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  1. A good dignified statement. Something rather nasty about the way Monk has sought to blame others for his incompetence.
  2. I suspect DC didn't understand what he was getting into. This is guesswork, but so is everything here. My guess is that he thought that with a significant amount of spend he could pretty well secure promotion. Whereas at the levels of spend he could inject, and possibly at any level of spend, all that could be done was give us a fighting chance. On the field we had two good main seasons when we got to the play offs and that was not something that should ever be taken for granted. 2017 was hugely disappointing but even so, having reached the play offs we were obviously odds against not odds on. Derby are in many ways quite a similar club to us, albeit with a far better stadium. They have been running close for years now with some seasons better than others. The gripes with DC are twofold. First, they that he seems to have bet the farm when I strongly suspect most of us would have preferred that the farm not be bet. And he assured us that the farm was not being bet: that the FFP risks were understood and covered. A lot of us wondered how credible that was, but that's a different point. He did make those statements and they turned out either to be knowingly false, or to be mistaken in ways that show an alarming inability to assess the real position. Secondly, as people are forever pointing out, management in the club seems entirely hollowed out both on the commercial side and on the footballing side. Even if he were more experienced and able the chairman couldn't remotely hope to do it all himself, and until he has the right support it seems we will be reliant on luck. I do wonder if actually he is game for the long haul - for the reality that we could do pretty well everything right for the next five years us and still not get promotion. In the very short run he can please me by removing this dreadful manager, whose tendency to hint that all this is the fault of two players not even playing is beyond pathetic.
  3. there was 7/1 available to back on betfair earlier, which I took. We are now in my view more likely to go down than stay up because I can't see us getting more than a dozen or so points, and that's optimistic. We're likely to have between 12 and 21 points docked. (the market rules are clear that a points dedcution is just part of it all) It may be we won't have a deduction and the leadership has done this right. But that's unlikely. Chansiri is likely to have got it wrong if he ran the show himself, and unlikely to have delegated it properly. If Monk is sacked tomorrow, as should happen, our prospective points yield could change. Whoever it is is unlikely to be a worse manager than Monk. Even so, the points dedcution is likely to be enough to take us down. While I'm on, you can still get 5/4 Birmingham for to beat us next Sat, which is insanely good value.
  4. Of course there are deeper problems than Monk, but we are where we are, and getting tid of a palpably useless manager is one thing that can be done now.
  5. Good for you. Genuinely. I'm afraid given that from where I park it's a good 15 min walk both ways, the weather has decided things for me
  6. I doubt it too but.... I mean, it would actually be a good thing if we won...
  7. Overall the squad obviously isn't as good as it needs to be. Some players are way out of their depth (Rhodes, Winnall). Some are past it (Lee, I'm afraid). Some are never-quite-were (Moses). Some definitely have looked good enough this season but have recently gone off the boil (Harris, Iorfa, Borner - three months ago I'd have said that was a top six CB partnership). Some are flawed assets we find hard to use, notably Bannan, It's a mix. It's also a mixed pedigree. Some people talk about us having had the same team for years, but while it's true that we don't turnover players quickly enough and have stagnated, there has been new blood. Three of the eleven on Weds alone were starters. It remains the case that this squad is not notably weaker than the one we had second half of last season, and in principle should be a bit stronger. Meanwhile, we have a manager who came here with a decidedly uninspiring track record, fans of previous clubs (not least Swansea) chortling over the appointment; and who is not the most stellar operator. There is not the slightest scintilla of evidence that he can cope with this task
  8. Having not renewed my ST, I am mentally checking out a bit. The weather for Saturday looks horrible, and I think it might well be an afternoon at home for me
  9. I don't think we have a squad that on paper looks ready for top six. When we were top six we were I felt doing well relative to expectations. Form in the latter part of last season suggested a decent midtable. With a couple of squad improvements that seemed a reasonable hope. It is sort of where we are but it is one thing to be consistently midtable, quite another to be falling like a stone and playing every bit as badly as the results suggest.
  10. No. He is not holding onto any players, mediocre or not. Because like you he is an anonymous poster on a message board.
  11. Squad needs refreshing but in fairness that has been happening. Borner, Luongo, Iorfa, Harris, Murphy, Windass, Wickham, da Cruz are all new in the last year.
  12. He's very B grade. B/B minus. Far from ideal. But yes. Better than the status quo.
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