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  1. The CC topic is becoming as tiresome as the Megson one. There's a hell of a lot of revisionism here. The first season was a good one, with an outcome comfortably ahead of reasonable expectations given levels of spend. The second season is more ambiguous. Judged solely on outcome in relation to financial input, fourth place is more than defensible. But he mishandled the playoffs, and showed more systemic weaknesses. And much of it was boring in rather a boring way - wins which lacked the grinding dull inevitability of No arguments about this season. The writing was on the wall during pre-season. He had hit a wall. Very bad judgments. Disengagement. Other things being equal, if the new manager (who I think is fantastic so far) delivers a sixth and a fourth place the next two seasons, he will not have done at all badly.
  2. Joey Pelupessy

    Loving what google translate does with the Heracles website and comments. "We cannot continue to cream, it is punished"
  3. Team for Saturday

    I'd start Matias, come what may, up front. There have in the past been signs that there's a player there (pre-season summer of 2016). He's got the wind in his sails now, inlcuding a manager who (looking at the post-Carlisle) comments seems to rate him. See if he can capitalise.