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  1. Sadly I think you're right and we not bottomed out yet.
  2. None. When you give pelupussy new contract that shows where we going Disgraceful
  3. Neither did Leeds Middlesbrough and Birmingham Atrocious manager
  4. DC needs to wise up and and quickly or his club will be in league 1 and worth nothing to what he wants.
  5. And Christian horner send him to alpha romeo.
  6. Chansiri needs to let that sink in too on his bad appointments. I don't think Chansiri is a bad man but just out of his depth with how to run a football club
  7. tbh I don't think he'd be a good manager in Asda.
  8. if monk is in charge for next season,then dc better prepare himself for a huge season ticket loss.
  9. He's another what needs showing the door. DC needs to step up now and show some direction and admit his faults
  10. monk is a cardboard cutout. Terrible manager
  11. I don't want monk to sign any players when he's giving new contracts to poor players like pelupessy. I want him gone.
  12. Not all his fault, but he's no ideas how to hang on and go for the win imo
  13. do the right thing and fkoff from our club and take that embarrassing team with you You are making Peter eustace look like Jurgen klopp. No tactics No idea's Time to go
  14. Well done Wycombe and hope you win the final Get fkd joey Barton
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