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  1. It's gonna be pigs at home innit? Just as LL restrictions are lifted. K.O. will be at 3am on 4th March. Each team gets 1000 tickets each.
  2. Watching Brentford against Leicester at moment. They’re a great pass & move side. Trouble is, Leicester are better passers & movers! Enjoyable for the neutral.
  3. Lovely stuff. Pleased for Sam. It looks like Monkfish is bursting to celebrate as well. Exactly same tactics & execution as at Leeds. Bet he'd love to jump around when that goes in.
  4. Any way of making the bet365 screen bigger? No commentary means all you can hear is our lot singing. Quality support.
  5. Classic. How much Yorkshire can you get?! Could someone join bet365 through Oddschecker & get their account funded for nowt, with a free bet?
  6. I joined up, got to this page & pressed play & in the small print at the bottom of the screen it says you must have a funded account to see Live Streaming.
  7. All I can see on BT programme schedule is Northampton v Derby tonight. Are we definitely on BT?
  8. Excellent omdt sir. Laughed out loud at GF’s Barnet through the decades. That last grey one looks like a centurion from the Avantine. Anything possible tonight. I’ll go 2-2 & get them back in front of 12k at S6. UTO.
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