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  1. Chansiri’s missing a trick by not rewarding those at Loftus Road tonight. Should have got a catering company in for the night to provide pies and beers for those in the away end. Its a legitimate expense under FFP / P&S. 3,000 punters at £20,0000 per person sorts out the EFL for next three years. D-Cafe, coming soon.
  2. Indeed Fair play to those who are going (including myself, son and my mate)
  3. At any decent level, if you don’t compete you get tore a new one The lack of intensity on the pitch was matched by only one thing ... the lack of intensity in the dugout SWFC 2020 ... one big gravy train for the many
  4. Come on DC ... declare the exact number meant by limited availability
  5. We (the supporters) have only ever had a February deadline for the first introduction of the multi year season ticket. That said, I’m not sure too much can be read into the time frames (except to say this years is a month early so bigdan2003’s original observation is correct), 2015 (Chansiri’s first full season) the early birds were announced 6 March with a deadline of 5 April 2016 the early birds were announced 23 March with a deadline of 19 April (however the advance saver which for the first time offered fans the opportunity to buy up to a three year deal was announced on 2 January with a deadline of 1 February, which was extended to 8 February due to high demand) 2017 the early birds were announced 2 February with a deadline of 6 March 2018 the early birds were announced on 19 February with a deadline of 19 March 2019 the early birds were announced 15 February with a deadline of 18 March, which was extended to 1 April (the multi season ticket was also reintroduced in parallel) 2020 the early birds were announced 15 January with a deadline of 10 February I’ve clearly got the day off work and am frittering my time on useless info and sorting QPR travel
  6. Good old aunty ... will report everything SWFC ... except the magistrate quashing the SCC Prohibition Notice
  7. ok I’ll have first guess ... the limited number is 20,000 in other news, it’s the Last few days of the DFS sale
  8. I can’t work out if this would be good or bad luck (in terms of watching Wednesday, obviously bad luck for your good self health wise)
  9. It’s a disgrace he’s not thrown in a programme
  10. He’d be the first name on their team sheet for me ... the badman
  11. His movement for his goal was fantastic too
  12. In other completely unrelated news, congratulations to a N Redhouse of S3 on winning the forthcoming Owls Foundation Quarterly draw. This quarters bumper prize includes an executive box, a months worth of shopping, gardening, washing and ironing undertaken by a member of the first team squad of their choice and, of course, a £3 match programme. Legal disclaimer: this is completely fictitious (and a poor attempt at humor)
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