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  1. handworth52

    The future of Joao

    joao will be a regular starter next season with nuhiu and forestieri so needs a longer deal ,also will score a lot more than 9 now that he has a manager who plays him. fletcher,hooper will play very little if they don't leave this summer due to there injury records .
  2. handworth52

    Surely bloody not!

    this story is total b*llsh*t 99.9% of supporters don't want butterfield the derby supporter is on the wind up. also winnall wont sign for anyone while he has a serious injury.
  3. peter Beardsley without doubt and geogie kinkladze when he was at man city . remember ginola having a stinker once and Worthington and king kept him in there pockets when he played for spurs.
  4. ive been saying for over 2 years these Portugal jollies were a joke, our pre seasons have been pathetic for some time now, I was alarmed how few pre season games we had last season and we have a big squad .
  5. handworth52

    Butterfield returns to Derby.

    derby in a small way are similar to us, they took on a lot of players paid them massive wages ,and a lot they are stuck with . butterfield on 35k a week is our abdi and so on , they have said they have to be careful as there on ffp limits too ,they sold players for big fees hendrick 10-12 million ince 12 million, hughes 7 million there ones I can remember .. we don't have many players who we could get good money for only forestieri maybe lees are only players who would command big fees ,though clearly we don't want them leaving .
  6. handworth52

    JUST GOOGLED 'ABDI' and...

    abdi should be the name used for the next extension of the northern general hospital. the abdi ward
  7. handworth52

    Westwood Going

    that's correct ,he is 1 of highest earners at derby, but surely there is no way we were paying 35k a week for butterfield while derby were paying the 16-18k a week what winnall is on .I'm sure it was a straight loan swap . its upto the clubs regards wages loan fees etc.
  8. handworth52

    Westwood Going

    what on winnall getting 18k a week ? its common knowledge ,its also fact that out wage bill went up to 26 million for 2016/2017 which I also predicted correctly months before accounts were announced on feb 28th 2018 a rise from 17 million to 26 million ,they have since risen to 27 million ,I got some flack and abuse on here saying I was well out with my figures ,well Watson do ya investigating and you will find I was right. the whole point I'm making is purely our wage bill wont and cant get any higher so the players what have left Wallace,loovens,kean are the only wages we are saving and what can be made available for any out of contract player on loan signing , that's why jos mentioned the word u23 u23 u23 so much before season finished and why dawson played the last 3 games because he was seeing if dawson is good enough to play as either our no1 or no2 keeper a test what he passed .
  9. handworth52

    Westwood Going

    well seen that your Watson I'm holmes .
  10. handworth52

    Westwood Going

    kean I forgot about him another 1 of Carlos's great signings. though I can imagine his wages would have been very low ,probably well under 5k a week so doubt we will be getting a championship quality player with the wages saved on kean leaving . I reckon with Wallace,loovens ,kean we ,might have 30-35k a week available for wages this summer,that would increase be appx 25k if westwood departs , fans need to realise that we wont be able to compete this summer with big clubs for signings ,whoever we get needs to work and stay fit ,unlike most of the carlos signings . I'm just been realistic .
  11. handworth52

    Westwood Going

    winnall is on 18k butterfield is on crazy money at derby way more than winnalls , clearly we didn't pay derby 15k a week plus winnall to get butterfield, was clearly a loan swap ,a totally stupid and crazy swap but your m8 carlos well he did stupid things that's why we wont be spending ,apart from money we get from any sales .
  12. handworth52

    Westwood Going

    don't really count as they were loans ,and butterfield was a swap for winnall so wages didn't change . as for venancio he will be coming back just need 800k for the fee ,hence 1 reason why westwood will be leaving ,ive know about this for weeks no shock whatsoever.
  13. handworth52

    Westwood Going

    5 players off wage bill? who are they? only Wallace,loovens gone. hirst and clare are on pocket money probably a few hundred a week.
  14. handworth52

    Westwood Going

    he follows me ,every post I make he replies ,I might be busy next few days so not sure what he is going to do with himself.
  15. handworth52

    Westwood Going

    if no player leaves for cash in next 2 years then no1 will be signed for cash either . a 27 million wage bill and a 20 million pound plus loss last season says we cant spend unless we sell ,not rocket science is it.