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  1. thewookieisdown

    My Balanced View

    Good post Mr Owlsman. As you say, balanced.
  2. Splendid stuff. My fourth home game of the season having missed the first three through holidays. For the fourth time, against a side who I would expect to finish top six (I still expect that of Stoke). We have not had an easy run.
  3. thewookieisdown

    The talk of moving to Weedon Street...

    I recall Warnock going off on one before a derby game to the effect that they were basically a working class club, and we were more middle class/out of town. Time has rather moved on, I think, at least in terms of the geography. Fifty years ago people tended to live in the area where they'd grown up. Now everything is so much more fluid.
  4. he is right to be annoyed, as Carlos was right to be annoyed three years ago. I'm not going to pretend for a moment I am sorry in this case, but it is a ludicrous way to run a sport. On a different point I am also more than a little irritated that this scumbag channel has hijacked yet another home weekend
  5. Thanks for sharing. Ronald Reng's book A life too short about the German goalkeeper Robert Enke is something that has stayed with me for a long while. Simple and dignified, and gives real insights into mental illness and life as a footballer. I do feel that the stigma attached to mental illness, while still there, is eroding at quite a significant rate. Not everything in the world has to get worse.
  6. thewookieisdown

    Why don't the bookies fancy our chances?

    It is a slight exaggeration but only slight. Obviously there is some initial market making. There is virtually zero position taking in live markets (and in so far as there is, it focuses in the big markets. Just look at the liquidity displayed clearly on Betfair in noddy markets such as championship promotion to get a sense of how marginal all this is.).
  7. thewookieisdown

    Why don't the bookies fancy our chances?

    The odds are entirely a function of bets placed. Bookies don't take views. Bets placed in a weakly traded market. In so far as there is a reason it might be that the expected goals analysts tend to show us as one of the weaker teams. There will also be lag effects. We look a bit more likely than we did three weeks ago but there is very little cash in these markets.
  8. still don't feel we are quite good enough but the results are there for all to see. What's obviously true is that we haven't had an easy start. Of our first twelve, five games - WBA, Leeds Stoke, Brentford, Forest - against side that legitimately have at least play off aspirations. Wigan away looked a nasty opening fixture and so it proved. Villa have a hugely expensive squad. It's been a tough challenging first dozen.
  9. thewookieisdown

    Barry Bannan - groin injury

    Do we really have lots of injuries at the moment? You've named eight there but three are long term. I understand Hutch is fit but out of favour. Abdi goodness knows, but again is long term. Bannan seems ok. Matias and Van Aken are the only two definitely new ones. Last season we unquestionably had an abnormal number, for whatever reason: don't underestimate luck in all of this. I wouldn't say it's too bad this season.
  10. thewookieisdown

    Credit where its due

    Yep, sorry, it is a bit pedantic - but made the point because I thought it was notable how we turned it round in running, w/o a substitution (at that time) or the need for half time plate throwing. An encouraging development
  11. thewookieisdown

    Credit where its due

    Not quite. The first 35 mins was abysmal. Without it being clear to me why this was so - perhaps simply the galvanising effect of Reach's shot - we looked ok in the final ten. When they went off for HT there was a sense of a bullet dodged but actually some hope. And we then produced a very good second half. But yes, it was poor, and we still have the tendency to be completely out of our stride for significant periods. I was delighted to hear Jos say how poor we were in the opening phase.
  12. Friendly stewarding, coppers. Altogether quite welcoming. My son was wearing colours and we got into conversation with a few home fans walking to the ground. You should be able to take for granted that that will be possible, but you can't everywhere. I was parked quite near the ground having booked a local(ish) AirB&B. But we went for a late morning breakfast in the docks - the Mud Dock, near the Arnolfini. Very pleasant walk from there to the ground.
  13. thewookieisdown

    Will The Westwood Scenario Cost Us

    Scenario? More to the point, it is for debate who should be our first choice keeper. There is a case for Westwood, but people should remember the weaknesses in his game viz (a) very poor distribution - the main reason he plays here rather than at a more senior level (b) not always great decision making to the ball played through (c) propensity to bad errors, sadly increasing last season (d) seeming propensity to injury which makes a continuous run less probable. As I say, he might still be the best choice, but it is debatable. One thing he does give is leadership, and that is definitely in the plus column; but I think a more important answer is better captaincy. Lees does head down or petulant.
  14. thewookieisdown

    Any news on Bannan injury

    he walked down to the away end after the game and looked happy enough; took this to be a good sign
  15. thewookieisdown

    OK..No clean sheet..but

    We played ever so well after the pen. Ever so well.