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  1. British elite families used to send idiot sons into the church, or to some obscure colonial posting. Something that didn't matter, and got them out the way. Perhaps the new Asian elites are sending the inadequate sons off with a (finite) stash of cash to play with European sports teams.
  2. I went to it in 1988. I was interrailing and we happened to be in Budapest at the same time as the Grand Prix. I'm not remotely interested in motor racing, but we'd hooked up with a small group of Americans in a hostel who were going and - rightly, as it turned out - I judged that I was in with a good chance with a young lady who liked my accent. None of that is terribly relevant. Stating the obvious, but Budapest in August is likely to be very hot. You may regard that as a good thing, but if you were my son going to it I would be nagging you about lots of sun cream,
  3. Errrr..... The actual Guardian April Fool today is rather a good one, though they'll never reach the heights of the Sans Serif saga.
  4. If you want something vaguely prompted by The Joker (dysfunctionality, alienation, crime, clowning), Scorsese's The King of Comedy is an absolute masterpiece. Probably my favourite Scorsese film
  5. An unhappy day. Much as we revere Jack's memory, that season had been disappointing. But here was a chance to make something of it, at a time when the FA cup meant so much more than it does now. The two strong teams were Arsenal and Man U and it was exciting to have dodged them. Equally, it was exciting for Brighton to have an SF against an upper mid table Div 2 side. Definite parallels to the play off final. We were clearly second favourites in both, up against stronger teams. But in both games, a sense that while we might still have lost, we didn't do all we were cap
  6. It's significant that none of these are examples from the past decade.
  7. Unwise. His limitations have been exposed this season, but they will be less of a liability in the championship.
  8. The timing is, shall we say, suboptimal. It's almost certainly an appointment now to give us a shot at a promotion campaign in Div 3 next season. But a promotion campaign in Div 3 is what we shall need. It would be odd not to be pleased about this one. It may or may not work, but there is enough evidence to think he is worth a punt, and it shows some ambition on both sides. I must say if I was manager of Doncaster, doing well at the moment, I would think twice before coming to Hillsborough. There's no point in being continuously miserable about what is, aft
  9. Calling other clubs tin pot generally is moronic, even by the every days standards of football fans. I have complete respect for people who follow a "small" club, say Walsall, Doncaster, Wigan. Far more respect than for people who "support" say, Chelsea, as a global brand We're not really a big club any more, and we are certainly badly run. Tin pot's a daft phrase to describe that.
  10. OP rather misses the point. This isn't 1980. The success of a club isn't particularly linked to its location. Liverpool and Everton were always pretty successful clubs because they were based in a large working class city. Liverpool are now successful as a global brand. Whether a merged Sheffield club would do better is hard to know. Much would depend on the initial dowry, but even if you could drum up large interest among the local population (highly unlikely) that's not necessarily going to get you too far in terms of the economics. For global consumers, a merged Sheffield has no
  11. I think you're supposed to say he neshes tackles and headers. As far as I can see, doing that's the main attraction of these Reach threads
  12. Didn't see last night. Reach is one of those players who, bafflingly, seems to get under the skin of the dumber elements of the fan base. He is what he is, and if he could make better decisions at pace and have A grade not B grade control, he'd be playing somewhere better. At championship level, he's good, and we have got a lot of miles out of him. Generally, his work rate has been more than acceptable, but his head can drop. Plus also in the past he's tended to play more frequently than most, in roles that require a lot of movement; so there has been some evidence of
  13. On the bright side, overall results since the ghastly Mr Pulis was sacked haven't been as bad as might have been expected. And as to today, a good win is a good win. Deeper problems of ownership remain, and seem if anything to be getting worse. A lethal mixture of mulishness and cretinism which is unlikely to change.
  14. I don't understand the OP. It means nothing to say "the final tide has turned". Nothing is happening other than people sharing opinions online, most often anonymously None of this is under any of our influence. All supporters want is the club to be better run. In principle that could happen very quickly under the current owner. Then "the tide" would turn back. But this seems very unlikely, increasingly so as time goes by and every opportunity to reboot disappears. Would a new owner be an improvement? It seems likely, since the current owner is surely one of the least co
  15. Perfectly decent performance against opponents who were up for it, and have definite top six potential this season.
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