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  1. We most certainly are in a relegation fight. We are two points from safety with almost one quarter of the season gone. There is then quite a gap to the team in 20th place. Whether we are well placed to win that fight; whether replacing Monk by Pulis makes us more likely to stay up; whether any of the posited alternatives to Pulis would have had better prospects: all of these are separate questions. But we most certainly are in a relegation fight.
  2. We will probably stay up. And since it's unlikely any of us will be able to watch any of it, that perhaps is all that matters.
  3. He's obviously a very good manager. He's also obviously got his flaws. The main one is that at the crisis point he can be overly cautious. We saw that here, and I would say it was there in the final games at Swansea.
  4. Incredibly, Bournemouth are odds against eg 2.2 on the Exchange.
  5. Not at all sure the Monk experiment is going to work out for us.
  6. Completely agree. After five games, I felt pretty relaxed. Points per game was more than adequate. And the concerns were about not winning or going way too close from a strong position, and chance creation. That's only three games ago, and one one those was, as you say, against a side we all know is far better than us. This now look like the post-Christmas period, when we went from being a top six (top three!) side to an absolute shambles almost overnight. Not good.
  7. If the Premier League continues in roughly its present form, I could see us being in it at some point. Things can shift quickly. I didn't expect Reading to be strong this season; didn't see Huddersfield's emergence as a top six club in 16-17. Unlikely in the next three years. Possible in the next ten. I've followed us since 1975. Even in the darkest days, there was always the sense that the top tier clubs rotated over time. Arsenal were very mediocre when I started watching football. Spurs were relegated in the late 70s. In the 80s, Villa both won the league and suffered relegation
  8. https://twitter.com/giantpoppywatch/status/1319621172464594944/photo/1 made me smile, anyway.
  9. precisely. It's way better than what we can hope for at the moment, which is essentially to do what the Pigs did last season and fight a very good midtable campaign (in the knowledge that this is as good as it gets). I genuinely think we have fans who think that because we were competitive with the biggest clubs in the early 1990s, we might be so again. Not going to happen, just as Huddersfield aren't going to win three consecutive league titles, or Oxford University win the FA Cup.
  10. The fixture list so far has probably been a little bit more challenging than a typical set of five games. We are accumulating points at just below play off level, with a sense we could probably do a little better once new signings bed in. I feel pretty confident. The big unknown is what happens to other clubs' finances. There must be risk for some of administration; then again, there may be so large a problem that multiple 12 point deductions for factors beyond clubs' control are untenable. But as things stand, this is a risk that if it plays at all, plays in our favou
  11. Use of "brigade" in that way signals the approach of an idiot, as clearly as a leper clapping his bell. The sane view would seem to be that we will miss Nuhiu in inverse relation to the quality of replacements. On the face of it we have traded up. Pessimists, of whom I am not one, are entitled to argue that we haven't exactly had a feast of front player goals. So far.
  12. It's loathsome. But from the point of view of the top clubs, there's not that much of a problem. They can argued that they take less than their share of the pooled broadcast money. Chelsea v Man U is an international talking point. Southampton v Villa isn't. You need some padding to make up the top league, but it's all the same whether it's Burnley or Derby. It only implodes if global demand to watch the big clubs implodes. I haven't seen any premier league football in the last eighteen months except for catching 20 minutes of a game last season when I was on the bike i
  13. Been very critical of DC in the past, but can't disagree with the OP. Credit where credit is due.
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