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  1. Right or wrong, money is simply dictating this sport to a point it’s killing it. owner comes in, wants to build a legacy and a bit or money. He may have been sloppy but my god can anyone say he has done anything to hurt the fans for his own benefit. Everyone saying season is over, what really scares me is it could be the next 3 seasons over. Any transfer ban and we are staring down the barrel with our ageing thin squad. DC may have gone about it all wrong, but the way the finance of football is run, being a Wednesday fan is going to be pretty low of excitement for the next few years, purely because we had an ambitious chairman
  2. Just remove VAR for offsides. Such a harsh rule as it is. Punishes teams for pushing forward and attacking, which is really anti-football. Every now and then yes a goal will be from a slightly offside position, but majority of the time that's not the sole reason for a goal. Handball can still be VAR, ONLY if a goal has been scored or in the area, as it should be pretty clear cut you would hope. Dangerous tackles etc can always be looked back on as the game continues, and if uncertain the ref should give a yellow. A red can come a minute later if it's deemed worthy. Edge of area fouls can be VAR as the games stopped already.
  3. Dawson is very much the next Palmer. Youth player, deemed not quite up to standard very early on. Palmer is now very much earning his stripes and cost us 0. Absolutely renew, with a good long contract to give him plenty of time to build confidence, even if he's not playing. Coming in to play a few games in Jan, Feb with the contract up at the end of the season must be horrible pressure, and every single goal is scrutinised with the first question being was it the keepers fault.
  4. That's got a spell of 5 games without a win, and see us borderline bottom half just before Christmas. Imagine how well that will go down
  5. As long as we are in the Championship: Westwood until too old/retires/long injury Dawson then automatically replace as no1, and bring a new youth in as future. We could do a lot worse and FFP money would be needed elsewhere in the squad waay before being spent on a keeper, with 0 returns as we won't be selling Westwood. IF promotion then we can really push for a young lad from a big club or something. But until then this is our lowest priority/issue on field.
  6. As mentioned, put any of the Prem clubs in the bottom half of the Championship, at home to Bristol City on a Tuesday night in November, on sky red button for the 5th year in a row, and every club in the country would be poorly supported. Leeds & Us in this league would be the only ones to scrape an ok attendance. All of the south coast Prem teams would be low. Most of the mid table pack would also be poor (Wolves/Watford/Everton/Burnley, Leicester) Man City without their millions would be closest to us, but not if Man Utd were a big club still. Chelsea/Arsenal/Spurs/West Ham probably the same as us due to history. TV and Prem money has made crowd figures so skewed.
  7. Biesla is much like Carlos. After that first season, we thought he was invincible. Played fun attacking football and scared teams, great interviews etc. Carlos then saw failure in the playoff final, tried recruitment and failed at that. He His tactics were found out, and then his interviews started to grate. Leeds last year were found out near the end of the season, Biesla is starting to become annoying to listen to, and Leeds are scared of playing the attacking football they were good at last year. They will get playoffs on quality alone (much like Carlos Season 2). But if they don't go up this year, that squad is tired and they may be back the manager merry go-round .
  8. In what world was one of our players not MOM
  9. We are breaking up any teams build up play. More than happy to do that, just unfortunately last night Cardiff were poor enough to not worry. They were more threatening from free kicks and we should have known that. Good tactics for a season, but wrong for that game.
  10. Get a train into Reading or Wokingham (1 stop down the line). Wokingham has a sports pub by the station (Station Tap), few screens and pool tables. Bracknell's pub's offer little to desire but not been out there in some time.
  11. Not exactly exciting, but really think who ever is on social media this year is smashing it. love all the retro stuff, and some really good videos too I’ve seen on Facebook. Small things, but for years we have had some embarrassing kit releases and things, this does give a nice feel good factor.
  12. On that note, anyone understand this fair play table? Are we a bully team? https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/championship/fairnesstabelle/wettbewerb/GB2
  13. I'm not getting too excited yet until we start playing the bully teams. We've had all the "nice teams" so far. We've played none of the top 6 yellow card teams yet...
  14. That was offside when the first shot came in tbh, close but think he is If you look at the angle
  15. West brom - Unbeaten - 13pts (+3 GD) Weds - Lost 3/7 - 12pts (+4 GD) Unbeaten in 7 would assume top 2. Draws do really damage a good season.
  16. Well on the flip side I was raging about Jones being hired and Megson sacked. But got us up on incredible form, despite the following season have to say he did the business that was needed at the time.
  17. Same as us always having a player as well. Too early to read into it until the presser is over
  18. Genuine answer, he would need 3 years to make a difference. 1 - Sort out the academy to his standards 2 - Work out if anyone is worth keeping in the main team 3 - Spend 2 summers replacing and gelling those who aren't 4 - Entire backroom staff overhaul Sadly that is the task facing any manager and only the likes of Fergie will ever get that patience. Problem here is 3 years rebuilding in the Champ is so dangerous with relegation. In the Prem any top half team can do this without fear of going anywhere near relegation due to their squad sizes and youth teams bought from everyone, they just take a hit on Europe games.
  19. We are wanting to change chairman as much as managers now! When have stability, when dc is allowed to spend he does. When we don’t need to sell, he doesn't. End of last season we all thought we were set up perfect for the next 3 years. Just needed time and wait for the team to slowly change and improve. Bruce ditching us has completely screwed it all up. There is no instant fix to that. Sadly modern football it takes years to Recover and build, unless you are the top 6. All we we need is a good manager who has freedom for a couple of years to get it right. But any manager we hire will be hounded out if we are in the bottom half. Wolves are the best example, they had to suck up several years right down the bottom of the league until they could go guns blazing. we were ready to do that this year with Bruce, sadly it’s back to square one as we have his signings but not a manager who knows how to use them.
  20. Being local to West Ham, i'd possibly pop to a game or 2 there and hope they do well. I can then continue my hate for the Blades. But like most, I would then pretty much give the sport a miss, try and do something productive with my weekends without being glued to the Wednesday game.
  21. The decent thing any club could do (IE one of the Manchesters) is host a friendly game against Bury during the internationals. Good run out for the big team kids, probably a good crowd, share of money to Bury for ticket sales. Doesn't harm anyone, doesn't encourage bad owners or overspending etc, maybe just gives the local fans some cash and a chance of setting up the new club. But nope, shirt sales in Dubai & China probably more important than local British towns.
  22. There are local rivals, and competitive rivals. Local big derbies never change. - our league one days charlton were our rivals for competition - then Birmingham when we first came back up - now it’s forest, derby, Leeds, all the top half group. Leeds were competitive rivals with Man U for a couple of seasons 2 decades ago and dine out on it for life. That’s like us saying arsenal are our rivals after the double cup final year. Leeds have no local rivals, similar to reading or Brighton.
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