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  1. not long I reckon ... he’s 30 minutes late for his press conference by accounts
  2. Objectively ... It’s a harsh red for me ... 6 and 2 threes as watkins as hold of Egan as much as vice versa for quite a time .... Subjectively ... feck em
  3. Norwood seemingly dropped for tonight .... let’s see how his management style works now most of the squad have had new bumper contracts
  4. pashunate innit I wonder when he will start to give his pressers in a mixture of Sheffield steel and Italian style ... after all, he might as well give up on trying to speak English
  5. ive seen the draw ... it’s Preston , Blackburn and Leicester at home after Walsall ...
  6. Pleased for JP that has no absolutely chance of catching it then
  7. I’ve got a semi obviously have to get past Walsall first
  8. I thought we’d reached that tipping point on that note could Ben Sheppard do a job for us .. Chairman/DOF/manager/coach/defender ... anywhere but £3 match programmers fella ... theres a line not to be crossed
  9. Charlton ownership being investigated ... just saying whining tockney cwats
  10. COVID is an escape from SWFC (gallows humour mate)
  11. Get Milan back on the underwater phone .... PS I jest, He knew exactly what he was doing Roll up aerial Geoff
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