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  1. Wish there were loads more to come. Some nice links to the MIC future again possibly. Thunderbolts potentially or Zemo been a big part of Black Panther 2. Living this and what a first 10 minutes.
  2. Only one thing to say, Mother of God.
  3. Scene at the end with Caps shield... Ohhhhhh
  4. The prisoners that killed the so!icitor. Wasn't that Lee Banks?
  5. This. Who was it. And wow right back up there with series one - three
  6. Anyone seen the Easter egg you can locate and find?
  7. Not sure, he didn't get a record (from stuff in series one) and the end of the last series when we saw him in his passing out parade - was something around him saying a local copper inspired him, how he came from a poor background, got in with the wrong sort and from a broken home. With a few insiders backing him -easy to go with the narrative that he turned his life around.
  8. You know it's a good day when Ted utters his line. Buckles seems too obvious, he interviewed him in series one. If he came to work in his team her have a full background done. Wouldn't surprise me if he's bent but not H. More likely taken advantage because he seems clueless. Kate clocked Ryan and the great spot on her looking him up, He derangement want Arnott recognising him! Still want to go for the theory of Kate been deep undercover, not even Steve knowing. Leaking info to Davidson would gain her trust! Back on form.
  9. I spent most the episode thinking they said Jiz.
  10. Slow but expected I suppose so we get into the new characters. Glad it's back but I wish I'd binged all the series again, Bound to be lots of crucial links to past characters
  11. Mindhunter Really enjoyed it, really liked Edmund Kemper, actor who played him was great - had to keep reminding myself that Kemper murdered 10 people.
  12. Finished the week about £100 up Not bad as my flutters really are that!
  13. Enjoyed, plenty of action whilst introducing back stories for the 2 of them. Can't wait to see it all unfold. Like Wanda it focused on the effects of the blip subtly
  14. Problem is the social media sites don't take any action unless reported. They seem to adopt a oh well the horse has bolted approach. They don't seem to monitor sites and take posts down. Sometimes it needs to be highlighted - which unfortunately in some cases leads to bullying, cancel culture and further abuse too.
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