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  1. The only way is S6

    New Spirit

    He just can't get enough, He just can't get enough.
  2. The only way is S6

    25 years ago tonight !

    I'm just comparing the crap feelings of failure & disappointment for me, personally. At the time, we'd not long since won a major trophy so I thought we'd be back there every year. Being just as naïve, I thought England might win something too. They're comparable because of the commitment, expense & sacrifices made to get to the games (for club & country) & the rarity of any mediocre success. We always travel in hope. But it's still sickening to lose, even more so the '93 way Wednesday did and / or penalties with England. Don't expect everyone to agree! It's just my opinion on how shyte it can feel.
  3. The only way is S6

    25 years ago tonight !

    Never watched it back & still won't. Ranks alongside any England penalties loss & a journey home from abroad. Horrible, horrible feelings.
  4. The only way is S6

    Top 6 The Maximum Expectation or the Minimum

    Disagree mate. Everyone was available though.
  5. The only way is S6

    Bell of the Year - The Final!

    Had to vote for the pumpkin headed tw@ down at bumhole lane. That Beaker face he pulls is priceless. Also the comedy accent. What's all that about? Losing one central midfielder then steering his budget side from top to mid-table. Talking about us in every interview. Could easily pass for a relative of Colin's.
  6. More like 'show & tell' if it's talented members we're after!
  7. Had a session before this game & went home hungover & fed up because of that tw@. A German diving cheat, who was quite a good player. What's not to like?!
  8. The only way is S6

    A year ago today

    Billy Idol - White Wedding mi lord?
  9. How long before the Leeds cretin pipes up? This is liking dropping pieces of candy for James Woods. Champions of Europe when it comes to turnover. Have they sacked 'ecky yet?
  10. The only way is S6

    Match day Owlstalk

    Our own online tap room. A cross section of society, from the 4 corners of the globe, with a bit of plant life thrown in. Just need a pool table bringing in and a Big D salted nuts card to torment us.
  11. That spelling isn't uncommon in Welsh though....
  12. The only way is S6

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    Or we could get promoted. Keep our best players, buy lots of new, shiny ones & buy Leeds with the loose change!
  13. The only way is S6

    Don't shoot the messenger!

    Except for 'has been sand' Is that what they used to use in the goal areas to dry it out?
  14. The only way is S6

    Pre season then ?

    Thought you were off to Singapore in June?