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  1. Which are you?

    They're both option 1.1 m'lord. Errr. I'm option 1.1 Twice.
  2. Of course it is! Because it's season 3.
  3. Fan on fan

    Agreed. But they subsided when we won 6 on the trot in April. With the same players at Preston & Bolton!! Strange.
  4. Fan on fan

    We did last season
  5. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Quality omdt m'lord. A quick 3 hour shufty at work before boarding the 12:21 from Meadowhell. Good luck to CC for picking the right team with a fully fit squad to choose from. 0-0 half time. 0-2 to us full time. UTO!
  6. 2 Adult Bolton vs Sheffield Wednesday tickets wanted.

    Good old reserve list. Sorted.
  7. Catch up Weekend?

    Let them 6 teams draw. We win & gain 2 points on the lot of them. It's the draws that kill you.
  8. ITK; A couple of them hang out together around Europe in pink shirts
  9. As per title. Booked train tickets but mate missed out on match tickets! Buy tickets on the day in their end as a last resort. Going anyway.
  10. Seeking Bolton away ticket

    Sold out on OS. Can home fans POTD?
  11. Can he do a job for us ?

    Saturday; very sore knees from 3pm onwards...... Sunday; Sunday service keeps getting moved by TV people! Need money for a new roof though so they call shots.
  12. The Top Six

    Cardiff & Wolves will stay the distance top 6 imo. Us & Villa will be in the mix. Norwich seem to be hitting their stride & one other surprise package. Pigs will drop like a stone in months like Dec with 6 games in 28 days.
  13. Can he do a job for us ?

    We should be walking the league at this rate. Club Chaplain coupled with Pope Pius X and Jesus on OT! Where were you when we were shytt?!
  14. Just Visiting

    Mr Pink in the ' I don't tip ' scene.