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  1. And yet a terrible England side beat them during euro 2016.
  2. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN YOU WERE poo ?! Probably on the Kippax. I'll get me Big Mal trench coat. No idea what the OP is about.........
  3. Who’s bookies’ favourite now then? 2 weeks to go.
  4. I heard something about this happening with the Man City squad recently. Their flight to China was cancelled twice in 48 hours which meant their visas were also invalid, due to the dates changing. Somehow, they managed to get them sorted & flew out the next day I believe. There's obviously a fast track process if a case warrants it. Being the team manager probably counts. Pity he wasn't there to see them get bummed 4-0 by Wolves!
  5. One of the most accurate thread titles of the summer.......
  6. It might sound daft, but the sponsor's name is one of the easiest ways to recognise a club's kit these days. Especially from a distance where you can't see the badge.
  7. Even after he's been announced officially by NUFC? What exactly do you need this statement to say? SB used to manage us, now he doesn't. Hope this helps.
  8. Good summary of exactly what a selfish cnt SB is / has been. DC found us a good manager in time for a good pre season with some new names coming in & the tw@ has thrown it all back in our faces & left us up sht creek with 3 weeks until kick off. What a fkr. DC gave him that early time off as well. Talk about fkng somebody over. I hope the fat idiot gets dogs abuse up there from day one. Two faced cnt. Morals of a snake.
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