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  1. Iorfa immense, new lad looks steady. Murphy playing well, Fletcher looks back to full fitness.
  2. Craig Johnson ripped us apart for Liverpool, then was dropped the following week in the Cup final. Les Ferdinand was unstoppable for QPR but my vote goes to Malcom Macdonald for his hat trick when we lost 5 0 at home to Luton.
  3. Fox’s man was two yards away from him before Fox even reacted. Desperately need a proper left back with pace awareness and a crunching tackle.
  4. You don’t see O’Connell or Baldock sauntering back when opposition is on the attack, that’s the difference. We desperately need two new fullbacks.
  5. The headrest covers from S.U.T coaches were a cheaper alternative for some!
  6. Used to hug the touch line on the right wing, similar to Waddle. Mesmerised the Huddersfield defence in a 3-2 win, best I’d seen him play. Glad to see Wee Willie is still going strong, and still has an affectation for us after all these years.
  7. 30/3/66 night match at home to Stoke. Beat them 4-1 can’t remember any of the goals.
  8. This thread is about points scoring, rather than the likely points deduction.
  9. ...and the first caller to Football Heaven tonight is Michael, good evening Michael.
  10. Hope he cups his ears every week at the people who struggle to pay inflated prices to fund inflated wages. Can't see it though.
  11. Good job she's not looking at Wetwang and Scunthorpe.
  12. Her eyes go straight at the end of the forecast, immediately after she crosses her legs.
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