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  1. you mean a 100,000 as they are champions of Europe the worlds biggest ever club . good point you make though ,behind closed doors they would have thousands of the chavs outside and canned and coked up . another reason to scrap this season.
  2. what and lose the whole of 20-21 season repay all season tickets and have just about every club go bust? surely not. lets just scrap this season , and start next season a couple of weeks late. im struggling to see that at start of next season that no club will go bust ,im expecting quite a few, so missing next season entirely would be good bye football .
  3. for starters appx 50% of players contracts run out on june 30th ,all loans finish in may , I read somewhere clubs would have to extend this seasons contracts , so if you have some waster and we have had plenty on big money and you cant wait for june 30th to come (like we did with abdi for 3-4 years) you would have to give them 2 months more? surely not? . its possible that by july 1st some clubs might only have 3-4 players available due to loans and contracts ending ,all this is driven my money and not common sense . and when would next season start? and what happens if 1 player gets corona virus? that would put that club and other club played on lockdown for 2 weeks plus. if season was scrapped surely no court could touch that ruling based on pubic health and written into football that season must end by a set date.
  4. I don't think anyone knows what things are going to be like in the future , but as this virus will never go ,life will have to get back to some kind of normality over the summer but certain people might find the risk is not worth it ,so sadly some of our older fans,people might be too scared to ever venture out never mind football . the mental health of people is the one whats going to do as much damage as this virus in the long run.
  5. wow couldn't you sleep last night you forgot bike pic by the way
  6. his loan finishes in may he has played his last game for us.
  7. point 5 is a very good one that the present contract could be restructured to add on extra season and adjust monies so it don't hit clubs too much this next few months , but im more bothered about lower leagues than the big time charlies of premier league , point 6 agree with . the other points just cant agree with you, the season is based on either 38 or 46 games home and away to get fairest outcome, I hate pigs but they have a game in hand so win that there 5th in champions league spot worth tons, you cant possibly end season and base it on results upto now , that's why non league was voided even though south shields are way clear.
  8. even if the 0.1% chance it resumed ,you only need 1 player to contract the virus while season resumes to then isolate that club for 2 weeks minimum and any other clubs they have played. we know this is all about money ,everyone who gets paid xyz is based on the amounts the club make clearly sky,bt, sponsors etc will want appx 20% of there seasons money back , the rooneys,sterlings of this world need to agree to waive at least 70% of there wages from when the season stopped until july 1st. this wont happen though . even if some miracle happened and next season could start by then 20-30% of clubs below premier league would be bust so you couldn't even draw up a fixture list in june for next season. this virus is here for 2-3 years ,even china what has imprisoned its population since jan 23rd and watches every move of there population even knowing who has and hasn't got it still cant shrug it off ,if a state like china cant stop it then sure as anyone else cant. don't want to sound doom and gloom but that's what it is.
  9. sign players on new contracts for what exactly? when is football going to happen again? nobody knows not even experts . what we need to hear is that all players contracts have been terminated at every club , as the football clubs are more important than the money grabbers . at least if they don't agree to cut there wages like Barcelona did then clubs should have right to dismiss them .
  10. he used to get dog abuse due to his very poor crossing , he even I remember challenged a few in crowd . summed him up got subbed for Bristol and couldn't be bothered to acknowledge crowd. he was alright though in general for us.
  11. I actually have liked the answers he has given ,at this present time like no other clubs need stability and by sounds of it he aint going to throw us under a bus. I know he don't like criticism as when I told him he shouldn't take what some say on twitter or here too much to heart as that's football , you win and your king , you lose a few and knifes are out . most of us see the middle ground with when we win and lose and look at the bigger picture . he would be no good buying say a Turkish team as there crazy out there. what though he must do is listen more, he says that when they have lowered ticket prices for odd games he didn't see too many extra turn up. there is a reason for that ,some get out of the habbit of going and getting them to go back aint easy , as there is now a massive perspection that our pay on the day prices are so high , we have far too many price bands for one . we must surely have the lowest %of supporters paying for pay on day tickets than any club in our league.
  12. also playing this seasons games in say july/aug and restarting next season in late September would be also impossible as there will be many games next season called off(virus) and with euro 21 scheduled next summer the season couldn't overrun.
  13. there is no easy answer/option . but you certainly cant have the option where how league table stands now ,some have played less games (like pigs) some have more home games than away and some have a very easy run in while others may have top 2 to play , it can only be even when each team has played everyone home and away. there are so many complexities involved ie in restarting season in summer ,the loans go back in may some clubs heavily rely on those players , contracts run out june 30th for id say for an average of 40% of players. then even if you played behind closed doors there would still have to have limited access to a&e if a player got injured badly. the virus would still be around widely in summer so if any player of any club picks it up then club cant play for a minimum of 2-3 weeks. my option would be scrap season start slightly later next season late august ,scrap league cup,and lower league version , scrap international weekends (pointless anyway as no air travel will be possible in 2020) that would allow 5 Saturdays and some midweek dates to become free . as the virus will be around for 18 months there will be games called off next season so allowing these extra spaces in football calendar will hopefully allow enough time for games called off next season to be rearranged .
  14. I think next season they need to scrap league cup , and international weekend breaks as there wont be any flights for maybe 12-18 months minimum ,unless everyone gets tested before entry into any country. also these spare dates would be needed as if any club has an outbreak they wont play for 2 weeks.
  15. for starters some have played a game less like pigs .so how you could have a season with a certain amount of points extra is impossible, plus some teams have more home games than away ,some teams have an easy run in where some have to play top 2 . if the season ends it will completely restart from zero next season . there are a whole host of reasons why season is over. no way will there be police or ambulance cover for one. they greedy gets need to get players to agree to wave 50% of there wages ,in turn sky bt wont pay 15-20% of what they owe leagues. but for them to agree to that im not holding my breath.
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