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  1. OK, understood, but it isn't gossip, it was reported in the national press, and it might go some way to explaining why he hasn't reproduced his Huddersfield form since then. His head hasn't seemed to be right ever since.
  2. From a Derby perspective, this has just come from an inevitable question asked in a standard club interview and, as many have said, Winnall is bound to be very positive at a new club, having got only his 2nd start but having made a big impact in the last two games and offering something different to what we have. Given that he was hauled off at HT in his only other start, it's a bit early to predict what the manager's wish (or the player's) will be at the end of his loan, but he's the kind of player that Rowett seems to like and the fans seem to have taken to him too. Even if they do both want a deal to happen, Wednesday could easily play hard-ball and I doubt we'll be paying £10M for anyone while we're in the Championship - Mel Morris is more about recycling transfer fees now than pumping in the millions that were spent in 2015/2016, hence why most incoming transfers this summer were not completed until someone went out the door - but a deal eventually might suit all parties. Alternatively, you might get back a decent player with his confidence restored and his value enhanced, which it'll be then up to your manager to utilise better than has perhaps been the case so far. BTW, if you want an indication of what Butterfield's temperament is like, do a search for the incident at his girlfriend's party a year or so back. Very strange.
  3. I sit more or less in line with the penalty area at the north end of the ground, so had a good view of the early key incidents. 1. It looked like Loovens clipped Vydra's foot, and therefore a fair penalty I think. I'm not sure Loovens did it deliberately, so the Red Card seemed a touch harsh, but the rules probably dictated the ref's decision. Similar incident though at Bramall Lane earlier this season and we didn't get the decision. After it was awarded, I thought that Westwood got away with allot of backchat and gamesmanship and many refs would have booked him too. 2. Westwood clearly blocked the ball with his outstretched arm when Keogh was through - it may have come off his chest first but the way the ball bounced down hard supports the view I had. That should really have been game over for him. Had you gone down to 9 men, the next big decision may not have happened at all, but.... 3. Though down the other end of the ground, I could see the Fletcher 'penalty' incident quite clearly. I saw Forsyth put his hand in his back and instantly thought "that's a peno and another Red Card." Although Fletcher went down very easy for such a big strong lad (which seems to be what the ref thought too), I've certainly seen those given and I think most managers would complain about that one whilst keeping schtumm about Westwood's lucky escape. I thought the linos were inept - I was amazed when one of them flagged for something that wasn't offside - the number of times they gave throw-ins to the wrong team was staggering. The only thing about the ref that surprised me was that he didn't even things up when he had the chance. We might actually have played better if he had! I thought after the first 20 minutes that you re-organised well and stifled us - our lot struggled to adapt and it showed how we sometimes lack creativity to open up teams who sit in with 2 solid ranks of 4. I thought Carvalhal was bold to keep two strikers on the pitch as it meant that our full-backs couldn't get forward with as much freedom. Although you didn't have a shot on target, you gave us a few edgy moments and I thought the way your team didn't let their heads drop was creditable. I felt relief when the 2nd goal went in rather than any great satisfaction.
  4. Slice of India is well out of the city centre - they'd need a taxi there and back
  5. Royal Telegraph doesn't now admit anyone obviously an away fan. Head there and I reckon Plod will send you back to the Tiffany Lounge on the corner of Midland Road, which is a designated away pub. It's not a great pub, but you can sing there to your hearts content, if that's a priority for you. Other pubs near the station are likely to be home fans only, possibly even the Brunswick, though if you go in small groups and don't act like a idiot you may get in there or in the Alexander next door. I've seen the Smithfield mentioned, but be aware that is more like a half hour walk to the away section. The Witherspoons in town should be OK, Babingtons, the Standing Order and the Thomas Leaper next door all serve good beer. The Exeter, Silk Mill, Dolphin and Brewery Tap are usually packed with home fans but discrete non-twattish away fans shouldn't have a problem. Stay away from the Neptune, Jorrocks, Tiger Bar, City Bar and White Horse, as you're more likely to meet less welcoming types. Anyone truly interested in good beer though will already have downloaded an Ale Trail map from the Derby Camra website and have planned a more adventurous day out.
  6. Hard to be sure which it is - didn't look all that confident when he arrived tbh, but it was rumoured that Clement wanted "possession at all costs", forgetting perhaps that we weren't Real Madrid : it seemed as though the players were scared to make a risky pass, and that perhaps contributed to Jacob appearing to be negative. He's never really seemed happy here though, but it's hard to pinpoint why. Rowett probably wants rid because he can't get him to move the ball quickly and that just might be Jacob's style.
