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  1. they’re a set of ladybits ...so I naturally read that as tribbings
  2. you might be right on the points tally, but surely his Royal humbleness’s injury ravaged (effectively 2 players out more than a month) pashunate humble squad can muster up a couple of 0-0 draws (but without praise for doing so as they’re so humble)
  3. was just thinking what he will spin ... lingered bound to come up, followed the reference to wage structure and a dig at the board
  4. So the offside judgement wasn’t made at the time the ball was struck? Farce
  5. they’ll launch a pashunate defence of their season ... Humbly ironic really
  6. Bogroll has more chance winning the lottery than his bargain basement + £150 million squad staying up ... at least nobody’s on fotty grand a week
  7. That over is up there with Flintoff’s at Edgbaston 2005 And now he’s had Pant’s pants down The mantra that that’s the way Pant plays doesn’t wash with me ... he’s no cricketing nous and is a poor keeper to boot ... a couple of years and he will be white ball cricket only
  8. The inbreds are on football heaven claiming Werner deliberately smashed Rambo in the face with his knee/thigh
  9. get off of the fence and say what you really think of him
  10. this 100 percent his arrogance in his Chelsea prematch presser was breathtaking
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