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  1. The only way you can beat us is by playing your best game of the season. We don't need to get out of second gear, you need to be at the top of your game to get close to us. plus I hear your players were pretending to be injured in the last two games, they were terrified of the way we play. the fact we drew 0-0 whilst been poo escapes them.
  2. Or maybe as usual it a tiny minority and isolated incidents. Or I was too busy laughing at the very small minority of home fans that were acting like ejits
  3. Didn't notice any yesterday. Not in the away section at least.
  4. Seems the beeb have deleted the conversation from twitter....wonder if an apology will be made
  5. Great result. Traditionally Barnsley have had a good academy so hopefully we are starting to pinch the better prospects in SY
  6. This I've seen more trouble in the last 2 Friday night games then over the last 10 seasons. If SYP feel these were policed well then they are deluded.
  7. Everyone make sure they get their train refunds. great end to the day, people sitting in toilets, luggage racks and the floor, the train announcer did say make use of all available space!
  8. Its fine, we'll just carry-on with the unsafe standing.
  9. No buses for me already, flipping hills, journey will start with a 25 minute walk to a tram stop.
  10. Bert McGhee used to be a director at Westfield Health which may be why a plaque was done. Presuming this was found at the old Westfield building? They may not have realised it was left/missing.
  11. To be fair, the 6:30 train ran, I know none were to know this earlier and many were panicking. I doubt anyone who gambled on trains running were stuck. Would anyone on coaches actually left people if the turned round and said they were stuck or that they didn't have much cash left?
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