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  1. That Waddle Goal in '93

    Will dig it out - left it at work!
  2. 90 years ago - Wednesday vs United at Hillsborough. Wednesday on their way to their 3rd Division One Championship - hammered the Blunts 5-2 with a Hooper scoring twice for the Owls ! Good Omen? The new stand at the Lepping Lane End was also used for the 1st time !
  3. That Waddle Goal in '93

    It was in Shoot or Match - i'll check - make a great canvas?
  4. Looking through some old stuff yesterday and came across this wonderful photo - not an angle often seen but what a fantastic image - and below a resume of stats from the match
  5. I was there - absolutely amazing goal - shut them up !
  6. History - Who were the pigs in Sheffield?

    I've seen this story doing the rounds recently and I am doubtful but that's just my view . I subscribe to the red & white looks like bacon = pigs story - as for what BLane was before it was built on land owned by Danial Bramall part of which was used to keep Pigs . What I have collected. I rather like that quote from 1955 1889 Sheffield Telegraph 1967 My new finf 1970 Roy Hattersley autobigraphy "Goodbye to Yorkshire" - Roy was born in 1932. "As a boy I genuinely believed in the man who never ate bacon because its red and white stripes reminded him of Sheffield United---indeed in my blue and white Wednesday heart I applauded and supported his loyalty."
  7. So I've found a 2nd United programme where they acknowledge Wednesday fans avoid Pork Products - at least by 190 they'd stopped beating their partners 1970 1967
  8. Is this the North Stand being built?

    This is one of my favourite quotes from Simon Inglis "Football Grounds of Great Britain"
  9. Is this the North Stand being built?

    Just for information :-) 10,000 seats at a maximum spend of £130,000 was the plan.
  10. Is this the North Stand being built?

    Programme and Press Cutting from the match vs Spurs in November when Wednesday spolied their unbeaten run! 56,363 in a 3 sided ground !
  11. Is this the North Stand being built?

    Here's Wednesdy playing vs Wolves in front of the construction
  12. Is this the North Stand being built?

    Spot on Nev - the man who found Johan Cruyff!
  13. Here you go Nev a great crowd in Paradise Square!!
  14. Knew a lass called Sally Dungworth