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  1. That was such a strange one. It had been a pretty dull game, I vaguely recall. Then...collapse. Not unlike the recent first half experiences at Hillsborough - it was suddenly like one of those completely unmatched park level games where a side that roughly knows what it's doing plays idiots. I recall heading off at 1-6 and some fat cretin in the away end yelling at me and my friend, asking where we were going. Which struck me then and strikes me now as a pretty dumb question Looking back, our 91-92 side was a strange one. We lost 7-1 at Arsenal not long after a disastrous 1-6 home to Leeds. And yet we came third, were still in outside contention going into penultimate game.
  2. Yes, well for sure. You'd expect that everyone in the 1986 Wednesday set up to be better than current equivalents. I liked Shutt, but let's not forget that the team that came 5th in 85-86 and were FA Cup semi-finalists when the Cup mean something fell away very quickly. Shutt was a decent honest player but not top class. Emblematic of a period where we didn't build on a strong base.
  3. Depends a bit on the club. Friend who has a buxton st wouldn't dream of seeking a refund and quite right too
  4. My understanding is that we had been charged with an aggravated offence: without being bothered to recall the detail in full, the charge was not only that we had breached FFP, but we had submitted deliberately misleading information in defence of what we had done. Hence the charges against individuals, who essentially were being deemed not fit/proper. The charges against individuals have gone, which implies that we are down to a bog standard FFP breach rather than the aggravated offence. Which means in turn that the worries about 21pt+ reductions have reduced, which in turn means that had the season continued any reduction would be unlikely to be enough to relegate us, even on the current dire form. Yesterday, woodpeckers were deafening in the trees, and the owls were clearly audible at bed time. The daffodils are everywhere. Our rhubarb patch, seemingly dead two weeks ago, is almost ready for first takings. We saw our first lambs. There is always hope; hope and renewal. In the trivial sphere of Sheffield Wednesday, as much as the wider one of life.
  5. Comparisons to previous owners are nothing to the purpose. It is true that we have been witlessly led for most of my lifetime, but it doesn't matter whether this owner is better or worse than any named previous owner. Not one bit. It's a fair comment that a change of ownership - of which there is no sign at all - might not go well. We can still wish that this owner was doing better, and above all that he would learn from his mistakes. That really means just one thing: accepting he is out of his depth when it comes to decisions about how to run a football club, and appointing the right people, empowered to act. If he were to do that, then over time we have reasonable prospects. If he won't do that, heaven knows where we shall end up. Sadly, it has been obvious that this is true for at least two years, so it seems unlikely that this is the direction he will take.
  6. What an odd comment. It's a perfectly reasonable depth of coverage for a daily paper. If you're a committed Wednesday fan the answer will be you didn't learn very much. But most people will have only the haziest idea of what the position at Hillsborough is.
  7. I don't think he's any good. No sense of how he wants the team to play and the man management doesn't seem to be there. Eustace, Irvine, , Turner, Luhukay, and (more controversially) Jewell were all worse. Jones was dire in his final months, but initially did very well, and deserves huge credit for that, so shouldn't be too neat the top of that list.
  8. I left at 0-3 against Derby in part because the mood in my part of the North seemed to be about to switch from a mix of gallows humour and exasperation to real anger. Which I understand. It's not at all unreasonable. I can feel angry sometimes about what Delphon Chansiri, an arrogant and stupid man, has done to the club But in the end it's perhaps not wise. There's enough things in this bad old world to get angry or upset about. Making yourself more unhappy than you need to be because of something which you really have zero control over isn't the best thing for mental well being. I really enjoyed the football yesterday. Went non league. A tray of chips. A very nice pint. Chat with an old friend. Might well not use my ST again this season. The money is gone anyway. No reason all to waste the time
  9. Oh, come on. The piece in question contained things that are widely believed but the fact that things are widely rumoured or circulated is not a defence in a defamation action. It is very easy to egg people on to risk their houses. If I had any accountability for this site I would have taken it down as soon as I could.
  10. Hmmm. It's a point of view that if "longtermStocksbridgeOwl" posts that Chansiri is doing ok, that's as big a problem as Chansiri. Can't see it myself. I think they're both hopeless. There is no obvious solution to Chansiri. There is an immediate option for Monk. Not quite sure how my having that view is making things better, or how my having a different view would make things worse.
  11. Just grow up, why don't you. No one on this thread is happy. (If someone can find a bright side to look on, good for them. I can't) This "clapper" stuff is beyond moronic.
  12. The loan signings made in January were pretty dire. The signings made over the summer looks less good now than they did then. Harris has his limitations. Borner has gone backwards. Moses isn't really up to it. So even if you looking only at football aspects, it isn't just Monk. If anything, our transfer market performance has deteriorated. Even so. Earlier in the season Harris had impact. Borner looked a really good player. It sounds absurd now, but back in October and November we had a top six class defence. Selections are often baffling. They seemed strange today. But more importantly, we seem now to have no sense of how we are going to play, what to do when teams come at us, what to do if we have the ball. If Monk had been conspicuously successful elsewhere, I might have some confidence. But that isn't so. It won't solve all of our problems at all, because the biggest problem for us is that Delphon Chansiri is incompetent. But the fact that we have lots of problems shouldn't disguise that Monk is a significant problem
  13. Sighs. There are three propositions.one is that we have spent money badly. Two us that other clubs eg man u have spent money badly. Three is that we are restrained from spending at what appears to be capacity. There is zero intersect between these statements and as it happens all three are true.
  14. This will sound cynical but it isn't meant to be. I suspect there are first mover advantages to a professional footballer coming out, if they wanted to exploit these, and the marketing opportunities would be pretty massive. They might not want to take advantage, but they could. On fan abuse i reckon ten years ago things might have been different but nowadays I wonder how bad it would be. I'm struck by the fact that at my kids' secondary kids now come out in the sixth form or even earlier without eyebrows being raised. That would simply have been impossible when I was at school. I know you do get sporadic racism in crowds but really it is taboo and apart from a deeply nutty (and repellent) fringe no one has any problem with people being chucked out and banned for it.
  15. Genuinely thought we'd lose by five. No complaints about that
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