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  1. Well on the flip side I was raging about Jones being hired and Megson sacked. But got us up on incredible form, despite the following season have to say he did the business that was needed at the time.
  2. Same as us always having a player as well. Too early to read into it until the presser is over
  3. Genuine answer, he would need 3 years to make a difference. 1 - Sort out the academy to his standards 2 - Work out if anyone is worth keeping in the main team 3 - Spend 2 summers replacing and gelling those who aren't 4 - Entire backroom staff overhaul Sadly that is the task facing any manager and only the likes of Fergie will ever get that patience. Problem here is 3 years rebuilding in the Champ is so dangerous with relegation. In the Prem any top half team can do this without fear of going anywhere near relegation due to their squad sizes and youth teams bought from everyone, they just take a hit on Europe games.
  4. We are wanting to change chairman as much as managers now! When have stability, when dc is allowed to spend he does. When we don’t need to sell, he doesn't. End of last season we all thought we were set up perfect for the next 3 years. Just needed time and wait for the team to slowly change and improve. Bruce ditching us has completely screwed it all up. There is no instant fix to that. Sadly modern football it takes years to Recover and build, unless you are the top 6. All we we need is a good manager who has freedom for a couple of years to get it right. But any manager we hire will be hounded out if we are in the bottom half. Wolves are the best example, they had to suck up several years right down the bottom of the league until they could go guns blazing. we were ready to do that this year with Bruce, sadly it’s back to square one as we have his signings but not a manager who knows how to use them.
  5. Being local to West Ham, i'd possibly pop to a game or 2 there and hope they do well. I can then continue my hate for the Blades. But like most, I would then pretty much give the sport a miss, try and do something productive with my weekends without being glued to the Wednesday game.
  6. The decent thing any club could do (IE one of the Manchesters) is host a friendly game against Bury during the internationals. Good run out for the big team kids, probably a good crowd, share of money to Bury for ticket sales. Doesn't harm anyone, doesn't encourage bad owners or overspending etc, maybe just gives the local fans some cash and a chance of setting up the new club. But nope, shirt sales in Dubai & China probably more important than local British towns.
  7. There are local rivals, and competitive rivals. Local big derbies never change. - our league one days charlton were our rivals for competition - then Birmingham when we first came back up - now it’s forest, derby, Leeds, all the top half group. Leeds were competitive rivals with Man U for a couple of seasons 2 decades ago and dine out on it for life. That’s like us saying arsenal are our rivals after the double cup final year. Leeds have no local rivals, similar to reading or Brighton.
  8. One of our best sponsors was to have the children's hospital on the shirt. Think what the prem clubs could do for one with it across their shirt. Or even 1 weekend a season all clubs have a charity on their shirt, 1-off kits. So easy for them all to do, would be huge giving back.
  9. Fully agree and do a Spurs. Have to be serious and think a ground-share with United. It used to be our ground anyway, and aside from hating them, it would be naive not to try and get a share with them, great location, no real change for travelling fans etc and we already play alternate weekends. Can't see being any real fuss about it, it's a building after all! Come back to a beautiful upgrade, same name or something including the word Hillsborough (Hillsborough Park Stadium?). Enough good press and upgrades will slowly help the 89' issues fade away.
  10. To be honest this could be the final nail for me, the Prem & the FA have a chance to prove they support lower league teams. It's so obvious its been foul play by Newcastle & Bruce. And even more so that they think they can get away with it due to their status. Failure to act by either the FA & Prem and i've lost all interest in promotion. Much happier in the championship, no Top 6 elite nonsense or glory fans. Real football clubs, great twists and turns and less Sky TV drama.
  11. Surely he is unavailable until after the Cricket world cup has finished anyway
  12. Definitely the kit, Chansiri has show in the last few seasons he likes the fade up away kit. I can see what they were trying here with the retro graphic, I think it hasn't quite come off, but it's the unfinished product so tbc. Ambitious effort though, 6.5/10
  13. Tell you what, I really would love our badge if it was just this. Simple but nice detail. Probably more suited to away yellow shirt
  14. He's publicly said he didn't want the role before when it came up, and he was at Hull. So somehow don't see this being more than he's linked because he's a fan of them. Lazy journo creating stories
  15. We need to beat Villa well, their GD is an extra point, and with 3 of the bottom 4 to play. If they catch one of Wigan/Millwall/Rotherham on a bad day, goals galore. Goal difference could really be the decider I think and we have work to do.
  16. Doesn’t matter what team, god I love the championship drama compared to prem
  17. Every year in the championship, the last 5/6 weeks the bottom clubs become a different beast. You'll get all sorts of shock results and thumpings. Form will completely go out of the window for them. I reckon Middlesborough/Preston/Forest are teams ripe for beating by some of the lower clubs, as they are the games they write off and wins and worry about teams around them.
  18. Top half, prevent the blunts in both games denting promotion, Bruce in charge to start fresh with a few months of free shots. This is the best we can hope for this year, and tbh it's not a bad place to be coming into the new season.
  19. What annoys me was this wasn't sussed out. Second season there were some flashes but we became so fixed on not conceding. We had one bad game, which happened to be the playoff final against Hull, and Carlos panicked. Second year we could have walked it had we not changed style. For Huddersfield to win the playoffs without scoring a single goal in normal time is criminal from both Us and Reading. Any attacking team would have ripped them apart, and we had the ability. Unfortunately now the majority of players have past their peak to make that system work, so needs a new start.
  20. Any team who wears blue shouldn't have black as an away. Just doesn't work against so many teams, as nice as it looks.
  21. Is Hutchinson available for this?asking for a friend
  22. Been in the home end at reading when we lost 6-0... I made a point of not clapping after the 3rd
  23. Has abdi been doing a John Terry while the boys are playing on saturdays? Sounds like they don't want him there
  24. Heard the table has gone back to Ikea. It's always wanted to at be Ikea, and dreamed of working there when it was just a tree.
  25. Honestly, I think that should be his next move. Buy a lower league club and try and stick it to the big boys. Could imagine he would have a huge short term impact somewhere. Basically a Chansiri, but with more footballing brain. Saying all that, I despise him as a manager.
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