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  1. This is my lad few months back, proper proud dad.
  2. will be at least an additional 5 game ban
  3. Thought it might be worth discussing separately. I couldn't see any issue with maybe a 1 year deal plus 1 year if we go up. Would be a adequate signing.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48533899
  5. Plan B is to get a loan off president Assad
  6. Honestly, its neither of those things
  7. teams above will always have an advantage due to our poor goal difference.. which is worth a point to every team around us.
  8. Recall him scoring a scorcher against us for Udders, was decent at that point but had a number of years in the wilderness, do we really need another player of that type.
  9. I think this comment shows a complete misunderstanding of Fletcher's role within the side.
  10. Fletcher has been superb whenever I have seen him this season.. maybe one of the only players to come out with at least some credit
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