  7. Jacob has plenty of technical ability, but needs to be the fulcrum of the team I reckon if anyone is going to get the best out of him. That's how it was at Huddersfield I think. How he'll fit in with Bannon though I'm not sure. He had a decent first season with us, scored some cracking goals, but neither Clement nor Wassall seemed to have confidence in him, and he was sometimes too negative in his play to really get the fans on his side. Last season, with all the management changes, he didn't settle at all and he's been poor so far this season. But there's a good player there somewhere. It would probably be best for both him and Winnall if this move works out - seems they both need a fresh start with a manager who actually wants them.
  8. Any Derby fan would tell you that if Keogh intended to do something, it wouldn't happen I think he got away with it because his arm wasn't in an unnatural position and the ball was struck so hard that he couldn't possibly get out of the way of it. That said, if it was our penalty shout, I'd be feeling annoyed that it wasn't given because he did prevent a certain goal. We got the break, and we haven't had many for a while, but that's no consolation for you. FWIW it was the best game I've seen this season. My mates and I all agreed the movement of your front 6 was impressive and that, from box to box, you were the best team we've played so far. Had Carson not been in such fine form, you'd certainly have got something from the game. Despite the fact we were under sever pressure for spells in the game, it made a nice change to see a team come and take the game to us and effectively force us to play like the away side. I'll be very surprised if you're not in the top 6 come the end of the season.
  9. Usually, yes. Sensible fans should have no problems. You can park there for a fee (fiver IIRC), but it is a 20 minute hike to the ground.
  10. Trouble is, they don't seem to have the New Rules published on the EFL website and it's hard to find it confirmed, but I remember reading it in the original announcements and have found the following on Sky's website from the time of the original announcement that the rules were changing: So about as clear as Snake Pass on an average day in January. However you interpret the above, it's hard to believe that SWFC are in danger of breaching FFP rules at the moment.
  11. Bloody confusing isn't it? The way I've read them, they do intend to measure the allowable losses (i.e football related items only) over every three year period running July 1st to June 30th starting this season. But because 2014/15 was the last under the old rules where £6M (£3M + £3M owners equity) was the maximum permitted loss, and 2015/16 is a transition season where £13M (£5M + £8M owners equity) was the maximum permitted loss, the £39M total losses allowed is reduced to £32M (£6M + (2 x £13M)) for this measurement period only. The new regulations kick in fully this season, and that means a £15m maximum permitted loss per season with a maximum of £39m measured over three seasons henceforth, so clubs can't blow their £39M permitted 3-season loss in one season. Owners will not now have to inject matching equity, but will be expected to submit detailed plans showing how the club will be funded in the future to ensure that debts do not build up to unsustainable levels. Re : Derby, I'm guessing we might be 'tight' for FFP for last season, though most players were signed on 4 year contracts, over which period their transfer fees can be spread for accounting purposes - something like £6.5M per season at a guess. That said, we've no doubt got a few players in the £20-40k/wk salary bracket, so I imagine the £13M limit might be tested. So far this season, we've raised about £2M from sales and removed about 6 players in total from the books with a couple more to go. I'd expect money in to be similar to money out this season, but I could be wrong. I'm a bit surprised that Wednesday are rumoured to be that close on FFP - could it be something to do with wages and fees for the number of new players and loan-ins you signed last season? Even then, if our management are confident we'll be OK (which they seem to be) it would be strange if you weren't.
  12. It was Derby, vs Forest back in March - full house. Whatever the attendance is tomorrow (and it sounds like it'll be there or thereabouts the season's best) you won't have had to give away 15,000 tickets like Cardiff did when we played there a few weeks ago. Tinpot, but it worked for them 'cos they won 2-0!
  13. As long as your lot put in a performance like the one on Saturday, you shouldn't have too many problems getting the result you need against this lot. Their performance at the Ipro was 2nd only to Bolton's in crapness and even when they beat us at their place a few weeks ago, it was more a case of us putting in a limp performance than anything they did - we dominated possession without achieving much, defended two dead ball situations poorly and that was that. With your two big CBs and a good keeper, that should be less of an issue for you. My prediction is that it'll be your attack vs David Marshall - it was only him that stopped us running up a cricket score at our place. Good luck and I hope we meet again at Wembley.
  14. Cheers. I agree it's a natural reaction but a fair few players wouldn't have flinched. For example, if that had been Keogh, he'd have stuck his head in the way, but the ball would probably have ricocheted off both posts and gone in. He's like Unlucky Alf from the Fast Show.
  15. Who was the player in the wall who ducked? If the ball had gone in, I imagine he'd be looking for a new club over Christmas!
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