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  1. the more worrying long term thing about these disgusting pay on the day prices is that we have lost supporters with many who will never return , and the longer we charge these prices and the pigs are in prem we also risk losing an entire generation of young fans to them or other clubs. we can easily charge what other similar clubs to us charge without impacting on what players we have and sign as match day turnover these days is only a fairly small part of our budget inc what chansiri puts in. and if we get 3-4000 more in they will spend more in ground and sell more shirts etc etc .
  2. preston charge around £24 season tickets also much cheaper and gates lower yet there top of the league due to been very well managed ,and having a top recruitment team ,they still have 1-2 on decent money too Gallagher im told is on 20k plus . we could easily charge those prices is we didn't have to pay for david jones ,abdi etc etc wages just those 2 alone were costing us 3 million a season in wages ,look at our gate turnover and our prices could easily be £5--£10 cheaper without impacting on the squad .
  3. its a strange one as at Birmingham he was a god like figure almost as popular what Klopp is at Liverpool .
  4. if your talking about blackburn last week yer that was the case , very few of the chavs burburry boys were there and the usual coke heads must have given it a miss too , maybe the £40 put em off.
  5. its not just home games the last 2-3 away games had been without atmosphere ,I think its not just us I think its partly to how teams play these days , there isn't too much end to end football ,football in played like chess and very tactically driven,few managers now take risks .
  6. ive always been a huge westwood fan and always had in in goal in front of dawson but he is making huge errors now far too regularly ,id leave him in goal for now but he needs to know that any more of these howlers he has to be dropped , at end of season id look for a younger better keeper there are many keepers now better than westwood in championship . we may even need to look in January as dawson will be off and there is no way wildsmith can ever be considered after his howlers in u23s last season and in the few 1st team games he had for us . a year or 2 ago we had the strongest 3 keepers but sadly the young ones aint progressed and westwood`s form has dipped alarmingly.
  7. both aint good enough ,if dawson was top half championship standard he would be in the net in front of a now woeful keeper, his kicking is shocking ,now he is very prone to clangers , he holds onto ball too long , yes he has made some good saves but he is a keeper not a striker id only give him 4/10 this season dawson 3/10 and wildsmith cant get a mark as he aint even upto u23s when he kept last season .
  8. no I think there are a few wkds in nov and dec affected. you have to go via dony these wkds and it takes around an extra hour to get there.
  9. Go on a website based in sheffield it has all the stats live temp rain etc over last 18 years ,today we have had more rain than in the 2007 floods in fact an inch more , but it did rain in 2007 for 36 hours where this will be about 27 hours .the ground before this rain also cant take anymore it was also similar in 2007 where we had the wettest month maybe in 100 years . I hope that it wont wreck the ground but this rain wont relent till maybe 1am .
  10. its factually correct kids have been lobbing live fireworks at cars near me and its legal to buy explosives , yet umbrella took in by an old man/woman banned , bottle tops banned for 4 year olds fact m8.
  11. you wont need to worry sky ruined this its 1230 kick off and all London trains cancelled unless u go via dony or brum and pay well over £100 a ticket . would have sold out I don't think more than 1500 will go.
  12. the original title to this thread is we should be beating teams like us , if I was a opposition manager I would be telling my players this team is very beatable too , we must have the most toothless attack in the division ,fletcher yet again on Saturday was left up front all alone with no players from midfield quite often anywhere near him ,but I do know that the kind of striker we need costs loads and will have big wages something we cant do because chansiri let an idiot blow 100 million on transfer fees and huge contracts and it maybe 1-2 years before we are in a position to start signing players again on decent wages just lets hope when that time comes we get the right players in not players what see us as setting them up for life doing jack sh*t
  13. my kids carry spares in there pockets, so they can try there pathetic stunt at taking it off them as it wont bother us. this city/county is a joke with health and safety yet morons can buy explosives and throw them at cars ,police ,whoever as they have this past few days . but an 80 year old with an umbrella or a young kid with a bottle its a no no . what a f**king joke. I hate this council with a big H .
  14. going in January? shipped to where? 40k a week for someone who aint done anything for 3 years plus
  15. who actually is on council sag committee? is it that bitter Michael off football heaven the hatred he has for us is unreal . I wouldn't be surprised this council hates us. mind I hate them who actually votes for these morons?
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