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  1. Was literally just singing that in my head!
  2. Recent cases, the Sarah Everard case, the #metoo movement. Not solely a football issue but the recent Greenwood incident means some people are publicly taking a stand against it.
  3. The timescales are important. Whilst he was found guilty in 2017 in a civil case the actual offence was in 2011. His charges were dropped due to insufficient evidence. most rape charges are dropped. Still 10 years on. that's also a lot of other clubs that employed him since his initial arrest.too. This is what get me with "lack of evidence". "was close to collapse as she left their nightclub." Morals , football doesn't have any yet claims too when it suits! time for Football to catch up and change and be the "community clubs" they claim to be. This is not just football's problem but they need to be advocates, especially inlight of the continued promotion of Women's football. Recent cases highlighting its time for change
  4. Also directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. She also directed some episodes of the Mandalorian. Enjoyed, finally!
  5. Watched Eternals last night, meh what a let down. shame because I was looking forward to this and with more of a mythical side to it in the MCU. Could have been great, trailer looked good etc. Just too long, too many big big names with not much story line. Weird, with Shang chi, I wasn't really bothered but I really enjoyed. I felt that Eternals also lacked a.lot of the MCU humour
  6. Yup, will carry on but feels like two separate stories, neither of them good
  7. Hawkeye, really enjoyed for the most part. Like Winter so!died it felt a bit rushed to the everything up and perhaps a few side stories dropped (reduced) yelena is also my new favourite MCU character.
  8. We all needed to know how he escaped the sarrlacc put though. I'm in the s'ok camp, hoping it picks up, in addition I can't help comparing it to Mandalorion.
  9. Just finished this, enjoyed. I only watched it because we were in Blackpool last summer and saw them film a couple of scenes. I didn't make the final cut sadly.
  10. I think that was Muktar Mohammed? He did switch to athletics and has has mild success at national and European level
  11. Genuinely one of the best 15 year old s I've seen. Used to watch him play for Sheffield boys (nephew was in the same side). Every week there were scouts from other clubs (Newcastle I think we're there weekly trying to have sneaky conversations with his Dad) He seemed to have everything, pace, power, control. didn't see him play again till he was about 17 (nephew played for United academy) was shocked it was the same person, from 15-17 he just hadn't pushed on. Seemed smaller, slower etc. Tbf maybe one of those things where others had their growth spurts, accelerated development etc. Just goes to show that the majority of "superstars" in youth academies still do not develop enough for the professional game
  12. I had this earlier, was advised to clear cache and cookies. This worked, Apart from I then got a different message. I then couldn't clear my basket and it locked. Called ticket office and they got this sorted, took my payment over phone minus my credit.
  13. I had this issue- ticket office able to sort out.1st if you can - delete out of your basket, log out and get again. this didn't work for me. Just kept getting message. - ticket office sortec
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