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  1. 7 years ago today.....

    Friend of mine who is quite a senior civil servant in the Business department told me there was pretty considerable irritation about Clegg's insistence that officials get involved in this, and that for some time it became a favourite example of how personal ministerial hobby horses stopped civil servants doing the things that really they ought to have been doing.
  2. Hillsborough

    Because as surely you must know among our supporters (and indeed among football supporters in general) there is a small group of people who insist on blaming the disaster on Liverpool supporters. Some brain dead piece of filth was doing it on this site earlier today. Now, obviously you wouldn't want in any way to associate with people like that, but raising Heysel in this context rather risks doing so. I doubt you have a strong view on their Anfield memorial, which seems to me to be a dignified austere piece of work in the way that the best memorial are.
  3. v Bristol City August 2015

    Butterfield may be the Lopez replacement. (I know not quite like for like). One of the more popular social media/Owlstalk tropes is how things are different now from that first season. In fact, though, that BCFC game typified how we generally played over 2015-16. Played within ourselves in the first half. A few chances but not dominating. Cranked it up in the second. And above all very happy to allow the other team fruitless possession, while keeping a shape that denied options.
  4. A Bristol City view

    Spent much of my childhood in Bristol and used to watch City a bit, incl in the first division. Gerry Gow. Trevor Tainton. Geoff Merrick. Paul Cheesley (heartbreakingly, a career ending injury right at the start of their first season). Always look out for them, and for the rugby team too, whose underachievement in the professional era continues to baffle me. One of the kids now at the university there. Could go either way tomorrow, and am looking forward to what should be a good game.
  5. You asked it of someone else but - (a) Die Piggy Die is vile. As is racist chanting, "incl I'd rather be...". If it were my club to run, I would ban anyone chanting offensive stuff like that. For life? Possibly. Public apologies might change that. I'd judge a 17yo differently from a 50yo. Ban not fully enforceable? Doesn't matter. This isn't a freedom of speech issue. I can believe there is a freedom to sing Die Piggy Die (but see below) and also that anyone signing it should be banned from Hillsborough. (Analogy: I would support Labour in expelling Ken Livingstone for anti-semitic comments. In law those comments were ok, and he should be free to say them.) (b) On freedom of speech, I think it depends. Freedom of speech isn't absolute. I do not have the right to write to your employer accusing you of fraud if I have no evidence. If you sing "Die..." in a closed pub full of Wednesday fans - well, you're not going to be my friend. A matter for the law? Possibly not. But the class of things that shouldn't be said is much wider than the class of things that should be banned. But then take another extreme. A United fan's funeral. Alright in law to sing it there? No, of course not, and old fashioned breach of the peace is a perfectly sensible common law offence to deal with actions most ordinary people would deem beyond the pale. At a game? I could live with it being unlawful. I certainly think as between breach of the peace and more serious incitement offences there isn't a massive amount of space for the kind of people who do this sort of thing to operate. Sympathy is limited. I am no sure this sort of thing is quite what JS Mill had in mind.
  6. Wednesday’s best ever goal..

    Hooper equaliser at Birmingham a couple of seasons ago for combination of movement and finishas good as any I can recall
  7. Happy Birthday Howard!

    The highpoint was in Oct 86. We drew 1-1 at Spurs. The week before Spurs had won at Anfield and they scored early against us. After that we got well on top. Remains one of the finest performances I have ever seen from us. I think it was David Lacey who on the following Monday mused that we could well win the league. Two months later we were pathetic in a 3-0 loss at Wimbledon. A few weeks further on and it was obvious we were in serious danger.
  8. Hooray! We've had to wait five pages, a little surprisingly, but here it is. Or rather here they are, the PC brigade, riding around in the rainbow coloured engines. You can't say anything these days. I would have marked this down for not using "gone mad" but "taken over the world", literally a thing that has happened, is way better.
  9. I feel we can struggle on without this person....
  10. Sheffield Wednesday Cufflinks

    I always wear double cuffs with a suit, which for me means cufflinks two or three times per week. Don't like this kind of fancy cufflink any more than i like humorous ties. Avoid.
  11. Is SWFC's recruitment that bad?

    I love the way these supposedly in the know people almost always have written English straight from the year 7 D stream
  12. I really hope we go up for one reason

    Best to be realistic about this. At some point in the next decade we'll get promoted. Probably in the next five years. Maybe even this season (say one in three chance of the playoffs; and in the nature of the case if we do make the playoffs we'll be there with a bit of wind in our sails). We still won't get the profile. People will have heard of us. Eventually, in the way that they've heard of Stoke or Southampton. But the kids sitting in front of the TV are still going to "support" (whatever that means) the big clubs; the execs watching in the sports bars of Phoenix and Shanghai the same. Suspect we will see more kids in this country saying they support two clubs. A big club ie one of the six consistently competing for the champions league; and another maybe local one.
  13. Is the club still missing the point?

    When it comes to ordinary admission prices I want affordability to be a concern. On corporate hospitality we should profit maximise. I have no idea what in practice that means but if - if - it means high prices and a different customer base so be it. As I say, that might not work and it might be the strategy is all wrong but its wholly different to pricing out low income supporters
  14. Is SWFC's recruitment that bad?

    That's not a wholly fair list. Lopez was an excellent loan signing. Would love to have kept him. Bennett did fine as LB back up. Sasso was ok as a back up centre half. Kean was pre CC. Lachmann was so early in the CC reign and in the days of the committee I doubt CC had much of a role. Price was broadly ok as a reserve keeper.