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  1. Over the 2 games we rarely played as we know we can. I'm not sure if that was our fault, Sunderlands shithousery or their doing a job on us. I wish we had won, we weren't far away but it's over. We lost, good luck to Sunderland, I hope they win the final because I dislike the team they are playing. Sunderland fans by and large are decent types. All the best. On to next season and automatic promotion.
  2. Hunt for Palmer purley on the basis that Palmer ran his bllod to water in the first game. I'd love Windass to be fit enough to play but the last game showed he's no where near fit enough. A cameo role at the end if we are struggling is what I expect we will see. Shame really because he could be a game winner if fit. Johnson worries me, he was unplayable earlier this year but he's not been anything like that good in the last few games, I'd still start him but if he's not at his best I'd bring NML on about 60 minute mark.
  3. Don't even joke about it. Enough to give us all nightmares.
  4. Joe's one of the good guys. Hutch made a mistake, I'm sure he would admit it. I can see what he was trying to do but it didn't come off. In games like that it's safety first, row Z. Sam's got enough experience to know that.
  5. Second leg we will win. Not sure about the penalties though.
  6. I've just voted Sunderland win. As the game is already over I think I might have got it right. I'd have voted early but I've only just seen the thread. I didn't want to be left out.
  7. I agree re Hutch but I can't give him man of the match after that error. I've not made my mind up on Storey or Palmer
  8. I'll take that. At times they looked like they were going to run away with it. All to play for in the second leg
  9. Our midfield have barely touched the ball. Long punts upfield where our 2 attackers haven't had a sniff. We need to get the ball on the deck and play to our strengths. Get the midfield passing and push them back.
  10. Bannan and the rest of the midfield need to get on the ball more.
  11. These games won't be easy. The 2 teams are relatively evenly matched. It could turn on a bad refereeing decision or an injury. Id anything Sunderland have the edge looking at the form table. (only by 1 point over the last 6 games)
  12. How did we do against them in the previous game at their place this year?
  13. If Bannan is fit I can't see Moore changing things at this stage of the season, no need to rest players now. We need to play our game, Sunderland will be going for it so it will be an open game. If they take a lead into the naxt game they might sit back and try to defend it, we don't do well when teams do that. Put Sunderland under pressure and see what happens.
  14. Now he's just an ex Wednesday U23 player who got a couple of first team appearances. If he'd stayed here it would have been interesting to watch him come through or fall by the wayside but he's not here so I wish him the best.
  15. It would be a coup if we kept Cadamarteri. A very good prospect and he seems a nice lad as well. I hope he does well and has a good career.
  16. Hirst expected to be a superstar but it didn't work out that way. That dead year abroad damaged his progress. He was expected to do well at Championship level but wasn't up to it. He's finally found his feet in L1 and I'm sure he will make the grade at Championship level. Maybe he will eventually get into the Premiership but I'm sure he expected to be a star like his dad. I don't think he will be I've nothing against him, he's not our players so I don't care much either way. I was annoyed at the time about the way he left but it's water under the bridge.
  17. Note to DM, practice penalties
  18. A cheap shot. With the squad he'd got the best way of staying up was to go defensive to pick up points. He managed to produce a mid table side where Jones had us in the relegation places. He'd no money to spend either. Stuart Gray did a fine job.
  19. You must love statistics to produce this collation of all our individual posts. I'm glad you have taken the time it's fascinating to see it. Thank you. A few comments on the ratings. I think Storey is under valued, he's been excellent in all but the last 3 or 4 games, solid, dependable but it's probably because he just gets the job done so effortlessly he gets under marked. Jack Hunts season has been in 2 halves really, early on he was ok but second half he's been fantastic as he's got forward much more and made that wing back role his own. How's Gregory only got 6.52. A goal every other game striker surely deserves more than 6.5, maybe because he played for the other Sheffield team. Palmer is under rated by our fans, he's Mr Reliable. Marvin Johnson, he played out of position and it showed, at WB he's been superb, his rating is a sign of our CB crisis rather than our ability. Brerahino was dreadful early season and it shows in his rating, over the last few games he's greatly improved. Just a few random thoughts. I'm probably as much to blame as anyone else if the ratings are unjustified.
  20. There's no easy games in the play offs. All 4 are very good teams. The results are often down to chance rather than anything else, a bad refereeing decision, an injury taking out a good player. Odds are 3-1 against us going up so it's case of keeping our fingers crossed and hoping the football gods smile on us. I really don't care who we play. I can take getting beaten by a better side but I just hope we don't lose because of a bad ref, that would be a kick in the teeth.
  21. another thing that strikes me is our home form....it's outstanding. Remember previous managers moaning about how the players didn't like playing at Hillsborough because, the atmosphere is toxic, the crowd get on players backs or something else depending on the manager. Turns out it was none of those things. Seems to me the fans just wanted to see football, proper football rather than negative, half hearted performances.
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