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  1. thewookieisdown

    #OnThisDay in 1986 - Makes you weep!

    He didn't actually need to shaft us. I quite understand he wanted his son to have the money and opportunity afforded by a bigger club but it didn't have to be done that way.
  2. Agree. Good piece. He generally takes a sensible balanced view
  3. thewookieisdown

    So who identified transfer targets?

    Transfer business has been hit and miss, not wholly miss. The two big misses were Abdi and Rhodes. I was always Rhodes sceptic but can understand why others weren't. Abdi has been a disaster but that wasn't obvious at the time. I can't for one moment believe that any of our managers, whether CC or JL, are responsible for identifying targets. I mean: we haven't been well run, but that would be so bizarre it's beyond belief even for us
  4. thewookieisdown

    It was obvious to me...

    Agreed. But there has been a fair bit of consensus on this site this week that his two big calls should be Hutch in the back three, as a most welcome addition back from injury; and a front three. That was my clear view. I can't comment on today's game, but it would be my clear view still. He understands the game far better than I ever will, but all the same I continue to think he is getting both judgments wrong.
  5. thewookieisdown

    no 1 keeper and captain

    Think captain should be and will be Reach
  6. My problem is that the new revenue won't replace the revenue we lose from the BBC. That might be wrong and I hope it is but it seems significant that no other club thinks it can make this work.
  7. thewookieisdown

    Where are the MODERATE #SWFC fans?

    I'd say I'm a moderate. Moderate views include (a) that some things have definitely improved under Chansiri (far better players here, two promotion campaigns, pitch and some stadium upgrades) (b) transfer policy hasn't been as disastrous as is sometimes said (yes, there have been failures) (c) CC was perhaps unduly lionised for a while but nowadays doesn't get his dues, and two top six finishes should get him some credit (d) there is an element of pure bad luck about last season's injuries; also long injury lists and prominent signings being out for months happens to most clubs (e) on pricing, it's fine to tilt people to ST; and high POTG for the rare attenders isn't the end of the world, assuming we have a membership scheme to plug the gap. The recent membership decision was to me the worst he has taken - it took a weak point in the offer (not a generous or creative enough deal for the several times per season fan) and made it far worse. This decision about R Sheffield is less important but it feels of a piece with some other things he has done ie followed a point of principle as he has defined it, with no obvious chance of reward. If it was realistic to think the lost BBC revenues could be replaced, in my view other clubs would have done so. On the pitch I think there is an outside chance of a sensational season. If we've picked a winner in Jos, then there is enough there with reasonable luck with injuries. His reluctance to play three up front (w FF or even Matias behind a front two) make me wonder if he is indeed the man, but I would wish him all the best, no doubt at all about that.
  8. thewookieisdown

    Your definitive team for Wigan

    Dawson Hutchinson Lees Pudil Baker Bannan Pelupessy Reach FF Joao Nuhui You can then ring changes on this eg we have Van Aken or one of the younger centre backs; Fletcher coming back gives us options; Matias in the front three; Boyd for Reach; Palmer for Baker etc. I don't feel strongly about names, except Hutch when fit is as food a CB as anyone in this league. That's a decent line up with enough cover to allow different individual options. And one which would be fun to watch. The main worry is lack of midfield alternatives. Kirby and Hunt? Sadly, I worry that he will play Hutch in midfield, and two or only one up front, both of which would on their own be bad decisions; taken together will be really disappointing
  9. thewookieisdown

    Happy Birthday Sam Hutchinson

    A very happy birthday indeed. Could be a really important player for us this season if used properly, in a back three. Could be a mixed blessing, if used in a midfield which is worryingly pedestrian Over to the manager.
  10. thewookieisdown

    Wigan away a decent opportunity ?

    Not the opening fixture you'd have chosen. They were a good third division side last season, much like Pig were the year before. Pig are far from the first promoted team to have hit the ground running in the higher league, and then to be pretty mediocre afterwards.
  11. thewookieisdown


    Can't agree with that (assuming I understand it correctly). Engage in racist abuse, you should expect to pay a price. A finite and measured price, but a price all the same. But the flip side of this is that because it is a serious matter, allegations need to be proved.
  12. I think fantastic overstates it but we have a reasonable squad that could be capable of finishing a decent midtable, with the losses over the summer being offset by the return of some injured players.
  13. thewookieisdown

    Mr Chansiri

    He's got a lot of things wrong. If he has the patience, it is well capable of being turned round. I would sooner have him than the idiots who had the club in the 90s and squandered a position of strength. Or the ones who failed to support Wilkinson in the mid 80s. Or frankly Mandaric, who was a good owner in many ways (and more competent) but was clearly unwilling to invest more. Or for that matter someone who need not be named. I would prefer someone with a better feel for football, an ability to resist micromanaging, someone open to advice, commercially astute, and with deep pockets. That may not immediately be on the cards
  14. thewookieisdown

    Observations - Not a meltdown

    My goodness, we miss Kieran Lee. (He says helpfully)
  15. Watched the opening 10 and then switched back on just as villreal were kicking off. More encouraged than not. At the very least it is different to the Rangers fiasco last season.