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  1. I've got a broken keyboard on a laptop thats getting on a bit. I'm fully confident of a 3 year deal. Update: Keyboard should be fixed in 2 weeks
  2. I can't wait if I'm honest. Was so bored of Reading/Birmingham/Preston/Cardiff/Blackburn/QPR That championships better quality etc, but really when was the last time you were actually looking forward to one of those games. They all felt the same. New teams, new fans, new grounds, new players, new managers.
  3. Might as well start the traditional new kit thread, something different to talk about. Usually I hate constant new kits, but after relegation, we can't have last seasons, it just reflects misery. The easiest and first way to start a new era is to get this right! The home kits tbf have been pretty good, happy for another of the same theme with maybe no hidden pattern (eg Camo or Retro squares). Away - Crisp, bold, yellow. It's been too long - banana kit never happened.. I really dislike the green, and black/grey just looks so dull, let alone always ends up clashing with all bl
  4. As mentioned the only issue I have is why we signed him, let alone for how much. We had: Steven Fletcher - Premiership quality at the time Fernando Forestieri - Top championship quality Lucas Joao - Potential - See first half of this season for reading Gary Hooper - Premiership quality at the time Marco Matias - Backup Atdhe Nuhiu - Backup/Different Sam Winnall - Newly signed very inform player of exactly same style as Rhodes. & Callum McManaman (I think) And several promising youth strikers at the time (let's not go there) Why on earth did w
  5. Classic Owlstalk, just finished an utterly miserable season. All we need is a good pitch/turf thread to get us through summer and HMSP the league is back in business. This needs to be pinned...
  6. this was me 2 years ago. I’ve actually found owlstalk the only thing keeping my interest in the club going (it’s a great source of amusement during the odd only browse). What’s weird is I’m now probably more interested in next season. Real club, real fans, and very little money. The championship is becoming an abhorrent mess of players wages, sky tv and yo yo Prem clubs. Yesterday’s game was the only game I all season that felt like real attacking football. League one hopefully can be all about players trying to prove themselves, teams Going for goals not clean sheets
  7. Would you accept a job offer for a company: Not doing that well in their market (although were good once) Has a CEO which doesn't pay his staff on time - more than once Has a CEO that changes the companies branding to be all about him Has a CEO that has got in trouble with the main regulator over dodgy finances, and been punished publically because of it Hires average bosses for you, then fires them (so you would have had 3/4 bosses in your first year) The office is huge, but very run down. I would only accept the above if I didn't have a job, or couldn't get another for simil
  8. This will be a weird watch, the whole programme will be about us, forest literally are a non event in the day
  9. Completely fair, If I played football more, I'd probably be the same, think it helps having found other sports.
  10. It really depends how you like you football. For the day out, laughs, social etc then league one will be fine. Much more to life than supporting a prem team. If you really are passionate about the Sport, then our first Carlos season trumps any promotion in League 1. Teams were scared of us, including Arsenal. The giant was slowly waking. Sadly it was just getting up in the night for the loo. Personally it's the fun of the occasion for me, the sport of football is ruined with money. I for one welcome our league one games and fans with open arms
  11. Ahh.. That's one less chance of a good result then
  12. I may have got a bit confused with all the LL WWs..... Simply put, we can forget about playoffs if we don't win on saturday.
  13. Possibly outcomes Good - Owls WW, Derby LL, Rotherham LLL Good - Owls WW, Derby LL, Rotherham LLD Good - Owls WW, Derby LL, Rotherham LLD Good - Owls WW, Derby LL, Rotherham LDD Good - Owls WW, Derby LL, Rotherham DDD Good - Owls WW, Derby LL, Rotherham LLW Good - Owls WW, Derby LL, Rotherham LWD (need a 5 goal swing with Rotherham) Good - Owls WW, Derby DL, Rotherham all of the above Theres about 30-35 ish different variations that would be bad I think. I'd rather assume we are down and with the slight chance of a pleasant surprise.
  14. We need derby to come into our game on a winless run. Which inevitably means they will beat us like all out of form teams do We are down, and it’s looking highly likely that last game will just confirm derby join us
  15. Thing that is starting to get to me is now the media coverage (as always). Sky Sports making it rolling news - well they are the ones who financially have had the monopoly on football for decades. And are only annoyed as they aren't involved. The Hundred? NFL? All the same concept which they have plenty of influence on. David Beckham getting involved. I'm sorry, he just bought a club in a league with no promotion/relegation, with the sole aim of financial gain. Neville etc last night? - Monday night football was entirely a sky thing, to move a game to a monday night and get more tv
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