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  1. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    That's not true though, is it?
  2. The last few weeks of George Hirst

    You're gonna have to find a new axe to grind with our owner now Geoffrey.
  3. Pigs win anyone??

    Dull though
  4. OFFICIAL 2017/18 Championship Rival Watch

    Can't find it in me anywhere to want them pigs to equalise. It's up to us to keep our place in this league. Let them lose every week.
  5. Sack & shaft. Two ways of dealing with Louis.
  6. Pigs win anyone??

    Flip the pigs. We'll survive without them mofo's help.
  7. Team for Villa

    There needs to be a series of tests to see who can play. A box ticking exercise, if you will. Can you walk / run / jump without hurting yourself? Can you play in your preferred position? Do you recognise your teammates when you have the ball? If there are 11 who pass the above criteria, they start. Any who pass two of them or one, make the bench. Sorted.
  8. Plenty of ways to ask the gormless get with modern technology. I'd love to hear his response. And they're storming the league.........
  9. Jos Luhukay "We must protect the players"

    That's bollx that is. He gets symapathy because he can't do his job properly with the shyte hand he's been dealt. Not cos of his wages.
  10. Championship Table - 8 points clear

    I think we'll be safe. The points gap means 3 crap teams have to win 3 more games each, than us. Can't see that happening. Would love it if Brum & Barnsley dropped, & that massive club Sunderland. And Hull. And Burton, to save taking 6 points off us Who cares? Any 3 feckers as long as we survive!
  11. Swansea Fans Views

    Do the sheepshaggers realise they won't stay unbeaten forever under CC? Proper tena man myself if we win there on Tuesday.
  12. The facts post Millwall

    I'm confused now. In his pre Villa presser, JL says Stobbs is a striker yet all the experts on OT say we started with no striker against Millwall. So which is it?
  13. Jos Luhukay's Pre Villa Press Conference

    The bloke seems very genuine. He must be as frustrated as hell only having half a deck to play with & he has to shuffle them every 3 days to try & win matches. Coupled with the fact he doesn't have the vocabulary to get his points across fully. Mind you, some of the questions are that bloody long, he doesn't fully understand them! Given time & the best players to work with, he might be a good find.
  14. It seems to me that the first XI that CC used to swear by, barring all others, were played constantly for 2 years with the sole intention of getting us up, & they're now suffering the consequences. We all new who would be on the team sheet, regardless. No back up players or U23's ever got a look in. The main men are obviously worn out now. Jos is having to deal with the fall out. On the plus side, he gets until May to know who's worth keeping & then he'll get a full summer to make the changes.