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  1. Bang goes the dream of losing 8-1 on agg to Man C in a league cup semi-final.
  2. This "200" thing. I didn't at the time see it as bigging up Van Aken at all. I read it as being we've been desperately looking for CBs all summer - which must have been the case. Depending on what "look at" means, 200 doesn't seem an awfully big number in this context.
  3. I can't do much by way of multi-tasking, but I can be irritated by very many things at the same time
  4. I'm not sure anyone is cross with Hirst himself. Some of us are irritated that exploitation of a loophole denied us a legitimate fee. At the same time, most would think the club handled this badly. We could and should have sold earlier - but if we weren't going to do that, isolating HIrst from the squad was not in our interests, and not in his. It was poor decision making by Chansiri. At the same time again, we were right not to concede wage demands that for us were off the scale. And on all the evidence available, he wasn't at the time a realistic first team contender at this level.
  5. Don't like it, but I cringe rather more when I see people refer to Leeds as Weeds
  6. Can never remember if it's mustard or custard with humble pie, but a decent slice for me tonight. Good stuff. It is 37 years now since we won in South Wales on the first day of the season, and went on to get promoted to end our longest period away from the top flight. Will history repeat itself? Errr, no. All the same, terrific start.
  7. Cardiff are odds against. Surprisingly. So too are Bris C and Derby with equally winnable home games. Add in Barnsley to beat Luton and it's not a bad yankee
  8. My prediction is that we will not be the only club with a points deduction by the end of the season. That may help a bit.
  9. I made a contribution to a non league club I watch quite frequently. That;s rather different...
  10. I may be misreading. But at the time it seemed that Chansiri was leading this as a personal project with the support of the TUF empire. But then TUF dropped away and everything was about Chansiri. There was some speculation at the time that this reflected tensions within TUF, because what had been a family business was now a listed company, and the Chansiris were minority if big shareholders. Whatever the reality. It became clear that we didn't have the finance and the management expertise (however relevant) of a big enterprise behind us. It was a personal project.
  11. Whatever you think of his subsequent behaviour, and form, his contribution in the 1516 season was the most exciting one made by any players since the good days in the 1990s. It is very unlikely we will see anything at that level at Hillsborough in the near future. Quite possibly we will never see anything as good.
  12. I definitely agree with you on that point. Leaving aside what we think of him as owner and chairman, there's no evidence that he is a successful businessman prior to this, and lots of reasons to think he wasn't. One of the most significant developments in recent SW history came in 2015 shortly after the takeover when the TUF branding, previously all over the place, disappeared. That told a very important story.
  13. There are issues, but timing isn't one. I don't think we tend to be later or earlier in signings than other clubs. At the very least, I would like to see some evidence that that this is the case. Unsurprisingly, in recent years some of our most impactful signing have been late, because players have only been clearly on the market as clubs higher up the food chain have settled on their squads.
  14. That Huddersfield game was almost nine years ago; and in a lower league
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