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  1. I hate to ask, but why have we decided on here that he's signed for us?
  2. I assume if you die, sorry "pass away", you get upgraded to the south stand.
  3. It seems pretty unlikely we'll start dominating teams at Hillsborough, doesn't it. I mean, we haven't generally done so this season, and things tend not to change all that quickly. Tentatively, the two things that might make a significant difference are if we have Lee operating consistently at say 80-90% of his 2015 level, and one of the wide players grabbing it. Has Murphy got his mojo, we wonder. That's not to say we can expect bad results - until Cardiff our home record has been fine. But it's what we are, and why we are a fringe play off side rather than embedded in the top six looking up.
  4. Not an ignoble thing to be playing league Two football. Most who start out don't get as far as that. Hope it works out. Newport is grim but some places nearby are not.
  5. Sometimes they win. But then sometimes, having won a game, they do not win the next game. It's pretty well unbelievable isn't it. Has there ever been a club like it.
  6. Well, sure, we definitely should aim for a striker or two. I don't understand drawing a line or moving on. I have no idea whether we are looking at this guy or not. Nor does anyone here. NOne of us have any idea whether Arsenal are loaning him out. Nor do any of us have any idea who we are looking at now, if anyone, with what maturity.
  7. I don't think it's necessarily right either to credit Bruce for some good signings nor blames him for this. On this one, the evidence seems to be that post injury he has lost pace which in the past compensated for technical weaknesses.
  8. Strewth. Nine pages on an Arsenal youth player with no connection to us l
  9. Yep. It's more the question whether our recruitment has changed all that much over the past three years. In an obvious sense it has because we are forced into doing less of it. The two CBs were great signings but Moses less obviously so: but whether Bruce gets credit or the mild blame for the other is hard to know really.
  10. Um. This is insane. Carvalhal went through a list of 200 centre halves? Bruce found these two centre halves? I mean, I know we have real structural weaknesses as a club and all that and decision making is to put it mildly opaque. But... Our managers are scouting?
  11. It's quite possible to believe both that Bannan is the most talented player at the club and also that we may be stronger without him.
  12. The young adult pricing isn't outstanding. There's a price hike at age 17 which means you go from loose change to quite serious money, either for a kid or parent. Then there's nothing to tempt the 21-26yos pricewise. But it's not just price. I have seen people on here disparage what Leicester and Palace do to artificially stimulate atmosphere in their grounds. "Tinpot" tends to be the word used. We absolutely should be learning lessons from clubs like that.
  13. Yep. Joking aside, my contribution to "not accepting mediocrity" may well be not renewing my ST after over a decade. This has been an experimental year, in that for the past decade I've had an ST first with both kinds, then with the youngest. They've grwon up, off to uni, etc, so this year I have had one on my own. Not sure that this will feed through into better results and performances on the pitch, however.
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