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  1. Yes, but as he said odds aren't a consequence of a bookie taking a view; they are a function of punters' decisions. The third divisions is a lightly traded market, so the book incorporates fewer decisions; it's less likely to be an accurate predictor.
  2. I normally went to away games in London when I was living there in the 90s and you might expect a but of diaspora interest. Not sure I'd have trailed out into what is effectively Kent at 1730 on a Saturday
  3. Good championship level player. Not quite even at his best premier league material, but then again if he'd been ten per cent better he wouldn't have been playing for us. For a period of eighteen months or so he was very evidently our best player. The tackling thing does my head in. For years I had a season ticket in line about two thirds of the way from halfway to the Kop goal line. You could guarantee that several times every half when an opposing player was carrying the ball, people would get upset if our RB didn't go into a tackle. But if the defence performs its job, options are closed down, and the opposition ends up recycling deep or giving it away, there's no acknowledgment.
  4. I can readily believe you headed many footballs. The problem here is your statement that "nothing can be allowed", because the position is in fact that some things are allowed, and some age-related guidelines on heading balls in practice do not equate to our being in Hoxha's Albania
  5. I'm not making this up. I once overheard a couple of people talking about moving their ST, and one of them said where he had now was his lucky seat.
  6. Stating the obvious. If we reach major finals at continuous frequency, our next one will be in 2076.
  7. So ludicrously untrue it makes my head hurt. Just bonkers. We have two outstanding strikers, one of whom didn't deliver first three games, but that happens. At the back, Shaw is world class. Others, including our keeper, are not. They have played out of their skins and been far more than the sum of their parts. We have one of the weaker midfields among the plausible contenders. We have a couple of potentially world class players Sancho and Saka who most certainly should be in there, but are still learning their trade, and growing their strength. We do have a notably strong squad, leveraged very nicely both against Germany and Denmark. I reckon we go in there with a decent chance. Not a favourite's chance, but a decent chance.
  8. Wonderful. If that game was a bottle of wine it would be an 82 Haut Brion. Well worthy of the final.
  9. I'm pretty sure that his understanding was that if there's a will you can get a biggish club promoted from the championship in a year or two. I doubt he had much understanding of how difficult in practice that is.
  10. Much of that's fair. I don't particularly have a strong view on Southgate. He's obviously a decent and nice guy, and adult in the room when so many people in public life has lost their minds, and the nation seem bent on some form of slow suicide. That doesn't in itself make him a good manager. On the other hand, he is better than most of his predecessors this century, and the really top managers are going to want to do club. And yesterday, I thought he got it spot on
  11. It's worth saying that yesterday was the second game I can remember where England have beaten one of the top footballing countries in a knock out game. Spain on pens in 1996 was the previous one. That's a memory going back to 1980, but I'm not aware of any such wins after 1966. We're not generally a top rank footballing power for well established reasons (historic disdain for technique and fitness and rigorous management cf UK industrial history passim; and then the pivot to club domination). In the long sweep, yesterday was a notable (and to my mind surprising) event.
  12. One thing I never understand. A creative sub is brought on and makes decisive interventions. The response from some is to say that shows the player should have been on from the start. Really odd.
  13. I for one can think of something quite major that's changed and which will make him much more of a playing asset to this club
  14. Either rugby or football. Rugby at the moment. Horse racing my favourite.
  15. Segregation of fans should be ended. No reason why people shouldn't congregate with other fans for a sing, but segregation normalises an expectation that people will fight.
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