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  1. Pinky


    How do you know for definite he is not?
  2. Pinky

    Central midfield

    This all the way. Reach also goes missing for 90% of a match. Midfield was v poor last night.
  3. He ran his arse off and played well considering very little support from the midfield. Him and fletcher were so isolated all match with no options but each other when they had the ball. Far too negative display, especially second half.
  4. Form is temporary, class is permanent.
  5. We must have been dreadful if Fox is considered to be the best player on the night.
  6. Pinky


    Why pay anything at all now, when in January we will be desperate to offload him for nowt as we have effectively frozen him out? Given our desperation for money under the embargo, likely we have asked for substantial loan fee etc. Any savvy chairman at another club know they can soon pick him up for nothing.
  7. Pinky


    Because consistently over a longer period of time, he has equalled/broken our clean sheet record and been part of a defence to firstly keep us in the championship then get us to two play offs in a row. Last season a number of players were below par including the likes of Barry Bannan, Kieran Lee, Tom lees to name just 3. Cleatly playing through, or being forced to play through injury affecting their performance level. KW is an established, experienced and top quality championship keeper, still in his prime years for a GK. Any of the above leads me to believe he would be a better choice than either of the two youngsters.
  8. Pinky


    Apart from consistently concede 1-2 goals per game and be part and parcel of a very shakey defence. You are correct, done nowt wrong at all.
  9. So sorry Kim Jong-un. Won’t happen again.
  10. Pinky


    If it is purely based on performance, nuhiu, matias, reach where non existant in the last league game. So why start the next one?
  11. Whilst us skivvies on the kop get the same old overpriced poo . Can’t be that difficult to offer the same food, and beer etc on all stands surely. Oh wait this is Wednesday of course, a commercial nightmare! Now where is that bargain exec box for £27.5k plus vat............
  12. This all the way. Squad is paper thin and injury prone at best. Putting way too much pressure on untried, and untested academy players already, after just 5 games.
  13. Pinky

    Something changed

  14. Pinky

    Penney / Preston