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  1. 1820 - founded as the Comercial Club, Sheffield. 1822 - reference meeting very Wednesday afternoon at Darnall 1823 The Commerical Cricket Club - Still at Darnall by 1826 referred to as the "Wedneday Commerical Cricket Club" 1828 by 1829 "Wednesday's Cricket Club"
  2. On this day 25 years ago Wednesday went 5 points clear at the top of the Premier League after a 2-1 victory vs Leicester at Hillsborough. Teenage whizz-kid Ritchie Humphreys displayed "precision, accuracy & absolute arrogance" to score a wonder goal, his 3rd in 4 games. Those were the days ! You Tube :
  3. If you build it they will come - Happy 122nd Birthday to the wonderful old Wednesday Ground opened on this day in 1899. Chesterfield were they very first visitors on that day and it was one of their players, Herbert Munday who scored the first goal on the hallowed turf. Wednesday went on to win that day 5-1 with goals from Harry Millar 2 , Archie Brash, Bob Ferrier and the legend Fred Spiksley.
  4. Officially opened on this day 60 years ago by Stanley Rous before a game vs Bolton. The words of Simon Inglis say it all.
  5. I do know one thing - I think we were due to play Southend on something like the 3rd of April but due to the FA Cup Semi final it was put back to that famous Thursday night on 29th April. If it hadn't been for that our last match would have been Brighton away !
  6. First ever match for Wednesday in the 3rd tier of English footballl and first ever 3rd tier goal from Prendo was not enought to salvage anything from a disasterous start to the 1975/6 season as Southend emerged victorious 1-2 ! We would meet again in April '76 ! Any memories of this day by the Sea ?
  7. Happy 60th Birthday for today. Now this does make me feel vey old !
  8. My Mum & Dad, as school children, both went to that visit by the Queen to Hillborough in 1954 - boys were given a penknife which was rubbish my Dad said and broke straightaway - I don't know if there any of those in existance.
  9. I didn't mean that !! I meant as he said - produced to commererate the 1935 cup win. You were indeed spot on with very nice. .
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