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  1. west brom stoke and west ham purely cause id like to go to there grounds next season , Swansea southamton c palace etc are nightmare journeys even though I dislike the 3 of them.
  2. rodwell mcgugan etc are clear examples of players on big money who clubs are or were stuck with ,nobody would pay rodwell a fifth of his wages what he gets at sunderland. we need to get a side what can keep our championship status for the next 2 years and then learn from the huge mistakes after that . I'm fairly sure by September we will still have a longish injury list ,maybe not as big as what it were a month ago but still dragging us down. if anyone thinks our injured players like fletcher abdi etc are suddenly going to play 40+ games next season they need to stop taking too many pills.
  3. if they take his contract on and give us 6 million then he can go. anywhere else id let him go for free ,but only thing I like giving leeds is a v sign for we beat u shitheads or a middle finger salute
  4. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    the only thing what needs mentioning and counting down is the days and weeks left on his contract .
  5. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    no it aint ,carlos wanted him back promto ,a fall out happened between carlos and medical team , k lee was given an injection to ease the pain and swelling so he could resume training straight away , I aint been told this by any of the medical people but who told me should well know I will leave it at that ,i can assure you that it was a huge gamble on a players career , remember carlos wanted forestieri back by 3rd week in January ,jos wont do it the carlos way that's why its early april when we see forestieri , k lee wont play this season I believe
  6. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    the interview what Hutchinson gave on Saturday should tell you why k lee had to have 2nd op and all our other injuries, carlos when he was here let players train for 2 days and they were back in team,then out soon after after been rushed back. players now have to train 2-3-4 weeks before they are anywhere near the team, I know what carlos did with k lee ,and not from some rumour , he was rushed back as his recovery was taking longer than he liked ,he was sent to Coventry for an injection so he could resume training almost straight away then was pushed back into the 1st team ,it was a stupid gamble which has misfired badly , if only we had an owner what knew what he was doing then surely carlos would have gone a long time ago and we wouldn't have had a season like we have had.
  7. Another great day at leeds

    yer me too sweet indeed ,didn't even mind snow blowing into my face while waiting in that massive que for bus seeing all there miserable faces a picture.
  8. Well done Wednesday.

    think our injury situation now is getting a little exaggerated ,the team that played yesterday was only 3-4 players short of full strength ,westwood ,fessi and hooper and maybe k lee ,now that a few are coming back into the team we should be looking to get a few results and maybe try to catch dirty leeds , thought the ref yesterday was biased towards them and the lineman on our side didn't have a clue at least 2-3 times he did not flag leeds offside and he disallowed our goal just before half time ,everyone around me had clear line across where lineman decided it was offside, the goal didn't even make football league show. as for leeds they need to treat supporters with a hell of a lot more respect ,I found the policing and stewards by far the most aggressive and unpleasant ive come across ,it was like we were wild animals been escorted to a high security prison yet I hardly saw anyone doing that much wrong, I understand now why so many on here before game were put off from going , the win is so sweet though not enjoyed beating a team so much for a long time ,leeds did miss 2 good chances in 1st half and I agree 2 poor teams but the win needs celebrating it will keep us up I'm sure now, if we lost the gap would have been 5 points .
  9. Another great day at leeds

    Best feeling in football beating that lot so glad I went. 1st time I've been there too , horrible lot they are.cops n security total pathetic too ,so way over the top. Seeing there faces after we gog the winner was a picture.
  10. Owlstalk Praise Or Grumble

    its a massive praise to all the Wednesday supporters what went today inc me for sticking by our team ,we go win lose draw and we were rewarded with a great win against that horrid lot. sorry to the rest of u what couldn't be arsed .
  11. leeds are world beaters jos over last 21 games they are in the bottom 6 on form, if it were not for that excellent start they would be in a similar place in league to us , yer 1-2 of there players up top have skill but team overall is bang average, if we get thumped then out u go tonight jos.
  12. palmer u have spent too much time in china son. carlos fetched all those bad signings in,so he could hardly ship em out straight away, the reason they all are still here is because no other club would pay there wages what there on here. carlos is the one who fetched no pace in and didn't sign a player like yourself in midfield. I know what I'm on about and 95% of our supporters do.
  13. Let it snow. Let it snow .Let it snow

    sorry to say it but we must be everyones fav team to play ,and we are worse than burton and sunderland over last 21 games we are bottom of the league ,hopefully the returning players will improve us ,but still don't know were goals will come from today.
  14. I agree but we cant just abandon our team .we cant use cost as an excuse as it will cost far more to Sunderland with travel costs. And yes leeds is a hole and it wont be my favourite away day by a long way . Im going anyways maybe I'm mad.