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  1. thewookieisdown

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Well, indeed, and the period when we were most reliant on young inexperienced players was, unsurprisingly, the period where we drifted into real relegation worries.
  2. thewookieisdown

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Hopefully a hard lesson has been learned by the owner. Not wise to play hard all when the downsides largely come back to you. As others have said, we couldn't reasonably have expected to keep him given the alternative offers. But it is hard to see what the freezing out strategy was even intended to achieve. At the very least, we were continuing to pay for an asset we weren't using, and weren't increasing in sale value. An odd chapter. On a separate point, he's gone to Leicester. Well, fine. Not a bad option for him. But interesting that in the end the superclubs didn't come in. It's far too early to have a view on whether Hirst will make it at high level, but...maybe there is nothing in that, but maybe just maybe the analysts have seen something that suggests he won't quite make it.
  3. thewookieisdown

    2018/19 Membership

    Interesting to see what the new ch exec makes of this one. To me one of the big gaps in pricing. STs are ok(ish). Gouging the POTGs isn't really ok, but POTG non-membership fans are by definition occasionals; most can take the odd few quid here or there for an occasional expense. Membership isn't ok. Too expensive upfront; and too little in the discount to straight POTG, esp given the upfront cost. I'd also include mini-season tickets within this eg pick six games for near-full STH price. Terms need to be a bit less generous than STH terms but only a little. (The other big gaps are aggressive family discounts; (less impactful) discounting the hell out of midweek evenings; and I'd also take the student market more seriously.)
  4. thewookieisdown

    Sam Winnall at #SWFC

    Entirely possible he will never be quite the same player again. Nasty, nasty injury to pick up. On the face of it he's an asset to sell, if he does recover.
  5. thewookieisdown

    very worried 9 days from party in the park

    It's June. Not even the last week of June. Still two days of Royal Ascot. This week is briefly a week to think about the Owls: fixtures out, so the calendar needs filling up. Enjoy the sunshine.
  6. thewookieisdown

    Wow - what a stupid article

    Genuinely don't see the point of getting worked up about this sort of thing. It is semi-literate ("The narrative that the more fans you have the more successful you should be is an outdated ideology") is the sort of thing a B-grade year 11 might write. It sets about attacking straw men ("there is no divine right..."; well, indeed, not). The final para may or may not be true, but it is simply a non seq. There we go. Some no-mark writes something dull on the internet.
  7. thewookieisdown

    Just a thought with FFP...

    Hope you are right about that. I suspect what we will see is more differentiated deals which might mean less money in the system overall, but more for the big clubs.
  8. thewookieisdown

    Just a thought with FFP...

    But even then, if we became a reasonably secure mid table premier league club, overseas shirt sales won't be significant. Overseas support bases are absolutely dominated by the big clubs. The Southamptons etc cut into the media rights and sure, can create some touring income. But they don't get the sustained revenue building support of the super clubs.
  9. thewookieisdown

    Brum in for Bannan?

    Well quite. When you have someone who thinks Carvalhal single handedly ran our transfer business, it isnt all that easy to know where to start...
  10. thewookieisdown

    Andy rhodes

    If Andy Rhodes went, that looks like a loss. On replacement though, why Pressman? Why wouldn't we simply advertise and recruit?
  11. Well. Who knows. There is no reason at the moment to think the current owner is going to pull out. Our previous owner was on balance good for the club but wasn't willing to speculate - for reasons I respect. The best case scenario was doing just what it took to stay up. Our owners before that were not conspicuously successful. I am not sure it's true, therefore, that "we always do"
  12. thewookieisdown

    The Sam Winnalll situation

    The Barnsley supporter I know told me that Winnall had a reputation for being pretty arrogant, and not a team person. It's impossible to know whether that's right or not, just as no one on here has any idea what actually happened in the FF situation. That said: if the rumours are true I would be inclined if we can to sell. The famous All-Blacks no-d***heads policy always strikes me as wise. Whether we can sell is another matter. Over the summer, presumably not.
  13. If we are being pedantic (and we should make a point of being so) the BBC is not reporting that Rhodes may be going to Rangers. It is reporting that the Star has reported that Rhodes is going to Rangers. The BBC report is accurate, quite independently of whether this is happening or not. It would seem sensible or all parties if it is true.
  14. thewookieisdown

    Clare rejected us??

    At this stage Clare is obviously a bigger loss than Hirst. There were signs that he can be a good championship level midfield player, possibly better. Especially if Lee isn't back, we are lacking CM options. All the same, if he can find a better deal elsewhere, so be it; don't blame him at all, but equally we shouldn't chase him
  15. thewookieisdown

    George Hirst

    A lot of this discussion mixes up the question of whether he should be in the first team squad, and wages. I imagine in the end it's money that will drive this. Be odd if not. Therefore if rumours of big club interest are true he will go. Whether he is now good enough to challenge for a first team place with us who can say? None of us. But quite simply it seems to be moot.