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  1. thewookieisdown

    Do we give Conor Grant a go....

    I think quite a few people don't realise just what a gap there is from the u23 level. It's not like it was when I was a kid when essentially there was a reserve team which was pretty well those deemed the eleven weakest members of a squad of not much more than 20. Hirst was the classic example of people getting way too excited. People suggesting that if could bang in 40 per season at U23 level then that must be translatable to the championship - well, no. Certainly not opposed to people getting their chances if they are thought to be ready to do so, but we need realism here
  2. thewookieisdown

    Do we give Conor Grant a go....

    In fairness Carvalhal got it spot on when he came to playing the youngsters. He seldom did it. They weren't good enough.
  3. thewookieisdown

    Do we give Conor Grant a go....

    Well. Not opposed to trying anything. But there is no evidence at all that he is capable of playing at championship level.
  4. thewookieisdown

    The shadow of The Blades

    They are obviously better than us at the moment. That could be the case for years to come; but equally it can unwind very quickly. I don't feel particularly happy about that, but it doesn't worry me unduly. I've an old friend from the dark side, who I see far too little of these days. He had some bad things in his life in his thirties and moved to France with his wife. Don't begrudge him something to be happy about. The lad's girlfriend's family are Pig, but largely armchair. Don't seem them very often, but there is mild banter. I suspect a lot of people get upset because of ridiculous social media encounters. Frankly, some of our fans on social media are bad enough, without engaging with theirs, and people could improve their quality of life by reading a good book instead
  5. thewookieisdown

    ST's frozen - and upto 5 years multi as well

    Under 17 is a curious cut off. For some years I went with both kids. Eldest now away at uni. Youngest is now 17. I don't think we'd have been renewing for her anyway - she misses quite a few games through other commitments. So not a personal concern really - but it's quite a price differentiation between what for many is year 12 and year 13 school or college.
  6. thewookieisdown


    Interesting. Two points and no goals scored from those two fixtures indeed a disappointment, but I thought the Reading performance overall more disappointing than the one at Millwall. Certainly a more disappointing result. I don't doubt that we need a reaction. Including perhaps a bit more imagination and aggression from the manager!
  7. thewookieisdown

    45 minutes

    Yes, largely agree. I didn't think he had a particularly bad game on Tuesday. I seldom watch from behind a goal and it gives you interesting perspectives, esp when the team is playing toward the other end. His positioning and anticipation were a bit above what I had expected and he got forward a bit more than I had guessed he would. Which isn't to deny both that he is at or a bit beyond his limit at this level; and that the m/f deployed for the first 45' on Tuesday really didn't work at all, as most regular watchers would have predicted. I took the substitution to be more a recognition of the rather obvious failings of the overall selection, rather than about the specific shortcoming of one player.
  8. thewookieisdown

    Well done Wednesday

    Ludicrous overreaction. I suspect in many cases from those who weren't there. First 15' was appalling. Rest of the first half was solid; we were the better team; but never looked like scoring. Not good. Second half was more open. Unlike in the first, we looked from time to time like conceding. Boyd, woeful against Reading, didn't have a bad game. Bannan was more purposeful.
  9. thewookieisdown

    Adam Reach

    Dribbling halfwittery. An absolutely ludicrous frankly moronic comment
  10. thewookieisdown

    Barry Bannan

    He's had some very good games for us this season, and he is clearly an asset. I say this with some affection, but clearly he isn't awfully bright. Anyone who follows his social media can see that even by the less than stellar standards of the professional footballer, he is a bit lacking. You can see that translated onto the pitch. His decision making has always been a weak part of his game. You then see it at the macro level in that he plays for much of the time far too deep, with at best wasted opportunities, and more often than not alarming moments resulting from poor choices of pass. So he needs a lot of direction. From the manager, reinforced by the captain. I don't like Lees as captain, but Bannan isn't the answer instead.
  11. thewookieisdown

    Extended highlights

    On the opening point, actually we were a bit off it and disjointed for quite a bit of the game, and certainly the third quarter was poor. I remember commenting that Bruce's first halftime talk in the home dressing room hadn't been a conspicuous success. There were missed chances, which happens: more importantly, from several positions of real promise we failed to create clear strong chances. Set pieces were really poor, and no doubt will have found themselves onto the to-do list. Overall, I would say I was a little disappointed, against a side which really looks likely to be in deep trouble up to the end. But there were things to like, and certainly nothing to get too worked up about. FF I thought had quite a poor game, but I agree he will get better, and he didn't hide. On Reach and Bannan, obviously correct on the general. Reach played well yesterday; Bannan not great.
  12. thewookieisdown


    In fairness he had a very good game against Birmingham, and some moments against Wigan. Yesterday was really not very good at all.
  13. thewookieisdown


    I thought 11th at the start of this season, and by a round about way I doubt we shall be too far off that.
  14. thewookieisdown


    had his moments today, but not a great game by any means. His decision making generally is a weakness, but there remains a lot of talent there.
  15. thewookieisdown

    Winning margin

    We are odds against tomorrow, which surprised me, and seems good value.