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  1. Carson Yeung, their former owner / president got 6 years for money laundering in 2014. Doubt that was an EFL punishment though! Related to how he ran Brum though I’d imagine.
  2. I thought the EFL were deferring / postponing any P&S action for a year due to Covid? Will this have a bearing on our situation?
  3. Update. Nothing is any clearer since the charges were brought against us 212 years ago. Hope this helps? ps timescale may be in question
  4. I’m guessing you’ve bought a car by now then? Not challenging 1890 pages.
  5. 2 top 6 Championship finishes in the last 5 years We aren't a mediocre unambitious yo-yo club. Neither do we have chips on our shoulders about any other local side. Why else would you be on here? I suppose final league positions will determine that.
  6. 10/10 for being the perfect model of how to run a football club. Are you happy with being an unambitious yo-yo club though, who made it into the big time once? 97 wasn't it? Virtually on a par with Rotherham and Donny.
  7. Hopefully the gradual slide, especially when they’re not playing, is getting into their heads. More pressure to get a win. All other teams been there & done it before.
  8. Only Spurs to play against tomorrow 👍
  9. Bournemouth 0-2 down at home to Newcastle after 30 mins. Looking doomed, we’re all doomed.
  10. Maybe. Or Fernandes shaming him into action. 2 good full backs, central defenders & strikers too. Interesting. Gonna be a good league next season. Top 2 plus Chelsea & Man Utd.
  11. Exactly same intent as against pigs, from the off. Something has clicked for them. Pogba actually runs about now.
  12. And nobody, but nobody, would have had us down as being better after a 3 month lay off.
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