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  1. That Waddle Goal in '93

    We missed so so so so many chances. Their keeper was immense, beyond praise. But goodness me I thought it was going to slip away. That sick feeling at half time having played so well and still be level. I remember the chap next to me, must have been late 40s, started crying after one of the innumerable misses.
  2. York Roast Co are Wednesdayites

  3. Hutch abdi loovens

    Back in training doesn't necessarily mean match fit, I guess. Certainly wouldn't advocate any as starters. Massive respect for Loovens, but the current central defensive partnership looks our first choice option.
  4. York Roast Co are Wednesdayites

    I was in your shop only last Thursday. Not for the first time. Your products are truly excellent. You would be more than welcome.
  5. Sheffield Wednesday 4 : 4 Chelsea (Milk Cup)

    Tremendous pictures, for sure. But a curious one to get nostalgic about. Sits there with Huddersfield, Forest 1990, Palace 2010, and perhaps the 87 FAC QF against Coventry as one of the great Hillsborough traumas. At half time we were through to a semi against a Sunderland team well below us in the league, with a final against another low ranker. At the end we'd got it all to do back in London. It also makes me feel sad because at the time and for a decade afterwards we largely tracked Chelsea, and were slightly better than them overall. When they knocked us out the cup in 94 it wasa slight surprise. But we will never be competitive with Chelsea again.
  6. Sure. Well, as to English fans it may be more of a distinction of degree than kind; but over the years they have been particularly awful both at country and club level. But be all that as it may. And let me give a counterexample. Last season about 20 minutes into the Newcastle game there were goings on a few rows in front of me in the North. The security people had moved in and insisted this bloke leave - and it turned out it was because he was a Newcastle fan. He was middle aged, didn't look remotely prone to violence or any kind of threat to anyone. To my mind rather shamefully, several of our supporters were encouraging the stewards and taunting the guy as he was taken out. What on earth is the point? Are people in some way unable to cope with others shouting for the other team? Real grown up people with jobs and kids and mortgages? Unbelievable.
  7. Win lose or draw, its not that big a deal

    When you look at the Boxing Day thread on here, it's deeply moving. Not because of the football as such, but because of people looking back on who they were with. Dads, uncles, old groups of friends, now scattered and half disappeared. In one way that tells you that of course the football doesn't matter. It's those long standing personal relationships which define your life. But the football does give it texture. You remember that time when the special thing happened. Derby matches are ones that can be special. Not the only ones, but much as I enjoyed the game against Forest I doubt I shall be looking back on it in twenty years.
  8. Completely. A few years ago I went to Schalke - Dortmund. Big local derby. Fans naturally massed together and made a terrific noise. But where we sat, while it was largely home fans, there were Dortmund supports in shirts, scarves, openly celebrating the Dortmund goals. Why the hell not? We impose segregation rules predicated on a view that football supporters can't act other than as insane criminals.
  9. Could be one of those Threads
  10. Do you work with Sheffield United fans?

    Don't, and in fact I don't really know of their fans these days. Talking to a Newcastle fan yesterday who asked how we were doing. I talked about Sunday. He said he didn't care for NE derbies. Newcastle the biggest club, so the game seems to mean more to Sunderland, and when they've won it's made the season for them. He wondered if this was a biiger thing to them than to us.
  11. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    Pricing for this seems ok to me. Not least because presumably if you are paying full price you are presumably a pretty infrequent attender. My other half will only do two or three games per season which means a a few quid either way doesn't make that much difference. For me areas to focus on pricing wise would be (a) six match packages (b) prices for family tickets and maybe (c) the membership costs are steep. But the context is higher attendances. For years, if I wanted an extra ticket for a friend or relative I could get one very close to where I sit. That's no longer true.
  12. 8 games in

    What a funny little man you are.
  13. C'mon Owlstalk, let's hear it for Carlos.

    At root it's pretty simple. Obviously he is a very good manager. He is by no means perfect and gets things wrong. But he is a serious player, and it is absurd to review every game through the prism of should the manager stay or go. I think it's interesting to have gone for this strategy of keeping someone for a long stint rather than shuffling the pack. It feels at this stage an intelligent counterplay against the lunacy of reacting to the inevitable bad run by sacking.
  14. 8 games in

    A very simple observation. We seem better this season than last.
  15. M5 Shut between 14-15 ...

    We are trying get back from a family thing in Bristol. It is indeed a mare. use the m50 if you can.