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  1. Hirstys Salopettes

    Well this is awkward

    Sir, I salute your comedic genius
  2. Hirstys Salopettes

    Where can this team finish?

    Über drunk, uber positive, top 2 on cards, play offs minimum
  3. Hirstys Salopettes

    Who's the second toughest

    Toughness covers a multitude of facets ... for what he went through and gave every game ... Mick Prendergast
  4. I’ve not forgotten how to enjoy a win ... I’m drinking some reyt poo red wine ... lovely
  5. Hirstys Salopettes

    3 games

    We’ve been talking to a Bannan a while ... it’s nearly over line ... Bannan very keen to stay and thus far he’s turned away overtures from Steve who formerly played for Manchester
  6. Hirstys Salopettes

    Danny Batth on loan

    It would be a thoroughly forward move on what we have (and such a shame we were under embargo re Vernaccio)
  7. Hirstys Salopettes

    I'd love it

    You can’t beat a bit of
  8. Hirstys Salopettes

    So who identified transfer targets?

    Helen Keller / David Blunkett
  9. Well after Saturday at Wigan we could sure do with some defending
  10. Hirstys Salopettes

    Heres summat radical

    I’m a 3 year ST holder in the south. I’d have absolutely no objection to POTD prices being the same or lower than the average cost with a ST ... it’s all hands on deck ... sadly I fear bridges have most likely been burned
  11. Hirstys Salopettes

    What’s happened to our away support?

    I have to confess I sneaked in an extra blood pressure tablet due to our ‘defending’
  12. Hirstys Salopettes

    What’s happened to our away support?

    I said tippy tappy ball ***** yesterday ... officially old at 46 ... and grumpy
  13. Hirstys Salopettes


    Alas poor lad nowhere near good enough for this level and brushed off the ball like a featherweight ... problem is upstairs
  14. Hirstys Salopettes

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Im a ST holder and go to away games except those midweek i couldnt agree with you more
  15. Hirstys Salopettes

    If we are Radio outraged

    I understand it’s more a case that 30 clubs bbc broadcasting agreements were not up for renewal this close season. Of the 62 that we’re, 61 accepted the 10 percent reduction.