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  1. Learnt to swin at Sutherland Road Baths - Swimming teacher called Mr Scott - took no prisoners !
  2. ... that had it's origins in the Old Wednesday Cricket Club #WAWAW March 14th 1914
  3. Derek Dooley's testimonial match and the first public match played under the floodlights at Hillsborough. I never knew that Derek had actually swicthed the lights on for the game. I came across this moving account of the night by the great Everton servant Peter Farrell. Quite emotional reading it now ! Anyone on here who was there that night who can share any memories?
  4. A good omen ! #OnThisDay 80 years ago at Hillsborough #SWFC beat @SUFC_tweets 1-0 - goal by Bill Fallon in front of 48,891 #WAWAW
  5. Massive Soccer !! Wednesday beat a teams of Spaniards 3-2 in the home leg of a quater final of The European Fairs Cup. Oh for the days before international breaks and when Wednesday had England Regulars in the Ranks!! I had not heared this story about the heavy snow before - echoed many years later in the days of Big Jack I suppose there is no way of knowing just wondered if this photo may may have been prior to this match? Perhaps not enough snow? Some poor quality photos of the game !
  6. Stranegely enough Mrs DunsbyOwl hasn't forgiven me for going to the Wycombe match on 5th May 2012 on her birthday - gets mentioned all the time - 7 years later. I tried to explain the enormity of the day. Was worth it though. Please to see the last game of the season this is also falls on the same date !!
  7. That's great to hear -hope he gets out on the pitch for a decent show of appreciation by all in the ground !
  8. #OnThisDay 125 years ago The Wednesday reached the clubs' 4th FA Cup Semi Final - beating @astonvilla 3-2 aet at Olive Grove, #SWFC goals Spiksley , OG and a winner from Toddles Woolhouse #WAWAW
  9. #Sheffield #Legend deserves an OBE & a free lifetime season ticket at Wednesday #SWFC Tony Foulds quote "It's been a tremendous day, I don't know how many there must have been, at least ten thousand. That's more than they get at (Sheffield) United" #WAWAW https://www.itv.com/news/calendar/2019-02-22/us-airforce-flypast-over-sheffield/
  10. JPK‏ @Greno1966 3 confirmed on Twitter confirmed they have
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