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  1. Based on this theory, I've managed my kids under 14s, 100% record for 2 straight seasons. So I'd get the job over anyone in the entire Football league Prem - League 2.
  2. I actually quite like that idea. P1,2 - £40 3,4,5,6 - £35 7,8,9,10 - £25 11 - 20 - £20 20 - 23 - £15 24 - £10 Cup games Early round - £20 Cup games past 5th round - £40 - Still allow seasons tickets. - Encourages bigger crowds when we need them - Rewards season ticket holders if we are at the top - ST holders can't complain if we are giving tickets away cheap, ST tickets are optional Bracing for tough feedback...
  3. Why do we need a 3rd kit based on those first 2?!? Madness people are encouraging this ridiculous trend
  4. Stats are complete nonsense other than saying what's already happened. Would Meggo fire the team up to fight off relegation? Yes probably, he's perfect for what we need to survive and be a club of passion Would he get us promoted or build a top championship attacking club next year? Probably not. And there is the classic problem in football. Short-sighted appointments. We need a manager who can bring attacking football but give him time to do that. Sadly we will likely need to be relegated for that to happen, and if it does, the manager would need to join next season. If w
  5. There hasn't been a single 0-0 in the premier league so far this season. But sure...
  6. It's just so obvious the whole plan and reasoning. Leicester - Took a big whack of the top 6, their global appeal and champions league place. MUST AVOID IN FUTURE Newcastle - Has the fan base, city, stadium etc to become a top 6 with the right owner. MUST AVOID Wolves - Became an established top half team that threatens European places due to new owners. MUST AVOID Everton, West Ham - Average prem teams that will never threaten but always compete. MUST KEEP IN LEAGUE Amazon prime - As seen with many clubs, and live tennis, they will no doubt make a deal for live games, good
  7. Let’s be honest, now Leeds are up the big teams will take them in. As that’s the big Yorkshire club sky sports spaff over. They want it to go all American, and next step will be universities doing working with clubs for scholarships (unis need the money now there are no international students) Uni teams will takeover interest of Efl clubs, and mix with the B teams. Its all very believable that will happen, and top teams won’t care about UK fans, they want worldwide fans where the money is. Sadly I just can’t see it stopping with the way sky encourage
  8. Wolves wear Orange, and then have that white and blue mess of an away kit. Why on earth do they need a 3rd kit!? This 3rd kit trend is getting silly, just money money for a shirt worn probably twice or 3 times in a season max.
  9. Let's be honest, we aren't far from being an NFL style sport. With the big 6-10 franchises, using smaller clubs as feeders. Locked top league so the teams can be marketed to death without fear of relegations etc. They were trying it with Cricket and the 100 series, which thankfully has been delayed. EFL teams need to make a stand soon otherwise they will just be cut adrift. League 2 are very close to that now, and wouldn't surprise me come the end of the season if it becomes part time.
  10. 2 cups. The FA Cup - As many teams in England as possible can enter, a true winner takes all cup with Champions League place reward The League cup - Championship, L1, L2 - Europa league for the winner, gives all these clubs something bigger to fight for outside the day to day survival of their league.
  11. If we can benefit in anyway for FFP then absolutely offer to help. If we don't i'd be happy to see us take the moral high-ground and help them up tbh, as long as they eat some very humble pie in one way or the other. Tired of clubs against clubs dragging eachother all down, would be nice to start trying to lead being collaborative or something (even though we rarely seem to be the ones to kick up a fuss).
  12. Another average half like that and it will be a 4-0 win
  13. Children's hospital on the home shirt please. They yellow went well on the stripes, and makes such a refreshing positive change to other teams with betting companies or middle east travel. Would be nice to start being the charitable club and build a rep from it. Away kit can go with Elev8 or whatever for the cash injection. Can't imagine a championship shirt is really worth sponsoring at the moment as it is.
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