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  1. I see you have to put up with SAG too.
  2. Bless them. Some of them think it was a deliberate dig because Sharpe said a comment about two goalscoring legends in the studio. All to get back at that. They really are angry little souls, can't even enjoy the goodtimes.
  3. Was funny, very deliberate but I bet it gets a few foaming at the mouth.
  4. Sponsers going to be Chansiris new Company WAWAW Ltd
  5. Ok so who else gave a massive sign of relief? when you realised this was not about Hector
  6. Unlike copyright laws You can trademark something you didn't create
  7. Pretty much what I was told. Didn't know about the United one though, could be have found out blunts had this trademarked already? BUT. Why trademark it for every possible useage? Why contact the club and get a solicitor involved? If he really wanted to protect "his" brand then why not just use the slogan for his own goods? All about the money
  8. Villa game I believe, season before last. Think this was for his mates and workers, mostly owls
  9. Because he's got a solicitor involved. After been unsuccessful going directly to the club in an attempt to get a pay off for the licensing of using "his" trademark? Bear in mind he had to stay silent for 3 months after trademarking it too, in case anyone appealed against his request to trademark.
  10. as he's a blade, not much of a punishment!
  11. Have they asked permission from Steve Gibson first?
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