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  1. Megson Propaganda

    and he has had more time off for gardening leave than any manager put together . no thanks . the past is gone . we need a proper championship manager called mick McCarthy failing that nigel pearson .
  2. Fan on fan

    think you are getting me mixed up with the happy clapper carlos fans . getting beat 5-1 by minnows like them is humiliating , getting turned over by that lot at s2 is sickening ,2 different things . no way do I want megson back. anyone what does is seriously on sumut. get mick McCarthy his contract runs out at Ipswich at end of season he would be ideal for us.
  3. Fan on fan

    couldn't be ruled out we did get thrashed by quite a few minnows , all I can think is those what want megson are really carlos supporters so rest of us think we better keep him,no thanks I don't want has beens or yesterdays cast offs , mick McCarthy or nigel pearson got to be an experienced championship manager id have had steve bruce when he was available .
  4. Team For Saturday....

    the question is why has pudil been dropped for last few games when clearly reach aint a left back? I'm not pudils biggest fan but I thought he did really well earlier in season , clearly has to start Saturday,but a word of warning I was at derby away last season and pudil had a nightmare in that game and he was subbed. but he came back much better later in season and did well earlier this season. Id leave fletcher out ,a sunderland supporter I spoke to says fletcher is unplayable 1 game in 10 then goes missing .its about right what he told me of his experience when he played for them as its pretty similar here. id play joao from start. drop Wallace . hutch loovens start, and don't even put jones on bus down there.
  5. Fan on fan

    maybe we should get big ron back or maybe Wilkinson or maybe jack Charlton at least they were good managers who didn't spend 4 years on gardening leave , if megson was still here we would be in league 2 didn't we lose 5-1 to Exeter and stevenge . someone I saw on Saturday threw there season ticket into bushes and says he never going again until carlos is sacked , well if megson came back I will do more than throw my season ticket like he did.
  6. Fan on fan

    ive seen fans scrapping this season or nearly coming to blows a few times , at Fulham they were proper going at it couldn't believe they didn't get chucked out, saw a 50 year old man leaving ground at Bolton asking someone to continue it outside ,seen quite a lot of fans arguing lately , I'm not a big fan of a certain player but someone near me clearly don't agree so I get an ear bashing . its not good is it all the fun seems to have gone,no singing in pub before game, very little players getting names chanted , its turning very toxic ,it needs sorting ,we all need to be on side and the only way that's going to happen is if carlos goes and maybe takes palmer with him . j that is not liam.
  7. Matias / Boyd

    the Portuguese league is nowhere near the standard of the championship ,skilful players yes but totally different ,venancio is to be added to the huge list of players still here or who left but signed by carlos who have been a huge costly experiment which I'm fairly sure is sending us to ffp ,soon as that happens expect a fire sale and expect chansiri to stay in Thailand and leave us supporters with this mess caused by a totally inept carlos and dc who is totally out of his depth regarding running a football club.
  8. the away shirt has to be in a group of the 3 worst away shirts in last 20 years I don't want it for even a tenner.
  9. probably same guys I spoke to after game who think its acceptable for players on upto 50k a week to perform like they did at Bolton and think carlos shouldn't go ,they soon shut up when they clearly were in minority ,whats going on on and off the pitch is clearly not acceptable but ive been saying it for 18 months not just the last 3 weeks .
  10. Don't give them another penny!!!

    You must have forgot your hearing aid hundreds were shouting it not just chavs even Carlos clearly heard it .us supporters have every right to air our disgust at that and other shocking performances ,though it's clearly wrong to abuse players
  11. the atmosphere is already toxic now so dropping down to bottom 3-4 is unthinkable but very possible
  12. there is more chance of us been in a relegation fight than been in a promotion fight,took just 2 pts from teams likely to be in bottom 4 . plenty of big clubs have gone down before with big budgets wolves for 1.
  13. Don't give them another penny!!!

    the top tier at Bolton were were all us supporters on between 550-700 points were sat so very loyal supporters at least half of us sang carlos out very loud, and where fuc**** s**t I'm surely players and carlos heard us very clearly .
  14. Don't give them another penny!!!

    a Bolton supporter on train thought his team were going to get stuffed I told him you might get a big surprise today ,think ive seen my team a few times lately
  15. Don't give them another penny!!!

    I'm not as old as you but I'm sure in 1970s players were on £100-300 tops at that level then if they played poor so be it ,but this lot will send club to wall if we aint careful ,you cant compare it when we have 12 players earning 25k a wk plus and some on upto 50k a wk and put in yet another pathetic performance to a team what aint won a game and didn't score in previous 8 games . the football is dreadful and has been for 18 months ,bar 3-4 games.