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  1. UEFA hearing into it is next Monday 18th IO.
  2. So you’ve no experience of being in a foreign city when England are playing then? Thought not. Put your thinking cap on (sadly underused) & see if you can come up with any other sweeping generalisations. Easyjet ffs
  3. Hmmm. Can't help thinking that if this was our fans in a foreign stadium, they would have been sprayed with tear gas, batoned & dealt with very quickly and excessively, by heavily armoured riot police. Then either ejected / arrested or detained overnight for maximum inconvenience. Although, I heard a report that most of the Hungarian supporters were from London! They probably got home before a lot of England fans. Pretty pathetic from our police last night, but the CCTV inside Wembley must be good enough to find the culprits. Luckily, a few Hungarians had balaclavas with them, because it did turn a bit nippy.......................
  4. Can I ask which foreign city you were both in when you experienced this?
  5. Did I hear right that Denmark haven’t conceded a goal yet EO? Maybe their appearance in the euro semis wasn’t a fluke.
  6. Agree. Thanks to our earlier performances, we’re still in the driving seat, with the San Marino trump card as our last match. Decent day out & parts of the M1 being shut just adds to the fun on the way home.
  7. Maybe Hungary just did a job on us? Defended with 11 behind the ball, closed us down & played on the break. Still baffled why they time wasted when a win would have kept them in with a sniff of second place.
  8. Boring as ……… Negative Nigel has returned. Sterling, Shaw & Mount very poor. Only creative threat got subbed Draw required with Albania to qualify. Bit embarrassing really but you can’t win em all.
  9. Are they auditioning for a Mr Barlow for a remake of Salem’s Lot?
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