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  1. Yep. Kidding really. Seems self evident and agree about the motivation point
  2. In the old days I used to back us to win cups. In '91 I had £3 on us to win the League Cup at 66s. Got a very nice reception and handshakes from a cpuple of customers when I collected from the Ladbrokes on the Iffley Road in Oxford. "We've been dying to see who it was". Bet placed more than seven months earlier. A good insurance bet. An expensive business, winning a cup. Lots of people expect a beer, not unreasonably.
  3. You can see it on Betfair most clearly. This is a very lightly traded market indeed. None of us has enough information to compute but let's say 5% chance of the league mandating relegation. 50pc chance of a big points deduction and 20pc chance that if that happens we get relegated. None of those assumptions are outrageous though all are open to debate. If you think they're broadly reasonable, 14s is a long price.
  4. Thought the extended highlights gave a reasonable overview, more than is sometimes the case.
  5. Grown up this past year and also perhaps literally grown? He looks a big guy this season: looks like someone who has spent time with the weights and in the kitchen
  6. We've just won against a top six side in good form. Anyone whose come home unhappy needs to make a medical appointment. Disjointed and lacking confidence first half. Played very well second.
  7. agree strongly with that. We coud do everything right for five years and longer, and still miss out. I doubt DC really understood that when he bought the club. My guess (and it can only be a guess) was that he assumed that basically with one big shove we would get there.
  8. But in principle the imposition of a penalty by the EFL is subject to review within the civil justice system. If there were a case that there was breach of natural justice, or manifest unreasonableness, for example, it might have been possible to challenge this. It's hard to see this is the case, and indeed there was no appeal. Again, the point isn't so much whether the EFL was right or wrong. It's bafflement that people seem to think that a decision of this kind is going to mirror a decision in criminal law. There really is nothing unusual or remarkable about what happened
  9. Can we just stop this. For goodness sake, this isn't difficult. FF was acquitted of criminal charges. He wasn't proved innocent nor did he need to be. The disciplinary process was not using criminal burden of proof standards. It was using balance of probabilities. You may think this was done wrongly. I think myself it was done wrongly. But there is nothing particularly unclear about any of this, nor is the court outcome relevant. As I say on what I know FF not fairly treated but it is one mighty stretch to see it as unlawful
  10. I feel more worried about the position today than I have before. It is a strongly worded statement but not a particularly convincing one. It drifts towards incoherence. And a ittle bit of googling is enough to show that the concept of a legitimate expectation is hard to import into this context. It is a public law term. This is not public law. Even if applicable (if) it seems clear that the EFL wouldn't be bound if supposed assurances had been provided by people not authorised; or if the information available to the EFL when providing guidance was only partial, or subsequently changed. TL:DR version: don't get your hopes up. It may be that the club is aiming this more at opinion within the EFL and the game more widely than strictly at the process. Which makes sense but whether DC can build effective alliances, well, who knows.
  11. No, I don't agree. I don't think the press release tells us anything about the strength or presentation of the case, at all: but as a statement it isn't all that tight. Pure pedantry, but then I enjoy pedantry
  12. I don't understand how the charges are "unlawful". The statement suggests that the EFL has created a legitimate expectation as to what it would do and not only that but that the expectation is "binding". Well, who knows. But even if those statements are right, it doesn't make the charge "unlawful". It might mean that it was an unlawful action to lay the charge (as opposed to a misguided action), but that is not quite the same thing. Who knows? Suffice to say, it is not the most forensically drafted statement.
  13. Startling piece about Yorkshire Carnegie in the Times today. Real banditry. A disgrace.
  14. Not quite sure what the OP means by "motivated" - it's not like any of us are being called on to do something. If levels of interest are meant, I suspect most fans are more interested either when things are going well or when there's a crisis such as an end season relegation fight. Which seems perfectly sensible. There are more important things than Sheffield Wednesday in our lives.
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