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  1. Would have sooner see the inexperienced Hunt play than the bloke who can’t even catch shadows.
  2. Monk has picked the useless Pelupessey having seeing him make zero tackles in midfield match after match. So is partly to blame.
  3. Con men the lot of them, manager coaches and players. Next press conference we aim to put things right, bla bla bla.
  4. Shower of shiiiite is that better?
  5. Be lucky to get a draw tonight with that shower. Premiership? We're havin' a laugh.
  6. Also remember the large wooden gates to the railway station being forced open as police held us back after the match.
  7. Loving this nostalgia topic. Loved football in the seventies, you knew most players from most of the teams in the top division, household names Bell, Astle, Hunter, Sumerbee, Keegan Best etc. None of your Abangnyans or Xavier's or some other overpaid foreigners then. Muddy pitches played on by honest hard men, not today's atheletes with a lightweight ball, who's sole aim is to con the ref into giving a penalty or free kick. Loved going away every other week. Never planned most of the trips, just got up Saturday morning, jumped in car or train and paid on the gate. Fealt like a conquering army rolling into town at the Shrewsburys, Oxfords, Orients Grimsbys etc. The football violence was a weekly regular feature of the game, no wonder the old blokes at the time wanted to bring back National Service. Some great memories from forty to fifty years ago that will live with me to the grave.
  8. Shrewsbury drew? Chuff me, turned it off at 2-0.
  9. Thank God for Fox, our midfield is non existant.
  10. “Thanks for havin’ me on yer show Mike, I really enjoy your program, I’ll have to be quick I’m on mi mobile watchin’ some trainin’. Can I just seh, Wednesday will not go up while ever they play Dawson and Pelupessey, believe you me. An ad like to talk about Sheffy Yunited nah if I can.”
  11. We’re you born in the wild or an owl sanctuary?
  12. Agree with the OP. (How's the "big shoe" Herman )
  13. Cess will be waiting, let yourself in.
  14. Hocus Pocus, you’re gonna get your fkn heads kicked in.
  15. BBC checking for possible biasness Descision NO FOUL.
  16. Keep muttering M wun, ginnell and gaaarden. They'll think you're a local.
  17. https://audioboom.com/posts/1710823-mick-sings-connor-on-my-mind
  18. Hirohito tried out his new contact lenses.
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