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  1. Hawkowl

    Possible Signing

    Whoosh. FFS
  2. Hawkowl

    Possible Signing

    I did it again opened another pointless thread. I think the could he do a job for us thread needs pinning. FFS.
  3. Hawkowl

    No one coming in....

    I've heard we are signing Messi. And all home games will be free till the end of the season. We will have to pay for away tickets. Swfc will provide a train so travel will be free. Mr C will drive the Train. This made up BS is easy . FFS.
  4. No Tinkerbell will be along in a second demanding Bruce be sacked. FFS.
  5. Hawkowl

    Agnew on recruitment

    Apparently he's a mucky kid . Face just like s dustbin lid. FFS.
  6. Found it. Here's the place for all your pointless suggests. FFS
  7. Hawkowl

    Liam Ridgwell

    I thought we'd started a "Could he do a job for us "thread . So the rest of us didn't have to be irritated by opening pointless threads.
  8. Hawkowl

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    The kid had grown out of it anyway. He got it when he was 4. And to be fair to the lad he did ask his dad if it was ok to burn as it didn't fit any more FFS.
  9. Billy the Blunt. FFS .
  10. John Terry and Snodgrass. FFS.
  11. Good shout ,this thread. I get tired of opening threads headed with players names . Only to find it's a nonsense. FFS.
  12. Hawkowl

    Gaetan Bong

    Haaa The transfer window. You gotta love the. "Could he do a job for us" threads. FFS.
  13. Hawkowl

    Where’s your whelm at?

    its 8 out of 12, Miss vorderman. FFS
  14. He did mate. There's not many that could run about spinning their arms likes a windmill like our Clint. FFS