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  1. Hmmm second half performance was far from great but in the final quarter we didn't look like conceding. We see available to back at >2.4 on the exchange before the game and I didn't think that terribly attractive even if the league placings would normally have had us odds on. It was not an easy assignment and I wouldn't be too critical.
  2. Bates I think is injured. Or has been until lately at least. I'm with Salmon on this. I like Iorfa lots but didn't think this overall his best game by a long way... Except for that tackle which was indeed world class, quite superb. To me we still just don't look more than a solid mid table side but in central defence we have more capacity than I would guess anyone in this league
  3. Agree with OP. There's a fat simpleton sits close behind me who has it in for Reach. Loathsome human being. Last night he was largely blubbering away about his favourite topic, full backs holding position rather than committing to tackles. But he had a big moan when in stoppage time Reach broke with the ball and made for the corner flag rather than attempting to score from the halfway line. Absolute bell. Reach had a good game last night. Not a great game, but a good one.
  4. Interesting. I thought just the opposite and indeed initially that he was trying too hard. But then he settled. Thought it was promising.
  5. Bannan's decision making has always been weak. I don't particularly like him as captain either. Add Harris to the cadre of dodgy decision makers too. "hmmmm, I think I'll cut inside"
  6. Dull but there we are. We are a solid team but not much creative power. Worth the lead.
  7. Regression to the mean. Not much more to it than that.
  8. Yep, agree with all this. Other sports teams I follow - Cas RLFC, YCCC, Bristol RUFC - have been doing it well for some time. I suspect there may be some cynicism, but in the end following a sports team ought to be a bit of fun and that's pretty well it; so if this adds to it for some of us, then that's a good thing
  9. I'd say he's pretty consistent nowadays. Bring him on anything after the 60 minute mark and you can expect him to be effective. He is skillful, creative, and reads the game well. By the final stage of the game his main disadvantage - the lack of pace - matters less as things open out and legs tire. Equally, he seldom looks really convincing when he starts a game.
  10. Rather than lose this in a general thread. That looked a terrific goal to me. It got scrappy when we got the ball into their area (OK, it was messy in their box) and then a nice finish. But the move from quite deep in our half on our right touchline was superb. Hope the highlights capture it properly. (and that I'm right about this, but I think I am)
  11. Hmmm. I'd say we have that mentality because we have been poor rather than we have been poor because of that mentality. But there we go. I still don't see us as top six material but a win tomorrow does seem possible
  12. Probably playing for a contract... Think that's the standard response when one of the scapegoats has a good game
  13. And was instrumental getting us over the line into a top six finish in 2017.
  14. It depends what you want. In a very obvious sense, English club football isn't broken. It's a massive global success. Based around a branded league and half a dozen globally barnded and recognised clubs. There is collateral damage in this. The domestic cup competitions, whose value to clubs has dropped off the scale. And quite a few clubs who no longer have any prospects of competing at the top of the tree. If you like what's happened and you're a Wednesday fan, you're either a bit thick, or exceptionally altruistic on behalf of a class of rich people who don't really deserve your sympathy. It is what it is. And Sheffield Wednesday starting Steven Fletcher up front against Everton is not going to alter the march of history.
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