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  1. As a Loovens fan and someone who witnessed the performance tonight, I think he looked fairly rusty. He’s clearly seen us through some amazing times and been a leader at points, tonight demonstrated otherwise.
  2. Do not post often but incredible view from the Lepp during final game in the promotion 2012 season. Shot on my crappy box film camera. View from me and my (legendary) dad's seat whilst the rest of my far more loyal/local family watched on from the North Stand. Great thread, best in a long while. WAWAW
  3. As title says, 2 x Brentford tickets required if available. Cheers, KC.
  4. Hello all, Sorry for another thread but looking for a ticket for the Brentford game. Standing or non standing, not fussed. Seen a few on here but missed them, please let me know if one comes up. Cheers, KC.
  5. Never seen Wednesday battered like that, the first 45 was hell. We defended like our lives depended on it. Now if we can turn up to Wembley like we did against Arsenal and you lot on Friday, we might just do it. Commiserations Brighton!
  6. Watching in the Mabel's in Kings Cross where it was absolutely bouncing in the capital. I am well envious of my family members and everyone at S6 tonight. The sound was reasonably loud in the pub and it sent shivers down the spine. When we want to be (and it's corny) we are the 12th man. Top night!
  7. I'm currently living in South London and have two mates who are Palace ST holders, when one of them can't make it and I'm free/not going to watch Wednesday, I'll pop along (no affinity to Palace, don't care about them but a good chance to occasionally watch a bit of PL footy). It pains me to say but the atmosphere IS one of the best in a UK ground currently. Constant singing for 90 mins, away fans drowned out and the noise just spreads round the ground. Their approach is far from plastic and cheesy, a small group of fans have got organised and made a change with a healthy dialogue with the club. I think their original group of 'ultras' was probably only 30-40 people and it's just grown. What helps is that it's a compact old school ground, the noise just stays in there. Hillsborough is a beautiful old ground but can sometimes feel cavernous, getting something similar to Palace would do wonders for the home atmosphere though, which when I've gone recently has felt like a morgue. It would just take organisation which is do-able.
  8. Asked a copper, said because he had his top off?! Strange decision seeing as Tango did too. Guy was handled out the ground by 4 policeman and he wasn't resisting, seemed a bit much from where i was stood.
  9. Yeh only ever see him at Millwall too, really heavy handed from the Met (suprise suprise). He hadn't done anything wrong and when I asked why he was getting chucked out the police didn't know why either. Poor bloke only saw a dour first half!
  10. R.I.P fellow owl, as a long term lurker/very un-active poster, his posts came across as very considered and honest. Top videos too! Seem to recognise him from the photo (on mobile so can't fully see it), and remember standing near him and his party on a packed train out to the Amex in the past season, great banter on the train with everyone and obviously a loyal owl. Rest in Peace.
  11. Jones was mad, he seemed to be caught up in this weird network of players he rated (Bothroyd, prime example) and completely snubbed ones that were willing to put in grass roots effort and work hard for their place in the squad. Not claiming any sort of ITK or anything,, but at the time of the COG fiasco I was working at a firm where one of the top dogs was VERY good mates with COGs brother. We had regular football 'banter' and apparently Jones treated him horrifically, completely castigated him and barely even acknowledged his existance for no reason at all, just didn't like him... I'd imagine this happened (to some degree) with Maguire and potentially other players on the fringes who have now found some form under Gray. Anyway enough about jones da builder, seems everyone gets a chance under Gray which is a breathe of fresh air! Onwards and upwards eh
  12. HA, it was proper like a Royal Rumble... I said to my old man the worst/best thing we could have done would be to score from that free kick, it would have sent the Millwall lot absolutely barmy and would have echoed that Simek game vibe. Shame Atdhe was in the way of the shot! Also is there a thread about HOW BAD mister U.S.A's first half was? Definately looked a bit off the pace and rusty but improved for the second half...
  13. Right, just got back, London based Owl here. From where I was standing it fully looked like Coke got clouted by Lowry, real cruncher of a tackle. Definitely wasn't a sending off but both of them incited the handbags that then ensued. Nuhiu then kicked the ball into the melee and everyone got stuck in. It did make for an intense atmosphere as the mongy millwall fans in that left corner started throwing bottles and generally getting a bit nawty... The lad infront of me was so tall I had to keep craning my neck to get a good view but as far as scraps go it was a 7/10... Funny watching Kirkland trying to restrain Nuhiu after who looked absolutely fuming Also, we should have scored from the free kick, pwopa goal mouth scramble and someone shoulda gotten on the end of it.
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