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  1. Whilst I agree we should keep him as the main thing he is still lacking is confidence. I think very few are writing him off after 38 minutes but several poor performances over a couple of seasons. FFS
  2. Maybe we tried getting shut, but wanted a fee that nobody wanted to pay. FFS.
  3. Unfortunatley we could match your statement to British manager Steve Bruce. FFS.
  4. Im not convinced Norwich will want a striker that appears to be behind Nuhiu in the pecking order. Even on a free transfer,I cant see them paying his wages. FFS.
  5. If you post a list of things you would like to discuss please feel free. Obviously your list cannot include aything previously talked about such as swfc as this would clearly offend. FFS.
  6. I think initially he was brought in because we believed he could get us over the line. When he didn't and Carlos hung him out to dry it was over for Mr Rhodes at Wednesday. FFS.
  7. You are the only person overreacting everyone else is discussing Jordon's future. FFS.
  8. I think we would have had to pay Norwicg to take him. FFS.
  9. Is that it then? Will he even make the bench again? Seems like ahuge waste of a limited budget. FFS.
  10. Pesqualie Pescali Peskwali.. @{+_=-[p';.,><<>. FFS.
  11. Is that owlstalk positivity or do you actually know/seen him play. I saw him play at Colchester and whilst very raw. He did come across as a big powerful striker in the making. FFS
  12. Well done mate. A bargain . whatever the cost. FFS. .
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