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  1. Is their any players our league one rivals have signed, in this transfer window, you wish we had have signed. I’ve added one player for each position (yes I am bored) I think would have enhanced our squad. Do you agree and are there any others. Goalkeeper - Jojo Wollacott (25) - To Charlton (Bosman free from Swindon) - EFL league 2 goalkeeper of the year (above a certain Dawson) Right Back - Kwaku Oduroh (19) - To Derby (free - released by Man City) - Much hyped young Man City player who wants first team football. Left Back - Nicky Cadden (25) - To Barnsley (Bosman free from Forest Green) - EFL & PFA league 2 left back of the year Central Defender - Jack Tucker (22) - To MK Dons (Undisclosed fee from Gillingham) - young hyped central defender Defensive Midfielder - Luca Connell (21) - To Barnsley (free - released by Celtic) - Young Irish under 21 international. Central Midfield - Hourihane (31) - To Derby (free - released from Aston Villa) - Seasoned international midfielder, who can score a lot of goals Attacking Midfielder - Devoy (20) - To MK Dons (Undisclosed fee from Bohemians) - young much hyped Irish U21 international Winger - Nathan Holland (24) - To MK Dons (free released from West Ham) - former England U19 international. Most assistants in premier league development league 2 years ago Striker - James Collins (31) - To Derby (free transfer from Cardiff City) - Big centre forward with a better career scoring record than Smith
  2. Just to put into contrast with the average age of our team, this is the Sunderland team that played in the play off final (and won) - the average age was 26. There are experienced players in Evans, Bathh, Wright etc. But supported by some good young players (Patterson, Cirkin, Embleton etc). Patterson (22) Goach (26) Wright (29) Bathh (31) Cirkin (20) Evans (31) O’Nien (27) Roberts (25) Pritchard (29) Embleton (23) Stewart (25) We need something similar to this, in terms of ages at SWFC.
  3. When Moore joined I thought we would at least develop a more balanced squad in terms of age. You do need experienced players (Bannan etc) but it needs balancing with the energy and enthusiasm of younger players. Plus as a player ages it is only natural they become more injury prone. However, 1 1/2 years on the average age of our current first team must still one of the oldest in the division. For example, probably our strongest current first team 11 (assuming Moore again goes for the 3-5-2 system) has an average age of of exactly 30 (see below) Gk - Stockdale (36) Cd - Palmer (30) Cd - Heneghan (28) Cd - Iorfa (26) Rwb - Hunt (31) Lwb - Johnson (31) Dm - Luongo (29) - if he stays Cm - Byers (26) Am - Bannan (32) St - Windass (28) St - Gregory (33) I realise the transfer window still has a long way to go but just a look at the recent transfers and gossip. We are linked to Rotherham’s 30 year old striker Smith, whereas today Barnsley sign a good young player like Luca Connell (21) on a free transfer from Celtic. Only one of these players has the potential to develop further so that they are a good championship player if we should go up and/or potentially bring in a good future transfer fee (and it’s not Smith). The current transfer policy does seems very short term(ist), it doesn’t help us financially (as we never get fees for any of our leaving players) and finally It seems to be driven by Moore who prefers older experienced players (like many of his predecessors). A worried Owls fan
  4. A few (probably wrong) conclusions from today’s retention list: 1. We are going to switch back to a 4-3-3 - releasing CD’s is one clue but also offering NML a contract who can play wise in a front 3. 2. Offering Wildsmith a new deal maybe because they want him to follow the Dawson route e.g. improve out on loan with regular playing time in L2 and then return to fight for his place at SWFC. Keepers mature later in their careers so he still has plenty of time. 3. Isn’t there a rule you can only have 21 players over 21 in your squad (minus keepers) in league 1. So Moore needs to reduce the number of over 21’s so he can bring some others in.
  5. Completely agree (though spelt Siggi Jonsson). And to add more controversy a better midfielder than both Gary Shelton and Gary Megson. For some inexplicable reason Howard Wilkinson often played Shelton/Megson together in central midfield when clearly Jonsson was the better central Midfielder of the 3 of them. Used to drive me mad.
  6. A good all round performance. My marks are as follows: Peacock-Farrell - 6.5 - clean sheet but some dodgy distribution Storey - 7.5 - great debut - looked solid - for the first time in ages we looked like we weren’t going to concede goals Dean - 7.5 - Ditto above Hutchinson - 7.5 - Clearly enjoyed playing next to two proper Cd’s Mendez- Laing - 8 - MOM - Amazing first half - great cross for the goal - you could see the difference in our attacking play when Palmer replaced him. Johnson - 7.5 - Really suited Lwb - if we can keep him and NML fit we have two good wing backs Bannan - 6.5 - as ever some great bits (that shot) but other bits shocking (corners). Better further forward, when he goes deep he gets in Luongo’s way. Luongo - 7 - We always look more solid when he plays Dele-Bashiru - 6.5 - Never quite looks like he knows where to play - but in the second half put in several decent challenges. Windass - 6 - Surprising quiet game Kamberi - 7 - Runs around effectively but you never really think he’s going to score. Subs Palmer - 6 - Just doesn’t suit the wing back role John-Jules - 6 - No real impact but can’t judge until he plays a full game as a 9 1/2 Hunt - 6 - Should have come on earlier instead of Palmer - then maybe we wouldn’t have spent the last 20 mins defending deep
  7. I’m not sure - a bit round hole, square peg
  8. Great we have signed 2 central defenders and a striker. But surely we are crying out for a left footed left back e.g. not a right footed left back (Liam Palmer) or not a left winger trying to play left back (Johnson, Brown, Mendez-Laing etc). What it means is we can’t play 4-3-3 if we have no left back. P.S. I realise Galvin is a left footed left back but Moore is talking about loaning him out again
  9. It’s a bit early yet, but if things don’t improve what does everyone think to Darren Moore becoming Director of Football instead of manager. He has a good relationship with the Chairman, he is well connected with other clubs to help get good players in (on the cheap) and is good at getting players to sign. However, he seems to lack tactical knowledge when organising the first team. Therefore, he would be brilliant as a D. of F. but working with a more tactically astute manager.
  10. He comes across really well. But when you reflect on the content of what he says - there is very little to it (could be a politician!!!!)
  11. All playing for England tonight All South Yorkshire lads Never picked up as youth players by the biggest club in South Yorkshire - SWFC We really have had a rubbish youth set up over the years - but why?
  12. 100% agree. For the last couple of years people on here have been saying what a great prospect this lad was. Most normal clubs would have tied him to a longer contract before he broke through to the first team. Unbelievably poor planning, no one seems to have an overview of the club.
  13. Sadly, I have to agree with you on this Athelwulf. Very difficult to see a way out of this mess.
  14. A bit of a worse case scenario but if DC chose to walk away there is absolutely no guarantee a new (mega-rich) owner could be found who would pay the debts or the on going costs of running the club. Therefore given a straight chose what would you prefer: 1. DC to continue (and the chaos this may continue to entail) 2. Administration (and all this may entail - relegation, fire sale of assets etc, think Wigan and Bolton)
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