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  1. I hate to mention it but Reach has improved greatly since TP has called him Reachy.
  2. Quality omdt mi lord. Win tonight & we go top of the dung heap then? Let's have it TP. A horrible, scrappy 1-0 win for the lads on a cold, wet Abertawe night. UTO.
  3. Said it all along. No Henderson No O'Connolly No Flecky No striker whatsoevery Spineless. Just hope WBA turn up at weekend.
  4. This paragraph sums mine up. Nearly broke my ankles on the concrete steps when that winner went in. Where has the time gone..............ffs. Scary.
  5. When is the draw? It takes place on 7 December at 17:00 GMT. It will take place in the usual spot - at Fifa headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland - and will be a virtual event with no representatives of member nations present. You can watch the draw live here on the BBC Sport website and app. Who is in which seeding pot? For the first time, Europe's traditional powerhouse countries have all been seeded together in pot one, with France returning to the highest seeds after a 12-year absence. England are alongside them, with Wales in pot two and Northern Ireland, the R
  6. Hamstring injury. Out for 10 days. Just saying......
  7. How are they phrasing the charge? Wonder what rule number it is? Is it ball to hand or handball? Was it intentional?
  8. Goodness me. That's some collapse. Moral must be in the gutter. Marvellous.
  9. If Burnley win tonight & the pigs lose to West Brom next Satdy night, they’re doomed. On SSN info bar this morning: worst start to a PL season by any team. Get the step ladders & paint out near that honours board....
  10. Made me laugh HO. Nobody expected that. We will win 3-0 today & Alex Neil will get sacked on Monday. I will also win tonight's triple rollover......... Didn't want TP but will get behind him now as he's our club's manager so we all want the best for him & SWFC. UTO
  11. Easy win, pity nothing at stake. Nice to see the young uns scoring.
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