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  1. They’re expecting 100k & it’s tonight! Earth calling…..
  2. Just googled and saved the old Record Breakers logo, again. Hopefully dusting it off later. 9/9
  3. The key is the 2 lads down the right for Pigs had no answer & I can see that Robinson getting sent off trying to cope. They won’t miss as many as they did on Saturday
  4. I hope the cod heads don’t forget their away kit or else!
  5. I wonder where he is? He lives on the 21st floor of an apartment block in Shanghai, which is currently in lockdown.
  6. Can’t post BBC link, but it’s the fallout from their CL QF in Madrid. The one that ended like a pub match. City fined for improper conduct of its players AM nothing. I bet Foden feels a fool now for impersonating a wallnut whip in that bandage.
  7. Are you incredulous at UEFA or genuinely asking what it’s all about?
  8. Man City fined. Atletico Madrid no further punishment. Bentasfuck UEFA.
  9. I’ll never forget the press conference after our Iceland humiliation in Nice. After resigning, he actually said; I don’t really know what I’m doing here! I’d have made the buffoon walk home, carrying his own suitcase.
  10. He should have just said no, when Watford rang him. Stay home, pop both his feet in his big zip up tartan slipper & relax.
  11. Wonder if Woy will be able to find his way out of the stadium on his own? Go & put your feet up you silly old fart & take the old dial up phone off the hook.
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