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  1. My dad first took me to S6 during the 75/76 season. The late 70s and early 80s were a bit grim but so many memorable away days (Derby, Grimsby, Bristol Rovers and Swansea away following the Oldham ban, ICO (train) to Southend, away days at the likes of Hereford, Shrewsbury, Wrexham, Chester etc, with the odd sprinkling of unbelievable days like Ewood Park). My sons 16 and has been brought up on largely Championship away days. If we were relegated one or two divisions (think Swindon punishment), I’d happily take him to lower league grounds watching Wednesday. It would be history repeating itself. Doing with your kids what your dad did with you. It’s what footballs all about (unless your a big six plastic). Oh, and we’d still get beat at Bolton.
  2. A jumbo Beres with double dip, crackling and stuffing?
  3. Ive thought this for a while too. Its not a persecution complex, it’s the illogical succession of negative events occurring on the club (prior to DCs time too). I genuinely think there there are many powers that be in football that do not want any good for SWFC. Like a form of unnatural justice.
  4. Were going to be made an example of. New EFL Chairman RICK PARRY stamping his authority.
  5. Drag it out to such an extent that the threat of any subsequent appeal jeopardizes next seasons fixtures ... it’s what QPR did However the EFL are wary of this and have thus acted swiftly on the misconduct charge (IIRC Gibson asked them to look into the ground sale in September)
  6. Financial irregularities. IIRC they paid bonuses to players outwith players contracts.
  7. Whats Bob ‘Casio’ Grierson up to nowadays?
  8. Jermaine Beckford said it’s not a red ... quelle surprise
  9. Indeed ... £15 million for that fat bag o sheite with a dodgy knee ... Gibson still drunk I tell ya
  10. Steve Gibson is demanding that the 1-4 defeat a few weeks ago be changed ... to a 3-4 defeat (he’s still drunk from the Robson era)
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