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  1. It's a keeper error all day long. Could have caught it imo. His reaction reads; guilty as charged.
  2. I think Tom Lees returning solves the full back issue. Big bad Dom replaces Odubajo. Palmer stays left. Luongo needs a run to prove himself. Expect full 90 on Tuesday. Put pressure on the regulars. Striker is more difficult. Fletch in good form, but too isolated. Limited choice after him.
  3. Love a bit of mental energy release like that. Rasping throat from shyte ref & abusing Knobheart. Warrior strikes again. Another frenzy like Rotherham away in cup. Brilliant.
  4. I'm offended. I thought he waved & blew kisses to us in the north singing him off................
  5. I think we’ll be a bit weak at full back. Much harder task than Udders. Fingers crossed
  6. Agree. Exactly the opposite of what Man U did with their star player.
  7. Quality omdt as per. Nothing but formation analysis, player discussion & opposites potential. A bizarre, sensible morning's reading. Thanks your grace. On a side note, if that poncy little gallic tw@ Knobheart gets a few kicks / goes off injured / booked for diving, all the better. We will win 2-1. UTO
  8. I managed to buy a seat in the North on our row earlier this week for my lad, and it isn't an unclaimed ST seat either. According to the buying page, I could have had up to 3 seats. I wonder if this applies to all ST holders in there? Does everybody know about it?
  9. Politics is all very serious & noble but what about our nickname changing to parrots? Proper issues at stake here...............
  10. I know it’s true, but it does sound silly. There’s a sitcom in this somewhere. Skint failed bogroll arab borrows money from relatives of mass murderer to buy English football club. Have I missed anything out?
  11. I reckon if Lees was almost ready for Udders, he'll start v Fulham. Westwood Big bad Dom Lees Borner Palmer Reach Hutch BB Harris Winnall Fletch. Don't think Odubajo & Murphy offered enough down the right, attacking, against a poor Udders team.
  12. Winnall's header hits the post before it goes in. Honest.
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