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  1. The problem with Nuhiu has never been his finishing. I mean, I know that's obvious but apparently it needs saying. Of course he misses easy chances. Strikers do. The problem has been that he doesn't get into threatening positions often enough. Lacks pace. Not always great decision making. All the same he has done well for us. Way above reasonable expectations for a player from the Austrian League. Way above. Is he a player to play a prominent part in a championship promotion campaign. Not really. See above. He was a bargain basement signing from the Austrian League.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jul/02/story-of-how-wigan-collapsed-into-administration-au-yeung-investigation This is the most detailed piece on Wigan I have seen (Conn is good on this sort of thing). A horror show
  3. Vile man. It's quite clearly a criminal offence. Yes, it's a on a sportsfield, but that creates an environment where the players' consent means that some things which would be illegal elsewhere are acceptable. It doesn't mean everything is acceptable.
  4. Sure, but football fans take what they can, and are under no obligation to be fair. They've done brilliantly, and would of course have bitten the proverbial hand off for this position a year ago. But.... Pre-lockdown, everything was running their way, including such things as coming fifth suddenly qualifying you for the bizarrely named "Champions League". Now their results are turning; by all accounts the performances aren't what they were (I can't comment on that as I haven't seen them play since the 0-0 at Hillsborough in March 19, but it seems to be a consensual view); and at least two of the superclubs who have been stuttering are now doing well. So they have gone from being close to a massive off-the-scale breakthrough to something admirable, but way less exciting. People will enjoy that just as much as no doubt their fans enjoyed it when we "only" came third in 1991-92.
  5. I have said on here several times I have no confidence in Monk. I have to say he has done very well in this restart period.
  6. That nice steward at the top of gangway Q in the north may need to do a second half of two. We aren't especially well placed to be turning down warm bodies here....
  7. Given that we might well be about to be mothballed for a season and won't necessarily come back in the same form, this is not a great time to be looking for buyers
  8. It was a huge story when Man U broke their drought in 1993. A shorter drought than Liverpool's. It was reported less hysterically, but sports reporting has grown more hysterical over time. In general, Liverpool winning the league seems to have made quite a few of our fans rather unhappy. I can't for a moment understand why, but it is quite funny.
  9. In the alternate universe where we beat Hull, and go on to win the league for the first time since before my 88 year old father was born, celebrations are muted and restrained. Manly handshakes, perhaps a daring shoulder pat, and half a pint of best bitter before an early night. Pleased for a couple of old friends from the city, although equally I would have been amused on their accounts had it gone the other way: so it goes.. Pleased above all for myself with £75 at 7/4 safely home, and a bottle of 2015 Troplong Mondot already purchased. All that said, a team I admire more than like. They have taken a philosophy of football further than anyone else has done, and at present competing with that seems to be more of an arms race than inventing new approaches. When now you look at the 70s and 80s football it all seems so slow with so much space, but I am not sure it was a worse spectacle. An elegance has been lost.
  10. Precisely. Very significant chance it won't go ahead.
  11. I would certainly applaud Fletcher. Great attitude, and he has been one of our best players of the past two decades. Forestieri. Perhaps. At his peak, he was very special for us. It is unlikely we will see individual talent of that quality here for some time. Fox went from looking out of his depth to being a decent enough championship player, one felt perhaps to the chagrin of some of our less agreeable fans. I admire him for that.
  12. Not one single event except for the mishandling of the di Canio affair, but the management of the club from 1993 was disgraceful. I blame not only Dave Richards but the entire board of mediocrities presiding over a situation they barely understood.
  13. Good luck to them all. Tough being young and struggling to get where you want careerwise. Kirby was the one I thought might make it when I watched U23s quite a bit two or three seasons ago.
  14. Anguished message overnight from an old uni friend who comes from Blackburn, and funds a mentoring scheme for young prospective entrepreneurs there. Might have been expected to enjoy a display of stupidity from fans of a club he really despises. But no: "mud spreads". Burnley signals it has a problem with knuckle draggers; well, perhaps towns like Blackburn do too. Safer for investors to stick with the cities.
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