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  1. Gold framed blue shield, with white and a big yellow eyed owl in the middle. No you are right, barely any similarities.
  2. For me, the current badge is just far too detailed. It feels too close to Oldham (the other club with an Owl on their badge). It also really struggles on a striped shirt, where as on the solid blue shirt it worked better. We are "The Owls"! It should be a simple stylish Owl. Same as Swansea & Wolves. Wolves are the best example. Night games, orange flames and darkness, how good have they looked on tv coming out at the start. Our Owl video we have that swoops in is amazing. We should own being The Owls more and build the club atmosphere around it.
  3. Looking at the images, it's got lines fading upwards. So away kit likely to have the pattern I reckon. Black & grey/silver is my bet.
  4. Thank you social media team and general staff! Have done all you can be asked of with difficult circumstances I’m sure. Can’t see why it can’t be appreciated for that, But I guess we are short of threads that tear into the footballing problems.
  5. This is probably the most dramatic end to a season in the league at top and the bottom. yet it feels so so flat! No crowds or emotion at the games really does kill this as a spectator sport
  6. I think we are going to have to split the winnings with a few others...
  7. The irony tonight when the winner picked 0-4 shots on target, Us to lose 0 assists from Bannan 0 goals from Murphy and b*gger all tackles
  8. Gray had it right though really. We became so difficult to beat. Then Carlos came along, gave us some firepower and attacking style and we were tearing teams apart. Problem with that method is Gray lost his job because of the quality of football and our fans turn on managers who play defensive football. Oddly with no fans to show their opinion at games, Monk has a bit of time to build this defensive style. Sadly our players aren't right for it, so needs time.
  9. Tell that to Hull & Huddersfield after their Playofff wins to the Prem. Both knocking at the door of League 1 right now.
  10. Not a chance, fans will be on his back because of his fathers famous name. And he won't live up to expectation? Sure he could pull off the odd miracle here or there, but his dad was a consistent performer who built the squad literally from scratch.
  11. Football is a lot more twisting and turning on the calves. Cycling is all one repeated forward motion. Rugby is rarely anything but forward charging. (I’m not saying footballers aren’t diving panzies now, just think I can understand why cramp)
  12. If this happened in 2012, we would have been put in the playoffs, and the blunts in the autos. That's how ridiculously screwed over some of the clubs will be after their January spending (which I assume still counts to FFP even though now it literally was not put to use.
  13. What is the primary purpose of football: To entertain us fans by : Games, ranking the best out of those games, and bringing people together The FA should simply stick to that mantra and for once in their lives win back the support of fans. All seasons written off. Start again next season safely for the fans benefit. Prize money for all clubs awarded on points per game as a slight boost of income. It's our competition like it or leave it. Trophies and silverware given, Top and bottom teams only get promoted relegated as the chances of either messing that up is so unlikely compared to teams on the edges. A nice simple 1 up 1 down. Any team not happy then jog on and start a new league (can't see enough teams doing that so the FA can strong arm them). Plenty of time to rebuild squads, etc, maximum contracts rules put in place to stop small clubs getting out spent and a nice fresh start. Spend this time then to help the clubs who have lost revenue from fans in leagues 1/2. Not spending time and resources for souless tv games in the premiership for greedy clubs to get their payday. Winners: The fans, the sport, players families health, the FA. Losers: Players with big contracts, clubs who rely on TV revenue to run, the odd couple of clubs who wanted to play bigger teams next year and get bigger revenue, TV companies who have plenty of cash.
  14. Weirdly, if we are to get a points deduction, I'd take it this year and get relegated. Next season is going to be a shambles and hardly one for the fans. It won't make a blind difference what league we are in, stadiums will be half empty if that. If we start next season with a points deduction, and possibly a new team, could be really difficult and push us back years. I'd fancy us to quickly return from league one next year if we had Monk and a few of the squad we currently have.
  15. We can want him or not, but that's not the big issue. Chansiri is a stubborn but proud businessman, could anyone seriously see him selling to MA after the Bruce affair?
  16. From a design point of view, Our home shirt this year is the most unique design in over a decade, and actually nicely done. Nikes last 10 years templates have been so dull and forgettable. I'd prefer trying something different unless we were in the Prem and was more abut brand exposure
  17. Ask me that at Christmas I would have said yes. Having seen that video interview he did and completely slagged off the ex manager, then no. He is a prime example of the mistakes we made compared to the blades. Great individual player on his day, absolute no respect for the club and manager.
  18. I think the new badge is actually a really nice badge. Sadly it just doesn't feel like Sheffield Wednesday. Feels like would be nice for another team. Our iconic owl is a bit dated, but with a smart revamp could be perfect icon, a bit like Spurs have done.
  19. As mentioned, he was the league 1 version of Gary Hooper. Could probably have made a crack at the league above, but just never had the luck. Very tidy finisher, bit of an old school forward who didn't have the pace so went out of fashion.
  20. Hope he's not another crock signing! Would be classic Wednesday if he breaks a finger and out for 2 weeks.
  21. Not seen this mentioned, (could be wrong). Are we going to follow this? Great idea, or load of tosh? https://www.leytonorient.com/2020/03/17/ultimate-quaran-team-raising-money-through-togetherness/ Seems like a good fundraiser idea tbf. Sheff Wed v Cambridge For mild amusement could make it a laugh? Or cringe? I can't decide.
  22. Pretty obvious how it will go: majority - don’t care, rather focus on football news, if anything muted support twitter weirdos - usually garbage abuse media - make it huge story, including special programs and all round over the top. Complete overkill. Questions if fans treat player differently now, and all round Sh stirring player - Wished nothing was mentioned as hates the attention and will always go down in history for reasons other than football ability
  23. Tbh, I’m actually quite annoyed with that. Absolutely nothing to lose after going 1-0 down. Hunt the most enthusiastic player by far, wildsmith did well. All of the old boys have to go, they’ve just lost the fight for the club.
  24. don’t worry I have full confidence we and concede and not score
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