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  1. Norwich play one up front. So won’t get game time unless pukki gets injured. I’m clinging to hope that he has decided to join us but after Leeds game. Cant see him signing for forest as we beat them 4 nil and only play 1 up front and Bristol city hopefully out of the equation as his mate Kasey Palmer has fell out of favour with Johnson. It won’t have gone unnoticed that we prefer 2 up front and have a distinct lack of pace up top and fletcher apart other 3 are misfiring. We will see.
  2. Get that ariyibe saw him on twitter. Frightening. Played for chesterfield 5 yrs ago.
  3. Yep. Think we ought to make sure we have a replacement before considering. He didn’t want a loan by all accounts.
  4. For me left wing back. I’d look at van aken. He likes to travel with the ball and has a great left foot. His diagnol long balls gave us another dimension. Pity we have no pace to exploit Not overblessed with pace but no slouch either. Saying that he could be a perfect fit of left side in a back three. If so. I’d try Penney there next year.
  5. We all know Carlos is so stubborn and plays his boring 442 We should play 3 52 but he won't. So the best thing we can do is play a 4 3 1 2 like we did when fletch came on. Why. ? Well Rhodes needs a big man always has done to take the pressure off him and pick up the flick ons he can't play on his own when hoops drops. This way with fletcher up top hoops can link the play in the hole as he has done recently. Wallace has to be dropped. He offers nothing at the moment. So play lee bannan in a three with butterfield at the base of the diamond. We can then push up hunt and reach to provide the width. This will get us higher up the pitch. Hopefully by January we can keep tabs on the top six until the window and get an injection of pace in January Unfortunately Carlos is too scared of losing and whilst we keep the ball well it's painfully slow. This is the best we can hope for with the players at his disposal. Meanwhile I'll dream of trying to sign someone to get bums off seats and actually be able to beat a man. Until that happens we're going to draw too many games.
  6. We have got to play a 4 3 1 2. Rhodes has to play off a big man i.e. Fletch to be effective and has done that all his career. Hooper then at the tip of the diamond with a midfield three of lee bannan and butterfield at the back of the diamond. Hunt and reach provide the width. It's a no brainer. But as well all know Carlos will revert back to his boring 44 2 and all slow possession and Another 90 mins of no shots on target. You have to be brave in this league and be positive. We're not hence too many draws
  7. As for centre backs we have lees loovens and hutch in a three with a new hopefully quicker centre back to come in.
  8. No we need to play 3 4 1 2. Play fessi in the hole and give him a free role to cause havoc. This way we can still play 2 strikers. Dispense with full backs and play Boyd wide right reach wide left with bannan and lee when fit in the middle. This system will suit the players we have and make up for our glaring lack of pace as we can flood midfield and get us higher up the pitch.
  9. There's a simple answer to the fessi debate. Dont play him wide and don't play him up front. Play. 3 4 1 2 and play him in the hole and give him a free role That way we can still play 2 up top and gets us higher up the pitch
  10. Yep i i keep saying thats whats required. No full backs and mcmanaman reach as wide midfield in a 4 with fessi in free role and two up front.
  11. Well i Agree entirely as i said in my earlier post and team selection plus fessi in the hole would causes havoc.
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