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  1. parking tickets

    Councils definitely have vans with CCTV to pick up anti social behaviour. I wasn't parked outside any bodies house, but was parked illegally on Herries Road (as I was parked on the wide pavement (still acres of room past) but my rear wheels were (on the pavement) belong the yellow line on the carriageway. Ive paid the £35 fine. Hope it's well spent, like sending civil servants on a being sanctimonious course.
  2. parking tickets

    I didn't say police did parking tickets in terms of SCC they have vans going round picking up on anti social behaviour like flick a fag out of your car, £75. Well if cars getting done over ain't anto social I don't know what is. i fully agree re Cameron n May btw.
  3. parking tickets

    Award yourself a chocolate hat
  4. parking tickets

    I got one today on bottom of Herries Road. I parked there today because I'd done so vs Carlisle n Reading and we'd won both cup games, so mildly superstitious and equally borne out of frustration at normally parking on Wordsworth Avenue and cars getting done. I'll probably pay it, but not before lots of press how SCC and the police turn a blind eye to predictable attacks on cars but equally predictably target soft parking indiscretions.
  5. Carlos press conference

    In sexual parlance ... Girlfriend A was my best lay for years the first 12 to 18 months were great and I loved hearing her whisper dirty things in my ear but after 12 to 18 months her dirty talk wore off as it was still missionary position so ultimately, whilst I felt loyalty to her, it had become somewhat sterile along came Girlfriend B as yet she wasn't exciting or such a looker but apart from a few fluffs (no pun intended) she knew what was needed to get the best out of me thus far, it's not been romantic, but you can't fault the lack of effort so I'm more than pleased with Girlfriend B now I'm at a wedding where I'm with Girlfriend B i now love girlfriend B shes very safe and has a very fit body in comparison to Girlfriend A i wonder what special moves Girlfriend B can make if she really lets herself go once she's comfortable Then Girlfriend A turns up at the wedding i recollect what exciting times we had, and respect and love her for it but deep down I've moved on and am now intrigued by the deeper hidden talents of Girlfiriend B moral of the story ... With Girlfiend B watching willingly, urging you on, smash Girlfiend As back door in but at least have the good grace to give her a peck on the cheek afterwards UGB FGA (I accept I need therapy)
  6. People sat near you at matches

    ive now read through the replies and whilst I'm also in the south, I think I'm a bit lower down ...
  7. People sat near you at matches

    I reckon I could well be sat near you ... There is a woman a few rows behind me whose voice grates beyond belief and I'm certainly a candidate for being the said loon. Alternatively, the grounds full of basket cases. So go on then, which stand are you in?
  8. Good Things About This Season

    The bovril at Carlisle was fantastic value for money
  9. Relegation or a trophy?

    I still love the FA Cup, but the one thing we can all agree on ... It's a daft question
  10. Relegation or a trophy?

    It's a non starter of a question as neither will happen this season, however .... I'm 45. I've (been very fortunate and) witnessed us lift a major trophy once. I doubt I'll see it again in my lifetime. I've also witnessed us in the third tier for many occasions. My son is now 14 and (been made) to watch us since the age of 4. For him (and us all) I'd love him to see us lift a major trophy again. I doubt he'll see it in his lifetime. No brainier, the magical FA Cup every time, by a mile.
  11. Pudil

    I'd want him in the trenches with me ...maybe unpopular but MoM for me today
  12. Jos Luhukay : "The clean sheets are good"

    Too fecking right they are .. Old school ... The rest will follow ... as it should have done today ... And that's not a grumble, just a frustration
  13. A game of two sets of supporters

    Clean slate x many. Lovely. Well done Jos and the squad. The rest will follow (as it should have done today). The glass is most definitely half full.
  14. When Interviewed afterwards he displayed faux outrage condemning the Leeds fan responsible, but within a split second revealed his true self proclaiming Kirkland went down like a sack of spuds. Pity Kirkland didn't get to him afterwards, I could think of nothing better than the odious two hat getting a good shoeing.