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  1. Hawkowl

    Away games, a closed shop?

    You are right . If every season ticket holder on top of what they have already forked out tried getting tickets for away games it would be hard to argue my point. But that is not the case. Maybe a 1000 season ticket holders also do a good number of away games But a good percentage buy away tickets for friends/family so they can gain points without attending matches and so gain even more buying power. I know this because till recently this is how I purchased mine. Since I started buying tickets legitimately, I find it impossible.(Check out the OS, as they announce away games are sold out). My worry is we are becoming a closed shop and will never increase our fanbase and so will never compete with the big boys again. FFS. PS. It would also suit my personnel needs.
  2. Hawkowl

    Away games, a closed shop?

    Thinking bout it. As people seem to like the points system (If it suits them). How about an home and away system. Season ticket holders or not, we all start on 0 points for away games . Possibly a membership plan for fans who mostly watch away games. Then fans who regularly attend away games would not lose out for tickets for a glamour match to someone with a season ticket who's not been away for years. This may even attract fans from different regions to become Wednesday fans. As things stand football is a global game. The big clubs are getting bigger and richer, while the rest of us are drowning in their wake. We can no longer afford to keep Wednesday for sheffielders . FFS.
  3. Hawkowl

    Away games, a closed shop?

    Have you thought of sending your outdated ideas to Man utd or Barcelona . I'm sure they would love your caveman like plan. "Only fans living in Sheffield should be able to watch Wednesday" Maybe I should be banned from using the online shop as I would need the items posting and could not collect myself. WTF gives you the idea that that I shouldn't take priority over someone who doesn't go regularly to away games and only goes away once every few years. Just because they live in Sheffield. It's small minded attitudes like yours that is holding us back. FFS.
  4. Hawkowl

    Away games, a closed shop?

    I don't understand it either then. The Norwich tickets were posted to me by a season ticket holder. I could not buy anything from SWFCs website. To be honest though I have massive problems buying anything online. When I complain they tell me the website is fine. FFS.
  5. Hawkowl

    Away games, a closed shop?

    It is an issue for me. I live in Essex and used to go to all the London, East Anglia games etc. But now I can't. Norwich last season was my only match. FFS.
  6. Hawkowl

    Squad Value

    I've heard you're disagreeable FFS.
  7. Hawkowl

    Rhodes in Norwich

    That's Ipswich mate. FFS.
  8. Hawkowl

    Couple of records

    Met Roger Daltrey outside the city hall early 80's shocked at what a tint fellow he is. Had his autograph for years but lost it along the way. Met Townsend in pub behind city hall (Red Lion?). Can only be described as off his head. Saw them again, a couple of years ago at 02, not sure if it was the larger venue or the fact that both me and Roger were 30 years older. But they didn't seem anywhere near as good. FFS.
  9. Hawkowl

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Who's Neil? FFS.
  10. Its Bat 0wl mate. Wednesdays very own super hero. FFS.
  11. I think you are still asleep mate. FFS
  12. Hawkowl

    Keeper Situation

    He could have . But stopping shots on target is not the keepers responsibility. Your stats may just have proved we have the worst defence in the championship. FFS.
  13. Hawkowl

    Keeper Situation

    Unfortunately that says more about our defenders than the quality of our keepers. FFS.
  14. Hawkowl

    Fox? Seriously wtf

    For Fox sake mate. That dint even Mek any sense. FFS.
  15. Unfortunately that's where any resemblance ends. FFFS.