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  1. Apart from marking the 27th anniversary of Wednesday signing the God-Like genius that is Chris Waddle - it was inteesting to note Trevor Francis's comment about Chris in the press clipping given recent bad experience with our "friend" from the North.
  2. Though t I would share this - been reading up on John Holmes - a giant in the early history of the Wednesday Football Club. He was born on this day, 11th July, way back in 1841. He served for many years in the 19th century as President and experienced some of the very best of times with the old Wednesday Club. I came across this facinating interview with John as he reminisced about his association with the club - first becoming involved in 1869/70 when the club was in it's infancy - he saw the amatuer years playing at the various grounds the Wednesday used aswell as the bigger games which took place at Bramall Lane. He saw the move to professionalism and the move to Olive Grove, the first FAcup Final in 1890, joining and winning the Alliance League and joining the League proper in 1892. He saw the Wednesday win the FAC Cup in 1896, relegation in 1899 and the move to Owlerton in the same year. This was followed by promotion in 1900, 1st Division titles in 1903 and 1904 and another FACup win in 1907. He passed away in 1908. Obviously a man of efficiency, truth and dignity. They don't make them like that any more. Jolly old John Holmes with the "rollicking Wednesday Lads" and the 1896 FA Cup. Obit 1908
  3. Alan's real claim to fame - the 1st Wednesday player to wear the new 70's Owl emblem!
  4. I am sure many of you who were around in the early 1970s will remember Alan. I came across this news item in the Liverpool Echo in 1967 when the Liverpool SchoolBoys had reached the final of the English Schools Trphy final. Alan was the captain of the team and had alredy signed on with Wednesday beginning as an apprentice when finished at school in the summer. Wonder if any of these other lads made it as professional footballers?
  5. John - this was my season ticket from 1976-77 so imagine that is after the subject of your book. I have the previous 2 seasons somewhere I'll have a look. Anyway it cost an immense £16.00 - for the season - think my Dads was £32.00. Was quite thick was there were a load of Cup Tie vouchers within- not that we used them for Wednesday very often though I did go to a couple of semi finals and the League Cup Final replay. Other thing I remember that you fnas where deemed to be an adult atthe gate at 14! didn't stop blokes with taches and full beards getting through. The other bizarre thing and obviosly in 7,000-8,000 crowds with no fences tickets for that Lepp stand allowed you to go and stand up and the terrace if you wanted to - I used to leave my Dad and go and stand down the bottom - so absolutely no crowd control. !
  6. Not only that some have a blue stripe to the right of centre and some white ! How would the club shop cope?
  7. How many Birthday's can one club have ? 90 years ago - 27th June 1929, at an extraordinary meeting of the Wednesday Football Club Ltd at the YMCA Fargate - it was agreed to officially add the name "Sheffied" to the name of the football club. Never again would the Champions of England be confused with Wednesbury FC ????? I post the entire meeting report as what a moment this must have been in the club's history - 1st Divsion champions and entral League winners! The change was officially sanction by the FA on the 29th of June 2919 and registered at the Board of Trade on 3rd August 1929 . #WASWAW Reports of the FA Council meeting - Always be Wednesday to me!! ]]
  8. This is my favourite , and oldest Wednesday thing.
  9. What's really scary is to think that when some of us started going in the 1970s - if you go back 40 years from than we were one of the best teams in the land and won the FA Cup! :-)
  10. #OnThisDay 40 years ago - Big Jack finally got his man - the amazing Mr Andy McCulloch signed for #SWFC for a bargain £60,000. In return Wednesday got 100% effort, blood, sweat, tears, promotion and 49 great goal in 149 games for Wednesday 1979-83. #WAWAW
  11. Celebrating a 15 year association with the Wednesday - @BullenFootball - signed #OnThisDay in 2004 on a free from @officialdafc - played in every position, Captain, play-off winner, coach, caretaker manager, #SWFC fan and all round good bloke. #WAWAW
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