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  1. Like the bowling alley in Kimberworth where some bulbs used to fail then: SUPER_OWL
  2. How’s this campaign going so far? Are DC’s pockets aching?
  3. I wonder what they’d give for one of those 0-0 victories they like to laugh at?
  4. I wonder what time of year that abysmal Derby team got relegated? After their winning revival against Newcastle..........
  5. No. That would make it 5 points from a possible 63 I believe.
  6. Every time they mention Ramsdale & he’s flapping. I can’t help thinking of Norman Wisdom doing his Mr Grimsdale!
  7. I genuinely wonder if Spurs put this on theirs, for losing to their biggest rivals? Same reason, same competition, same weekend.
  8. Great finish from Madison, then does pretend high fives & handshakes while socially distancing.
  9. This Leicester Southampton match is good for the neutral. Some pace & skill on show, both intent on attacking.
  10. Or somebody unemployed, with a family & a mortgage & overheads?
  11. Beautiful Are you familiar with a programme called Hoarders....?
  12. It's cost them 10 points so far this season, failing to win when 1-0 up. MOTD said last night.
  13. I think Kane & Son will exploit the big gaps the pigs leave at the back. 4-0 to Spurs. Two goals each.
  14. I think Fulham & WBA are destined for the drop, and taking the S2 shytehawks with them. This is more reliant on how Brighton & Burnley perform now. The safety line points tally needs raising asap. Catching Fulham & WBA means nothing for the pigs if safety is too far gone.
  15. This has to be the beginning of the end for FFP, P&S or any other system that restricts owners from spending what they like, to compete with the PL failure payments. I sympathise with Derby, up to a point. If they didn't nick all our songs, I'd sympathise more!
  16. Wednesday would have beaten Newcastle last night so no thanks.
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