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  1. Can you people not read? The thread was closed after the first post. It clearly states end of thread. Aaaaaagh, now I'm posting on a closed thread. FFS.
  2. Nothing finer. Saturday night. (you can choose a different evening if you wish). A load of hand pumped beer as of many different types that time will allow. Then a vindaloo on the way home. FFS.
  3. I'm sure he will. Just as soon as he's read everyone's opinion on owlstalk. FFS.
  4. hes definable a keeper. hes going nowhere. FFS.
  5. Thanks for clearing it up buddy. FFS
  6. Is he expecting you? It all seems a bit vague. FFS.
  7. Hurray we are third. At least the play offs are a very now. FFS.
  8. Could he do a job for us? FFS.
  9. Or I could just read my own posts before submitting. FFS.
  10. Tweeks I give up. Predictive text is poo. FFS.
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