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  1. 59 minutes ago, Willow Owl said:

    Wow, what an embarrassing post. 

    ok I’ll engage ... did my dads two elderly friends exercise their consumer rights to gain 2 x 5 game refunds ... yes ... did dc say he’d refund them ... yes ...Did he do so 15 or so months on ... no ... did I refund them out of embarrassment as I made the original season ticket  .. yes 



  2. On 14/10/2021 at 09:03, Willow Owl said:

     I was asked my opinion and gave it. Please tell me why it was condescending? I consider everyone equal but with different circumstances and opinions 

    ive refunded 2 fellow season ticket holders who I purchased on their behalf out of my own pocket because I felt embarrassed ...Because DC has kicked it so far  down the road ... but still no playing 11 no club in your opinion on ... your’e an utter cockwomble

  3. 3 minutes ago, Willow Owl said:

    We’ve brought in 14 players and haven’t paid a penny in transfer fees, which in my opinion has been good business. Without players we cannot fulfil fixtures, which risks expulsion from the league. The club has had to find 20 million plus from somewhere in unprecedented circumstances which is why I am more sympathetic to the refund situation.  So if it’s a choice of waiting for my £100 so we can sign players for the club I support or potentially risk the club going under, then I would wait for the refund. 
    I donated 19/20 refund to the academy, last years paid for this years season ticket and the balance remains on my account and will be part payment towards next years season ticket. 
    Every persons situation is different, but my choice was the club first. 


    you an effin saint mate


    a condescending one at that 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, NorthernOwl said:


    Hi mate. How you doing? Didn't enjoy my tactics today?

    Hi gaffer, Im well thank you.  You’re seem an errm smashing chap.  I would really have enjoyed your tactics today if you had any.  All the best for the week, hope it’s not too tiring. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, NorthernOwl said:


    Clubs will drop off. 75 points is nearly always enough for a playoff finish.


    Sure of course there is. But we've won today, our points haul so far is decent. I just don't understand why they is so much negativity all the time. 

    Hi Darren 

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  6. 7 minutes ago, TaxiMark said:

    Or maybe both Moore and BPF aren't good enough ? 

    Playing out from the back, you have to have very decent players know what they are doing in order for you to be able to do it properly and precisely, problem is we haven't and yet we still keep doing it ? 

    Moore should walk tonight for his blindness.....with BPF in the same taxi.(no pun intended)


    they’ll both be here for the season as it’s D-Taxis 

  7. 2 minutes ago, runningaround said:

    i did and saw the intent, this is down to BPF , probably 1st time this season i saw the recovery challenges in place but he needs more potency in attack, i agree there



    will there ever be more potency In attack when DM plays a formation that leaves Gregory completely isolated 

    we will have to agree to disagree on Moore my friend 

  8. To see a bloke at the top of his game .. poo in his bait box .. now groveling for a chance to be reemployed ... it’s barsteward heartbreaking ... but he’s king pig, so it’s barsteward funny as foooooook 


    even funnier ...



    they'd have him back in a sow beat 

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    41.30 minutes interesting ... enjoy your humble pashunate footy grand a week pay off 


    Being interviewed by a footy vlogger as he can’t get any other exposure ...  he’s burnt so many bridges in the top two flights of football 


    thanks for taking them to the cleaners ... and ... enjoy Mansfield 

  10. 2 hours ago, 31Dec1966 said:

    Same here. For a bloke of my age to be petty like this is a bit embarrasing I know, but that's football.  Anyway, what he did was still appalling after Chansiri had let him stay on holiday, and Bruce said he was a wonderful chairman.  And he knew the Newcastle fans didn't want him before he even went.

    Same here too.  NUFC fans enraged that team struggling and he went on holiday during international break.  Selfish red faced gin swilling bent nosed faux Geordie fat potato head. 

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