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  1. Why didn’t someone leather Harvey Barnes when he ran 80 yards & scored that equaliser. ffs
  2. Printing them off as we speak! I think the BB one is life size. SAG designed the maze.
  3. I disagree fella. There’s a group of the same opinion who constantly criticise DC. They had him hung, drawn & quartered before ANY outcome & you know this. Waltham Owl on page 4 still looking for the negative angle. Myself & BA2010 haven’t made this up. We read what you read. Constant criticism of DC isn’t debate imo.
  4. He’s one of the most critical. Room0035 is another. Every post criticises DC. You know who they are. Pretending they don’t exist is bizarre.
  5. Work from Mr Farrell downwards. Not take long to get to double figures.
  6. Chansiri said he's never done any dodgy dealing in his life. People with an axe to grind will never be appeased. That's their prerogative. The problem comes when month after month they moan on OT & predict all sorts of doomsday scenarios, while things are ongoing. You may be right. You will be vindicated. What I object to, is people who want to see DC suffer, even though it brings the club down, just to prove themselves right. That's stupid. Others that say they'd take a points deduction & relegation if it gets DC out of the club! That's stupid. What sort of supporter wants the club to suffer, just to prove them right about the owner? I don't get that mindset.
  7. I still hope we send Boro down last day of season ( prob Boxing Day 2021 )
  8. I'm merely pointing out the fact that the doom & gloom anti DC posse might have got it wrong. Which is a good thing for us & the club. A bit of good news in these troubled times. UTO.
  9. Is this why Redgate‘a toy shop closed down? Where’s the guaranteed points deduction & relegation posse this morning?
  10. This prat on Talksport earlier said If PL starts early May it would take until end of June to complete 9 fixtures. Didn't even factor in them playing any midweek games! Scrap the FA cup, if anything. Champions League games over 1 leg. How hard can it be? Liverpool played Spurs in the CL final last year on 1st June. Make it Weds 1st July this year, after leagues finish.
  11. The PL is the house of lords of football. They're never gonna vote to give themselves less. Who on OT would? If it wasn't Sky money some American or Asian media company would jump in. Name me another global sport that has imploded due to too much money coming in...............................
  12. No surprise they're planning to go for it. Fixtures starting on the 2nd May for example, would conclude season on 30th May in our division, playing Sat / Weds. Now that all June is free, there's even more scope for the authorities to press ahead. Moving the Euros cleared the way. Plans have to be made, as daft as it seems, because life will still go on later in the year.
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