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  1. Remember that feeling at the end of this summer (ignoring the whole relegation thing). He single hand-idly turned an awful time into some excitement, doing everything a DOF would do. Can't think of a single manager achieving that with us, let alone with our financial and image issues. Keep him on that he will thrive, it's not rewarding failure, it's ironically playing him in his strongest position
  2. Putting it out there, I think DM would make a great Director of Football. He hit the ground running with tying up youth contracts, his summer signings on paper were incredible considering our situation and reputation. Players like him and he can attract the right people. His clear flaws are game management & tactical nous. We need a manager who can adapt and have that vision, especially in this league. DM is oddly a level above that and probably far more suited to the bigger picture role.
  3. My name is Andy Booth, first game I ever saw was Wimbledon v Wed with him playing. I have no association with Sheffield, but loved the day out, the fans and the blue and white stripes, and of course my name playing. Started supporting the owls because of him when I was little. Stuck with the club once he left. What a stupid idea that was...
  4. Not even close, we've had Fa Cup and league cups defeats to lower league team before. But league games 5-0, 6-0 away to Reading The Exeter & Stevenage. Frankly embarrassing and the highlights those clubs bring back out every time we play them. Burned into the memory. I can't even remember a single Johnston paint trophy game for us last time we were in league one. It's just 1 cup competition too many.
  5. The pink shirt is so much more wearable without being an obvious football shirt. No matter what style we do, vertical stripes look out of place anywhere except on a football pitch. The current away is nice for the gym, general lazy around the house days etc. First one I’ve bought in yonks as I actually get a bit of use out of it. That said the back of the home design ruins the shirt on its own.
  6. You missed out the gaffa, which would be close, but it’s far far to early to judge Moore fairly, as with most of this squad. Def one to bump come January
  7. Honestly wish sky would just focus on Moore instead of this dull game. Definition of a man
  8. I will always be happy & willing for Palmer to score more than any player. Wednesday fan for life, and I doubt would even consider playing elsewhere. Regardless of quality/opinion, probably one of the few players these days that is a 1-club lifer and deserves our support.
  9. The media will take it too far is the problem. For example, subbing on an "MBE", or calls to make our manager a Sir. It is exactly that reason other countries think we are arrogant, and it showed hugely with the style of some of our penalties. These are professional footballers, not heroes who would do anything like real charity heroes etc. The player's don't ask for it, but my god the press love to build anything up to the extreme these days. Completely puts me off anything to do with the team except the 90 minutes on the pitch.
  10. Maybe not quality, but sheer willingness to put his head where it should't in the first goal. Where as his 3rd is pure old school power header.
  11. The key bit for me is 90% of this squad could be the World Cup squad. That is where Southgates/FA's plan is really due credit (hate to praise the FA). They are aiming to peak by then. Problem is anything other than a Final is a huge failure considering the money and resources involved to build up to it.
  12. Reading rugby club, sorry I mean football club (Note it's a custom looking macron)
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