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  1. Imagine how quickly Mr Ek will have him out of the door.
  2. Agree. Reflecting the charisma of their lego head manager.
  3. Hopefully another all English Europa league final come 10pm tonight. ️
  4. Turkey currently in full lockdown. Both clubs get 4,000 tickets each. Plus both teams & officials. Surely Wembley makes more sense?
  5. Hopefully Chelsea prevail tonight but I doubt it. RM always seem to turn it on in this competition. Think I heard a tv clip that said they’re unbeaten in their last 20 games? Fingers crossed TT has a plan to overturn them.
  6. He set a new PL record at Spurs. Longest run for any keeper without an away clean sheet. Think it’s 27 games for Bournemouth & pigs. Ramshackle is exactly that.
  7. Depends how he gets on with Rooney. If he likes him, we’re fkd. If he doesn’t
  8. I bet the bell end can’t even remember their last victory!
  9. Everytime I read one of Waltham Owl's posts, I see that shaking bloke in bed trying to drink his wine!
  10. This week, I are been mostly eating.................granny's chuff.
  11. Relax. Forecast is appalling for the match. Terrible conditions, wind and rain of biblical proportions. You bet your bottom dollar it's abandoned with us 2-0 up & Rovrum losing.
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