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  1. My dad reported one of Derbyshire finest Coontstabulary after the match ... Got the culprits badge number and he took the complaint all the way .... Plod came up to ours twice in the weeks to conduct interviews ... IIRC said officer was stood down
  2. I concur it’s all about Morris taking a very sizeable hit on his £81 million stadium valuation ... like rent free for 20 years or well below £20 million Gibson just after a Pyrrhic victory over Morris Wycombe not serious players
  3. What I think Gibson is onto however is that 1) The administrators were appointed by Mel Morris and have historical ties with Mel Morris 2) Derby’s stadium is under separate ownership (to a Mel Morris owned company), which is not in administration I don’t for one moment think Gibson wants to liquidate Derby. Administration means pain (x p per pound) for all creditors. I think he wants to ensure Morris suffers same pain as everyone and doesn’t circumvent this via the stadium ownership. For what it’s worth I think 1) Boro’s claim is farcical 2) Both Morris and Gibson are first rate lady bits
  4. Clearly a lot of bad blood between Gibson and Morris Eddie Hearn should put them together in a white collar boxing match ... hopefully they’d both get absolutely battered
  5. and can we have your thoughts on the derby fan as well?
  6. possible liquidation vs someone with a proven track record of getting a club into the premiership then running it relatively sustainably ... derby fans should snap ashleys hand off ... and rightly so
  7. Cash flow? I’ve just had my 19/20 refund call for 4 tickets FWIW I’ve stuck 2 of the 4 as credit, the other 2 as refund (as I’d already paid 2 of my group back myself) ...
  8. Thought you spoke very, very well Mick (and I often have very opposing views to yourself)
  9. I can’t wait for the 2023/24 early bird announcement .. on Boxing Day 2021
  10. They’ll be such a stampede at the ticket office next week DC will have to reassign staff busily working through the +15 month long refund process
  11. I saw their chairman walking towards Fargate at around 6pm yesterday ... he still had their training gear on
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