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  1. Bless. You didn't realise Kosovo were in our group did you?
  2. It’s in the video up the thread. On match of the day that night, the commentator said ‘the last kick of the ball in November was Jemson scoring at Upton Park’ because the goal was so late in the game!
  3. I was at WHU when Jemson scored that last minute winner. Proper mental. We went in a Fiat Uno Turbo & were back in Elsecar by 8pm & got hammered! Drank a bottle of Thunderbird before kick off. Those were the days, my friends.
  4. Agree about Villa, but I think they'll take Boro's current place as 5th, still leaving 6th for us.
  5. Depends who blinks first in us, Villa & Preston. We’ll beat Stoke then draw with Villa. Beat Forest, beat Leeds, lose at Norwich & win the last 3. 19 points finishing on 74 in 6th.
  6. He had January in Barbados so hopefully he can survive until June 1st.
  7. Me too. That’s why Joey deserves credit. Big boots to fill for a kid.
  8. Give us one of them poncey reviews then, about it's nose & it's bouquet please............with a hint of peach and turtles head.
  9. Pulis will get the sack soon I think. Their form is pants. We're only 3 behind them now, not to mention Villa & Preston.
  10. Once again SB recognised the support. Thanked us, post match, for turning up in our coats & wellies!
  11. 24,600 isn't bad in those conditions against such dull opposition.
  12. Felt for SW a bit today. Looked well off the pace & a bit lightweight. Never gave up though.
  13. We needed to turn draws into wins. We are doing. That's all we can do. I'm totally convinced after the break we'll win at Stoke. They'll be planning their holidays & we'll be back to full strength.
  14. Tom Lees looked back to his proper self today. Solid. Bazza & Palmer next best imo.
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