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  1. Pleased with DM's appointment & hope he puts his 10 eye boot up some backsides now. Not read all the thread, but has Liam_Baggies given us his informed opinion of DM's time there? Would be an interesting angle, as I think they were fighting relegation when he took over.
  2. We're still in it at 2-2. Only need one chance for a winner Keep the faith. A lucky pen will do.
  3. Nope. You're just typing what the rest of us are thinking! UTO
  4. Quality omdt as per. The Japanese mantra bodes well. Pity the orator is doing a stretch. Hoping for a point at Luton, ffs. How low have we slumped? Bad times. UTO
  5. Moeen showed em the way to go. Nobody is gonna be in long. Might as well take 2 steps forward & have a go.
  6. Swanny: Ishant running like a giraffe with pads on!
  7. Indeed. As opposed to dangling the bat like a flaccid todger until they’re caught.
  8. Well, who saw this coming? 45 mins played, India 117-6. Game on.
  9. Don’t care about bottom oligies All I can offer is; we won at Bournemouth. My only hope. UTO
  10. Fair enough. I just wouldn't want to swap places with them as things stand. We are very unstable off the pitch & struggling on the pitch, but we haven't set numerous new records for being fkng rubbish. Records that will last decades, at best, and we still aren't down, unlike them. Opinions innit?
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