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    State Of Play

    Given the amount of negativity on this site by many, you know like demanding CC head when a pass goes astray and that sort of thing, trying to whip up discontent amongst the fans. It makes me wonder if there are a lot more blunts operating on this site than people realise. So, as they say on Dragons Den, I'm out. Sadly, I will continue to support the Owls without the use of Owlstalk.
  2. Anstonian

    State Of Play

    Nothing could be further from the truth. I have been an Owl since the tender age of 11 (53 years ago). So I have seen many ups and downs.
  3. Anstonian

    State Of Play

    I think we would all take "bang average" as you say, for 3rd in the league right now.
  4. Anstonian

    State Of Play

    Fully agree that one person is not bigger than the club and all should be applauded for trying to save the club. Having said that the club is in a way better position than it was prior to Manderic taking the helm. So save it from what? However, success is not a God given right to SW the same as most of the other clubs in the league. I am just saying that maybe whilst the league is in progress get behind the team. The end of the season is the time to show your approval/dissatisfaction.
  5. The result three Sunday’s ago was like a dagger through the heart. It is not just that we lost to the “dark side” it was the manner of that defeat. I have rarely seen or read about such a poor performance from the Blue and Whites. I console myself that it was a good job we were playing the Blunts. If it had been a decent side it could have been a cricket score. But I may be deluding myself, the blunts are far from a "pub side" as this site often refers to them. After that to lose 1-0 to a Birmingham side that was in complete disarray just topped off 4 great days in the history of SW. Then comes our 3-0 thumping of Leeds and has normal service been resumed? Seems not. We get beat by a Bolton side who were struggling to buy a goal, never mind a win. People can moan about “offside” goals that should have been allowed and goals that were offside that were allowed. But you know that a team is in trouble when the manager blames all the ills of the club on the referee. The only thing that matters is the score in the ref’s book at the end of 90 minutes (+ injury time of course). The “bad decisions” should have made no difference to the results. If we are serious promotion contenders we should have enough to beat struggling sides like Birmingham, Bolton and Burton, irrespective of an odd bad decision by the ref. We have now gained 4 points from an available 15 from the last 5 games. That is relegation form. We are now 4 points behind where we were after 12 games last season so there is now already a steep incline to climb. Not quite a mountain, but with no obvious wins coming down the line, going in that direction, I fear. I read that we make good players bad. I see that Winnall has set Derby alight since he has been there. 1 goal in 5 or 6 games, some as sub, granted, but if he was that good he would have started every game surely. Not exactly scintillating, is it? For me we have generally bought badly. Finally, for all those baying for CC blood I would advise you to save your breath and energy (IMO) and put it into supporting your club. I reckon CC will be at S6 until the play offs are not mathematically possible. At that point, I believe, the Chairman will part company with CC, not before. The worry is what will he do if we fail in the play offs again, give the guy another season? I personally think he should be given the rest of this season to see what he achieves. If promotion proves impossible then thank you and good night. It would make no sense to sack him now. A new gaffer gives no guarantees of success and commits more money from an already stretched budget.