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  1. Fed up of P&S issues, ostracized players, EFL sanctions etc etc ... The Owlstalk Xpert Eleven is still going ... the current season has just finished so if anybody wants to join click the following link http://www.xperteleven.com/?lid=161283 A season involves two games a week and a season lasts around 4 to 5 weeks Free to play, anybody welcome
  2. somebodys learnt O’shaungessys theorem ...2+2=Closebutlookwhatyoucouldhavewon (Acceptingnwevewonnowtforagesexceptcharlton) PS In some out of contract players case it goes/went far deeper than your original hypothetical (which was decent btw; ps I’m not a monk fan)
  3. Drastic measures to improve the atmosphere at Hillsborough
  4. The current threat to ones health is obvious. I for one will be taking all necessary precautions to protect my well being for the Forest game (and West Brom, Bristol, Preston, Swansea, QPR, Huddersfield, Fulham and Middlesbrough)
  5. not a bad shout as the chairman would render them a eunuch, eunuch, eunuch
  6. John Bercow. Not a bad shout ... might restore so ORDEEEER to proceedings
  7. I was about to suggest Peter Ridsdale till I realized the OP meant of the playing side
  8. I’ll give more context I should have added the word immediately ahead of both ‘before’ and ‘after’
  9. Fair play I say to those captaining HMS Titanic for reducing plastic usage, thus saving the marine environment
  10. wigan immediately followed QPR ... I would suggest there were major issues before, during and after QPR. The fact it’s lingered on till now in terms of performance highlights three key issues a) the level of the issues, b) the mentality of a large part of the squad, and c) the managerial, motivational and tactical limitations of the manager (who in all fairness is acting pretty much alone). Put these three issues together, multiplied by the club hierarchy, the complex signing of players, the non renewal of contracts and lastly the ongoing and impending status with the EFL, equates to 9 points for 42. In short a perfect shitstorm (not confined to a Friday). Strap yourself in Wednesdayites, we’re all gipping whilst we’re flying through severe turbulence. It’s the landing thats the real worry.
  11. The burning question with regards football at SWFC ... are we getting a ladies team in the WSL?
  12. Very good analysis it may be that it’s not necessarily that those involved in the latest debacle (Brentford) that are having the finger pointed at by Monk as being the ‘bad eggs’ but rather the ‘bad eggs’ have created an environment of ‘do what I want’ rather than ‘do as told’ which is embedded within the club and it’s taking some time (too long) to rid mentally weak squad members (of which there may well be many) of this mentality equally, it may be that Monk is completely out of his depth and is throwing folk under the bus to save his skin, not in ter. Sod his SWFC tenure, as only results will do that, but rather future employment prospects my guess would be that the reality probably lies somewhere in between
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