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  1. F00k. I'm of to Specsavers Monday. All the photos are so bloody blurred. FFS.
  2. Hawkowl


    People? Which people? Where? FFS.
  3. Hawkowl

    Premier championship.league 1 2

    Dunno mate. FFS.
  4. Hawkowl

    nac breda

    Why, definitely Tom Lees? FFS.
  5. Hawkowl

    Hutch leaving?

    There are Scotsmen in the squad. FFS.
  6. Hawkowl


    Thanks mate. Much appreciate your help. FFS.
  7. Hawkowl


    And he was equally unlucky not to score more. Shin or not the goal against leeds wasn't down to luck. FFS.
  8. Hawkowl

    Loovens to Sunderland

    F00k. That's harsh. FFS.
  9. Hawkowl

    Loovens to Sunderland

    F00k, you got me beat. Just checked the championship fixtures and nothing, no signs of them. Just to make sure I wasn't losing the plot and they hadn't really come up I even checked the first division. You're right mate they've gone, no where to be seen. FFS.
  10. Hawkowl

    Ryan Green

    I know her and her posh uncle Camberwick. FFS.
  11. Hawkowl


    His first few games for us I thought he looked the real deal and was tremendously unlucky not to score more goals. FFS.
  12. Hawkowl

    Retail Manager

    I'll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming. Dreaming is free. FFS.
  13. Here they come. Special delivery. We flew them into Donnie airport incognito. FFS.
  14. Don't panic mate. At half time they scrape whats left of the buffet into buckets. You choose your bucket and get a spoon. Usually this takes about 14 minutes. You then have 60 seconds to get as much of the bucket down your gullet before the match restarts. On the upside though, this option is only £25 plus VAT. FFS.
  15. This made me laugh out loud when I first read it.. Then I realised it said reaction not erection. FFS.