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  1. The change to "Sheffield Wednesday Fottball Club Limited" took place in 1929 !
  2. #OnThisDay 120 years ago - it was reported that at a EGM the previous night, 16th May 1899, the Old Wednesday Club had been wound up and the Assets and & Liabilitiess had been transferred to a new Wednesday F.C. Limited. The new Company would raise the capital of £7,000 to purchase the land at Owlerton for the new Wednesday Ground. All paraise to Charlie Clegg and those far sighted gentlemen of 1899. !
  3. 7th May 1935 - My apologies - it was just sixpence. Unlike other clubs in this city - we have always been classy!
  4. I've got a press cutting somewhere - it was as it says a benefit match for Grimsny fishermen. Think it was a week after 35 Cup Final - The Club took the FA Cup along to the match and charged folk a shilling to touch it (the FA Cup)
  5. Just out of interest, a few snippets regarding the homecoming of the Wednesday (and Everton) on 15th May 1966 after the FA Cup final. Obviously educational standards were still pretty basic in 1960s Sheffield :-) Reminds me of Leeds and their chant "Champions of Europe" So either 100,000 or 200,000 Wednesday fans welcomed the team back!! Everton arrive home
  6. So had I - can't seem to remember anything other than Hirst's goal. !
  7. When we were one of the best in the land.
  8. and ... #OnThisDay 50 years ago in the final match of the 1968/9 season - £100,000 teenager, Tommy Craig, made his Wednesday debut in a 0-0 draw v @SpursOfficial at Hillborough in front of 28,368 fans #WAWAW Tommy was looking forward to regualrly playing Engliash 1st Division football.
  9. #OnThisDay 50 years ago - sounds familar? :-). The Wednesday Way. Jim McCalliog "The club keeps talking about success but it never seems to come. We are just not getting anywhere and I want to be in a side that is going to win something. I feel like I am playing in a vaccuum". But for a few seasons in the early 1990s we've had half a century of this but still #WAWAW "
  10. It should - when they built the North Stand in 1960/61 they found a layer of gravel - remains of the river bed of the Don when it was much wider.
  11. Yes that's right & Danny Begara. Iwas trying to remember if Sabella played in the BDM - he was on the pitch apparently :-) Quote Tony Kenworhy : "One time he wasn’t ready was at Hillsborough on December 26th, 1979. “They call it the Boxing Day massacre – I don’t know what we call it,” says Kenworthy of the famous Owls v Blades 4-0 drubbing.“It kicked off in a bit in the tunnel before the game with pushing and shoving. “Alex had eyes as wide as saucers. We took the field with ten that day – we were a man down.
  12. Wednesday fans were anticipating the move to the new ground due to open in September 1899 - just beyond the Forge Bridge - suggested names being Owlerton or Wardsend ! #OlderBiggerBetter
  13. Respect to anyone who can remember this :-) #OnThisDay in 1831 The Wednesday Cricket Club held a cricket match at Hyde Park and later in the day, a dinner to celebrate the opening of the new season, a silver cup was presented to the Legendary cricketer Tom Marsden. #SWFC #AHistoryOthersCanOnlyDreamOf Photo credit : NevtheLodgeMoorOwl
  14. Interesting to see both Celtic & Leeds were after him as a 15 year old but he plumped for Aberdeen - missed an opportunity there to play for one or the other European Champions Peter Lorimer
  15. Love all those pennants behind them - see a Lyon one - must be from those Fairs Cup and Floodlit friendlies in those far off days 1950s/60s- wondered what happened to them?
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