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  1. The only way is S6

    Calling all the chuffing brainiacs...

    Brainiac in the thread title & no photo of Professor Myang Li. FFS
  2. The only way is S6

    Leeds players collinding into each other

    Come on JV, join the party. I bet my left nackr you're peeking this week.
  3. The only way is S6

    This alone discredits all critics

    The irony being, all the pundits were saying Leeds are fielding the same team, week in, week out, like it was a great tactic. Only one outcome in this league.
  4. The only way is S6

    This alone discredits all critics

    Been saying it for a while; our new fave score, 2-1. Vindaloo will do. We're gonna score one more than you.
  5. The only way is S6

    JOS OUT!

  6. The only way is S6

    Does Forestieri start against Leeds?

    Shouldn't start, no. Make the players strive to get a shirt. Pudil played great today because he had to when he got the chance. Same applies to FF. IF he gets a chance to play, he'll be keener to impress.
  7. Tune! And he stole from the Reach & the poor and the not very Reach, and the very poor. And he stole our hearts away.................
  8. The only way is S6

    Aston Villa vs Sheffield Wednesday (OMD thingy)

    Quality omdtt as per. About time Stubbs understood the fickle footy fan. All these years being his Lordship's right hand man.... ahem. Can't see anything other than a defeat to nil today so would love to be proved wrong. 2 horse race, anybody can beat anybody. Keep the faith. UTO
  9. The only way is S6


  10. The only way is S6

    Club's Best Moment

    91 cup final win Beating the pigs at Wembley BDM is probably a more local thing, but still a great moment in our club's history.
  11. The only way is S6

    Penny injured ?

    It's called squad rotation. Stop making yourself look silly. How do you know Pudil & JVA are fit enough to play ahead of Fox? I know what, let Jos decide.
  12. The only way is S6

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Throbbin Hood. Sorry, lamb shanks on the mind with the other thread!
  13. The only way is S6

    Nottingham Forest 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday

    Quality omdtdtdt as per. Plenty of references about Mrs Palmer & her 5 lovely daughters. Well known in the bed chamber no doubt. So what if somebody gave a friend a quick Jodrell on the kop? Better than our first half display I'll wager, with Joao our best defender! So tonight, we'd love a win so going for our new fave score of 2-1. Clean sheets don't matter if we score more than them. Onwards & UTO.
  14. Have we sold 33,000 then?
  15. Where & when does this match take place plz?