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  1. What I'd really like - but don't expect to see - is a European superleague which the top six join. Then an English domestic league with two [20?] team tiers, and relegation to regional leagues below that. As the OP implies, life won't after the novelty has worn off be much fun in the premier league. When last we got promoted to the top division, I backed us at 80/1 to win it, and collected each way. if we do go up, every season the question will be will we stay up. Not much fun at all. You can't not want the side to win, so inevitably you are hoping for promotion. But it is hard to enthuse.
  2. I strongly agree with those who say it's a long standing problem. It was true, for example, during the good days of the late 80s and early 90s. Quite likely pricing hasn't hepled, as it hasn't elsewehere, but it could still be lacking when it was a few quid to turn up and stand on the Kop. In the 90-91 promotion season our home form was pretty indifferent, and there were several lame draws (Port Vale is one that springs to mind) where the ground seemed largely silent. There are of course exceptions that come to mind - the Cardiff and Brighton games in May 2016 - but sometimes even for the really big games it doesn't spark. The best supports are the ones that lift a team which is struggling, not just back a team that is playing well. This is one reason I should be perfectly happy to relocate. People talk about "soulless bowls" but some contemporary grounds manage to generate better atmospheres via acoustics and cleverer distribution of fans.
  3. Well, it must be at least two weeks since this was debated. Hard to see the relevance of the Spurs stadium. Spurs are a completely different order of club to us. However, the plain facts are that our ground is not very good. Poor facilities. The two end stands poor for viewing. Not well located as a revenue raiser. Really badly geared for generating commercial revenue. Nor, sadly, is it particularly atmospheric. I'd personally be disadvantaged by a move because living in the Hope Valley I have a really pleasant uncongested drive and can park 15 minutes walk away. The most likely relocation sites are much less convenient - to the point that I might wonder about still going. But in the Great Scheme of Things I couldn't object.
  4. Renewed. A bit poignantly. For some years I was buying three. Then two when the older kid was off at uni. The younger is now 17, and doesn't go all that regularly - Saturday job, tough A-levels. I think I'd have gone for it anyway, but after several successive entertaining home games I am very much up for this
  5. As I recall there were rumours that Palace were interested, and even that he had chosen us over Palace (presumably on the basis that he would have chances of getting senior football). But these were twitter etc rumours; unclear there was any substance. But we actually signed him from Rapid Wien.
  6. Forestieri. Rhodes. Joao. Winnall. Hooper. Fletcher. Matias. All signed with big track records at this or higher level; or for significant money; or both. Nuhiu was signed for peanuts from nowhere. One of the weakest national leagues in Europe. Bought at a time when the chairman simply wouldn't invest more than the minimum in the squad. No one expected anything from that kind of signing. And it's true that successive managers have tended not to see him as a first choice. It is also true, however, that successive managers have seen him as a useful option; and so he is. As othdrs have said, off the bench when the game is stretched he can be a great option. He is also perhaps a player our excellent new manager will be able to get something from.
  7. all good fun, but since they play some of our possible rivals, and we play their two competitors, the more likely it is we come 6th, the more likely it is they will come top two.
  8. M'lud, I fear Stubbs will be whispering in your ear that you have an aberrant apostrophe. Injuries, once again, beyond a joke, and I can see us struggling. Sympathy for Bolton limited by the way their scumbag ex-chairman sought to pull up the drawbridge. But yes, modern football. Ghastly beyond words.
  9. yes,much in that. Don't get me wrong, I don't think clackers is the answer...
  10. I don't care for them much, but on the other hand we create very little atmosphere at home; something to be said for trying
  11. No objection in principle to him being given a second chance. But worth having in mind there is no reason to suppose he is good enough to progress at championship level. He might turn out to be. But it was far from certain when he left - not least because the big clubs must have run the slide rule over him, and didn't fancy it. A few months on it looks less likely. But yes, any decision on football grounds only.
  12. I was - not opposed but a bit sceptical. In the end he'd disappointed at Villa. Had he run out of steam? I have been very impressed. In the last week he has presided over the best home performance for a long time - perhaps the win over Newcastle in Apr 2017. And he has given us a derby performance where he neutralised opponents in superb form. And this is all very sensible. Our play off chances are minimal this year. But there is much to look forward to. ST renewal is on the to do list for this weekend.
  13. Nuhiu and Fox are readily sellable because by and large they are fit. Both are reasonable squad players, and Nuhiu overall has outpaced expectations of a cheap import from a truly terrible league. Both could do fine at a decent tier three side. But this is not going to shift much weight in the accounts
  14. All a little bit like that scene in Lord of the Rings where Aragorn shows himself to Sauron in the palantir as the heir of Isildur carrying the sword that had claimed the Ring at the end of the Second Age. Sowing seeds of doubt and fear in Mordor even as their orc armies mobilise for the decisive battle
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