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  1. Not so much of a stream now, more like white water rapids and no oars.
  2. One for the fans to learn to show appreciation for the teams effort. Not safe for work and does contain strong language.
  3. If you liked it you should have put a ring on it, uh-oh-oh
  4. I would bypass any of the first team coaches and look at bringing a stand in from the U-23's
  5. No I wouldn't believe I was bad, but I would expect to be moved on.
  6. It's actually because he is crap at spitting, so everyone now sees his beard being wet because he did it deliberate at the start of the game to hide the fact it is his spit.
  7. That is the kind of player we are lacking at the moment with Lee injury problem.
  8. No Ref, he's not hurt, just keeps mumbling "Oh no it's 1-1, another fricking Carlos positives and negatives post match interview video to watch"
  9. Our new mascot should be " Billy Butcher " Billy Butcher the pork sausage maker.
  10. Hello Primark, I just seen a new shade of blue I'd like to try on the kit.
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