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  1. Happy 60th Birthday for today. Now this does make me feel vey old !
  2. My Mum & Dad, as school children, both went to that visit by the Queen to Hillborough in 1954 - boys were given a penknife which was rubbish my Dad said and broke straightaway - I don't know if there any of those in existance.
  3. I didn't mean that !! 🙂 I meant as he said - produced to commererate the 1935 cup win. You were indeed spot on with very nice. .
  4. As Nev says ! A lovely thing!
  5. Always wondered what had happened to Robert Walker after designing one of the most iconic football images ... and sorry Bob it doen't bring us a lot of luck for a few years! Launched 1st match of 1973 season vs Blackpool #WAWAW
  6. Twenty years of Hurt - On this day in 2000 - the Wednesday Way, 3-1 up at Arsenal with goals from Sibon, De Bilde & Quinn only to draw 3-3 and confirm relegation from the premier league. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnzW0ZR8jeU
  7. Wishing a wonderful day, on his 85th Birthday , to the Legend that is Big Jack - 40 years ago he gave is our Wednesday back & left us with some fantastic memories. Stay safe Sir.
  8. Wonderful evocative photos, thank you for sharing.
  9. Poor match but a fantastic end to a wonderful season - kickstarted by THAT match on 26th Deccember 1979. One of the very best of days ! Who wasn't on the pitch ? !!
  10. On this day 85years ago Sheffield stopped work to proudly welcome home the Wedneday FA Cup Winners - great Pathe News Clip : https://www.britishpathe.com/video/sheffield-stops-work
  11. Just been reading the Star article - great work as ever !
  12. Is it really ten years since we lost the Mick P? Remembering the Wednesday #Legend Mick Prendergast who sadly passed away #OnThisDay ten years ago, aged just 59. Prendo made his debut 51 years ago in April 1969 and scored 59 goals in 206 appearances for #SWFC. Always gave 100% and had the heart of a Lion! The date of his death was also, by a quirk of fate, the anniversary of that memorable Southend game in 1976 and one of the most important night's in Wednesday's history. Goals by Eric Potts and Prendo earned #SWFC a 2-1 victory, and secured 3rd Division survival, in front of (at least) 25,802 jubilant Wednesday fans.
  13. Hail the boys of 1979/80 - #Onthisday 40 years ago, despite losing 0-1 away at Exeter - the wonderful Wednesday club of Sheffield were promoted from Division 3. What a time ! #NeverbeMastered
  14. #Onthisday in 1966 #swfc beat Chelsea 2-0 in the FACup semi final in the mud at Villa Park Att. 61,321. Goals by McCalliog & Pugh. Heroics by Vic Mobley You Tube : https://youtube.com/watch?v=FDCIo0
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