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The only way is S6

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  1. The only way is S6

    Lincoln City - Our Starting Line Up.

    Do me and Josh the Owl get an extra 2 weeks off watching Wednesday because of world cup duty?!
  2. There hasn't even been a fire! FFS
  3. The only way is S6

    We are popular in Rovrum

    I'd say Bramley then. Due to it's address.
  4. The only way is S6

    What was the last game you went to

  5. Cheered & celebrated at the first goal. Swore & shouted all the way through. Abused the ref & the cheating opposition & went mental at the late winner. Exactly as I would watching Wednesday. Only variation was in a pub instead of north stand. And it's a rarer event with England. Platt v Belgium in 1990 last time something similar happened.
  6. The only way is S6

    #SWFC Players - Contract Expiry dates

    Hopefully, they'll all work their socks off for promotion to get new deals then..................
  7. The only way is S6

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    I'll bet my left nacker we're the first country ever to go out on a VAR decision............... Could only happen to us.
  8. The only way is S6

    WORLD CUP 2018 - Matchday Thread

    Typical sweaty sock with nothing to do all summer. No. We don't think your sexy!
  9. Shopping days may be over, but we had relative success compared to the previous years. Play offs twice on the trot including a final. And unlike some chairmen, DC has not taken us to the brink of going bust, not outspoken in public making himself look a tw@ & done it without a penny of parachute money. Leeds, Villa, Derby etc. And we still have potential to go for the play offs again. If we fail, a lot of players out of contract this time next year, so we go again. DC deserves credit. Let's hope Jos does too.
  10. The only way is S6

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    Unsurprisingly these days I call it S6. It's quicker to type on text & whatsapp too.
  11. The only way is S6

    First come first served

    That explains where Cellino went..........
  12. The only way is S6

    I'm ready

    He's only ever been on one dvd worth watching..............Abi Titmuss co-starred.
  13. The only way is S6

    I'm ready

    Me too. Strange. Just those 2 things. Must be the extreme high & low points of the day. If only we'd scored. Imagine the scenes.
  14. Yep. Lichaj at Forest is also the benchmark. Wasted there.
  15. Can't we have Villa's pants down with Hourihan? We were after him anyway, lives 2 mins from S6 & ideal replacement for Wallace / Butterfield / Abdi or cover for Reach. Once some deadwood & wages are freed up, obviously.