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  1. cutting particularly apt as he’s hemorrhoid-ing money
  2. What’s done I’d done I certainly have no axe to grind with Wor ‘fat headed red faced bent nosed gin swilling kebab munching lying narcissist’ Steve, yer know
  3. I like The Prince and the Porkers which I’d adapt to No Buy Heck; The Remortgaged and still Penniless Prince and the Porkers
  4. couldn’t agree more although it’s probably completely against EFL rules re agents involvements clearly more to Rooney’s departure one would think from our point of view, the longer the chaos remains at derby the better
  5. I’d leave it to the courts to decide Biggsy (ya Harris licking muppet) Ditto Scum FC
  6. McBarndoor and Brewster charged following Forest game
  7. ^^^ this the players agents have been speaking to many clubs there’s also talk that should MI drop down to L1, it won’t necessarily be with SWFC
  8. Mike Ashley launches High Court claim against Quantuma administrator Carl Jackson DCFC like a soap opera
  9. Never did I imagine a simple Geoff Sheard aerial business statement would release so many puns My antenna was clearly off
  10. bit harsh on Geoff he did have an aerial fitting business tbf
  11. it is mate, definitely world class shithousing Just not sure clubs themselves should be doing it, karma and all
  12. Forest tweeted this at 5pm exactly, quite deliberately imho it’s either first class shithousery or classless For me it’s the latter https://twitter.com/nffc/status/1535290747372584960?s=21
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