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  1. handworth52

    Man of the match - Millwall (A)

    supporters were man of match for travelling all that way and costing a packet to watch utter sh*te
  2. handworth52


    I totally get playing a defensive shield while we were within 10 points off relegation or against a top 3 team but now we are safe and playing poor teams im shocked how defensive we are setting up , too many players for us seem to be immune from been dropped , bannan needs a rest so does fletcher . involve the new players too at Rotherham or are we setting up another defensive wall?
  3. handworth52

    I pay £30 a month for this!!!

    there`s always extended highlights today im tiggling with excitement
  4. handworth52

    What the f*ck was that?

    We defending well look solid ,but your not telling me you like 0-0s? I like to see goal mouth action players running at teams i guess that wont be happening anytime soon ,lets see if we can keep rotherham out and make it 9 out of 13 yip pee.
  5. handworth52

    What the f*ck was that?

    Which loon? Jos carlos or both of the clowns?
  6. handworth52

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    If you didnt think we were awful god help us if we play worse. We defended well thats it. Nobody would want to watch football if they watched that every week , cant be dressed up we are truely awful as an attacking team. Is it 4 goals in 9 games? Are we trying to stink the place out.
  7. handworth52

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Both teams deserve to be in bottom 3 after that shower ,how do our supporters feel tonight paying over £100 and having upto an 8 hour round trip , maybe fletcher and his pals could give them there money back as a few other clubs players have done lately
  8. handworth52

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Thought the reading game was dire this takes it to new levels of bordom
  9. handworth52

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Only crossed half way line for 5secs
  10. handworth52

    Hooper and Lee ...

    seen that the poster is from Manchester area id agree cause that's were he is from and his family.
  11. handworth52

    Pig game Tickets

    pretty similar to what we are charging them and they charged kids something like £15-18 wish I stopped at home awful tactics that night and worst weather conditions you could imagine . couldn't play game at a worst time or day ,it takes me an hour to get there for a night game a journey what takes me 10-15 mins out of rush hour that's usually when we just get 20k going upto 10k extra on the roads aint going to be fun.
  12. handworth52

    Hooper and Lee ...

    well if that's true then when he signed his new deal along with 15 others he got took for fool as he without a doubt was 1 of best midfielders in the championship at that time and the championship is full of players earning 20-60k a week. we wouldn't have a wage bill of 30 million if we had a squad of 1st team players on 12k a week
  13. handworth52

    Hooper and Lee ...

    both huge earners id guess lee be on 25k a week bracket and hooper is on just under 30k according to someone connected to the club ,both have tried several comebacks got as far as u23 game or games and broke down , hooper played I think 2 u23 games October time ,and lee similar but lee lasted 10 mins ,we cant live in the past both when they were fit and on top of there game would get in almost any championship sides , id doubt someone like hooper would be interested in pay as you play when he has earned such high wages ,lee might be more likely to accept that sort of deal . more likely is lee will retire and hooper will go to usa as there football is less frantic than the championship .
  14. handworth52

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    let u into a secret I want him playing cause I love singing that sam winnall song
  15. handworth52

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    regards hooper he aint played for 14-15 months is in our top 3 earners at the club ,there is no way whatsoever he will be given a new contract at end of season. the last time hooper tried to come back from injury he played a couple of u23 games and looked miles off the pace ,winnall is contracted until end of next season either get him firing which increases his value if we don't need him next season or he will be an asset for us . if hooper comes back in 2-3 weeks into team and scores 8-10 goals this season I will be incredibly shocked. once playoffs and relegation issues are just about over with id start trying out other players and disregard ie matias ,hooper.boyd and anyone else who the manager don't want for next season . 4 goals from last 8 games is shocking its a good job defence has been sorted or we would be looking over our shoulders .