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  1. He doesn't control team selection & tactics though. And if CC goes, he will still have been a decent, but yet random, choice to get us into 6th & 4th. Chosen & employed by DC. So we have to have faith in DC that he would choose wisely again. Because I'm sure he'd spot us failing & alter it, if & when. He hasn't got to his position in life without being able to run a business, choose staff & recognise talent. It stands to reason. He's got bigger aims & ambitions than the shop & other sundries.
  2. Same reply as to Asteener mate. The commercial dept won't get us promoted.
  3. Are the two actually linked though mate? On field is a year on year improvement. Ok, it's a business too, but the sport dictates the success. Results outweigh retail, surely?
  4. Possibly mate. Depends on the individual I suppose. I've bought England shirts for years so I don't think it's a particularly high price. Stopped buying them when Nike took over & fkd all Umbro's good work up. Producing a new home & away shirt in alternating years & releasing them on St Georges day.
  5. In an ideal world, play offs & a good shop, but it's trivial in comparison. How many people who regularly go to S6 are influenced by the state of our commercial dept? Alan Harper just clocked up 500 on the bounce at home. He wasn't going for the shopping there! How much does the performance of the commercial dept affect the average supporter anyway? Means fa to me. Certainly not to the point of worrying or getting annoyed about summat I can't influence.
  6. I'm not saying it's all about price at all. The delay is explained by that supplier trying to rip the club off. The price isn't out of the ordinary either. It's a consumer product. Like everything. Take it or leave it. Give me play offs & a crap shop over pub league & a good shop anyday. Personal choice. Buyers market. No big deal.
  7. How do you know it has? A few whining on OT isn't a reflection of the whole fanbase & there are no sales figures yet! I know you're probably a few hours in front mate, but that's some forecast already.
  8. I never said that. In a cross section of customers / fans, some will always complain. It's human nature. But buying a shirt is optional. If you don't like it walk away, or get 50 things from the pound shop! Imagine if the price quoted by the club on it's website ages ago was £25 for a new one, then the club put them out at £50. That's what happened from the original supplier. DC spelled it out.
  9. That's because the original kit supplier quoted DC a price for producing our kits, but then when it came to us actually placing an order, that supplier quoted a unit price double what they said in the first place. DC rightly told them to do one. Thus the delay. It all makes sense. Would anyone in their right mind just say 'yep, ok then we'll pay twice what you quoted us'. I don't think so.
  10. That's a run of the mill price for a first team replica shirt. It's out in our anniversary year. Either buy it or don't. What's all the drama? People will find fault with anything. It says more about them than the kit.
  11. Should our next manager be BAME/LGBT?

    Well. I've read some utter shyte on OT over the years, but this thread is up there in the fkng nonsense top 3. I'm colourblind so can I have a shot at being manager?! It's just as fkng silly & based on the same principles. Jesus H.
  12. One player away... now we're three away

    And Reach isn't even a left-back! I think it was Vulva who pointed out that the team that lost to Udders in the semis was only one man different to the team that lost at Wembley.
  13. The real reason there's a meltdown at SWFC

    Awful? It was a fkng catastrophe! Waited years for that fkr & we played like utter amateurs. As for all these people who supposedly don't care what the other lot do. Bollx! So they treat their results the same as a Brentford result or an Ipswich result. Pull the other one. It's the first result I look for because we share a rivalry in the same city. I know ours already, before anybody asks. Pretending not to care about the pigs is only kidding themselves. Maybe because I'm in a mixed family, I don't know, but it certainly matters. And yes, the OP is right. Their current lofty position makes us ask 'hang on, why aren't we up there'? But it's October. This is their moment in the sun. The competition is a marathon. And if we lose the next 3 this month, CC goes & we get the new manager bounce. If we win the next 3, we're capable of winning 6. Keep the faith.
  14. The real reason there's a meltdown at SWFC

    BOOM! Not gonna be many relevant comebacks to that one mate. Bullseye.
  15. Are Derby selling us booze b4 and at ht?

    I'd have thought you, of all people, could find something a lot stronger to drink........