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  1. Thats the one . If every household goes on there maybe people will relax more . We know where the problem is. But they dont care
  2. Google it . Gives you every area in uk on interactive map with total virus cases in uk , there are zero cases within 50 miles of east coast ,zero cases in chesterfield , and only cases in sheffield are within 1 and a half miles of pagehall all cases in sheffield are in a roma / asian area who dont do lockdown or social distance. There are zero cases in hillsborough crookes walkley norton parson cross handsworth woodhouse richmond meodowhead ecclesfield gleddless hackenthorpe mosborough halfway waterthorpe .
  3. We have the worst 3 keepers in the league , forget westwood aint you seen him earlier in season , a granny in goal wouldnt have made so many bloopers
  4. im like most aint a clue , but know if they hit us with 9pts plus what sends us down then i know they are doing it deliberately ,birmingham last season got 9 points but had plenty of games left . if we knew 7 games ago we are getting x points deduction then we might have had to go all out to win games , look at some of the results lately when clubs have a gun pointing at them and they need points they get them , then the likes of qpr who are on the beach dont perform . one thing i do know is if they relegated us this season then we would enter administration ,you cant operate a club with zero income 900k tv money and having to refund a certain amount of support while the rest prob wont buy a season ticket due to corona . i doubt chansiri will lose over 30 million a season to keep us afloat and lower leagues possibly for many years . staying up is vital.
  5. love to know how a club is skint without spending much in premier league . aston villa on otherhand im preying they come down as they spent a fortune and could be in as bigger trouble as us. saying that no as they have saleable assets we have none.
  6. yes but thats because he took no risks and passed backwards and sideways , a killer forward pass is harder and might lose you some % off the pass rate but thats what win games . he needs a good few games to get used to it then lets judge him .
  7. im prepared to give him time and certainly wouldnt be hounding him if we were having crowds in . i think he looks a bit lost to be honest , far too lightweight and he lost ball in midfield was the time bannan nearly got a bad injury recovering the situation ,he also needs to have more confidence to look for a forward pass rather than go sideways or backwards , i think he would have benefited from a loan 1st.
  8. wildsmith has looked confident since he has come back. so pleased for him.
  9. if we had just mid table form since xmas we would have sailed into playoffs this league is so ordinary .
  10. agree they all played well but its quite obvious that hunt is struggling ,he nearly caused bannan a bad injury to cover for hunts mistake .
  11. i get the app freezing maybe 4 times during game but better than it was for sure.
  12. omg he spent 100 million on wages and transfer fees , any decent manager would say no i dont want rhodes,winnall etc they wont fit my style of play , and no i dont want to fill the squad with 30somethings in it on long very lucrative contracts . why do you think we are in a mess now and have been for 3-4 years its paying for a manger whos legacy is possibly the end of this club . yer lets get him back.
  13. like everyone i just dont know whats going off regards efl , but if they relegated us next week with 2 games to go im certain chansiri would go through every legal avenue possible. if we go down we go out of business ,chansiri wont support us next season with 30 million just to pay bills and that could be more if most season tickets need to be refunded ,we get 900k tv money in league 1 , and could be less than zero income . chansiri wont get a buyer so he would cut his losses thats what a normal businessman would do but chansiri who knows i still aint worked him out .
  14. Best defender 2 bring the ball out of defence since lawrie madden . Why aint pep signed him ive no idea.
  15. to say we aint a good buy is the biggest understatement going . who would buy a club with only 900k tv money next season having to probably refund season ticket holders and needing upto 30 million to pay staff and running costs then maybe 10-15 million revenue has already been lost with future season tickets . thats why i think administration is very likely , that would involve -12 points next season an embargo and having mainly our struggling u23s in other words we become bolton mk2
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