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  1. U23s

    It could be. I have never seen him play before so couldn't say. But he was brought off during his best spell of the game. Just when I was starting to think, this lad looks good.
  2. U23s

    Nielson had a good game.. Surprised when he came off early.(Needed for first team Saturday?) He is very vocal when trying to organise. Much more vocal than O'Grady. Borukov played ok and had some good moments. But he did have a tantrum when brought off. Kicking bottles etc. In fact, even though it was well after he was brought off, I missed Colchesters goal watching him have another hissy fit. Connor K was ok even though he made quite a few misplaced passes. Colchester had 3 corners and a couple of shots in first 15 then the game seemed to settle into a 0-0 draw. Both teams first shots on target were just before half time. The second half was better but shots either on or off target were not really happening for either side. A draw was a fair result, though I thought we were going to come unstuck giving away a penalty about 60 seconds after the restart for our goal.
  3. U23s

    I don't think we dominated . They had a 15 minute spell or so when we did. But this ended with Colchesters goal.
  4. Connor Kirby's mum

    I know obtuse is an angle of more than 90 degrees. I know that porridge is oats commonly eaten for breakfast. I know a gun is something that fires projectiles using gun powder as a combustible. WTF are they when all in one sentence. Or have I been whooshed?. FFS.
  5. Is he the fellow on the top right of the track? Who appears to be laid out and holding his eye. Am I right,am I right ? Have I won summat? FFS.
  6. First time post. Bit of info

    How very dare you accuse the rest of us of being illiterate. FFS.
  7. First time post. Bit of info

    Excuse me lads. Is this the karaoke thread? FFS.
  8. Bags

    What no geese? FFS.
  9. We know that mate. Donald Trump is one. FFS.
  10. Under 23s Title Defence

    Took my so to a game at colchester v Hartlepool. Ritchie Humphreys was playing so decided to go and have a look, as I had not yet been to what was then a new ground. My son who was probably 6/7 at the time was shushed by the Colchester fans for being too noisy as he cheered their team on. Still can't believe it now. FFS.
  11. Under 23s Title Defence

    Bloody Hell . Where are they all going to sit. It only holds about 10,000. FFS.
  12. Under 23s Title Defence

    Tried getting tickets for this can't see how to buy them on Wednesday or Colchester site. Any ideas? FFS.