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  1. As an ex keeper you shouldn't be beaten at the near post. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon to out him yet as he's still learning and will be a lot better after his 1st full season in the championship.
  2. Looks like hitcat v Mr Farrell this 1.wonder if Michael buffer is calling them out
  3. Hang on hang on .The lad might have not finished yet with thread
  4. Players health and fitness is the manager's job with his physios. My own opinion on Carlos is he's a 1 season wonder and blaims anyone but himself. 15 jobs in 17 years is it says it all
  5. The thread dose of reality. This is it and hits home to everyone and shows football means nothing.
  6. That's a sad read my friend. 37 year old and to lose your life is terrible and not see your kids grow up.
  7. Could the training pitches be a problem as Newcastle had problems with injuries and traced it to pitches.
  8. Didn't they have a midfielder that day too who went on to make a good career in the top flight.
  9. A proper dose of reality is the Hayley thread.football means nothing.
  10. No doubt some mug club will employ him.should have been sacked after Huddersfield debacle.
  11. John Taylor I think was his strike partner who went to Watford I think.
  12. Was in a happy and joyful mood then read this and now feel so flat. Cancer is a basterd and needs eradicating R I P girl and thoughts are with your family
  13. Stick or twist time.hmmm I'd probably twist if honest.
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