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  1. Errrr it is 2 June. Royal Ascot. The Open Golf. The cricket world cup. Wimbledon. Check back in July when the markets get going. Check back before that to find that Fulham have signed some left back from Serie B and we will be told they have got their business done early.
  2. well, except the odds (and I'm not sure where the poster has got them from, but taking them to be real odds against achieving promotion) show us to be one of the more fancied sides in an open league. Again, taking at face value: no team with a better than two in seven chance of promotion assessed at this stage
  3. Field of 24: prices 5/2, 5/2, 3/1, 7/2, 7/2, 7/2, 9/2, 9/2, 6/1, 6/1.... Um. Perhaps not. If these are promotion odds, then an ~82% chance we don't get promoted: feels about right...
  4. I am no expert on this, but by and large I suspect that if a club has decided it wants to offload a player, sticking a highlights reel on YouTube is rarely integral to the marketing strategy
  5. RaWould prefer not to sell. As with every player must be for sale if price is right. £14m seems like it would be. Rather not sell to a championship club. Don't watch Sheffield United so no skin off my nose whether he goes there or say Southampton
  6. We didn't see anywhere near enough of him to take a view. Nowhere near.
  7. It was a nervy evening at first. As I recall a point would have made it unlikely that Notts C - yes, Notts C - would catch us because of the GD. A win sealed it. A loss and we had a tricky game at already-promoted Oldham - yes, Oldham. For all that we look back on that team and season with such fondness, we quite frequently produced insipid home performances where we never got going, or only played one half. We didn't lose many (just one?) but we drew far more than we should have done. But that night we were superb. The 15 minutes after half time with waves of attack sweeping down towards the Kop are a memory for a lifetime
  8. Although this is a report that "Football Insider" has reported this not actually a report in its own right
  9. Won't irritate people by repasting, but isn't that a beautiful juxtaposition of pictures by the OP?
  10. Seems to be a theme with you. Perhaps add something to your tea calm it down a bit.
  11. Watford (a) on a Feb Tue night in 2023. 11th v 15th. Live the dream.
  12. Indeed. As in other fields notably politics this is about the anonymity provided by the internet making people behave badly. I know a few of their fans. I haven't seen or heard from any recently. Later this month I shall see my son's girlfriend's family. They are Pig. Perfectly nice people, if not ones you would necessarily want to be in charge of the wine list, bless them. I suspect there will be a bit of "booking our tickets for Old Trafford" followed by some "enjoy it while it lasts". In other words, normal conversation between normal people about a topic that in the end doesn't matter all that much
  13. Next season they need three teams to finish behind them. It is slightly ominous for them that there are no very obvious candidates other than Norwich. My view is that WBA will go up; if not them Villa; and whoever it is will be the strongest of the promoted sides. Brighton are weak, but capable of spending. I predict that whatever else is true we shall have a more enjoyable season than them next season. (Until the play offs...)
  14. Anger management training is the field to be in
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