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  1. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11938/11259315/vote-carabao-cup-best-goals-2017-2018
  2. Go look at Carlos' pre match comments for this weekend. He's already praised Newcastles manager, team, set up and ability! Just mentioned that swansea will play for 3 pts. Any gamblers put your money on a newcastle win and clean sheet https://twitter.com/SwansOfficial/status/951455629738160133
  3. They are like your annoying brother. Yes is great to beat them, but I in no way measure ourselves against them as an achievement, and far more look forward to being seen as a serious respected team to play in England, rather than the best team in Sheffield.
  4. Absolutely no, he's a friend of a friend (seriously). Bit of a Madine, spends more time drinking and getting in to fights than growing up. With his age, can't see it being worthwile
  5. Wildsmith without a doubt. Westwood could be a bit rusty. And since when ever has a keeper got a free shot at steel city derby experience. Away from home, we aren't fighting to 2nd in the league again with them so would be mentally disaster if doesn't go well. Need to start looking long term
  6. Having been at the reading v Burnley game this weekend, I can tell you he sets up for defensive football. We would need a complete team overhall to work to his system.
  7. Im not criticising the player, he wants more money for his talent. Fair play. But really can't blame the club for trying to set some sort of moral standards in this day and age.
  8. Offer any single one of us even half the contract he was being offered. We would gladly spend 90 minutes running around on national tv in our undies getting shouted pure abuse at. Have no sympathy for any player that doesn't realise how good he has it, and have never understood how anyone can these days. If you don't want to play for the club then so long, rather watch 11 die hard fans giving it their all in league 2, than a bunch of rich kids having a 90 minute kick about for something that takes me a years solid work to earn.
  9. Thinking of things slightly differently. I wouldn’t say I’m a clapper, but I’m not a realist. We could look at it with our heads. 5 games unbeaten, 2 playoff years in a row, no relegation fear. Money, safe club great players etc or your heart. Simply so little pleasure supporting us at the mo. I didn’t jump for joy at our last minute equaliser away from home to a respected championship, ex prem team. I just laughed. sadly it’s just so hard to get enthusiastic. We desperately need some excitement to get to the next level
  10. The problem is how easily they are supplying him the ball. Fox is managing (famous last words)
  11. Same could be said about Carlos in his first season. Both their styles have changed based on experience. For Pullis it worked because he was in the Prem, for Carlos it hasn't because of the type of teams we play.
  12. This does scare me, looking at the bottom 7 in the prem, all of them could walk this league and attract good players to recover. Stoke / Everton / West Brom / West Ham / Swansea / Palace / Southampton Coming up could be Wigan & Blackburn/Charlton, poor teams but experienced championship sides. Obvs so early on, but we could easily become the every present championship Ipswich they way things are. (Kit included)
  13. I know its a bit nonsense, but front 2 of Rhodes/Fletcher & Hooper, with Hirst/Joao behind them in a free role. Give JT 2 experienced forwards to deal with and take all the pressure off one of the youngn's. There's no point going for a draw at the moment, we needs wins and momentum asap.
  14. Doesn't anyone learn from Fergie. How many times have people said, teams turned up to old trafford hoping for a point. With that mentality that was the best a luck few got. Fergie barely ever mentioned the opposition unless they were the big boys. They were nothing to him and thats how it should be at the top. It's a competition, not about being all polite and respectful. Simply could have come out as said, we are looking great, players back fit. We outclassed leeds and can do the same to whoever is up next. Done. Talk about us, not them
  15. As above, and as its the joyless international week. If it was offered to us right now, would you take them in the final. 50% chance of being up at last and shutting them up, or the horror of it reversed. Honestly, I would, they might be up for it at the mo, but on the big stage I cant see us bottling it anymore.
  16. Wish DC would give old MM a call for advice. This is the last step to learn, how to pop his managerial sacking cherry, something Madaric was world class at and to his credit, the replacements all made instant impacts.
  17. I always like to pick a raindrop and watch them race to the bottom. My money is on the the middle one...
  18. It's gone very Dave Jones really. That season we had a poor start and kept saying we will batter someone soon. Which we did (Reading 5-2). But was a rare occasion. We can batter a team once in a while, but that will get us nowhere. I'd rather we get 3 straight 1-0's than thump any team and fail to win the next 2.
  19. Look at it the other way for the friendly, what incentive does any big club have to come for Sheffield for a pre-season friendly which means nothing to them? How many offers do you think they get, and how much money are their international tours worth. I wouldn't want Chansiri splashing out millions on a club who frankly are killing the sport. Admittedly we gave Rangers far too much respect as it was.
  20. From all that the 2 key points I noted: DC tried to get the 2 biggest clubs in the world for the friendly DC tried to get the same kit manufacturer as the best F1 team in the world, could have been a unique thing that. He's putting the effort in and aiming high! May be some naivety in there which is where MM excelled, but could we really ask for anymore?
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