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  1. Pinky

    Roland Nilsson memories

    By a country mile. world class.
  2. Pinky

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    Idiot of the highest order
  3. Pinky


    That was wee wee poor all round.
  4. I’m amazed the charge has not been in the public domain before now. sounds like his court summons is still in the post! Cannot believe he would not turn up if knew about it. Warrant for arrest standard procedure if miss court date tho.
  5. Pinky

    Westwood Starts

    Not before time!!!
  6. What a stubborn prideful man he is. Changing manager may not guarantee success, but keeping him will definately spell relegation and a large dip in season ticket renewals. Grow up Mr Chansiri and stop acting like a petulant child and do what is best for the club in this instance. I can see a right poisonous atmosphere continuing on Saturday. Going to be right old fun, not.
  7. Pinky

    Our fault again

    Poor baby. Teams in the past rarely had this problem. Man up or get the fizz out.
  8. Pinky

    JOS OUT!

    Jos out. That is all
  9. Pinky

    why is he still here

    What utter bullsheeet
  10. Pinky

    Our club is dying

    Bang on a million percent. Exactly how I feel after last night.
  11. Pinky

    Well done Wednesday

    What a truly inspiring aspiration for us. Can’t wait for more of this dross.
  12. Pinky

    Well done Wednesday

    Still poo . Any other team would have mullered us on that performance. Bolton are truly awful and are relegation fodder. They wouldn’t have scored if we were still playing now.
  13. It may do, but that doesn’t alter the fact they still include all season ticket holders in the official attendance whether you are there or not.
  14. We won?!?! Felt like a defeat!!!