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  1. May as well scrap the academy now. Absolutely fecking pointless
  2. Yep agree totally, its great to feel good again.
  3. This is the year for us long suffering fans! Last year i always thought that Hull were too strong for us. This time round we haven't played the same Champagne Football but things feel right. Momentums on our side, we've got a changeable strikeforce to adapt to any situation, Lees back, Lee back. Lets be positive.....UTO!!
  4. Can't understand some of the Bollards on here, sign him up now! Hirsty was the same in the Championship he would get in the right positions but 5 times out of 6 he'd miss. But on occasions he'd score 3 from 3. Been crying out for a natural born goal scorer...Mr Chansiri please do the deal.
  5. I think i once saw him at Wembley lifting a cup in a blue and white striped shirt. could be wrong.
  6. Striker Sergiu Bush, who yesterday officially went from CSKA in Sheffield Wednesday, thanked the "red" to stay on the "Bulgarian Army". Romanian spend half a year in the team and became the top scorer of the group "A" with 10 goals. "CSKA is a big family and I am very proud and happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of it. It was an honor to play on the "Bulgarian Army". I already miss you guys! I wish you all the best and I have no doubt that we will be champions. Only CSKA! "Wrote Bush in Instagram. He published a photo with his teammates Wreaths Vassilev, Juan Felipe Markinyos and Ma
  7. We owe a lot to Milan, what a utterly genuine man, the emotion that cà me through was touching to say the least. I wish him the very best for the future and as Wednesdayites far and wide we need to be grateful for the massive input he has given to our great club. We are on the verge of the greatest legacy Milan could have given us...Amen
  8. The fact that it comes from L'Equipe means theres aome substance
  9. http://m.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Mammadov-racha-te-sheffield-wednesday/472535 Its happening Its happening
  10. Comment from a French newspaper!Charles L. 03/06/2014 13 h 49 50 potatoes for a club of English L2 located to the north of England is really over priced ... For 40 potatoes he could provide one of the very best clubs in L1 has the most beautiful stage France, a training center at the top and the envy of the biggest clubs (AS ROMA has not much) and regularly played the European Cup for 12 years ..... it's really bad advice this Mammadov ...
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