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  1. Well, Arsenal are trying to buy Ramshackle, so there’s always hope!
  2. Some people have memories like a goldfish.......... ( £200 a year )
  3. Registration open for Hungary & Poland away in Sept JoshTheOwl & anybody else interested.
  4. Talk about copying us! Songs Bouncing Financial misconduct Points deduction. They'll be getting relegated next, just you watch..............
  5. Has he signed Jiminez & Neves yet?
  6. The potential for a three word phrase from AMB is endless. A bit like that joke new postcode system; what 3 words ffs. I wonder what the 3 words for S6 are, or the sty? Old waffling prat has already been used.................
  7. I stand corrected. Thank. Did he lose his AMB as well?
  8. No doubt Jack Hunt would relish the chance to jog over to the cantilever again, at the start of a game, to rapturous applause. Only to hear the torrent of groans 3 minutes later if he fails to deliver a pinpoint cross.
  9. Hope there’s 10 commanding other players in the team....... Gets coat & leaves.
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