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  1. Don't give them another penny!!!

    You must have forgot your hearing aid hundreds were shouting it not just chavs even Carlos clearly heard it .us supporters have every right to air our disgust at that and other shocking performances ,though it's clearly wrong to abuse players
  2. the atmosphere is already toxic now so dropping down to bottom 3-4 is unthinkable but very possible
  3. there is more chance of us been in a relegation fight than been in a promotion fight,took just 2 pts from teams likely to be in bottom 4 . plenty of big clubs have gone down before with big budgets wolves for 1.
  4. Don't give them another penny!!!

    the top tier at Bolton were were all us supporters on between 550-700 points were sat so very loyal supporters at least half of us sang carlos out very loud, and where fuc**** s**t I'm surely players and carlos heard us very clearly .
  5. Don't give them another penny!!!

    a Bolton supporter on train thought his team were going to get stuffed I told him you might get a big surprise today ,think ive seen my team a few times lately
  6. Don't give them another penny!!!

    I'm not as old as you but I'm sure in 1970s players were on £100-300 tops at that level then if they played poor so be it ,but this lot will send club to wall if we aint careful ,you cant compare it when we have 12 players earning 25k a wk plus and some on upto 50k a wk and put in yet another pathetic performance to a team what aint won a game and didn't score in previous 8 games . the football is dreadful and has been for 18 months ,bar 3-4 games.
  7. Jordan Rhodes

    couldn't have put it better ,all these bad signings and huge contracts what there on is going to cause us severe problems for at least 3 years our wage bill has now gone up to 25 million a season and not manys contracts run out this summer,a new manager will have little to work with cause of carlos and dcs very poor dealings
  8. Jordan Rhodes

    well that's what I read a year or so ago, and seen what some other championship clubs are paying there players and considering the fee of 10 million why do you think he is on less than 50k a week? well my calculator don't spin those figures he has cost us well over a million a goal if you don't think that's staggering your not of this world .
  9. Jordan Rhodes

    At 1.236 million per goal based on just 3 league goals since Jan on 50k a wk wages plus 50k a wk transfer fee averaged out per wk based on 10 million fee over 4 years makes him at this min the most expensive championship misfit of all time , what he did 3,4,5,6 years ago is the past , I said be4 we signed him on here it was a mistake far too big an outlay for a player who ain't been at his best for at least 18 months before we signed him. I thought a 10 million fee and 50k a wk over 4 years was madness.
  10. Wildsmith

    saw jake kean play the practise match and he looked very decent , I think dawson and wildsmith need half a season each in league 1 playing regular it will do them both a lot of good.
  11. Big Sam

    its a certainty he will be back inside 12 months but no way will it be with us, money isn't available carlos has blew the lot , it needs to be an experienced championship manager who can wheel and deal ,
  12. Big Sam

    was quoted yesterday as saying it would have to be right job so clearly he would return as a manager but he can be very picky to where he ends up ,to me that means he aint retired for good. but no chance whatsoever he will end up at s6 though as there will have to be cost cutting in January to balance the books ,got to be pearson on McCarthy for me ,could we get either? its worth trying or does nigel pearson want to end up never been a manager again I think he would suit us like a glove, and have well over 95% of supports backing ,but he aint a yes man and would want full control of team affairs ,would chansiri allow that?
  13. If you pay on the day, stay away.

    quite a few of us at game yesterday could have fallen down several rows cause its that steep at macron stadium we were all so angry in fact ive not seen anger like that for years ,I don't think any of us what go enjoy getting so upset at the way things are knowing a manager and a lot of the players are stealing a wage. all the fun and optimism has gone no singing in pubs before game little or no singing at game.
  14. Bullen

    that's 3 of us
  15. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    lambert karanka moyes those 3 would send us to sleep and complete Carlos's wrecking job and send us down defo no no no . need a manager who will connect to supporters and give it straight ,McCarthy or pearson for me every day of week . cant take a gamble on an unknown either .