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  1. We not only got ‘we go again’, we had the bonus cliche of ‘we move on’
  2. We not only got ‘we go again’, we had the bonus cliche of ‘we move on’
  3. they’ll both be here for the season as it’s D-Taxis
  4. will there ever be more potency In attack when DM plays a formation that leaves Gregory completely isolated we will have to agree to disagree on Moore my friend
  5. or watch the whole 90 minutes and see if Moore has a plan?
  6. To see a bloke at the top of his game .. poo in his bait box .. now groveling for a chance to be reemployed ... it’s barsteward heartbreaking ... but he’s king pig, so it’s barsteward funny as foooooook even funnier ... they'd have him back in a sow beat
  7. 41.30 minutes interesting ... enjoy your humble pashunate footy grand a week pay off Being interviewed by a footy vlogger as he can’t get any other exposure ... he’s burnt so many bridges in the top two flights of football thanks for taking them to the cleaners ... and ... enjoy Mansfield
  8. Same here too. NUFC fans enraged that team struggling and he went on holiday during international break. Selfish red faced gin swilling bent nosed faux Geordie fat potato head.
  9. Sheffield Steel meets Italian Style at the Sow Siro
  10. never knew he managed frickley ... you learn something every day
  11. Mardiola linked with Forest should the axe fall on Hughton That’ll go down really well
  12. Only one way this is ending heckingbottom
  13. I’ll try to quote the right post this time ... signed the right keeper for it
  14. well they’ve just signed the keeper for it
  15. Record in league is 17 in a season (Westwood did it twice). Thus far it’s
  16. If only praise or grumble insisted on zoom calls
  17. Huddersfield score ... camera pans to Jokanovic ... Waul Porker commentates ‘And there looks a man whose world is caving in on him’
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