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  1. "Too good to go down"

    We have only won 1 game all season against a bottom half team yes that's true. So if there is a table showing results against bottom half I think we would be bottom.
  2. Interesting comments.

    Yes this is the worry , chansiri may well not like whats coming I'm sure some will give him abuse and I don't think he will react too well to that .he may decide to cut his losses and leave us in a total mess .
  3. Interesting comments.

    K Lee didnt get the injection done in Sheffield was done in Coventry as Carlos wanted him back quicker a gamble which has backfired.
  4. Interesting comments.

    Kieron Lee career could be in serious doubt after been rushed back way too quickly I put this on owls talk in early March , was given an injection for pain and swelling but all summer was struggling , since then it's got worse. I dont just want Carlos gone I want my club back , scary times at swfc , can it get worse? Believe me it can
  5. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    why should we keep it decent, carlos and chansiri between them have set the club back years with there awful transfer business and shocking style of football . lets face it we have several players who wont be leaving us for quite some time(till contracts run out) that without doubt is going to drag us down, s gray left us with players who cost hardly a penny and a younger squad also a few loans so didn't have the financial burden carlos is leaving next manager with. also few of s grays players had more than 1 years contract so were hungry to earn a new deal also if they wernt performing they left in the summer, out of all the championship clubs we by far are in the most trouble short term to long term . notts forest did similar 4 years or so ago and tried to buy there way upto premier league and failed ,but we have done it to a much bigger extent. if carlos does the decent thing and leaves now then he wont have to listen to unpleasant stuff ,yes though some people take it too far ,but I wont remember carlos too fondly when he leaves ,I will know what a mess my club has been left in and what miracle worker can turn it around , maybe someone can burn all players contracts maybe that would help.
  6. Carlos Out banner at Hillsborough

    can we have a banner /sheet as big as the one we used to have on kop saying carlos out? ,maybe then if its in big enough writing chansiri might get the message .
  7. 5 o'clock next Saturday South Stand

    I go to all home games and most away games, and will still be going long after carlos,chansiri, and the glory boy supporters are never seen again. we have 18k hard core support and 3k plus who go to away games regular but even the hard core support is having problems finding a connection with the club/players/coaches/running of the club .its like we have been given some villa in some hot sunny destination and had it took off us and been placed in a 1 bed roomed room in some dirty dark pitsmoor ally ,that's the football equivalent whats happening to us.
  8. 21,000

    yes thought that myself ,its 100% certain that they were included if they they don't turn up . ive never seen so many empty seats in many years it was like if we were losing 5-0 and everyone had left after 70 mins, must have been less than 20k home supporters in ground
  9. don't agree about reach he is far from a 10/10 player but there is only him bannan and hooper this season who have been anywhere near decent ,and all 3 at times haven't done enough . mention Wallace ,jones ,fletcher,rhodes,lees,loovens ,abdi,matias ,van arken and others then fair enough all have contributed little or nothing and none of them don't even deserve a quarter of there wages .
  10. It's Over!!!

    I agree last time we had the likes of reda Johnson etc who up were up for a battle ,how many of our sorry lot are up for a battle? funny how we are struggling and suddenly our treatment room is so full , I don't see many of them playing through pain for our coarse .
  11. It's Over!!!

    all funds have gone ,carlos even said so in his last pre match interview ,and with chansiri not expecting crowds this season dropping 4000 and this spring a 6000 shortfall in season ticket sales big problems are on the way unless something dramatic happens now on and off the pitch to get people interested in going again.
  12. 5 o'clock next Saturday South Stand

    I hate to say this but 2 clubs what I dispise weeds and bumhole lane they wouldn't have kept away like many season ticket holders did yesterday , I cant blame anyone not wanting to pay to watch that tripe and watch it on tv on a freezing cold night , but whats upsetting me is that supporters are just prepared to except whats going on at our club , just staying away or going and been silent isn't going to wake chansiri up ,he need telling by thousands whether that's at ground or writing to him saying you wont renew unless a new head coach is appointed playing better football ,not difficult that is it.
  13. 5 o'clock next Saturday South Stand

    he aint even launched the away shirts yet ,maybe there in boxes stuffed in the Dtaxis on the slow boat from china what fetches our stuff ,probably it got sank by pirates in the south china sea.
  14. 5 o'clock next Saturday South Stand

    ive got far more respect for howard Wilkinson than carlos and chansiri. howard is a proper football man who cares deeply about our club. those supporters were rightly proper upset and cared deeply for there club, I just hope those dark days don't return but I'm far from convinced that they wont return , we need a new owner ,someone who knows how to run a football club ,it don't matter how much he has put into the club its all ended up in greedy footballs pockets while we are getting fleeced for watching total tripe every week. the club is in a very serious position thousands are threatening not to renew and I believe they wont, just look yesterday how many didn't turn up ,must have been thousands what didn't take there seat what they have paid for , think if we lose 5000 season ticket holders? and 90% of them wont return on a game by game basis I don't think chansiri has got a answer or a clue to what would happen to club if that happened .financial Armageddon .
  15. 5 o'clock next Saturday South Stand

    the amount of negs you have got sums up a lot of our support , if this was going on at Newcastle and quite a few other clubs ,the supporters would be proper upset and be chanting managers name out,and shouting chansiri sort it out . what do we do? moan at 1 an another ,be silent ,go to sleep , and a lot yesterday just didn't go ,not seen so many empty seats what are sold to season ticket holders in many many years . why not attend the game chant carlos out and protest your total displeasure at whats going on at our club. . what are you all waiting for? for howard Wilkinson to come out to talk to supporters like he did when the club nearly went bust. I'm not joking those dark days might not be so far away again . if you know that the club has a staggering wage bill of 25 million and know that our finances are now taking a major hit as we are on brink of ffp ,losing all these millions for rest of season will mean chansiri will need 10 million worth of sales in January to keep us away from ffp. you can believe me or don't but its what I'm seeing. can you imagine if we ended in league 1 again at end of this or next season ? can you imagine the fall out for our club? this is why supporters can make a difference by all been together and lets chansiri know that what we are seeing every week on the football pitch and off it is totally unacceptable . we are a total laughing stock and I'm not finding it 1 bit funny.