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  1. feet irrelevant ... he’s sat on this years st money (and 5/23rds of last)
  2. If folk knew what DC paid for the goldfish in his office they’d go mental
  3. Liverpool’s defence will most likely consist of: Adrian (free transfer) TAA (youth academy) Gomez (youth academy) Fabiniho (£39m midfielder) Robertson (£8 million) So the 400 million pound defenders line will have to be dropped from the starting excuses line up. This will require a change of tactics (side step) from the Mr Humble and his little old us club He will be preying if they lose that it’s Jota or another signing who cost more than Brewsters millions.
  4. Very poor journalism It fails to mention his dad nearly signed for Man Utd
  5. This is a great effort from Neil Warnock tbf.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-berkshire-54600185
  6. Jesus Christ mitrovic should be going home with match ball
  7. Get that However, McBurnie starting ... still no goal scorer ... £23 million striker not match fit Scoreboard pressure firmly on dem Blavdes ... I’m super confident they’ll ******** it up
  8. always felt he was a fake red tbh .. bit like his former boss
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