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  1. Hirstys Salopettes

    Brum in for Bannan?

    Totally agree with the ethos of this statement ... That said, I've spoke to BB and his dad on a number of occasions and (whilst accepting football folk generally say whatever they think people want to hear) I'd be gobsmacked if BB didn't have a genuine affinity for the club ... On this basis, unless FFP took precedent, I'd be amazed if BB didn't ((at least) see out his contract and left the club for another Championship club ... Time will tell
  2. Hirstys Salopettes

    #SWFC don't need to go mad.

    Sean Clare agreeing to that contract offer would be a welcome start to the pace issue ... But team spirit can take you a long, long way and on the evidence of the last dozen or so games, Jos is moulding that key ingredient in abundance
  3. Hirstys Salopettes

    Wolves: general advice

    Went Wolves last season, supped in spoons, walked through subway singing songs, been May times, have to say I've never encountered any hassle at Wolves tbh
  4. Hirstys Salopettes

    Wolves ticket details

    I totally get this ... I've barely missed an away game last 5 years but I can't get myself up for this ... And promised wife a night away ... Then .. there were 398 left
  5. No way would I prefer to have changed places ... I've absolutely loved watching Burton and CoG bully us to feck post Wembly
  6. Hirstys Salopettes

    Tomorrow's referee

    I was in line. When the cross came in from their left the lad in the middle was off (just) and then when the lad in the middle touched it the lad nearest the lino was off (clearly) . I can only assume the Lino was unsure whether their player in the middle actually got a touch. Bit surreal.
  7. He's busting a gut to play with a fit, in form Dave (and I for one don't blame him) FWIW I think he will start at Sunderland
  8. Hirstys Salopettes

    ENGLAND vs ITALY - Matchday Thread

    To allow us to get a weeks pay post Leeds?
  9. Hirstys Salopettes

    Hull city ticket info

    As a dad my first instinct was it's shocking, that said an adult n kid at Leeds was £57 (and we went), whilst this is (potentially) £48. So I'm now faux outrage on my part. Its the 25 year olds buying kids tickets I feel for :-)
  10. Hirstys Salopettes

    Sunderland ticket info

    when I ordered mine there was not a postage option ... Was this the same for you @alanharper
  11. Teaser, Pleaser, Shocker, Spocker, Rocker, Show Stopper
  12. Burton - cant beat them Bolton - rarely beat them Reading - horrible soulless place and club
  13. Hirstys Salopettes

    Leeds info

    The cost issue re travel is a very good point tbh ... £96 for two adults and a kid though, yikes ... But I'm going
  14. Is that Parking Services vehicle parked legally? I can't see a residents parking badge on display ...