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  1. We already have a purpose built stadium, in that we have a stadium to play football in. Parking on local side streets at older grounds is often far quicker than using car parks at so called 'purpose built grounds'. Whenever I drive I use Langsett Avenue near Middlewood P&R and it never takes me more than 20/25 minutes to get from there to Shalesmoor after the game, in addition to the 15 minutes walking time to the car. I've been stuck in egress flows from car parks at places like Stoke for well over an hour.
  2. Are they bringing any fans? Will they me among us or in the West?
  3. I had a rush of joy when this was announced as one of our pre-season games again. For those of you who haven't been in previous years, Alfreton away is such a good laugh. Its close and the away end is all standing with a capacity of about 1,500. Ticket details yet to be announced but will probably be pay on the gate again. I think we should pack the place out. It's probably the best away end we'll get to experience all season but just a shame that it won't have the "magic" of a usual away game because there's nothing to play for. Still, imagine that end packed out with blue and white along with others spread through the rest of the ground (There'll probably be no segregation again so we're free to go and sit in the home stands too). If you've been to York Away, you'll love Alfreton. One month to go, lets hope we've got some new an improved talent in the squad to show off! UTO.
  4. Yes we do. Meadowhall or Fargate. Or both when we're solidified back in the prem.. We do have some stuff sold outsite the city. I went to WHSmith in Winchester and they had Wednesday, Leeds and Newcastle calendars along with the prem ones.
  5. As soon as they've daisy chained a few extension cords together
  6. 35psi in the tyres Lol, no it was the banisters leading up the banking so could see.
  7. As above. Anything you see or hear about, discuss it here. I'll start - drove down Pennistone Road this lunch time and a bloke was painting on the Kop concourse. ...not much, but it's a start! Keen to see when the back of the Lep renovations start.
  8. Good points raised throughout chaps and its nice to have an actual discussion on here rather than getting sarcastically slated! Home and away mingling on the South Stand bridge. Yes, would be mingling, but he mixing of away fans with families on the South Stand is far better than the alternative Hoolies and Ultras on the Leppings Lane end of the North Stand haha. Even the most hardcore of w-anchors are respectful around families and the old folks, i.e. the South Stand majority clientele. So don't think away fans using the south stand bridge is an issue at all really. On the way out. Yes currently we have the custom of the away coaches on Leppings Lane, but how about swap them to use Hillsborough Park or Parkside Road instead? This would probably be the biggest issue to solve. While the central tunnel on the bottom tier would be closed for regular ingress and egress, it could easily be opened up in case of an emergency. If the stand is on fire i'm sure the two sets of supporters would be helping each other to get out rather than exchanging punches. All this is hypothetical 'cus there's no way we'll need to split the West Stand for every game until we get back in the Prem. Next year
  9. As well as requesting information on our segregation and capacity policies from sag, we also ought to request it from other clubs to see how theirs works and compare..
  10. ...and it doesn't involve giving away fans seats in the North! Spilt the West down the middle rather than by the tiers. The top tier currently has two stair wells which lead up on either side. The lower tier also has two separate turnstile blocks (one in the middle and one around the side towards the South Stand. All which would be required would be a few walls putting up to split the concourses and tarp / stewards over the middle seats. There'd be around 3,000 on either side. The lower tunnel would also be out of use and an area for police stewards to congregate. Away fans could enter over the south bridge to their half and home fans to our half via Leppings Lane, both exiting via the same routes. No chance of mingling after the game and those police barriers would also prove useful for a change. It would also leave the Police and SAG with virtually no excuse not to open the NWC for home fans.
  11. It's not the fact they're restricted view which is actually the problem, its the fact that the capacity of the Kop has been restricted by 1,000 so they've just chosen to close off them ones to keep the best ones open.
  12. Wouldn't be surprised if we have netting installed at the front of the upper tier over summer like they have at Forest. I actually think it would be simpler to split the stand in half vertically rather than give each tier to one of the teams. Just install gates / walls down the middle of the concourses; there are already two staircases to the upper tier and two sets of turnstiles for the lower.
  13. The two rows of white seats on the lower lepp have been there since 2014 (48 on each row). The 'SWFC' on the north was replaced with 'CHANSIRI' this season and a few weeks later the owl logo and 'THE OWLS' on the kop were re-jumbled to form a new 'SWFC' which required more blue seats than the previous white ones, so they were swapped with some from the NWC creating the strip of white seats in the corner. Now this strip has been replaced with brand new blue ones (Also the two centre blocks on the lower lepp seem to have been fitted out with new blue seats too). Bottom line is, if the NWC has a death sentence on it then why has he wasted money on installing brand new seats in there? Seems to me there is an intention to use it in the future, maybe similar to how Strafford tried with cheap tickets etc? Be good (especially if we go up) to open the NWC and maybe Lower Lepp to home fans at a lower price than the kop. Support from all 4 (and a quarter) sides then too. Watch this space I suppose...
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