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  1. It's not an easy one for sure but those were two excellent seasons over the core 46 matches.
  2. On blaming Carvalhal, there is something of a Morton's fork argument. If he was responsible for recruitment, then he shouldn't have been; and the blame for poor recruitment choices doesn't rest with him but withe the wider sset up. And if he wasn't responsible, then he wasn't responsible. There was some good and bad recruitment. Reach and Fletcher would count as good acquisitions. So too Bannan and Forestieri. Examples of less succcessful recruitments are also obvious. It seems pretty strange to me to credit or blame the then first team coach for any of it. The issues were rather deeper. This is all to be honest pretty obvious.
  3. Don't forget the question could also be who makes way for Luongo. We suddenly have in effect two new midfield players in him and Lee who seems to be back to near or at his best. In simple terms that means that on yesterday's set up we have five names for three start places ie reach hutch Lee plus BB and Luongo. Happy days
  4. I thought we saw a group of pretty able players with recent skills gaps well plugged well organized and motivated. And a crowd getting behind them largely because of an early goal and palpable commitment. In my view this is what one might hope for. There is no need for the paranoia of a siege mentality. No one is out to get us and by and large in my experience in so far as the rest of the country notices us as a fairly bog standard championship club people tend to quite like us.
  5. Sure. But don't think these ones are fabricated. I find the possession one interesting in particular because it seems to confirm the eyewitness impression that we were strong in denying them significant opportunities rather than simply defending well in the final quarter of the pitch. There were lots of times they recycled without much happening and then played the overhit or misplaced ball.
  6. Stats are always good things to have and this looks like rather a useful set. Thanks for link. Can't remotely understand why people don't like them.
  7. I agree with the positive points here. There is now healthy competition. Not sure i agree there have been favourites who should have been dropped but weren't. Names? Maybe a little bit of it in the Jos era but that seemed more like an aversion to a couple of players rather than indulging favourites
  8. Don't agree really that Fletcher is iffy but it's a really good point that we should get way more penalties with this style of play
  9. I've been very opposed but have to say he set us up very well yesterday. A well balanced team able to perform with some of our highest ranked players (FF, BB, Iorfa, the new guy from Qpr) not starting. The whole set up is currently working nicely
  10. None of us can really be sure about the economics but obviously Hillsborough leaks cost and is poor at revenue generation. So it wouldn't be surprising if a case can be made and if so I'd not be opposed, even though a new ground would be less accessible for me (Hillsborough is surprisingly easy from the Hope Valley).
  11. One of our best players of the past 20 years. Incomprehensibly ranked as one of our transfer market failures by some of the thicker brethren. Terrific today.
  12. Hmmmm. I think they did really well last season and towards the end we're playing decent football. Outplayed today but they will be learning. There is a basic lack of quality which will find them out but it's Barnsley and they are operating at their limit as a club in this league. Still think their manager might have a career ahead of him
  13. Atmosphere was excellent today. I often moan about it but today it was terrific
  14. Deeply irritated. I reckon this adds maybe 10 minutes or more at each end of my journey from home to seat. More to the point it is going to massively increase crowding to the east of the stadium with a requirement on the way back to walk against a strong counterflow.
  15. It's obviously nonsense that players "only come because Bruce is here". I know one sees postings to that effect, but it's ridiculous. It is no longer 1979; or put another way this is a championship club, not Penistone Church AFC. At our level the manager's role in recruitment should be to identify requirements (what are the gaps; what do we need to fill them; how do these rank in terms of priorities; to give a view on potential candidates, hopefully responding to some high quality analytical material provided by the recruitment folk; perhaps to help get the deal over the line by talking to potential players (that's where the personal element does come in); and at a pinch to give a broad view on value for money. One of the most positive conclusions from what seems to have been a good week at market is that we do seem to have the right structures now in place, and these should run without the need for much involvement from the manager.
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