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  1. handworth52

    We're (Not) On Our Way....

    unfortunately we are,and your right there are so many supporters who have no idea how grave the situation is,this has been coming for 2 years plus , the only long term way our club with get its positivity back in the long term is chansiri selling up,and getting the right manager in , though with a massive fine looming and probable points deduction ,I don't see a buyer rushing in .
  2. handworth52


    all last minute again ,pretty much all our away games last 3 years went on sale 3weeks before the game on the Monday , by doing it a week later ,travel plans are more expensive if traveling by train .
  3. only problem is you will need a hotel appx £100 a night ,and at least another £100 for beer /meals double that or treble it if you take your other half.
  4. handworth52

    Sunderland..which tier?

    if we were tipped to finish top 2 top6 this season id agree with you about that, but we are going to take a lot longer to sell out away games this season due to us probably having a long hard season. took 6 days to shift just 1650 Brentford tickets which is our only weekend game this season in the capital , I think most supporters apart from utd game will get tickets for every away game with appx 550 points inc vila,stoke,west brom
  5. handworth52

    #SWFC team for Sunderland

    I would play joao and fletcher as both either need fitness or trying to find form in front of goal ,rest of team should be mostly reserves ,id give preston a start and matias too . our priority is the league and stopping up this season anything above that is a bonus .
  6. I never get the criticism fenando got ,he has done so much off the pitch ,probably more than any other player here ,he went to see a young lad at maltby in july as fenando found out the young lad was so upset that he missed out getting his autograph etc ,he didn't have to do that, he also has given more cash to Hayley kalinins cancer fund plus many more good things he has done ,he is a top bloke as well as a top player ,without him this season I really fear were we would finish.
  7. handworth52

    Joost Van Aken

    pelupessy arms are bigger than van akens legs not sure id agree with you on that about van aken physically stronger than pelupessy , joost certainly might be a better footballer though.
  8. handworth52

    Joost Van Aken

    I don't underrate the u23s and they will have to be our saviour this season ,though some of the u23s don't have any league experience ie jack lee, alex hunt and they would have benefited from a loan to help there progress , been thrown in at the deep end in a possible relegation fight aint the best way to start your career . some fantastic players have been made through young players going out on loan ,the trouble is though with a squad of 18-19 that just wont happen.
  9. handworth52

    Joost Van Aken

    buying jr was a huge mistake said it then too ,not doing that deal would have avoided us going into an embargo ,now we have 1 of the smallest squads what has several injury proned players ,along with 2-3players who jos will not touch ,if we get out of this massive hole and stop up it will be as better achievement than going up ,I really think the job is that tough ,fans need to wake up and say this aint acceptable whats happening to our great club ,id take 4th bottom now and avoiding a points deduction . what kind of team might we be able to play by December? it will be at least filled by 5-6 u23s
  10. handworth52

    Reach as LWB

    boyd should have played wing back ,has jos got something against him? he is defo not his favourite ,but neither is westwood
  11. handworth52

    Joost Van Aken

    I can ,if carlos played him earlier in the season instead of getting him on loan then totally ignoring him ,he could possibly have been signed on a full deal last January once we knew he was upto it ,now we have a defence what not before long will get 5 put past them ,that area is a mess. all the happy clappers what stuck up for carlos when I said it was a car crash waiting to happen now look where we are,it was so dam obvious .
  12. handworth52

    Joost Van Aken

    my pencils have more meat on them than joost ,he must have the most skinniest legs ive ever seen, maybe he could be tried at wing back? well got to be better than fox. but no way in centre mid
  13. handworth52


    don't forget Wembley either ,half empty end.
  14. handworth52

    Lucas Joao

    just was going to post exactly that.strange how suddenly he tells manager he cant play , his agent will be lining something up,i don't trust anything the club says now, how they have treated westwood is a disgrace .
  15. handworth52

    Brentford Tickets

    only had 1650 tickets and took 6 days to shift,last season they would have gone 9am 2nd day .