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  1. off the pitch might be more interesting as both us and leeds head to Piccadilly (with them heading to stoke) it might get tasty in downtown Manchester. as for game fear the worst hope for the best .
  2. depends , nearly all away night games don't sell out , but that would mean doing a half day at work and taking kids outa school and not been in a fit state for work next day if get home too late. you can build points up it takes 2-3 years to get higher on ladder then you can get forest pigs,derby etc tickets , the preston,wigan,blackburn tickets are easier to get and then attend all home cup matches . the trouble is give it 2-3 years and they might start banning away support or selling an incredibly low amount due to massive police costs . some clubs don't give you extra when they can due to been quoted a huge police bill .
  3. ive got 630 points but was hoping to get tickets from ticket office today and my younger child 1 too ,couldn't believe they sold out so quick at 23quid and everyone saying they weren't paying them prices to watch reserves in micky mouse cup. there was no update on twitter until 2pm when it says 50 left . should have tweeted at close of business yesterday with a update on sales .
  4. ive seen this with him for last 3 years I agree its very unprofessional .
  5. nearly every away game I go to I walk down same streets as away supporters no problems so shouldn't be any different here. I spoke to loads of luton fans before game that's what its all about ,if I saw any after game id have wished them well and said how unlucky you were. no need to smash each others heads in.
  6. I would give you odds of 10000-1 for him to manage us. never in a million years as he lost a cousin 30years ago.
  7. forestieri is a very emotional guy he is very hurt by been told he is kind of racist ,so the actual 6 game ban isn't the issue with him its clearing his name . I wouldn't be surprised if he tries to move away from the uk as what this place is becoming is frightening .
  8. disgusting police force not fit for purpose ,they don't attend burglaries and all vans what are getting nicked lately ,id sack the lot of them and get in another force fit for purpose.
  9. there will be blood on the b*stard sags hands very soon , that ambulance could have taken 5 mins longer the difference between life and death . sag are disgusting idiotic individuals who are not fit for there job and are deliberately trying to destroy our club.
  10. hope he wont get sent back early like he did when at 92nd place port vale and couldn't get mins on pitch for them . players like stobbs this is a make or break as a footballer.
  11. just over 5600 ,we didn't quite sell out end of last season ,but sold out previous 2 seasons ,heard a few are off to leeds festival , cricket etc balls to that im going im a sucker for punishment as we never win there,1 day it will happen I day may be Saturday ,may be next year maybe 2030.
  12. Its getting that daft regards odds to replace bruce that he himself might be in the odds betting to replace himself before long .
  13. After yesterday it proves we need a manager ,could still be playing now and we wouldnt have scored ,leaving forestieri behind for tactical reasons? Is jos back? That was just crazy.
  14. Ive watched this shower today could have played 180 mins and would have got nothing
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