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  1. Just got back ..,. Can’t process tonight ... just crest fallen
  2. How annoying is Akinfatcoont? all about him
  3. I wouldn’t care if we played in skins as long as we get there and wi.
  4. This 100 percent We don’t travel particularly well (last night was 2nd best home record vs 7th best away record) But nor do Sunderland (Monday is the best home record vs 6th best away record) We need to be non stop loud support on Monday
  5. As a fan base we have to be at it for the full 90 on Monday
  6. I suspect we are being sh^t houses If so, I love it
  7. Or better still 17 to eclipse camsell now that would be piganomics
  8. Let’s hope this prediction is as good as my weekly 5 fold
  9. no I’m good for play offs, liver ruined mind ... oh you mean billy blunt
  10. It could even come down to goals scored FFS
  11. Reyt profit for Prince Bogroll McSue be fuming
  12. good spot can only assume the simulator has given Gillingham a 3 point deduction for employing Evans, teams time wasting and the town being a s***hole
  13. learning and DM ... jury’s still out for me tbh concerned that DMs a bit ‘meh’ when it comes to changing a game tactically obviously hope I’m wrong and it’s not on the back of tonight, it’s on the back of when every team presses us and gets amongst us could equally be the pool of players tbf ... after the exuberance of 8 wins in 10 before tonight and on the back of Saturday, I still wonder if were missing a pre game head butt the ceiling type mentality from all genuinely a bit baffled tonight
  14. ^^^ this ... nailed it on all 4 lines for me, particularly 2nd and 3rd line
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