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  1. if it leads to us bringing in more players suitable to play how Bruce and his staff want to play, then that's a good sign. We need to rebuild be it starting now or in the summer. Some players have been like new players ever since Jos left but we still lack pace, power and creativity, in particular. As long as Bruce is allowed to do things his way and eventually builds his own team, then it needs to be done and we also need to start selling players in order to rectify P&S and to bring in players with the attributes we lack.
  2. Would have been ideal with his pace, versatility and Championship experience. But it's a positive sign that we're going for players like that and that we're targeting pace.
  3. Agree but to be fair, as others have said, we're probably just in the loan and free agent market. Some loan deals happen nearer the close of the window. We definitely need an injection of some pace and physicality. That said, a few players have come back into the fold since Jos left and been like new players. I'm intrigued to see how the squad perform once Bruce is in charge and interested to see his stamp onto the team and eventually to see his own team. The main rebuild will begin in the summer but we could do with a couple of decent loanees to freshen things up and give us something different.
  4. He was a smart loan signing. He's fitted in well and been the combative, commanding, ball playing centre back we needed. Hope we can eventually sign him permanently.
  5. Yep agree with this. Our forwards aren't dynamic enough and either slow or too similar to one another. Joao is our only one with pace. Fletcher's looked impressive lately to be fair, he links up well and brings others into play with his strength and hold up play, a younger version of him would be good for the future. Forestieri and Matias are capable of playing behind the main attacker, and capable of moments of excitement along with Joao, with their skill. But we need a more modern type of forward like you said, someone agile and dynamic, a stronger version of Joao? I'd look at the French leagues or the top flight academies and the lower leagues over here for a cheaper version of Kodjia or Maupay or try and loan in a youngster from the top flight like Brewster for example?
  6. My suggestion would be a great classical piece for the players to walk out too, something like Night on Bald Mountain for example? Half time I'd have a selection of Sheffield bands such as Pulp, Human League and Cabaret Voltaire, etc? Full time something like the song Wednesday Week by The Undertones?
  7. I'd much rather be solid and hard to beat and get results, because that along with pace; power, creativity and taking your chances are what it takes at this level. I'm looking forward to when Bruce shapes us into his own team. Because the strengths of Bruce's teams have mostly been the things we've lacked. Add some leadership; more pace, power, creativity and dynamism into the team, and we'd have a better chance of doing well. The more you think about it, the more Bruce seems like the right fit and in the long run his appointment could prove to be the smartest decision made during the Chansiri era. Especially if Bruce is allowed to do things his way, rebuilds the team to suit how he wants us to play and gets a say upon transfers, etc.
  8. Would've thought they would've kept him to have another crack at the Championship or axed him a fair while ago. They left it far too late and should've kept him to try and get them back up. I think someone like Jokanovic would suit them? He'd give them a chance of getting back up. He seems more suited to the Championship and similar in a way to Wagner.
  9. It's clear, especially after the reality check against an in form Hull, that we need to start rebuilding. The past couple of seasons have shown that our strength in depth isn't strong enough and even with everyone fit the two play off seasons showed we ain't good enough to go up. Our recruitment as been so poor ever since Wembley. Ever since then we've needed more pace, creativity and strength in the team. I would start rebuilding now, in order for players to settle and gel. Bruce needs to be allowed to build his own team and to do things his way. We don't have the players to effectively play how a Steve Bruce team usually plays. We need to start selling players and operating smarter by bringing in sellable assets and at the same time adding the attributes we lack, such as pace; dynamism, power, directness, creativity and more goals, etc.
  10. Think it's a combination of confidence but also not being played how he suits to play. His goals have dried up ever since his Blackburn days because when he was at Huddersfield and Blackburn, they pumped balls into the box and he tended to have a target man to feed off. But at Middlesboro, Wednesday and now Norwich, he's had to adapt to different systems and not had the crosses. Funnily enough he'd probably suit a team like the Pigs with plenty of balls into the box.
  11. He's apparently being recalled by Man U. Quite a few top flight loanees in the Championship and in the top flight are returning to their parent clubs lately. In order to join other clubs on loan. Due to a lack of games.
  12. Don't get at all why we ever bought Rhodes for when we needed to strengthen other areas of the team that we still haven't strengthened yet. At the time he was a bit part player for Middlesboro low on confidence. He didn't suit Karanka's defensive style and he didn't suit Carlos' style. We'd just signed Winnall and all we needed was a extra bit of creativity or some pace and power. Our recruitment ever since Wembley as been so poor. I hope now with Bruce coming in and the likes of Hector on loan, that Chansiri's learnt his lesson from the past mistakes.
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