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  1. Penalty will apply (Unless they’re relegated on merit, upon which, penalty will apply next season)
  2. Whilst I wouldn’t besmirch his overall record, he’s a bit too much pantomime dame for my liking ... oh and a mardy Harris to boot
  3. The OP is floundering ... to criticize the ref is somewhat of a red herring
  4. it’s been a while, but can I ask ... how does that make you feel?
  5. It’s would be utterly churlish not to congratulate the best team in the division on being crowned Champions ... so here goes ...well done
  6. we have given him a proper send off ... we’ve continued to pay his £25k per week wages since he spat his dummy out ahead off, during and after QPR away in the cup in January
  7. apologies if already answered 100 days between 23/03 and 30/06 circa 14 weeks fletcher on £36k per week in short 500k Ff not far behind pair of greedy two-hats
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