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  1. Thanks S36 Owl It sure is. They gave their all. Everything in some cases.
  2. A great cause for the soldiers that fight for and guard our freedom every day Wednesday v United !!! Come on you Wednesday fans !!! I can't wear a United shirt ever ! Never mind for 3 days on this walk https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/sheffieldwednesday18
  3. 25k When we go up Be some reight partimers come out the woodwork Prawn sandwiches allround
  4. Yes it was absolutely disgusting - But of course it was okay when their dads were doing the same to us
  5. It is - TBH nobody had said owt to em or even knew they were there till they went 1-0 up and started banging on the windows and giving the rods to us. They kept doing it from their goal till we scored of course
  6. They were dishing it out big time when they went 1-0 up ............... Big mistake
  7. Hello, TaxiMark. I want to play a game. Up until now, you have spent your life picking up fares and dropping them off at various points in South Yorkshire, Their day depended on your driving and time keeping. You're good at this because, you, like them, also depend on these skills.Like most Taxi drivers you are a terrible driver. Cutting corners, speeding , not using your mirrors and in general being a hazard to all road users. You identify more with a racing driver than you do with a purveyor of safe driving. The device you're wearing is hooked up to your right foot. By the time this tape is finished, you will have one minute to get from Hillsborough to Ecco (via shiregreen please). At the end of that minute... You will either go to taxi heaven (Dore and Totley) or taxi hell (the rough part of town) you know better than anyone, what happens then. There are two routes that will help you make this journey on time. Taxi do you know the best route? It is right in front of you. Herries road or Penistone road? All you have to do is choose. But do it quickly. Make your choice. There’s a season ticket next to the band if you fail.
  8. Hello dhnc, Are you the bands PR guy ? Are you on Hemminghams payroll ? Do you do the same band support roll on the Rhinos site?
  9. It's dnhc he's struggling a bit you know His mind is a bit aggled with all the confusion over the North v Kop stuff Take pity on him
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