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  1. Oh well. Lads have gained some fitness. Minus points far & away the priority. UTO
  2. I’d pay £20 pcm which equates to approx half a season ticket, annually. (£500) Payment per match might price people out if we’re in both cups & league action. Also, we’d get to see friendlies, new signings interviewed etc during summer.
  3. Come on Wednesday. Let’s make Thunderbird looking Parker crack a frown. If Mitrovic doesn’t play, we win. If he does, we won’t imo. Got the sign over us that fella, like blockhead Matt Smith & Jutkiewicz. Guaranteed a goal against. UTO.
  4. Please don’t let them sign Brewster. Keep the goal drought up.
  5. Cast your eyes towards S2 for that accolade....
  6. Going to plan for Wednesdayites at moment then Just need a dodgy Villa winner to cap off a good night now.
  7. If I recall, he was chucked out at Rotherham away. We were ‘sat’ a few rows back from where he was apprehended. He was being a bit of a berk but not enough to justify the targeted eviction imo. The stewards had an agenda. I’ve seen people doing far worse at away matches & not even been warned.
  8. I like this idea. 333 people on each other side, big daft lad alone on kop.
  9. No they wouldn’t. Horses for courses. The defending part of the game has the same dilemma as the attacking though don’t you think? If you’re tracking a player on your outside, you’d tackle with your strongest foot, say right on the right, but if he cuts in, you’re on your weaker foot. I think I’d always opt for right footed players on right & left left. Palmer seems to manage both full back positions, but that’s not wb, so hardly attacks.
  10. Didn’t realise it’s Villa’s first game tomorrow against pigs. Hope they come out firing.
  11. If the idea of a wb is to cut in & shoot, then play them on the opposite side to their strongest. If the idea of a wb is to beat a man & get a cross in, then play them on their natural side. Over to you Monkfish. Pull your knickers up & make me a cuppa tea.
  12. Let's just hope VAR is as useless at Villa again on Monday.
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