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  1. Pinky

    Our fault again

    Poor baby. Teams in the past rarely had this problem. Man up or get the fizz out.
  2. Pinky

    JOS OUT!

    Jos out. That is all
  3. Pinky

    why is he still here

    What utter bullsheeet
  4. Pinky

    Our club is dying

    Bang on a million percent. Exactly how I feel after last night.
  5. Pinky

    Well done Wednesday

    What a truly inspiring aspiration for us. Can’t wait for more of this dross.
  6. Pinky

    Well done Wednesday

    Still poo . Any other team would have mullered us on that performance. Bolton are truly awful and are relegation fodder. They wouldn’t have scored if we were still playing now.
  7. It may do, but that doesn’t alter the fact they still include all season ticket holders in the official attendance whether you are there or not.
  8. We won?!?! Felt like a defeat!!!
  9. Pinky

    Well done Wednesday

    Well that was poo . Thankfully Bolton were far worse and will be relegated.
  10. Dropped fessi. Is this some sort of surreal joke we just don’t get. DROSS OUT
  11. Pinky

    Realistic view

    This all the way. End of thread
  12. Your right. Useless manager and useless chairman. Like peas in a pod!
  13. Pinky

    Abdi, Boyd and Hutch

    Agreed not a recent photo, unless autumn doesn’t affect the trees where Wednesday train!!!
  14. Pinky

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    By March with this manager we will be bottom of the table, So sorry about where Watford were. Point still stands with Fulham and the two promotions out of two with championship clubs. Also check his record abroad. On the whole a hugely successful manager. We need to show ambition and fast. Or we will be relegated and FFP will be irrelevant as we go bust again.