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  1. Watched the highlights & he was at fault for both goals. He should also have told Foxy bingo to leave that header, before the corner for their first goal. Conversely, he made a great save low down from Ayew, & a point blank miracle save just before that corner for the second goal. Compare that with their keeper. He spills the Reach shot, for our first and saves from 2 powerful Fletcher headers. It's a fine line between hero & villain being a keeper.
  2. Could we persuade Ivan Toney away from Peterborough? Come to S6 young man & fire us to the Prem. Winnall as a makeweight?
  3. What about the new corner routine?! After all these years of the aimless floating cross, we get different groups of players in different parts of the area. Warrior & Foxy bingo stood on the keeper while the rest hover at the back corner of the box. BB mixing it up with the signals, going long & short, high & low. At last.
  4. Big bad Dom. Really puts himself about, covering Palmer, playing the ball out & proper solid defending. Good game. Good player.
  5. Never been as dumbfounded as after that flying start then they get a corner & score! Unbelievable Jeff. We were treading water until FF came on. Credit to Monk. Then Reach replaced Murphy, who had been virtually anonymous, & things got even better. Again, Monk's decision. He also chucked Rhodes on for Harris, to go 3 upfront, for the win. I was feeling depressed at the thought of going home & into the int. break after a 1-0 home loss. We got a hard earned draw, by never giving up. Hopefully we'll be full strength again in 2 weeks
  6. Good subs at good times changed the game for us. Would have taken a draw at 1-0 down.
  7. Quality omdt as per m'lord. Funny looking chap, their gaffer. Got too many teeth for that mouth. Looks like that Dck Emery vicar. Anyway, what a bombshell last week. Managed to scrape a defeat from winning 1-0 with 8 to go! Should be a good game today. Bit wary of Swans fast wingers. Hopefully Palmer & Foxy bingo are on their game. Let's say 2-1 to us, with no conviction at all. UTO.
  8. I can remember judge Lionel Nutmeg from Vic Reeves BNO. As for chutney in Tena men pants ffs. I’d rather follow through than wear them!
  9. She's buying a dinghy in Sports Direct.
  10. Room service in a Travelodge. You're lucky if you get a circle of soap that smells of lard.
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