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  1. Heard similar, especially around Supporters personal details. Be Wikpedia next, although it's an area of legislation for GDPR possibly not thought about it does stink of a way of earning more money.
  2. Hopefully this will carry on most of the season. It's been run by the same person who was running the herries road one. Tomorrow, due to circus the old Wednesdayite one will be closed but they will be using the Herries road site opposite Topp cars
  3. Anyone who's still gutted about DMAs Now playing at the O2 in November
  4. Mine were eventually. Hoping son actually pays me back for his!
  5. Ffs how???? Started queuing at 17:55, selected different tiers twice, kicked back in queue, eventually got tied one 5 mins ago
  6. really can depend on the sport. Lottery funding has made a massive difference. Lots get very little reward unless they get a bit of success, some are lucky arranging personal sponsorships. going back to the 80s and 90s before lottery funding Swimmers (I used to be a club swimmer and trained with a few Olympians) got next to nothing in grants , all relied on local companies for funding and sponsorship and families. A lot had to get part time or full time jobs, if you were outside the British squad then financially it was even harder to balance work, training and progression. Not to mention keeping your job when you needed time off to compete. I doubt there are many non medallist Olympians in non elitist events that are getting rich! More money in all sports nowadays for competitions but again for a lot that helps fund their ability to concentrate on sport
  7. They get almost nothing until they get a medal though, sponsorships and everything else then comes after the success. In the past many swimmers would have to get a job after leaving school or university or reply on parents. Lottery funding means athletes can concentrate on their chosen sport hence our increased success in many disciplines in addition to swimming. Whilst we.know some sports are elitist, Equestrian and sailing for example, many are full of working class normal people with talent.
  8. What's not to love about a horse dancing along to Land of Hope and glory!
  9. Enjoyed. just great to be enjoying an event like this again. decided to watch Jake Bug instead of the Streets, great decision. shame Red Rum Club only got a 30 minute slot. thought Rosadocs where excellent and The Kooks ok
  10. basically mine all the way down to Reytons Haven't decided from then on Still gutted no DMA's hope they get them for next year.
  11. I'm none of those, loving the line up though. DMA's. Yes so happy with that. Along with Red Rum Club, The Reytons and Blossoms basically made my weekend. Plus a bit of Bitter Sweet Symphony closing the Sunday night Happy days
  12. Anna Maxwell Martin is ace.
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