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  1. Adam Reach

    I hope we don't sell Reach because he's an excellent player and certainly our player of the season. If we were to sell I would expect us to be getting nearer to 10m than 5m for him in this market.
  2. Bolton Wanderers eyeing up Jordan Rhodes

    I'm sorry it hasn't worked out for him because he seems genuinely a nice guy. But it hasn't. I don't buy this play to his strengths stuff at all. In their different ways Nuhiu, Joao and even briefly Matias have all shown something under this manager. There is no special feature of Rhodes as a striker that means he shouldn't have been able to do that.
  3. Stadium location?

    From the Hope Valley, I can leave home about 2pm, park on street no more than a mile away, be in seat by 2.55. Nice drive skirting the west of the city, no traffic jams. Be deeply sorry to need a different journey
  4. Michael Vaughan in no doubt at all

    And with the possible exception of David Gower, the English batsman I have most enjoyed watching
  5. Nuhiu

    No. That's not true. What you call the "bandwagon" was a reaction to posts here and to an extent on social media which criticised him to a point beyond reason. Not people saying that they want us to be in a position where we can move to better options. Rather, people saying he had zero ability, that he couldn't do anything, that he was the worst player they'd ever seen at Hillsborough. Those weren't honest opinions - they can't have been, because no one could have been so stupid as to hold such an opinion, and also successfully respirate. Try not be like them. And as ever the thing to remember about him is that he came on a free from one of the weakest leagues in Europe. Expectations were not high. Or they shouldn't have been. For the money, he has been a hugely successful signing.
  6. How many more points do we need ?

    41 would quite likely be safe, but not a theory I care to test. 44 esp delivered via a win over Reading will be fine.
  7. Dunno. He's got a hair colour and complexion often associated with irritable skin. As I know all too well. Lenor is not good news
  8. Nuhiu

    Delighted for him.
  9. Dejphon Chansiri

    I wouldn't see Mandaric as a particularly great role model for anyone to follow.
  10. He's not saying anything particularly new or controversial here, though? The manager/head coach hasn't been running transfer strategy. No one supposes otherwise - or actually that at this level for that to be happen would be realistic. The issue is the quality of advice and ultimate decision making by those who are involved; and some real questions of accountability and conflicts of interests. But again: that's pretty clear, and well known
  11. It seems a terribly odd thing to get upset about. There may be some relationship between what the manager says in a bland press statement, what the manager says to the players, and the motivation that the players take onto the field; but it's far from obvious what that relationship would be
  12. Let's crowdfund George Hirst's new contract

    I know this is all supposed to be a joke, but could the OP have a go at explaining why Hirst is the most exciting prospect in 45 years. I mean, I'm all for giving him a first team go now, and for offering him a sensible contract, as in fairness we seem to have done. But...c'mon...
  13. More interested in whether to cash out my gold cup antepost on Definitly Red.
  14. It's worth having in mind that God sits outside of time. So there is no sense in which he is waiting to see the result of the game on Saturday. The final whistle is equally visible to him as kick off.
  15. Does he get lots of stick? Really? There's dribbling cretinism from various simpletons on social media, including this site. But in real life the consensus would be good but limited player; lots of skill and physicality; good bench option; terrific attitude; and as a cheap cheap cheap recruit from one of the weakest leagues in Europe, has delivered more than we would have expected. I sit in an agreeably moan-y bit of the North, and I seldom if ever hear people being other than positive.