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  1. Used to love these. It's weird that I'd almost completely forgot about them. FFS.
  2. Hawkowl


    Boooooo, R and C. You negged me. FFS.
  3. Hawkowl


    He He He. FFS.
  4. Hawkowl


    Thank you. FFS
  5. Hawkowl


    You forgot . Fact. FFS.
  6. Hawkowl


    You need to start your sentence with. "In my opinion" FFS.
  7. Hawkowl


    Please make it stop FFS.
  8. Hawkowl

    Carry on Wednesday

    It's a lie I said Richard not ****. FFS
  9. Hawkowl

    Carry on Wednesday

    He said Dingle Mick. Not Mingle **** FFS.
  10. Quality. Well done. FFS.
  11. Hawkowl

    Its got to be done

    In my opinion we shoul…... S41t I've done it again. I start to reply and then realise that the thread has been ended by someone who knows far more about Wednesday than any one else on here. FFS. Ps It's has, not as.
  12. Hawkowl

    Press Conference LIVE NOW

    Are you reading this on a jogging machine mate.. FFS
  13. Yes mate . You can have the professional fit as sat in by our first team players. Its a much snugger chair (smaller) and it's on offer for a limited time at £110. Hurry though there are only thousands available and only till December the 1st. FFS.