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  1. I know there's another thread on Jim but I'd thought I would share some snippets from Jim Smith from Keith Farnsworth's "Wednesday Every Day of the Week". #OneofUs
  2. TK obviously has fond memories of the match !
  3. Sounded like a good night - Tony Kay in the wars - salute to hat-trick hero - Gerry Young.
  4. We've paid tribute to him a few times :
  5. #OnThisDay 70 years ago Eddie Quigley scored 4 as #SWFC beat Chesterfield FC 4-2 at Hillsborough - in the crowd of 41,159 was Herbert Munday, who on 2nd September 1899 had the immense honour of scoring the 1st ever goal at Hillsborough (for Chesterfield!) #SWFC #wawaw
  6. Can you remember how much it was when you bought it ?
  7. It's my favourite Wednesday image - I managed to find one on ebay some years ago - so they do appear. I've seen copies in the executive boxes at Hillsborough. It was a limited edition - I am sure if they issues it again they would make a fortune !
  8. If you build it, they will come - Happy 120th Birthday to the wonderful Wednesday Ground, opened #OnThisDay, 2nd September 1899. #SWFC defeated @ChesterfieldFC 5-1 in that very first game with goals from Harry Millar 2, Archie Brash, Bob Ferrier @SpiksleyBook
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