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  1. They don’t make players like that anymore ... proper leader of men
  2. It’s not happening ... the self appointed moral guardian of football will blow a fuse when Forestieri wants £40k a week
  3. I think there's obvious reasons on both sides why the failure to agree a deal is not broadcast in full. We will see if anything comes out. I understand Kieran Lee has been offered an initial 6 month deal. I understand Kieran Westwood is to all intents and purposes a done deal, contract being ratified by legal teams. Expect 2 years.
  4. I understand a deal was discussed with Hooper ... He chose not to accept it
  5. My understanding is Hooper was offered a new deal on circa 50 percent of his current terms ... My understanding is also that terms on the new deal couldn't be agreed .... Thanks for the memories Gary Hooper .... We move on .
  6. If those who set up the crowd funding page had anything about them, they would have cancelled it and given the money to SCH. Speaks volumes. Form is temporary whilst class is permanent.
  7. So when the plane does fly over Hillsborough tomorrow, how about a nice chant of ... at the Lane, at the Lane
  8. Mick Lyons and Nigel Pearson for me ... proper old school centre halves with the added threat at set pieces ... non of this fancy dan passing it around the back ball-ocks
  9. And lest we forget his PFA Community award and his personal £5k donation to SCH ... A player who absolutely embraced playing for SWFC and understood it’s wider community responsibility ... a great ambassador for the club
  10. It's being engraved on their honours board as we speak
  11. We’re in talks over a deal to Westwood ... he wants to stay ... SB wants him to stay, it’s a question whether we can match the contract length which may be on offer from others (the terms are not an issue) i agree with others, those who SB already decided won’t be here next year shouldn’t feature on Sunday ... and I don’t believe they will Expect Kieran Lee to start its a pity the Under 18s are in a final the day before, as I understand Connor Grant was under serious consideration
  12. FWIW I’m being a bit disrespectful as JPs been much better under SB than under JL (as has practically everybody)
  13. Magnificent reaction. Thoroughly well deserved for a consummate professional. Popped up on right wing and put in a beauty of a cross from which Jaoa should have scored. Then popped up on left wing taking the game to them. Fantastic to see him in action again.
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