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  1. Thought this was a thread listing things that made us deflated?! Empty inside ...
  2. The FA haven’t published it yet. Hope they also publish the video where Pearce is said to react to alleged racism. It was so obvious nobody else reacted. Not a single statement corroborating Pearce. In Pearces own evidence to the FA tribunal Pearce stated that he reported it immediately to the referee, but was unsure whether the referee had heard him as it was loud. A kangaroo court held and upheld by the FA on every level.
  3. I think Bash makes a pertinent point re measures limited to high risk fixture. As for I don’t think it’s an issue limited to our club. Heres a nice video for you and your son to watch of a visit to family friendly SUFC on derby day.
  4. I got a reply from Mothersoles office stating they couldn’t comment in detail to the points I raised due to the appeal ... the damn cheek of it as it was Mothersoles remarks to the Sheffield Star following the Luton game that prompted my email to his office
  5. Of course SAG could instead assess whether, with the Leppings Lane forecourt and turnstiles used by home fans as normal, there is sufficient safe holding capacity to accommodate the number of visiting QPR fans. It would take all of 30 seconds to assess this. The safe holding capacity figures are contained in the MMU report. The club will know the number of away fans. Ill tell you what, I’ll even take an educated guess at the figures myself. Safe holding capacity up to 2,295, QPR fans circa 500. Of course SAG won’t do this, as it would show the incompetent buffoons for what they are. In my opinion the temporary effect of the temporary road closures will only serve to advance SAG/SCC/SYPs end game.
  6. Preston away ... almost every season since god were a lad
  7. And it was rearranged for the following week ... hardly a drama. But lo, here’s SYP’s press release (with (unusually) a legal disclaimer thrown in for good measure). Actions speak louder than words SYP, SCC, SAG and SYPIAG (of whom the Wednesday members have fallen silent).
  8. Said excatly the same yesterday. A shocking day all round.
  9. How anybody can criticize on today performance is beyond me. Offered far more hold up, link and attacking play than on show before his introduction. It may be unpopular but we play better as a team when he’s on the pitch.
  10. To be fair you’ve got to have a chip on your shoulder when Blackpool are your biggest rivals
  11. Not at MMU mate, then again it’s a Poly (apologies I’m being a snob/knob who went to an old school university prior to the local youth club being re branded a university).
  12. I’m sure we once won 2 nil in the FA Cup in the late 80s on the plastic pitch ...I’m trying to remember but I was only about 17:and drunk at the time, whereas now I’m nearing 50 but still drunk crickey ... it’s the league cup game I’m on about
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