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  1. Can go for me. Decent fee, squad needs refreshing.
  2. Football greed gone mad.....
  3. On hols at mo. Honest appraisal from someone at the game. Are we playing in the same negative manner? whats the atmosphere like?
  4. More CC waffle and nonsense.
  5. Pinky

    How do you feel right now?

    Happy as Larry. Off to Mauritius for my honeymoon and don't have to suffer CC's negative tripe for a few weeks!
  6. Pinky

    Wake me up when he's gone

    When? Must have been asleep!
  7. Pinky

    JTSWFC1's Laughing Policeman

    Was and still is, hilarious!
  8. Chris waddle by a country mile.
  9. Looked good, will be purchasing.
  10. Which would have been a perfect text game for Rhodes to play and get on the scoresheet too? No?
  11. Pinky

    My Rant !!!!!!!!!!!

    What wayne said!