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  1. Agreed, I think that may be the direction of the next series, have to remember in the SW universe the Mandalorians are not the "goodies" especially Bo-Katan's group. So may focus on a power struggle or even start to introduce previous characters from SW history. Hoping Cara gets to kick her ass Question for me -where was G in Force Awakens?
  2. Have just finished Both series of the Mandalorian. Enjoyed Looking forward to Wandavision which I think launches on Disney next week.
  3. enjoyed it, plus it's setting up 2 further spin off series. will be interested to see how the dynamic changes and exploring other Mandalorian characters such as Bo-Kutan. I've never been into the animated cannons such as Rebels and the Clone Wars so I hope they start to develop the background and back stories. pS the amount of bad ass ladies pleases me.
  4. Gigs What are they again? Missed Tramlines, The Killer's, Gerry Cinnamon and Queen. Have decided to wait before booking anymore - was considering Red Rum Club and a few more.
  5. Pretty sure the ones giving her sexist and vile abuse have done that. Without the clip (like others said I can't find details of Leeds taking a pundit clip before and ridiculing) only a few thousand would have been aware, it would have stayed as a debate on message boards and social media. Whilst some abuse by trolls would have happened it wouldn't have been on this scale. Like companies , Football clubs do have to consider content, how it can be taken, the impact both positive and negative. A mistake happened and Leeds made it worst by actually "backing" the tweet, say
  6. Agree with this personally. it's easy to point to end of season dips in form, it has happened at previous clubs. Likewise it hasn't happened at others or in different seasons. I guess some players mentioning it feeds the media narrative ( not unusual for ex players to be bitter!) Because of this it is however a favoured "talking point" for pundits. The debate over the tweet is not over what was said or how it was said, whether we agree or disagree. It's over the unprofessional reaction of an official social media account to a pundit doing her job, singling her out and
  7. As others have said it was clumsily worded, the season before Leeds won one point in there final 4 games and Bielsa's teams have a history of burn out. Nobody knows what would have happened to ANY team without the break. In March the season before they had won 4 out of 5 games. Personally I think they would have continued their form but the break allowed all teams a chance to get players fit again and recharge (not always a good thing) Leeds took part of a clip and tweeted it, an official account should be more responsible - of course she would be targeted
  8. I appreciate that a lot of people don't follow women's football, but it's not the first time she's been a pundit. You could have googled her instead of offering the witty "who" if you genuinely didn't know.
  9. Carney gave her opinion based on how Leeds had blown it the year before, the style of play, long season etc, had they had a couple of poor results would mindset have kicked in, history repeated. She suggested that the break helped them (just as it may have helped others) Jimmy Floyd agreed with her. Very unprofessional for an official social media account to directly reference this, though the Leeds one does appear to be fun by people with a 14 year olds mentality. Even worst for an owner to back the tweet - seems he has done a u turn. Strange that Jimmy Floyd isn't ge
  10. Seriously??? I guess this is just "banter" I'll humour you, played at 4 world cups, second highest number of caps earned by an English player, helped massively over the last 15 years to increase the exposure of the women's game. Does her job 20 times better than a good number of male pundits ......cough Danny Murphy cough
  11. Has Danny Murphy ever completed research on a championship team before ? He's a typical football "expert" that knows fizz all unless it's about the top six, I mean Liverpool...
  12. For Bristol City game -I don't believe they offered to refund their own fans for their season tickets (one of only a few clubs not too) have they agreed to refund away fans for matches? or did Wednesday still have to pay them what was "owed"? The gate receipts for that match are not ours therefore I can understand no refunds if Brizzle still wanted the money. Still be nice for about of confirmation
  13. Pretty sure it's Kitson and I dont think he's ever officially denied it? But like others say I think some of the stories are other players, such a small world and they tend to keep in touch with everyone they've ever played with - easy to throw in a detailed story of a mate
  14. Strange rules though, you can go and watch a non league game but you can't watch a non league club in the first round of the fa cup.
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