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  1. which do you prefer

    both are total crap and there is only 1 wednesday badge and this is it.
  2. Lee Bullen

    they could but i think dc has seen the light now and km will find a way to get shut of them.
  3. Lee Bullen

    that could be a problem and why the players wanted cc to stay.easy street
  4. lillys still sell them.
  5. 8.000 from port vale,great support .up the vale
  6. Were not massive any more

    sufc scum club scum fans stain on our city hope they fold
  7. Squad bloat/clutter

    fletcher 40k a week ..ffs even d i c k turpin wore a mask
  8. Squad bloat/clutter

    hunt and nuhiu can go too with that lot.

    get back in your cave as the site is about opinions,
  10. we do get it,but paying the prices and sat 16th in the league sort of p1sses fans off
  11. twitter .....................more than likely a pig who is saying it.dont forget though km is a lawyer and would not hesitate to drag someone to court for allegations.
  12. no worries matey and and love from us both here.
  13. bang on,they are counted if you are there or not so attendance thing does have some holes in it,