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  1. yeah it was, might have been against Carlise at home a couple of years ago, can remember joking about him been Graham Sailsbury s son, only to find out it wad
  2. We've had him before. Almost as bad as his Dad that game.
  3. Looks like the McCabe side, possibly dropping the blades connections but keeping the company rather than winding it up. Not sure if sale of ground sale egg gone through yet
  4. Been a pig aside hope he's ok. Plus his wife, i know it reported she's had health issues over the last few years and would be in the high risk group
  5. I was thinking more along the lines of Bridge should be writing Terry a thank you note.
  6. Giggs, Bridge and his Mrs were separated - only just and you still don't chase your best mates ex and cheat on your wife. Giggs affair lasted years and split his whole family apart. They say karma is real. - Wayne Bridge now gets to go to bed every night with Frankie from the Saturdays.
  7. Doesn't work hard enough for the team.
  8. Looking at that, we don't have a squad. need 8 or nine in minimum.
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