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  1. My worry with the "man's game" stuff is that it elevates [association] football as a contact sport. When football rules were codified in the nineteenth century, the two big differences between the codes were that rugby football version allowed control of the ball with hands; and that rugby was full contact. (You read your Wodehouse, incidentally: for him football is rugby union; the round ball game is soccer). I like rugby, although less so these days; know more about it than "soccer"; played at a pretty strong level. Rugby is a contact sport. Football needs contact as a limiting factor, but the whole point of the game is guile and artistry. This sort of topic always brings out the worst in the kind of pigthick northerners who voted for Brexit.
  2. "Players entrance" Down the years, this has been all-too-seldom the case
  3. What's realistically your proposal to cut their wages? Across the market as a whole, wages are driven by revenues; so it would seem if you want lower wages you want either a greater share of revenue to accrue to owners and non-paying employees, or you want to restrict the ability of clubs to grow revenues. My preference is clearly for the latter, but that's more of a matter of my saying that the commercial success of football makes me like it less. Footballers doing well out of commercial growth is one of the aspects I mind least, overall.
  4. Clearly not calling off at 32, but must affect play, like any extreme weather. If it was 32 at ko, would that be the hottest recorded temp for a league game at Hillsborough? Surely in the top ten
  5. "The 'woke' crowd". We don't necessarily have the brightest fan group
  6. That's interesting. My worry would be wholly the opposite. It took a long time to find the right system and having found it, we are at our weakest when we drift away from it. My main worry is that I find our recruitment over this summer decidedly underwhelming. Most people who follow it more closely than I do think otherwise, so hopefully I am misguided. How far Moore gets the credit or blame, as the case may be, is hard to know from the outside.
  7. Ross Raisin's novel "A natural" is about a closeted young gay player at a lower league (well, ahem, division one) club. He claimed, I think plausibly, to have spoken to quite a few people in the sport, who consistently told him that players are advised to avoid club chat rooms, but few of them do. Most are simply passive readers, but some or not, and in the book one players starts controversial threads. (Stellar reviews for the book but I was mildly underwhelmed. Weaker than other things he's written).
  8. I'm far from being the target audience for this sort of video, but I completely agree. If it's not fun, what's the point? The Euros were fun. Ordinary people having a good time; lovely that England won, but if it had gone the other way, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. Nonleague football happens without an atmosphere of hysteria and malice.
  9. It's genuinely point and laugh funny that people can't see how much fitter contemporary players are than the ones even of twenty years ago. As to the realities, if we are underinvested in conditioning and dietary coaching, few will be surprised.
  10. Independent time keeper, clock stopped and restarted, no stoppage time.
  11. Agree with this. If you think about the mens game, there's no doubt that if the top teams now could travel back in time to play the top teams of forty years ago, it would scarcely be a contest. Players now are so much fitter, the game is so much quicker, there is such a premium on space. The development is impressive in its way but doesn't necessarily make the game better to watch. There was a sweet spot in rugby union about 20 years ago when fitness levels and above all technique had evolved from the amateur days, but the arms race which gave us 100kg+ backs hadn't begun, and that's true also for mens football.
  12. They all say this, don't they, the dribblewits. The shoving it down their throats cliche. Point and laugh stupid.
  13. Well. Not sure that's the way it works. I have no figures at all to back this up, but leaving aside the Euros question we seem to be worse than many other clubs at using our ground to generate non-football revenues; and for that matter match day revenues too. Fixing that would not be easy: it stems from years of decay of the basic infrastructure, and appalling management of basic facilities. All the same, it's a problem, and it makes it materially more difficult for us to compete with clubs like Derby, Sunderland, MK Dons etc.
  14. Crowd is quite nice as well. Ordinary looking people, rather than extras from Lord of the Rings. No need for segregation.
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