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  1. Thornily stepped up to the plate in at least 2 pig derbies when we were nailed on to lose, according to some. Kept clean sheets & performed great when the chips were down. Easily good enough.
  2. I’d still love for Bruce to coach Rhodes & have a look at him in training. SB will be aware of his career over the years & that he’s a ‘free’ signing. His talent just doesn’t evaporate into thin air.
  3. One of the most ironic usernames......a dictionary definition is 'information broker'
  4. I bet they're kicking themselves now! Proper backfired hasn't it? Worth it just for the win at Leeds.
  5. How dare you?! As if he's trying to find legal ways of creating funds for our new experienced manager, & avoid any sanctions. Which could help us secure promotion & he gets a return on his investment. He's going to sit on his 'arris & watch everything he's spent so far go down the pan, obviously......... * awaits room0035 arriving in thread to criticise our 'barmy' chairman & asking why we don't give our exec boxes to charity.
  6. Have we signed him then, or what?! Chuffin meatheads.
  7. Did we publish a retained list? If so, who’s on it & where is it?
  8. Did we publish a retained list? If so, who’s on it & where is it? Asking for a friend.
  9. This after Cwissy said on RS last week; we’ll be buying younger players & trying to improve them.
  10. Sat in kitchen at the time. Must have an umpires chair in there.
  11. Would you mind expanding on this info a bit? Has your very good source told you anything more?
  12. Nonsense. We used to only have Labradors & Poodles, we now have Labradoodles. Evolution.
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