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  1. The Geordie landlord said to me we don't want him, he's poo i said well we didn't want to lose him but the compo will help ... The arrogant barcode said we've paid nothing he's resigned it's a smart move (despite seconds earlier slagging Bruce off) so I said well someone's paying something because Bruce doesn't walk away without some form of recompense I lived in Newcastle for 15 years ... They're completely deluded disagree all you like @Whitechapel Owl
  2. I was in a boozer tonight with a Geordie landlord ... he made me realise me how much I loath the self entitled won fizz all north eastern fools
  3. Does every thread have to be one upmanship ... Lee Davies previous thread, not great, but just gloss over it Lets not put I before the team WAWAW (when it flippingsuits)
  4. ITK .... Wagner been interviewed and has impressed p
  5. I also understand it was signed a while ago ... I think it’s SWFC stage managing the timing of good news ... and aftervthisclast week or so, who can blame them
  6. I’d take Stuart Gray as his boss tbh ...however, I think LB wants the top job this time around ... it’s in his hands to a large extent
  7. We will be absolutely fine come what may ... we have a great dressing room togetherness and our 6 game winning start will demonstrate this
  8. ‘This is my boyhood club and it was my dad’s club, so this is a very special moment for me and my family.’ Pity your dad didn’t give you a clip more often as a young un, might have taught you a bit of honour.
  9. It doesnt. What i am saying is, unless the full amount requested by SWFC is not met, expect the heat to be turned up on the lesser spotted Steve’s (although the third turd is actually a Stephen)
  10. Not sure about that, his great grandfather was a big Hartlepool fan, ya know
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