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  1. I’ve just finished reading the Owls book, through the modern era and wow what a great insight into Swfc. For me, I unfortunately only get to about 8 games a season now, due to working abroad but I’m a passionate Wednesday fan. To read how badly the club was run for peoples own gain was atrocious. Dave Richards basically used us for his own gain and with David pleat, dragged us into the gutter with buckets of debt. What amazes me it that they can just load the club up with debt and then just bugger off with no consciences. What you see through the book is when Wednesday are cautious with money and don’t pile loads of Debt, we do well. We EARN our way to the top. Now I know the modern game there is so much money involved. I was surprised that Swfc wage bill is over 20 mill a season. Man Utd yearly wage bill is 263 mill yet they earn 715 mill a year in revenue and we’re 70 mill in profit last year. As a fan we’re all desperate to be back in the top league yet I feel and pray that Wednesday don’t just get loaded with debt again and then the chairman disappears leaving us back to square 1. Definitely worth a read if you have not yet. Great book
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