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  1. Cursed?! Or run by a turnip? Would you describe Wednesday as cursed CJ?
  2. Can’t believe you joined this thread & didn’t mention the potential extra parking in the new shops…….
  3. It would please me greatly if old Doubtfire took Newcastle down & then got sacked.
  4. Thought he was horrible, like that Viking.
  5. And it’s achieving our best ever run in tournaments. What’s your point?
  6. No need to sub anybody last night imo SD. Non of that starting XI played on Sunday. 6 days since Budapest. The equivalent to playing a PL game on a Sunday & again the following Satdy. Agree that we’ll win out & qualify but the media & others finding fault is amusing. We’re in the midst of the good times. Turnip Taylor & McLaren are our bleak history. Along with plenty of others. I’m not exactly a fan of negative Nigel but he’s achieving things with the national team, which is long overdue.
  7. What’s the promble? The media focussing on unused subs & losing our 100% record. Crisis!
  8. Similar to Hungary last week. Keep it tight first half, work them out, pinch a win. Keep the faith.
  9. Pivotal fixture in our group tonight. Start as strong as possible. Keep it 0-0 until halftime then a tactical change or a super sub to pinch a 1-0 win. A draw is also good enough. Anything other than a defeat & we’re laughing. Still think we’ll win out anyway, but it’d be nice to win em all or remain unbeaten. ️
  10. Bloody Norah. He’s the future? Better win summat before Kane retires then.
  11. Stayed with friends in Karrinyup a few times. Beautiful part of the world. Miles of beaches with nobody on them. & an excellent coastal walking/cycling path.
  12. Grealish changed the game. Our second string couldn’t break down their 11 man defence. 67k crowd for a non event is brilliant though. That’s 5 qualifying wins. Another 3 points & another clean sheet. Also puts to bed the argument that weak qualifying opponents equals poor tournament performance following Russia & the Euro’s, where we strolled into them both. Anybody who can criticise this current set-up needs to recall the debacle under McClaren, missing out in the summer of 2008. Wednesday night is the crux of the whole group. Avoid defeat & we’re off to Qatar ️
  13. Bamford should get a hat-trick today. No excuses. It'll be like playing Frickley for him.
  14. A day out down the M1 again today. Loving that 27 mile stretch of roadworks at varying 50 & 60 mph limits. Nice to see a bit of common sense with the 5pm ko time though. Should be back home by half 9 ish. Also, lots of kids will be able to go & see some goals. Get the next generation involved. How lucky are the young uns these days? Seen us in a WC semi-final and a EURO final in the space of 3 years! We grew up on failure & penalty despair. Onwards. ETID.
  15. Watched the highlights; we're starting to look like a top 6 PL club side now, with the players being so familiar with each other. Considering this was our first game after losing a major final, that shows some character, away from home, in a hostile atmosphere with no support. Avoid defeat in Poland next week & we'll win the group easily. Start a majority of our squad players on Sunday especially Bamford. Hopefully a couple of novel away friendlies in March, followed by the Qatar WC draw in April.
  16. Yet to watch this match on playback, due to being on a plane back from Majorca, as a replacement trip for Budapest & Vienna, to see the match! Thanks a bundle FIFA, with your away fans ban. Missing a convincing win. We still have the enticing spectacle against Andorra to come on Sunday..................
  17. GS will start Bamford on Sunday, give him some confidence & almost guaranteed a goal. Too much at stake tonight for newbies. Start full strength, pinch a goal & defend it as in Euro’s.
  18. Only one thing in the world worse than being talked about..... & that’s not being talked about. O Wilde. We’re Sheffield Wednesday, we’re on our way back.
  19. As well as equalling the highest caps record 180, with Ramos. Soon to be his alone. Are you watching Lionel?
  20. The FA have wasted millions on all sorts over the years, that trip & victory was priceless. The FA board & old farts could never feel a victory like we do. I just don’t think they understand...... They have my sympathy.
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