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  1. That idiot Kevin Gage

    Never heard of him, Greggs the man, thumps table ... Venemous blunt
  2. What will be your pre-match routine on Sunday?

    Lad playing U15s football in Donny, KO 0930 ... Managing team with my mate this week as manager away ... So no chance of quick getaway ... Pick elderly dad up on route .. Almighty rush awaits ... But it has the makings of my best Sunday on record.

    No problem being brave, litigious another thing altogether :-)

    I put something which, 30 seconds after posting, I thought was too offensive

  6. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Dislocated left shoulder
  7. We're Going Up

    I had £50 on us at 12s before a ball was kicked. I don't subscribe to the view that the league is harder this season. Ive always genuinely thought that if we were able to get in the top two early (around Xmas time) I think the confidence, quality and depth of squad and momentum would take some stopping.
  8. Thornbridge beer on the bars tomorrow

    The Keiran Lee of real ale ... Always delivers
  9. United Ticket

    Seems legit ...
  10. United Ticket

    If your still stuck you can gladly use my Foundation ID
  11. United

    Sure enough 10 points gone
  12. United

    I think at £49 we should all get 10 bonus TPPs (said tongue in cheek)
  13. United

    Me too I wish I'd known I'd have bought it on my dads ID (he's behind us on points)
  14. Cardiff Away Ticket Details

    Anybody any idea how many left?
  15. £30m to spend this week

    Sadly that's like my wife's maths ... she's soon to be ex