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  1. No they weren't ... Watched it on sky when I got back and is was about the only decision the Lino got right all game
  2. My dad was sat 3 rows behind the dug out and called him a spineless throw-pot for the last 20 mins ... OAP Tourette's at its finest
  3. But I think that's a fair assessment from the Cornish Pasty
  4. Holloway was a first rate nob jockey when they scored ... And you could tell Bullen was itching to start with Bircham in the 2nd half ... Cockney Brian Cants ... That is all
  5. I don't know if he still does this (because I always rock up at S6 at 2.50 pm and I didn't go to Brighton) but I loved last season how he was out with the players doing the drills and runs an hour before kick off. He's a proper football man and a totally honest and fair man and this is showing in how the players have responded to him. The videos from Slovenia also illustrate what great spirit there is in the camp and that, in addition to the very good starting 11, will hopefully take us a long, long way this season. I genuinely think we are two or three players off doing a Burnley (sadly those players are in the final third which cost the earth, so it's unlikely). In Stuart I trust.
  6. As others have said, he tried too hard with it being his old club. He's quality on the field and the joker off the field, one of the reasons the camp is so together. He's vital to us and I hope he gets a new deal. A proper 100 percenter in my book.
  7. On the whole I liked him as I thought, in the main, he was reasonably fair and honest. Stuart Gray however has put that into perspective and I have the utmost respect for his total fairness and honesty, as such.
  8. Alas you're probably right TorryOwl ... It was Charlton where he got subbed just before half time btw
  9. If I were Antonio, I'd ask myself who is most likely to further my football education, SG or SP. For me, rose tinted specs aside, it's SG by a mile, but Antonio might not see it that way after being hauled off before half time at the back end of last season (can't recall against whom, too many vodkas in between, but it may have been Bolton)
  10. Scram, perhaps having paid a small fortune to be there, they couldn't be arsed to fork out another god knows how much for the Team England shirt ...?
  11. Don't apologise, I thought that was Respectable
  12. A1 every time. Sadly I've forgot it's a BH weekend so I've got 3 hours on slow roads from Skegvegas.
  13. The PA announcement orchestrated the utter farce that followed ... Yesterday was of course an inept performance and SG probably wanted to tell a few home truths and the players may have wanted to crawl under a rock. But there were many thousands at full time who no doubt would have still liked the opportunity to show their support for some players over the season, bid a farewell to others and also see if any appreciation / respect was reciprocated. Totally tin pot. I can't imagine many other clubs could make such PR gaffes.
  14. The announcement said something like thank you for your support, safe journey home and see you next season ... As inept as our performance
  15. I'd totally forgot it's the Bank Holiday weekend. Down at the caravan in Skeggy. My first thought was great I've shaved quite a bit of mileage off (which it has) but having just done the auto route, due to mostly 40 mph roads, it's actually quicker from Sheffield !!!
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