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  1. that's a maybe but he was 1 of many many signings what carlos made what made no sense . dutch players in general don't like playing in the championship they find it too physical.
  2. we sold wigan away out 1st game similar numbers and we were expecting a very average season ,yet preston a last 1 of season and we aint selling out ,even Birmingham sold this one out a few weeks ago . to those not going don't moan next season when you cant get forest villa derby tickets etc ,
  3. he plays in the dutch league ,we have had endless dutch players over the years and nearly all failures . van aken is a worse signing than urby , 4million and he must be on decent money ,2 years of wasted wages .don't buy dutch again
  4. the mans a joke ,our money was good enough for him when he conned us when we got Rhodes etc, what Gibson should concentrate on his pathetic running of his club lately , they signed no1 last summer or January yet they were so short of attacking players and took on the most boring man going in pulis who takes the word boredom to a new level , I spoke to some boro supporters after xmas and they wernt impressed at all . id even prefer derby to go up than his sorry club.
  5. where are all these supporters what moan they cant get away tickets? 4pts off playoffs ,just up road ,cheap tickets .I thought this would sell out easy with it been last away game too.
  6. He was a shocker yes but the damage was already done when the war chest was blown by carlos who had full control of signings since jan 2016. Jos couldnt sign players cause of ffp but probably a good job he couldnt. Lets hope bruce is able to bring in decent players this summer.
  7. everyone have you seen joe wildsmith in goal? why would he deserve to play the last 3 games? he made some of the biggest howlers ive even seen when he did get 1st team games for us and he was given some u23 games earlier in the season and my god he was shocking ,I don't know whats happened to the lad as he looked so promising , maybe he should get his hair cut and that tramp like beard shaving off what he is growing. if westwood leaves we need to be bringing in another keeper , dawson and wildsmith aint good enough
  8. I don't think he will stay as he is reportedly on 25k a week and not sure if the club could afford to offer him a deal on similar terms for 2 more years will be a huge loss to us. but if a footballer at 34years old gets offered a better offer elsewhere 98% of the time they go and take the money
  9. he be on way more than 20k a week ,at time we got him he was highly rated ,id say he be nearly our highest paid player 30-35k a week minimum that works out over 3 years inc 4 million fee at a whopping 10 million wasted . Rhodes is 8 million fee then 40k a week so that's 16 million over 4 years minus the the 2 million wages we saved this season and a loan fee say another 1-2 million so if Rhodes gets another loan next season abdi will go down by a mile as our worst ever signing in our history . he is a ******* joke and makes me sick that he takes a wage for doing nothing ,surely he should have been either sacked or written off through ill health .
  10. totally agree ,plus sell reach bannan and Rhodes , that would take 10 million plus off the wage bill which will allow around 5 new signings . to go wildsmith ,preston,stobbs,hooper,lee,matias,abdi,jones, try and get decent fees for reach,bannan,rhodes . sell fox nuhiu , that would allow bruce to spend a little and bring in 5 very decent players and also lower the wage bill by 5 million . boyd im not sure about 3-4 months ago id say go now maybe another 12 month deal on less money?
  11. agree when you play reach bannan sometimes its like playing with 9 men when they have poor games which has been very frequent lately .
  12. not a chance . you need to spend 100 million plus to stop up ,they will get pennies and there squad at min wont score 10 goals all season in premier league.
  13. I said on here to drop bannan for onomah well done. also leave hooper out as he wont be here next season so we might as well give others a chance.
  14. the question is 100 million in mcsue pocket or the prince pocket ,money from premier league ends up in the players,agents, and owners pockets , I couldn't give a **** about the money but seeing em getting turned over every week aint a bad thing is it. the trouble with leeds though is if they go up they will get there ground improved to 50000 plus and will stay in that league for years . there both bad evils choosing which of the horrible 2 ,but you have to look at it more on a long term view.
  15. what losing 6-0 every week id call that proper funny . they wont get 20 points and maybe a lot less
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