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  1. Leeds autopsy

    He's no Sam Hutchinson
  2. Bleedin international break

    We normally have a good run after international breaks don't we?
  3. I wonder if he's chosen Wales as he's not been picked for the England u20s or 21s. To be fair those who keep him out of those squads do play in the premiership.
  4. David hirst

    Definitely was not invited due to low finances Like we could afford both Sheridan's AND Hirsts bar tabs.
  5. I'm skint Kate, is it OK if we wave tenners instead?
  6. Is this one of our youth players

    Footballer in thicko moment shocker. Both come from the North West and have possibly known each other for years. TBF this is why I think football clubs should ban social media for players, at least at certain times. The outrage........
  7. The young lad Brookes

    Players for the Toulon Tournament were made up from those not selected for the U20 and U21 tournaments and younger age groups (I.e Hirst) Brooke's was deemed not good enough for the other squads (which of course reminds us of the favouritism shown for u23s in the premier) He's now chosen to play for Wales u21s. Thought he looked good, should go on to have a good career. He is of cause two years further on in his career the George, a different position and has already experienced rejection (released by Man City at 18) . Shows what can happen when you get your head down and work hard, bet he's not on anywhere near what the other wonder kids are earning either
  8. Love it, until I saw the pulp fiction one.
  9. EFLC Second round draw.

    Eye catching, my arse
  10. Roland Nilsson first player on the dream wall

    Won't be 9th though
  11. Anyone else say in their head It's Hirst who scored it
  12. You OK for Danny Wilson Toby jugs?
  13. If he is, I haven't seen him Andy. Bet his muffins are not award winning either.