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  1. thewookieisdown

    Really Bruce ???

    No one should be getting excited, because so far there is not one good piece of evidence that Bruce is coming here, or indeed that there will be a vacancy. However, most fans, I would say practically all fans, would like there to be a vacancy; and take the view that it is unlikely that whoever comes in will do worse than the incumbent. It is rather like thinking about the Democrat challenger in 2020. A couple of years ago I wouldn't have been keen on Bruce. He is ok, but clearly limited. His Hull side outplayed us at Wembley, but no one was surprised we lost that game against a more experienced and expensively assembled side. If we were a well resourced promotion chasing side, I would rather look elsewhere. We are not. He would steady the ship. He would do.
  2. thewookieisdown

    Carlos Twitter

    I'd certainly criticise aspects of the CC tenure, but to say he was responsible for transfers is pushing it. I'd say that both about the positive and negative ones: Reach as well as Fox. It's hard to imagine he had any role in scouting; in fitness assessment; in negotiating contract length or value; or in matching the spend on acquisition and compensation against club revenue, in the context of an FFP regime. Indeed, if he did have any role in any of these it would be a bizarre way to operate at this level.
  3. thewookieisdown

    Rotherham United

    It obviously is a local derby. The problem is that it's not a big deal for us. It is for Rotherham. That's inevitable when you have a relatively large and small club as neighbour. And it's a problem because the smaller club's crowd and players are motivated as for a local derby; the bigger club's, not so much. I don't mean that in a sneering kind of way. Being a bigger club doesn't make you the better club. You don't follow Wednesday if supporting a big club matters to you. Rotherham presumably are quite well run, to have got themselves back into the championship. We are very badly run I have no particular view of Rotherham as a club. I think I have been in the town four times in the past 20 years. I don't know any Rotherham fans. As to the game, my son is back in the area for a family event on the Sat night. We had been thinking to fit in the football, but have decided not to. Rather spend the £xx that his ticket would have cost on a pub lunch, and take the dog out for a stroll.
  4. thewookieisdown

    Carlos Twitter

    It is, indeed, bizarre
  5. thewookieisdown

    Time to flex our collective muscle

    I feel there are issues about the manager, and then deeper issues about the running of the club. They inevitably intersect. The lack of response to managerial failure is a symptom of the deeper issues. All the same they are distinct. The deeper issues won't solve themselves. But in JL we now have a manager who, sadly, seems quite unable to organise or even motivate his players. The one decisive and in its way effective tactical gambit he has used was the ultra-defensive approach which took a point this season in the derby and last season at Boro. Beyond that, there is nothing. I do not think the current squad of players is anything like as bad as the results now being generated, and frankly our results are a bit better than our performances warrant. We have a squad that could properly led finish - well, maybeeven top half, but certainly with no need to be in the relegation dogfight. If JL stays I hope this post can be dug up and quoted for fun in a few months time, but I wouldn't hold out much hope.
  6. thewookieisdown

    Poundshop Klopp?

    Wagner is obviously a fine manager, and it is a totally realistic plan for us to get him. or what about Pochetino from Spurs. They lost the other day and he has all the frustrations of the stadium and its possible consumption of cash over the short run. That's another realistic suggestion. Klopp would be good and worth a try but he possibly wouldn't be available at the moment
  7. thewookieisdown

    Round and round we go

    With respect wholly disagree with the OP. Yes there are big separate issues but Jos is clearly out of his depth and in my view has a squad of available players capable of somewhat better than we have seen.
  8. thewookieisdown

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Perhaps early to comment but bottom line is that we still have a reasonable squad which ought to be capable of hitting midtable and a manager whose selections and tactics generally look suspect beforehand and worse afterwards.
  9. Goodness, best wishes to him and agree the club should sort him with something. In fairness an elderly neighbour had a nasty fall after the huddersfield semi and the club did some nice stuff. All that said it is a slightly chilling thought that I might be watching this club in my late 80s...
  10. thewookieisdown

    Season ticket holders

    £20 to stand behind the goal at Halifax last weekend in the conference £22 at Chesterfield last season in Div 4. In general agree with the critique of prices but there is such a thing as not pushing one's luck
  11. thewookieisdown

    Car crash

    I left the Norwich game when their second went in. It was an awful performance after poor poor shows in games before that. Today was a completely different level of performance frankly from anything we have seen this season. Of course it had its flaws but it was for much of the game fluent and entertaining. I'm pretty surprised if others don't see it that way.
  12. thewookieisdown

    Must read

    That's clearly right about the manager. On the chairman, I have some sympathy but unfortunately he seems to have taken a big punt on an outcome that was possible, but always odds against. I doubt you can spend heavily enough to almost guarantee promotion and I wouldn't advise trying the experiment; but we were nowhere near doing so. That was unwise in retrospect, but I think it was pretty clearly unwise at the time.
  13. thewookieisdown

    Sheffield Derby- A neutrals view

    My Leeds-supporting friend said pretty well the same. Objectively it was a very poor game.
  14. thewookieisdown

    SWFC - The Future. Do we have one?

    Completely agree. Point is simply that we could be stable and reasonably well run... promotion still a tough one. (Which is fine: I am quite as happy watching decent championship)
  15. thewookieisdown

    SWFC - The Future. Do we have one?

    It's worth noting that Derby are a similar club to us. Probably slightly less support, but a far better ground; and then obviously some way ahead of us commercially. In May 2013 they were like us one of about eight clubs who could have been relegated the final day. They were then fancied to do quite well the next season and they outperformed. They got to the playoff final and by all accounts should probably have won it. This now is the sixth season in which they have been seen, not necessarily as favourites, but as realistic play off contenders. They might get promoted this season. Probably they will not. It is a long old haul.