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  1. BowOwl

    Last minute opportunity

    Had we have got the indirect free kick, how do we think that would have gone? so close to the line they could just put a wall on it. Tap to reach to leather it, or pull it back and try to spread them out?
  2. Urby Emanuelson, not sure we got the best out of him...
  3. BowOwl

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    Soft spot for Brentford's ground. Proper football stands, pub on each corner. Away end built for a fun day out.
  4. BowOwl

    'i dont wear red'

    I imagine the other side dismiss anything with Owl's, and have a distinct hatred to the animal, can be seen as a more reasonable thing. I actively avoid blades
  5. BowOwl

    Best boss?

    The passion of Megson Attacking Coach - Carlos Defence - Stu Gray Fitness & Discipline - Jos Personality & General management - Laws/Sturrock Now if they built the squad, and dare I say the impact of Dave Jones. We would be untouchable
  6. 2015-16, perfect shirt, sponsor & manufacturer blue, added to it, almost perfect season. Will remember that one fondly for a while
  7. BowOwl

    Just got back.

    Listened to the reading manager after, interesting comments about why Bannan was given so much space. He said he was a threat but they couldn’t leave Nuhiu with any space as a big target man, so he ended up double man marked. actually a useful point, Nuhiu being on really does free up the midfield, as their defence are scared to push up
  8. Been here a few times with the family being season ticket holders. Good few beer huts selling the local ale “old boy” outside the east stand, with a big screen up usually of the lunch time game, friendly atmosphere. otherwise absolutely nothing within walking distance of the ground.
  9. BowOwl

    Michael Hector Signing?

    Bring back Reda Johnson! A proper attacking defender... I would be happy with this, we need someone who is out and out defence, the pace should come from elsewhere
  10. Sloppy goal, but support the subs, absolutely no reason to sit back in this game. Need a good strong win and we’ve looked good for it over the last hour
  11. BowOwl


    We need to milk this positivity for all its worth. Even a shocking scrappy win by luck tonight, can make this a kickstart day to the new era after FFP. Scraping the barrel, but if we don't have hope, what's the point.
  12. We will finish: 8th Who wins the league?: Leeds Relegated Teams: Rotherham, Reading and Hull Top goal scorer: Nuhui Will Jos be in charge?: Yes Stand out players?: Dawson Notable crazy moment(s) of the season: DC takes the team out for a Thai meal to celebrate the double over Utd
  13. Until all fans can agree to stage a mass walkout for 1 or 2 weekends across the country, or skip an entire season watching on the box, the war is well and truly lost. Cricket is already a fast sinking ship now with TV rights and 20/20. As much as I hate the sport, Rugby is the only one I can see where the fans are still kings.
  14. BowOwl

    Fernando watch

    What's Semedo doing nowadays? Can't we just park him in front of FF's front door?