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  1. Mr B

    Change of Kit and colours

    Instead of having blue and white stripes, what about white and blue ! That's change enough.
  2. How can anyone loose hope ? Years ago we were in the 3rd division and not too far off heading for the 4th. A couple of seasons in the 2nd under big Jack and Wilko and then it was back to the big time. It takes great leadership and a bit of patience. Certainly not this coming season, but who knows - playoffs season after
  3. Exactly what I was thinking. Stewards and OB should be armed and anyone who doesn't bounce cause there an Owl should be shot - even if its Manure v Liverpool. Shoot the thugs and save the players.
  4. Mr B

    We know how that feels!

    Has anyone else seen the video of the build up to 91? Atkinson brought in an American footballer for Harkes to throw a ball around with and they had Stan Boardman on the coach and in the hotel cracking jokes. Looking at how the team were relaxed and how Atkinson sorted them out, no wonder we won.
  5. It's often said that Wednesday are one of the bigger non Premiership clubs, and I truly believe this. It is said that we have one of the best sets of supporters in the land - which I also believe. What people don't often mention is Wednesday's international support. I for one was a season ticket holder then I lived in Sheffield almost 30 years ago. I still, like many others follow the Owls from afar. So for those lucky enough to be able attend tomorrow enjoy and I envy you, and to everyone else - WE ARE MASSIVE
  6. Mr B


    I don't like Dean Saunders !
  7. How's their relationship after HR's legal case ? Any chance of QPR getting rid of HR and him moving north. They did a great job together before, could they do it again ?
  8. Mr B

    If Suarez was black

    A black man called Suarez - that's a new one. If he was a black man who bit his opponents then surely he'd be called Tyson. Maybe they should have a bite-off - ear ear to that
  9. Why, hooligans used to go toe to toe, the Army and taliban use guns - slightly different kind of interaction.
  10. Obviouly you dont know me. If the Leeds scum want to go to a match, look hard and have fisticuffs, there are plenty of chaps willing to assist, be it at Wednesday or wherever. Do not assault players, women or kids is all I mean. There are pics of a Leeds kid getting hit by a sign board the idiots ripped of. This is not acceptable. There are plenty of big chaps (and I would include myself here) who if you want to play are available but leave the innocents alone.
  11. Didn,t follow the mighty Owls 30 or so years ago then?Lad last night is a lightie and needs soneone of a decent reptue to put him in his place. EBRA. Leeds are scum' always were always will be.
  12. Most chavs nowadays are only old enough for a pint of milk. Cannt we have a bit of on line violence instead then I can join in !
  13. Mr B

    Oldham away allocation

    Get some mates together (say 30-50) and then go on the home end. Sit nice and quiet for about 10 mins after kick off and then start a chant, something link "We're Wednesday we're Barmy, were off our.......". Is there a modern day Sammy???
  14. Mr B

    Everybody Hate Gary

    And the players are sh!t3, the ground is crap, and the fans are also a waste of time! UTO
  15. Mr B

    Everybody Hate Gary

    I like old Megson. The Bolton fans didn't like him because of his straight talking - which is exactly the way I am. Loved the first interview I saw when he took over when commenting on the Bolton fans and how they didn't get on from virtually day one. My 6 year old, who thinks I support Feshield Wednesday could write better! Gary is a good choice as manager for us, but I hope he gets the time to build a team to play how he wants without being made a scape goat when we dont get into the play-offs. If anyone can turn us around without spending squillions of pounds I think he's one of the few that can. What's all this garbage about long ball stuff. How did the Brummies score their 2nd goal yesterday? Goalkeeper long boot down field - mix up - goal. Do you hear them complaining! UTO and good luck Gary
  16. Mr B

    Best Ever Away Trips

    Liverpool in about 86 in the Cup after drawing 2-2 at S6. Aldershot in the Cup - purely for the amout of ale drank and I still got home! Chelsea in the semi in 91.
  17. Mr B

    Roy Keane for Wednesday Manager

    If it comes with chips can I have a couple of toes as well please. Got to be better than having Keane at S6.
  18. Mr B

    Irvine out

    Isn't PDC looking to get into Management in England??? Heard a rumour he is interested in going back to West Ham, but surely he would prefer a move back to Wednesday
  19. Mr B

    Pushing In

    Get a couple of dinner ladies/stewards/OB to make sure everyone stands in line.
  20. There was a lad from Southend called Darren that followed Wednesday for years. Went to ManCity once with him and a few other lads and he was totally out of it - p155ed as owt before kick off. Good lad, though must be getting on a bit now.
  21. Mr B

    Owls in America

    Is she an Owlette??
  22. Mr B

    The Bars at SWFC........

    Whatever happened to Stands from the late 80's??
  23. Mr B

    The Bars at SWFC........

    Can I buy more than 1 pint??
  24. Mr B

    North Stand Bars

    If they can pour them quick enough, any man worth his salt can down at least 2 pints at half time, though I doubt if anyone can afford them anymore! Out of interest what do they serve and what is it a pint (compared to a boozer).
  25. Mr B

    Flat caps

    We could go really retro - bring back the blue body /white sleeves shirt from the '60's and flat caps. Sell them as a package and get a couple of quid off.I'd go for it.