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  1. Meet you.not a prayer I wouldn't waste my time on someone like you. Your are confrontational others have said and don't why you are
  2. Tbf you know fuckall and confrontation Again
  3. No. They'll do us a favor on last game and keep us in championship
  4. A English lad abroad with his wife or mates would still be in a cell. Amazing what money can do
  5. Sorry but I've got no sympathy at all for them.would they for us ....
  6. fk Charlton. Best players from them was Paul Williams and semedo
  7. Bowyer having a little dig .shut up muppet in 3 weeks your club might not even exist.
  8. got kicked out of barnsley kkk. Not enough fingers to carry the torch. Mind u they did look like some from Athersley tyre incineration plant And that was just the females Don't think I'll ever recover from that
  9. Tbf my grandson does walk and owns the place here.are we watching ssn love No get pepper pig on and fireman sam
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