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  1. boro are a horrible team as in they only have conceded 6 goals in last 12 games without fessi it might be difficult to score . leeds and west brom came at us a lot more ,boro will try to win 1-0 like they always try to do,
  2. handworth52

    Sheff u info

    yer forgot I paid £24 prob cause at £48 it was still cheaper than the pigs.
  3. handworth52

    Marco Matias

    what we need is reach to keep scoring world class goals then we would get 20 million in January ,I seriously think that's the minimum we need to avoid a big fine and other penalties ,we lose all the waste of space players this summer ,think we only are stuck with fletcher and Hutchinson who both have pathetic injury records but no1 would take either of them with the contracts they have. as for matias will there ever be a player over his 4 year contract who will have played less? think abdi is on 3 years.
  4. handworth52

    reach vote gotm

    reach goal probably the best in the last 5 years by any club but wont win purely as there are more villa supporters ,the McGinn goal was incredible but no way better than reach`s
  5. he even admitted last night on five live that he pre planned that with the £20 ,how sad, I can understand things in the heat of the moment but not pre planned.
  6. handworth52

    Sheff u info

    how many tickets did we get last season? was it same or 100 higher? the £17 they charging kids is unreal , is there a club in the uk charging more ?
  7. I that was the final signing of the clown who swapped with winnall , all the derby supporters on there forum were rolling over laughing ,did the clown ever watch butterfield? . all carlos signings every one of them inc loans who were signed on big wages but hardly/never played were shocking ,the only player who he signed who was a good signing was reach and he will be going in January to partly pay this huge debt/way over ffp ,we have over 10 million pounds worth of wages who wont or will hardly play for us again . I regard him as our worst manager in our modern history ,we would have gone down last season if he stayed . you cant compare the Irvine`s jewells wilsons all poor managers but if you gave them a 100 million loot over 3 years inc wages who`s to say they wouldn't have done better?
  8. handworth52

    How many are out injured now?

    The list is 12 with baker fit . But also niellson jack lee and hunt are injured and maybe preston too as he didnt play the last u23 game .so the list is appx 16 but that list changes on a daily basis , after 2moro im sure another couple will be added to that list ,what chance that be fletcher ?
  9. The £17 for say a 12year old has got to be the highest price that anyone charges in the uk ,but taking kids there is risking them getting hurt . Bunch of morons
  10. handworth52

    Marco Matias

    shame we cant lose this 10 million of lost wages ,there are quite a few championship squads what cost less than our list of misfits/crocks
  11. handworth52

    Who's had the toughest start?

    working out who has had the easiest start etc is impossible , but we have had at home leeds(top) wbrom(top) stoke(exprem) then easier in hull,millwall,ipswich the 1st 3 would be predicted to finish top 6 ,the last 3 bottom 6 so id save we have had a neutral start. away ,wigan Brentford reading forest villa Bristol city apart from reading that's 5 tough away games who u expect to be top half ,so id say upto now we have had slightly more difficult games than average , pigs on other hand home Swansea,norwich villa,birmingham,preston hull out of those 6 home games not 1 difficult 1, away middlesborough,qpr,bolton,bristol city,millwall,blackburn. only middlesborough out of that a really tough game . without doubt the pigs have had an easier set of games .it wont be till January till the table will average out .
  12. handworth52

    Sold out

    yer think your right ,don't think pulling that sign down and tango jumping on it helped with future allocations of tickets ,if away supporters want to smash things up ,a year later we get less tickets , way things are going they 1 day might try to ban away supporters, if the police had there way that would already happen.
  13. sadly for stobbs I doubt he is even a league 2 player , he went on loan to port vale bottom of league 2 and was sent back ,I was quite shocked when they gave him an extra 2 years as he has been here for years and is nowhere near good enough.
  14. handworth52

    Birmingham away details

    ive been doing this for 3years £15 extra for booze £15 less for them rip off train companies.
  15. aint hooper in Scotland? playing golf? I bet his m8 fletcher has joined him they both play regular in fact they spend far more time on the golf coarse than they do either playing or training. I extremely doubt that hooper will be anywhere near Hillsborough on Friday , abdi,winnall,fox all are getting a run out as long as they don't get any reactions in training ,in Abdi's case it be a miracle if he gets onto the pitch .