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  1. Hi all. I posted last week asking for advice of how to raise the most amount possible for charity with a shirt Lee Bullen got the players to sign for me. Due to gambling laws, eBay is the only feasible option without requiring a license (I had hoped to run an online raffle). Please bid if you can, or share with others if they may be interested. Every penny will go to Barnardo's. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223348887100 WAWAW
  2. I have decided to put it on ebay. I will post a link in a new topic. Devonshire Owl - Hopefully you can bid :-)
  3. Hi everyone, I am after a bit of help. I was meant to be running the 2019 London Marathon for Barnardo's Children Charities but unfortunately I have had to defer my entry until 2020 now as I have a slipped disc. Lee Bullen was kind enough to get the players to sign me a shirt to help with fundraising, which I was going to auction at a Charity night. This will now not be until next year but I want to sell the shirt now as I feel it will be worth more whilst shirt is current and before some/all of the 15 out of contract players leave. I want it to fetch as much money as possible and add it to my current fundraising (which is all rolling over to the 2020 marathon). I bought the shirt at full price (club wouldn't give a discount) but I want to make it clear I will NOT be taking this money off the total. All money raise will go to Barnardo's. What do people think will raise the most money? A simple auction on eBay (fee's apply) or selling raffle tickets for say £5 on here and across facebook etc. I would really appreciate you thoughts and advice. Thanks
  4. Sheffield 10K in City centre Sunday 24th. Should be fun getting around with all the roads closed......
  5. Westwood Hunt Lees Sasso/Hutch (if fit) Pudil Wallace Lopez Lee Bannan Forestieri Nuhiu Subs: Wildsmith, Sasso (Turner if no Hutch), McGugan, McGeady, Matias, Joao, Hooper 0-1 - Forestieri
  6. Short Term = probable improvement - may be enough to keep us up. Not many better "impact" managers. Long Term = almost certain failure - too extreme for modern players - not got the money for the player turnover his style requires. Verdict - Stay away
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