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  1. Perfect match given they’ve been tore a new arzehole week in week out
  2. I presumed he would have gone 13 wins and 6 draws ... an unbeaten second half of the season I should have known he’d have based it on 15 wins and 4 defeats, a far more humble scenario
  3. Let’s hope a mini revival prompts Bogroll to allow Mr Humble to spend (waste) another £120 million
  4. nowt wrong with dinner lady minge ... oh wait... wrong site
  5. we have to agree to disagree re Bruce’s lying no problem him going, just be upfront ... his interview at Lincoln showed his ‘class’
  6. Absolutely would I do it in such a cnutish manner peddling a succession of lies? Absolutely not
  7. Yet again always looks worse when replayed in slo mo ... Never a pen real time
  8. no complaints with first due to mcgoaldrought traveling g towards goal totally agree re second
  9. King Pigs post match presser already drafted Pigs win - Newcastle established, powerful premier league club with international quality players Pigs draw - Newcastle established, powerful premier league club Pigs lose - Newcastle established premier league club
  10. Correct Mcgoldrick running back towards halfway life, boot not raised, just mis-timed Not sure it’s a nailed on 2nd booking Still mind blowingly stupid from Fraser
  11. Barcodes are that poor they’re making pigs look like their back to their mediocre best
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