1 year deal plus 1 year if we go up. Would be a adequate signing.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48533899
  8. Plan B is to get a loan off president Assad
  9. Honestly, its neither of those things
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