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  1. excellent post. regards what we have under contract at min and the usual players who will spend a fair amount of time in the treatment room I honestly think we would struggle to stop up , getting westwood etc contracts sorted , getting in the 6 players steve bruce wants and avoiding too many injuries then top 6 for sure. I will be glad to see the back of the carlos era what has left its legacy and im hoping the football league will drop the embargo and not hit us with a points deduction which would be fatal.
  2. pleased about that ,hate the place ,wont be able to go to any boxing day away game so please it be stoke or Swansea a
  3. that must mean millwall on a Saturday as carabo cup is midweek 12th aug . think I might chance my life and go there .
  4. Surely this is made up cr#p but i bet brum supporters thought that yesterday when monk got sack yet he is god to them.
  5. we shouldn't be getting linked to any player while we are under this embargo ,exactly when chansiri releases the accounts and what the football league make of them is anyones guess. bet steve bruce is fuming
  6. there has been nothing out of the club regards kit. usually owls in the park is the day it gets released ,yet that's 12 days away and nothing been mentioned . last season only £99 shirts went on sale and a few younger kids shirts . with around 10000 attending the money is to be made that day . will chansiri and the club ever get this right? or is it anything to do with this Jenkins trying to stop us using wawaw on shirts? turning into yet another farce regards player incomings and shirts again .
  7. I know we have him and the Brentford lad but will either signing be allowed? who knows? I certainly don't .
  8. we are signing no1 we are under an embargo , purely because we aint handed our accounts in . this season might be just trying to stop up if we cant bring any players in.
  9. looks like 1st 3 Saturdays out of 4 away , hopefully not Swansea,cardiff,bristol . ideal 1 on boxing day and other 2 on a tues night all on red button.
  10. have u been to leeds? there police are horrible and im not saying that just because I don't like leeds utd. they are the most heavy handed police in the uk, treat away supporters like animals and watch you like a hawk any slight chanting and they look to throw you out ,ive seen over handed tactics used by west Yorkshire police towards us, not seen that anywhere else. you treat supporters right and talk/joke with them and you in general will get a better behaved bunch.
  11. I hope not . I want a Saturday 3pm either in London or north west . anywhere but Cardiff,swansea ,Bristol city . I just don't bother with away games at night as there is no train back.
  12. leave our pet nuhiu alone he will eat the English defence to shreds in sept after last nights pathetic England display .
  13. Did this thug get done for this? Exactly what is more serious violently attacking someone or some stupid comment ? Even tbough forestieri was found not guilty of.
  14. this total nonsense by the fa just sums up the state of things ,im all for fairness in society ,but your more likely to go to jail for 5 years if forestieri was found guilty of a racist comment , but he aint, but if someone does 100 break ins attacks someone that they almost die that person will receive a lower sentence than someone who has used a racist comment . ive never used or would ever use a racist term but the way things are going we might get shot by a firing squad in 5 years .forestieri was found not guilty ,he paid out a 25k fine and received a 3 match ban for the incident . fa why the hell cant you just leave this alone now.
  15. david jones was 31 and played regular for burnley ,look what a throw signing he was 3 years on 30k a week what an incredibly bad signing he was. steve bruce will know if he is worth bringing in.
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