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  1. 1130 .. .https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/17513495.live-blog-bolton-wanderers-in-the-high-court/ Simon Jordan speaking well on Talksport
  2. An unashamed bump as we seek to start the new season very shortly.
  3. What a spending spree Hayup FC, now Airdrie, have been on. Who is running them, Sheikh Mansoor?
  4. New teams will be grouped together so each league should be fairly even if anybody wants a beginners guide .. try this http://xperteleven-guide.blogspot.com/2014/03/tips-for-beginners.html
  5. Boro are definitely vulnerable ... Big Steve said if were 3 or 4 points off come Saturday 3 pm, well who knows. Granted that Derby and Bristol aren’t playing, but a win on Saturday would mean we are at worst 2 points off sixth. If Villa beat Boro, 3 points off fifth. We we simply cannot afford to lose any of Villa, Forest, Bristol or PNE.
  6. I incorrectly put us at home to Preston on 27th ... doh again refer to cookeh’s ... it’s on a much higher level
  7. Villa 6th April is of course an away game for them ... doh
  8. Reach blazed it over from 6 yards with goal gaping ... I had £100 notes on us to win that day, was utterly convinced we’d pummel Reading and couldn’t resist with boosted odds of 5/4
  9. I too think the Smogmonsters May get dragged in. We also have those same teams to face in the run in, but unlike Boro we’re keeping clean sheets and scoring goals.
  10. Interesting games tomorrow (today) ... wouldn’t be surprised to see stoke get something at Pride Park, Preston get something at the Riverside, equally Swansea get something at the Hawthorns ... it’s going to be a log jam sooner rather than later Most important game of the run in is ... the next one
  11. Tomorrow’s fixtures are decent for us
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