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  1. The Loovens challenge.

    In play gender realignment ... Apparently McGoldrick ended up with a four inch gash to the groin area
  2. Ipswich Town - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    What the flip is Tom Lees thinking
  3. The apparent "booing".

    Hard done by no. Bored to tears on Saturday and not value for money entertainment, hell yes.
  4. The apparent "booing".

    I didn't hear any boos on Saturday ... Mind you I was fast on except (only awoken by the refs whistle)
  5. Simon Coleman

    In answer to the OP, bizarrely on Friday I was working for a bloke for whom Simon Coleman was best man ... I understand Simon Coleman is now coaching kids at Chesterfield as part of Mark Smith's team.
  6. Spare villa ticket for sale

    Sorry Ka58 it's gone ... Hope you got sorted
  7. Spare villa ticket for sale

    Dn2 owl just hang fire 2 mins... I, seeing which of two of you asked first
  8. Spare villa ticket for sale

  9. Due to my dad being taken ill last night, I can't make today. Wife, son and friends going, so if anyone wants to buy an adult lower tier PM me and I'll put you in touch. Thanks, Jon
  10. Villa ticket

    Messaged you
  11. Thoughts after tonight

    As proven at Cardiff away ... We utterly bossed it for 70 minutes ... Then sat back and the Luftwafa long throw bombardment took over
  12. Atmosphere at Hillsborough

    Sadly it was toxic around me ... Somebody voices an opinion (one way or another i.e. Pro Carlos or a to Carlos) and somebody wants to fight em for it ... WAWAW? Only when suits ...
  13. Sir, I salute your comedy genius
  14. Yes, for sure, absolutely sure
  15. Help with ST Please

    I've no doubt whatsoever the club will be more than reasonable ... All the best SpencerOwl and your family ... WAWAW