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  1. SWFC Chairman

    Glad I don't play Cluedo with you! We'll let Steveger decide. Or his mum. FFS.
  2. SWFC Chairman

    It's always the same on a Sunday night. Everybody goes mental or logs on when they're spannered. Some of the spelling is atroshus.
  3. 33-1 for Promotion

    It's a long shot, granted, but if CC gets the boot this month, the squad is still capable of it. That last sentence isn't exactly what the bet is about I don't think. A new manager, a decent January window & who knows? The pigs are 4/1 for promotion on the same website as our 33/1. I think that's dafter than backing us!
  4. Is our season over already?

    Can't help wondering where Fulham were in the table this time last year.
  5. Karanka next boss

    OP did well typing up to number 4. FFS.
  6. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Debatable mate
  7. If Carlos walks REALISTIC names

    Dean Smith. Did well at Walsall. Has done very well at Brentford. They play exactly how we don't. Yes, I know we came from behind to beat them this season, only in the 2nd half, but last season they took us apart with their pace. They've sold a few very good players & are still a good team now. This is down to him. Given the chance with our squad, DC's backing & our support, I think he'd produce exactly what we're all looking for. Why would he come? More money, more potential & personal ambition. He can't / won't fulfil this at Brentford, with respect.
  8. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Who's in the boardroom? Mrs White with a spanner?
  9. Yes. If he's still here in March, that means our fortunes will have taken a turn for the better. If he's not, there's enough optimism with this squad to renew under a new bloke.
  10. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Clearly waiting for the hammer to fall.
  11. I can't help thinking that CC is using the potential players coming back to buy himself some time here. 'Let's just see what happens Mr Chairman when we're full strength' In the meantime, we're dropping as badly as the pigs. Trouble is, they're falling from the top!
  12. It's this kind of infuriating dogshyte that will get CC the boot. We're 1 up against a team with no confidence, the crowd ready to get on theirs & the managers case & who haven't won at home in ages. So what do we do?! At one nil up, instead of going all out for a 2nd, to win the game & kill them off & get everyone on their backs, we drop deeper than a turtle's head, invite them on and throw away 3 points with idiotic tactics & a total lack of ambition. Fkng nonsense CC. Wolves Villa et al would have gone on to win 4-0 yesterday. Wake up FFS!
  13. Probably got fed up with being played out of position, when he did actually get a shirt. Might as well swing the lead & get paid the same. Far more than coincidence some of these recurring injuries. Very Mcguguan-esque.
  14. The stage is set for.... JORDAN RHODES

    Last seen sat on the fence of a motorway bridge!