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  1. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Another very good result. Very good back to back home wins. Much needed and it makes things look a lot better. I dunno what the performance was like? But I was impressed by the performance and result against Forest the other day. Very happy. And hopefully we can keep this good run going.

    A superb painting. Even though we might have feared the worst with it going to a fan vote. I don't think we can argue with the finished painting, there are only a couple of debatable players on there. The rest are all among our greats. I would suggest Jackie Robinson and Ellis Rimmer deserved to be on there. And I would've included one of the manager greats on there too. And someone from the club's formative years such as Sir John Charles Clegg? Jackie Robinson deserved to be on there for being our best wartime player and one of the best players in the country of his generation, during a time when greats like Stanley Matthews were playing the game. Ellis Rimmer should have been on there for not only being one of our best players during some of our most successful years, winning the League title twice, the FA Cup once and the Charity Shield once, and for achieving the remarkable rare feat of scoring in every round of the Cup the last time we won the FA Cup in 1935. But even with a few notable absentees it's still a great concept and it's brilliantly done by the artist.
  3. Roland Nilsson first player on the dream wall

    A very clever concept brilliantly put together. Very happy with the final outcome. Even despite having a couple of players on it that probably shouldn't have been. And it would have been even better to have a more wide range of era's included. Despite it going to a fan vote and many of us fearing the true club greats would get overlooked, there's still quite a few true greats on there. The only ones I can debate having on there are Bullen and Walker but that said Walker was still a very good player and of the sort of European caliber of Nilsson and Waddle. I would have liked to have seen Jackie Robinson or Ellis Rimmer included. Rimmer for scoring in every round of the Cup the last time we won the famous FA Cup and Jackie Robinson for being our best wartime player. And from what I've read about Robinson he was one of the star players in the country at the time, and one of the most exciting players of his generation along with the great Sir Stanley Matthews. He also put in a man of the match performance against the Germans in the Berlin Olympic Stadium in 1938 in front of Hitler, he was supposedly the only English player in the team not to give Hitler the satisfaction of a Nazi salute, and he went onto score twice in a 6-3 rout on German soil. And if his impressive wartime record was included in his official stats, the exciting winger would be included high up among our top goalscorers of all time. But no-one can fault the finished artwork. It brings to life the dressing room scene and it's as though those players from different eras are all there together as one team.
  4. We're completely ballsing up the 150th anniversary.
  5. Let's be realistic

    Let's hope but still think we missed another chance to upgrade our full backs and add some pace out wide and some power in the spine of the team. I ain't doubting the quality of the players brought in, the ones we brought in before were quality too but many of them haven't fitted into how we play. I think that's what needs questioning about our player recruitment because quality players are being brought in but don't fit into the team or don't suit our tactics.
  6. Just me happy with Butterfield?

    Hopefully he adds quality and something different to our midfield plus importantly creativity and goals. I hope it works out and he proves to be a smart signing that strengthens our midfield. But I can't help feeling like we still lack pace, power and dynamism in the side. I agree though, that we've got quite a few players with similar attributes and a distinct lack of pace and power.
  7. Let's be realistic

    The centre backs are an unknown quantity but do sound quality. The others are experienced proven quality. The question isn't about the quality. It's whether or not the players we've brought in fit into how we play and do they address our weaknesses? Because ever since Wembley we've clearly lacked pace and power. Some of the opposition have worked that out. And we seemingly have gone stale and appear in danger of standing still to be honest.
  8. How do you rate the squad now?

    Well said and agree, although we've still got a chance for top 6 with this unbalanced and experienced squad at the same time we're weakest in danger of standing still and being left behind. Due to a combination of poor recruitment and negative tactics, with a distinct lack of pace and power.
  9. Let's be realistic

    It would have been a good window if we had upgraded our full backs or brought a winger in and added some pace. Instead it's a meh window, where we haven't done much and yet again failed to address our weaknesses ever since Wembley. That's a recipe for standing still.
  10. Rate our summer transfer window

    That's the thing though it's not a balanced squad and the players brought in ever since Wembley don't fit into how Carlos sets us up or how we play. Carlos' tactics are stifling our attackers. If we had upgraded the full backs, brought in a midfield beast and some pace, then yes we'd effectively be able to play how Carlos sets us up in his first season or we should have brought in players to suit how we set up ever since Wembley. I'm being honest and realistic but having failed to address our weaknesses yet again, we're in danger of standing still whilst quite a few others look more dynamic and effective.
  11. Rate our summer transfer window

    I said that, because it's not a question of simply just bringing in quality players in. They might be good on paper or might have a good record but that doesn't mean they will fit into how we play? If that were the case the likes of Rhodes and others would've fitted straight in but they never. Because they didn't suit our tactics. Hopefully the new players fit in but we haven't brought in any pace; width, power or dynamism to add to what we've already got. We're too samey, predictable and in danger of standing still. We needed freshening up, something different to add a spark. Yet again, we've failed to do that during another transfer window and yet again we've failed to address our weaknesses ever since Wembley. I look at other teams, and quite a lot possess pace and power. It's not just about bringing in proven players but who you bring in needs to fit how you plan to set up and play. For those reasons we've wasted another window, whilst the likes of Cardiff; Birmingham, Leeds, Fulham, Derby and others have seemingly been smarter recruitment and reinvestment wise. We're in danger of standing still, when after last season, I thought we had a good chance to finally address our weaknesses and hit the ground running. Instead we're playing catch up, whilst quite a few others have caught us up or to be honest have overtaken whilst we've stood still.
  12. Rate our summer transfer window

    With the way we're playing and our distinct lack of pace, quite a few of those 6 games are loseable to be honest. My fear is, that by the time we do act to freshen things up it will be too late to make top 6 this season. We've stood still and gone stale, whilst others have recruited and reinvested smartly. We missed another chance to freshen things up before the window closed and yet again, we've failed to address our weaknesses and failed to bring in some pace, power and dynamism. I would love to share others optimism for us still being top 6 this season but I can't honestly see it unless we freshen things up in the January window.

    To be fair I think Rhodes and Boyd said the exact same thing. Either it's just interview talk or none of them saw us play?
  14. How do you rate the squad now?

    I think we're going to come unstuck this season. Things already seem stale. We had a chance to freshen things up, either by bringing in some pace on loan or by wheeling and dealing. But we've wasted another window, and a good chance to address our weaknesses. I'm baffled by our recruitment. On paper they're quality but we're top heavy in some areas and light in others. It's crazy how we've ignored our obvious need for some pace and power. The thing is the squad as got a lot of quality within in it but we're hindered by the tactics plus a lot of our players are too similar to one another. I don't think you can stand still in this division. I think plenty of other teams have been smarter and we're going to struggle to remain a top 6 side this season. Realistically, even despite the last two seasons and our quality keeper and attack, I just don't think we've got enough this season to make it. We needed freshening up and we simply haven't freshened things up nowhere near enough. Instead of pushing on with a double play off achieving top 6 squad, I feel like we've stood still and multiple others have caught up or overtaken us. This season it will tell, sadly I can't honestly see this squad this season achieving top 6, unless we freshen things up in January.

    Hopefully get a pacy winger, a left back and Ryan Woods in January, if we ain't too far off the pace by then?