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  1. All playing for England tonight All South Yorkshire lads Never picked up as youth players by the biggest club in South Yorkshire - SWFC We really have had a rubbish youth set up over the years - but why?
  2. 100% agree. For the last couple of years people on here have been saying what a great prospect this lad was. Most normal clubs would have tied him to a longer contract before he broke through to the first team. Unbelievably poor planning, no one seems to have an overview of the club.
  3. Sadly, I have to agree with you on this Athelwulf. Very difficult to see a way out of this mess.
  4. A bit of a worse case scenario but if DC chose to walk away there is absolutely no guarantee a new (mega-rich) owner could be found who would pay the debts or the on going costs of running the club. Therefore given a straight chose what would you prefer: 1. DC to continue (and the chaos this may continue to entail) 2. Administration (and all this may entail - relegation, fire sale of assets etc, think Wigan and Bolton)
  5. As far as I am aware most of our talented youngsters contracts expire at the end of this season. If we do get relegated they could form the basis of a good/affordable squad to get us out of league one (especially if backed up by a few older pros). However, if we don’t get them signed up to new contracts (and then perhaps loaned out until the end of the season) we risk losing them. I think these younger players are all out of contract at the end of the season: Gk Render Rb Dawodu Urhoghide Lb Galvin Cb Brennan Rice Thompson C
  6. On the whole I think Thompson is doing ok. He’s trying to change the way we play so that it is more positive. I’ve come round to him been given the job until the end of the season
  7. I think that one of the best pieces of business we should do in January is tie Dawson down to a new long term contract - it would be absolutely gutting if he left in the summer on a free transfer (or nominal development fee)
  8. What do we need in the January transfer window to keep us in the play offs - whole sale changes or a couple of extra players. Personally I think a couple of extra players might do it - a new RB and a pacey striker - with a couple of the existing strikers leaving (any 2 bar Fletcher) what do we think??
  9. Ben Wilkinson is Howard Wilkinson's son. Former Sheff Wed U18 coach and current Man City U23 coach.
  10. Slightly controversial I know but if Jos does go what about Ben Wilkinson as the new manager. You can't deny the degree - also he's young, enthusiastic, now schooled in the Man City Pep footballing philosophy. I know it would be a massive gamble (to say the least) but it has to be better than what we've got and also better than the usual merry go round of suspects - Bruce, Pardew etc. Maybe his dad could be director of football.
  11. I'm selling humble pie, if anyone wants to buy some
  12. Hi Jos I don't have a particularly well paid job but ... I've paid a small fortune for tickets for the Hull game for my son and I, I've paid a small fortune to buy my son a new shirt (stripes hurray) l've even paid for ifollow So can I ask nicely, please don't play boring defensive tactics (5-3-2) - it didn't work against Mansfield, it didn't work against Villarreal and it didn't work against Wigan. Play an attacking 3-4-3, what have you to lose - you never know we might win and you might (and I know I'm pushing it here) entertain us (remember the Norwich match
  13. Wednesday's many strikers can potentially be split into the following pairs: 1. Rhodes and Foresteriori 2. Nuihu and Joao 3. Hooper and Fletcher 4. Winnall and Hirst If Lohukay continues with 2 strikers next season who should be the favoured front pair, who should be the reserve pair and which pairs should leave (if we can get them out). It's ridiculous to have so many expensive strikers as reserves - especially with FFS. it's likely pair 4 (Winnall and Hirst) will go anyway. The remaining decisions are really difficult. Personally I think; pair 1 (For
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