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  1. It's gone very Dave Jones really. That season we had a poor start and kept saying we will batter someone soon. Which we did (Reading 5-2). But was a rare occasion. We can batter a team once in a while, but that will get us nowhere. I'd rather we get 3 straight 1-0's than thump any team and fail to win the next 2.
  2. Steering group meeting

    Look at it the other way for the friendly, what incentive does any big club have to come for Sheffield for a pre-season friendly which means nothing to them? How many offers do you think they get, and how much money are their international tours worth. I wouldn't want Chansiri splashing out millions on a club who frankly are killing the sport. Admittedly we gave Rangers far too much respect as it was.
  3. Steering group meeting

    From all that the 2 key points I noted: DC tried to get the 2 biggest clubs in the world for the friendly DC tried to get the same kit manufacturer as the best F1 team in the world, could have been a unique thing that. He's putting the effort in and aiming high! May be some naivety in there which is where MM excelled, but could we really ask for anymore?
  4. I had the pic open on my phone, it actually looks ok from a distance. The stripes look vile close up, but from the stands can imagine the work well as they blur together.
  5. Next season kit

    Home shirt is ok, but another simple error: The background is entirely striped shirts. Surely put an example of the originals as it's the anniversary. And why use gold for the kit manufacturer on the blue shirt? White would have instantly made it look less cheap.
  6. Next season kit

    Think i preferred not knowing
  7. Next season kit

  8. What would you accept?

    Owls Wednesday Sheffield Blue (Primary) White (Secondary) Hillsborough (Although understand that one way or the other the stadium is not forever) All those key points that make us who we are. I think 1 change would be incredibly tough to take but I would stay with it. 2 changes would be it for me. Effectively just become a brand and not a club.
  9. Kit = Excitement = Planned

    Don't be ridiculous. Playoff final shirts have been in the shop for over a year now ;)
  10. Sunderland allocation

    Think Sky were ****stirring the other night when reporting it. Shock.
  11. Sunderland allocation

    Speaking of Sunderland, did anyone see their pre-season game against Celtic the other day? Incredibly shocking defence and player fighting over who's taking a penalty. Which was then missed. Could be very slow starters
  12. Is anyone being put OFF football..

    If Wednesday went out of business, football will become like Cricket for me. Couldn't care less about any teams, counties, stats, players. But the occasional big England game (basically just the Ashes), I will want to see us win. Will happily play it though at any opportunity, that's a different beast. Not being from Sheffield or living anywhere near, it's pretty much a tv show when you can't go to many games. Sadly this is the future of the sport: No thank you
  13. Pre-season matchday friendlies, good chance to test out the fringes. Would hate Pauli to pull an injury
  14. Mind has got to be debatable on that...