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  1. Went to the 4-0 drubbing at Watford, think Luther Blissett had scored at least three of them maybe all four, and all before half time. One of the funniest chants that match was when Elton John was making a presentation before kick off. He'd just had his wig/hair transplants. Wednesdayites singing "We've got more hair than you, Elton John, Elton John."
  2. It's amazing how time plays tricks with your memory, I bow to yours. What I can remember is having a drink in the Fortyfoot before the match, thinking £5 on the Kop is a lot of money straight after Xmas, should I save it, go home and watch Zulu on TV instead. Glad I decided to go to the game. Jan Simonson ran us ragged in the first half.
  3. Booed off at half time. 1-0 up early on from McCulloch, then 3-1 down by Half time. Steve Gritt scored a volley in his own net, straight after h/t. Also did the same at their place the season after.
  4. RIP Big Jack, thank you for what you did for our club. Enjoy your fishing up there, you’ve earned it.
  5. Four games left for Gary to get his ideas across to the players. 🙄
  6. Odabajo comes on, Preston bring penalty taker on.
  7. Is this a first, Owls and Blunts at home in the league on the same day?
  8. Expect Preston to get a penalty, they’ve had 11 so far this season. Cheating gits.
  9. Barry put me a £10 win on Tell him he’s dead.
  10. Somebody’s put gree-ass under their feet, the dirty twisters.
  11. Credit where credit’s due. Held firm at the back, then picked them off. Very disappointed by Spurs final ball.
  12. Listening to this on radio, they never mentioned the defender, but it wasn’t hard to guess.
  13. Saw enough of Da Cruz in the Luton game, to realise those that brought him to the club should hang their heads in shame. Same goes for Pelupessy.
  14. Hope Pelupessey and Da Cruz are just surplus bench warmers for the rest of the season.
  15. Went to a night match at Boro and got there earlier than we anticipated. Parked on road with graveyard on left and ambulance station on opposite side. Large mob of Boro fans in distance suddenly seemed to be getting nearer. I remember saying we’re either going to end up in the ambulances or the graves! The few Wednesday fans that were there, some started legging it away up the road. We were a bit like rabbits in the headlights, and froze. Eventually crossed to the same side of the road to the Boro mob. Think they must have thought we were their lot. Continued our walk to the ground keeping a few yards behind them. They kept looking back. Casually took the first road on the left and headed down to the ground not daring to look back to see if they were following us. Scary time indeed. There’s so many tales to tell about following Wednesday away in the 70’s and 80’s.
  16. England v Scotland 1975, bottles flying everywhere. Huddersfield at old Leeds Road ground. Half house bricks thudding into corrugated fencing. Even the police were taking cover.
  17. You’ve done it now, this bloke will empty the stand. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK !!
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