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  1. I'm sure tinkerbell would have some strong expletives to say about barnsley if she was home.
  2. 2 prostitutes up west street .Which one is the Wednesday fan. 1 with pleat in her skirt Expects ban now.
  3. Depends which one you are on.i love Wortley as it's quiet and no big time Charlie's on it
  4. Very similar to Atkinson situation this.staying going staying gone
  5. That will certainly p1ss them off. But is he the man for job here.
  6. Bronze Adonis me. Maybe fat Adonis I don't know
  7. Can you imagine the meltdown on pigs forum if it was. Be amazing
  8. Tell us what you have called and been correct. Then tell us what kev has called and been correct
  9. Too right. This little cabbage patch kid needs to go.good luck with 50k plus not wanting you.
  10. Come on kev you saddled the horse so ride it.what kit did his last team wear. Home kit
  11. Karen Carney just retired from football. Nice looking lass. Get her in
  12. Could be for pukka or Jasmine house in chapeltown if stories are true about Bruce and all you can eat buffet.
  13. Did his last team wear blue and white stripes or a red shirt and white shorts.
  14. Hopefully they know Mr cabbage is going and someone coming in who has some respect.imo he's tainted and no way back for him.
  15. If he goes to an all you can eat buffet that's their profits down the drain for 12 months.
  16. As an ex keeper you shouldn't be beaten at the near post. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon to out him yet as he's still learning and will be a lot better after his 1st full season in the championship.
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