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  1. That's right, in true Reds style he then explained how he had gone with a friend ;birthday or something. Then advised her be at a local coffee shop and her but a drink for any Coventry fans who wAnted to come and meet him for a chat! Think about a dozen went and raved about what a great bloke he was on social media
  2. Massive over reaction. talks around how his moves (when in the prem) was to teams not suit g his style. Praises Carlos and his style. Praises the way Brentford play. nowhere does he state he wants to play (now) for another team.I TBF I wish I watched a team like Brentford everywhere too. Doesnt mean I want to support them
  3. Still be someone who sees the negatives, unbeaten an not conceded a goal what's not to love
  4. To be fair that's Bazza at 9.30 tonight
  5. Hoping it's not the thursday, booked a flight to Tenerife for the sunday so I could still go to the Brentford game. Son will also be screwed, he'd planned to to on the Friday, watch DMA's on the Friday and stay over night in london to go the game on the saturday. Still what do tv companies care about messing up travel plans for fans that actually want to watch the game in person. Really wish a team would tell a tv company to do one. Too much money in it unfortunatly.
  6. We can lose 1 nil and have a moral victory
  7. Guess it will help massively to see Bazza play everyday. Proof that if you are good enough you don't have to be 6 foot.
  8. Jordan Thorniley Still sad though
  9. Looking at that persons posts, if that's his opinion he'd feel right at home!
  10. I think he's so embarrassed over that red card, he darnt give anything controversial Didn't be give us a pen in injury time against toytown too
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