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  1. Alright, curiosity got the better of me. I had to open the thread ,to find out why Hector's singing was so unrealistic. Expected to see him standing on a chair in the canteen, singing into a banana. FFS.
  2. Terrible error Snoots. You appeared to have posted a photo of The Wobble of Wibbled on by mistake. FFS.
  3. If you use the whole season as a guide. I reckon we are about 9th but having played a game more than teams around us. FFS.
  4. Are you the Marquis De Sade? FFS.
  5. Bloody Hell he is bound to be slowing down at that age. FFS.
  6. Sorry mate. I genuinely don't no what shunded is. FFS.
  7. No mate. There re lots of 23 year olds. FFS.
  8. Hold on fella. It's not 1990. The poor loves would be puffed out. FFS.
  9. Bad news mate Costello didn't come up with sardines. John West did. Then they came up with tuna. FFS.
  10. C'mon lads. Own up. Can all of you who aren't football experts please sign out. Lads, Lads ,LADS. Where is everyone. FFS.
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