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  1. never knew he managed frickley ... you learn something every day
  2. Mardiola linked with Forest should the axe fall on Hughton That’ll go down really well
  3. Only one way this is ending heckingbottom
  4. I’ll try to quote the right post this time ... signed the right keeper for it
  5. well they’ve just signed the keeper for it
  6. Record in league is 17 in a season (Westwood did it twice). Thus far it’s
  7. If only praise or grumble insisted on zoom calls
  8. Huddersfield score ... camera pans to Jokanovic ... Waul Porker commentates ‘And there looks a man whose world is caving in on him’
  9. Has a bit of shithousery about them .. we at last have some
  10. At this rate Slavisa will be gone by the end of the ... ... transfer window
  11. Can you? I didn’t know. I’m owed just shy of £300 for our 4 tickets? I would happily exchange my refunds for credit (and refund myself 2 of our group who are now unable to attend due to health issues). Me and my son renewed. The credit could sit there till next season. It is still deplorable that the offer of refunds has been kicked into the long grass.
  12. i was lauding the fact of how much he costs them (to do exactly what you say)
  13. Berge is absolute class for them ... £22 million ... £65k a week and doesn’t get a sweat on or have any real influence
  14. We’d probably sign Mel Morris as a Special Advisor
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