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  1. handworth52


    knowing the idiotic jos he will probably play 1 of our schoolboys in midfield ,ie Kirby,hunt etc these lads are nowhere near ready.
  2. handworth52


    baker is the worst of a shocking bunch of full backs ,the lad is the worst player to ever wear the swfc shirt and yes we have had some shockers over the years .its mind blowing that he gets picked. only an opposing manager would pick him to play for us
  3. handworth52

    Credit Rotherham

    well your very lucky then you have missed some shocking performances. for those going 4 and a half hours to Swansea this Saturday chansiri should have put on free travel cause I wouldn't travel that distance to watch our sorry lot.
  4. handworth52

    Credit Rotherham

    I wouldn't want him to go either ,but who else have we what can go for well over 5 million? if he was still knocking em in from 30 yards we would have a bidding war 15million plus,that would pay for jos out,new manager , and funds for 3-4 fresh faces and maybe use there contacts what clearly jos aint got.
  5. handworth52

    Credit Rotherham

    so I guess you didn't go to blackburn then? wigan etc etc . maybe losing 8-0 to west brom is a bit extreme but if they bring there a game and attack and we play like the last few weeks there is only 1 result a hammering . a new manager is needed now to access till jan 1st ,sell reach as don't think anyone else would go for that much and re invest in 2-3 to keep us up this season . we are in a group of 4-5 shocking teams Ipswich,bolton, Rotherham us reading .
  6. handworth52

    Credit Rotherham

    the difference at this min Rotherham are a league 1 team giving everything there supporters can see the effort they give and back them 100% .us well I didn't even celebrate our 2nd goal cant ever remember not celebrating a goal for us ,im totally embarrassed how bad we have become ,and how that total clown is still here , unless jos does his park the bus at west brom on the 29th I can see us getting our biggest defeat in many many years possibly 8-0 ,at blackburn last Saturday they could easily have had 8. we have had our 2 easiest games of the season in Bolton and Rotherham could and should have lost them both . at Swansea next week im predicting we will lose 5-0 ,every manager can see how we play and have such a dreadful defence and 3 lightweights in midfield as well as the worst full backs in the football league never mind championship.
  7. handworth52

    Alan Nixon

    steve bruce called a merc he will defo be coming now
  8. handworth52

    Two full backs needed

    been saying this for ages , without a doubt we have the worst full backs in the league. I honestly think baker makes fox look good he is that bad.
  9. handworth52

    Chansiri Out

    this has been my worry for a long time, this club could easily go to as low as you can go.
  10. handworth52

    Chansiri Out

    getting a new owner cant see it, 1,2,3,4,5 year season tickets have sold so over next 3 years an new owner maybe only getting income off 8000 then he will say got club for 40 million , spent this n that I bet he wants 100 million , nobody would take us for 20 million is my guess, cant see that we are sellable for a good 2 years , but jos defo can go now. chansiri though im afraid we are stuck with him.
  11. handworth52

    Please play Joao in a 2 today....

    Pudil has said he cant .widely reported
  12. handworth52

    Please play Joao in a 2 today....

    bannan is out , fletcher is doubtful so if he starts don't expect more than 30 mins . pudil cant play left back no more, penney is with baker ,fox,palmer absolute dire.
  13. handworth52

    Bannan Injured

    van aken playing his 5th u23 game on Monday and he is very young , guess lee hooper and bannan would need 10 minimum
  14. handworth52

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    without bannan and forestieri we beat a villa away ,but at min even with those 2 we wouldn't beat Rotherham reserves , I went to blackburn they should have had 8 and after blackburn got hammered 4-1 and 3-1 in there last 2 games against v poor teams in wigan and preston. Rotherham got a draw away at blackburn . its something like 40 championship games since Rotherham won an away game in the championship must be some kind of record but yet most of us will be shocked if they don't beat us . how bad have things got its unreal
  15. handworth52

    Half Season Tickets

    wonder how many gold memberships were sold? a good question for chansiri at forum ,id ask him what clown come out with that pricing for them and does he think Sheffield is Dubai or mayfair in London . I doubt he sold 10 gold memberships , I reckon be lucky to shift a 100 half season tickets too, while chansiri is here this club is heading for oblivion . and will the club get into trouble for made up companies? like D taxis?