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    Now I recognise you. FFS.
  2. Views of a Neutral

    Bloody hell mate is that a euphemism?
  3. Call me a pedant if you must. Buddhist Christmas? FFS.
  4. marco matias

    Well done mate. You just confused the f@ccck out of me. I rate Matias but just don't think he's had the opportunity. Not sure why, maybe he is permanently injured.
  5. marco matias

    Ok I can accept that as an argument for his negative impact. Just not. He is the worst player we have ever signed.
  6. marco matias

    He's far from the worst. In fact his first few games he did look like we had signed a good player. He was very unlucky not to score a couple of goals. If you think he was one of the worst signings compared to some of the dross we have signed. You must be 10 years old with short term memory loss.
  7. This is what's killimg us. The thoughts of staying in the championship. While the grunters go up the first time of asking.
  8. If you only count the last game we are all drew. So form is equal. FFS.
  9. Can you explain why Derby and Ipswichs form is worse. Derby have won 3 in 5.
  10. Heard summet

    I do believe, that you lot are being sarcastic.

    I do believe though, that our chairman sees things differently. FFS.

    Unfortunately he always reverts to type. We can win a game or two but when it comes to pushing on he plays not to lose instead of playing to win. Maybe its a fear of losing his job. Lets be honest he has been sacked a few times before. I'm not one for sacking managers at the drop of a hat but i believe that our time with Carlos may have run it's course. FFS.