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  1. Ben Wilkinson is Howard Wilkinson's son. Former Sheff Wed U18 coach and current Man City U23 coach.
  2. Slightly controversial I know but if Jos does go what about Ben Wilkinson as the new manager. You can't deny the degree - also he's young, enthusiastic, now schooled in the Man City Pep footballing philosophy. I know it would be a massive gamble (to say the least) but it has to be better than what we've got and also better than the usual merry go round of suspects - Bruce, Pardew etc. Maybe his dad could be director of football.
  3. I'm selling humble pie, if anyone wants to buy some
  4. Hi Jos I don't have a particularly well paid job but ... I've paid a small fortune for tickets for the Hull game for my son and I, I've paid a small fortune to buy my son a new shirt (stripes hurray) l've even paid for ifollow So can I ask nicely, please don't play boring defensive tactics (5-3-2) - it didn't work against Mansfield, it didn't work against Villarreal and it didn't work against Wigan. Play an attacking 3-4-3, what have you to lose - you never know we might win and you might (and I know I'm pushing it here) entertain us (remember the Norwich match - or did I dream that). Then I will feel I can look my wife in the face and say the near £100, for an afternoon of football, was well spent (well that's what I can her - it's still ridiculously expensive of course but once an owl and all that ....)
  5. Wednesday's many strikers can potentially be split into the following pairs: 1. Rhodes and Foresteriori 2. Nuihu and Joao 3. Hooper and Fletcher 4. Winnall and Hirst If Lohukay continues with 2 strikers next season who should be the favoured front pair, who should be the reserve pair and which pairs should leave (if we can get them out). It's ridiculous to have so many expensive strikers as reserves - especially with FFS. it's likely pair 4 (Winnall and Hirst) will go anyway. The remaining decisions are really difficult. Personally I think; pair 1 (Foresteriori and Rhodes) is the best and should be first choice next season pair 2 (Nuihu and Joao) would be the best reserve pair But that means getting rid of pair 3 (Fletcher and Hooper - if that's even possible) who when fit can be good in this division.
  6. Jos seems set on the 3-5-2 formation - if we had a fully fit squad who would make your team. Mine would be: gk - Wildsmith cd - Lees cd - Pudil cd - Venancio rwb - Hunt lwb - Boyd cm - Pelupessy cm - Lee cm - Reach st - Forestieri st - Joao Subs Westwood Van Aken Hutchinson Clare Bannan Hopper Rhodes Shows what a good squad we potentially have for this formation - look at that subs bench. Plus I've had to miss out several good players: Dawson, Thorniley, Neilson, O'Gardy, Penney (potential), Matias (occasionally), Hirst (we can all dream), Nuihu (on his day). Just shows that in the summer if we can get rid of some of the 'dead wood' - Fox, Jones, Abdi, Wallace, Fletcher etc - and buy a couple of speedy young wing backs (who can cross a ball) and a decent physio team - we'd have a squad capable of promotion.
  7. One of the oddities about Carlos' management was his rejection of our three Portuguese players. Now he's gone they all seem to be back in favour and playing well. Very strange.
  8. So we've looked at 200+ Centre Backs and none were deemed good enough (or cheap enough). But which CB, that have changed clubs, do you think were good enough and we've missed out on. I personally would have been happy with: 1. Marc Roberts (Barnsley to Birmingham) - fee undisclosed (but surely not more than 3m) 2. Ryan Bennett (Norwich to Wolves) - free transfer 3. Liam Lindsay (Patrick to Barnsley) - fee undisclosed (rumour around 500,000 and he's Scottish 4. Michael Hector (Chelsea to Hull) - on loan
  9. Agree with this side - particularly for home games. we need a little more 'safety first' away from home but please more attacking play at home - we have the players for it.
  10. Every time Wallace starts as a winger we play badly. Yes he has moments of skill and gets the odd goal but we've spent a fortune on strikers and Wallace rarely gets past his man, let alone puts in crosses that the likes of Rhodes, Winnall etc could get on the end of. Surely Macmanaman and/or Buckley need to get a run out down the wing. Actually Wallace would do better in central midfield.
  11. I know we are signing players left, right and centre. But I think we are still desperately short of a decent defensive midfielder: Semedo - not good enough Melo - injured???? Hutchinson - always getting injured Lopez - not convinced he is strong enough for the role - though may work better further forward in midfield Ryan Wood from Shrewsbury or Rudolph Austin would fit the bill.
  12. My tin hat is ready. But I'm quite happy that we are possibly going to appoint Cooper as Head Coach et al. Here are 3 reasons why: 1. Ability to sign good players relatively cheaply. Swindon have just sold luongo and gladwin to qpr for 3.5 million - with the exception of Westwood and lees, no one would pay 3.5 million for our entire squad. When you add to that Swindon will probably have to sell quality players like Byrne and Kasim (hopefully now to us). 2. Under Cooper Swindon played entertaining football and actually scored more than one goal a game - after last seasons entrainment (in the broadest sense) at Hillsborough that will be nice to see. 3. cooper plays a 3-5-2 formation. the same formation Howard wilkinson got us promoted with back in the day.
  13. Of course I've no proof of this and I probably adding 2+2 and getting 5. But there has been reports that Sheridan has been linked to the managers job but his record doesn't stand up to been made manager (head coach) but assistant manager ( coach) is a possibility given the prospect of a foreign coach.
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