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  1. Boro fans singing Sheffield a shithole. .
  2. Travellers to be rebuilt you say ?
  3. I'm glad Wigan are going down, little rugby town club that has punched above their weight for years.
  4. Only a boring sod would know stats like that .
  5. Why would the band stick around when it's clear there is a divide ? If they want to do what is best for the club and fans they should leave their instruments at home but still come to the matches however start chanting instead?
  6. no its not been the same problem all year pal, we have nosedived in terms of getting points and performances since Christmas, people are right to be concerned as it will only take a few more matches and we'll be in the bottom five with it now being so tight.
  7. Semedo was coming back from a bad virus and mcgugan hasn't played for ages maybe he thought bringing them on as subs would be the best way?
  8. Dan is correct. I also think we should ask Mel sterland to play for us again, getting on a bit I know but I'm sure he could still do a job for us.
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