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  1. going for a wass at ht always depressed , how many times this last 4 years have we played badly/losing at half time. whats on show on the pitch is depressing at home games /the opposite of away games what involve plenty of booze .loads of goals and we win more than we lose . I miss the 2 lads taking shots at goal at ht , surely it cant have stopped because they were wearing the penalty area out . we don't go in it do we so cant damage owt what we don't use.
  2. at least gary monk said that the luongo sending off would have made no difference to the score line that's a refreshing chance from last few managers ,you can see monk is very frustrated when asked about new players ,he wants to build his own side/squad but a certain someone was allowed to burn money 3 years ago and every manager since and maybe for next 2 years will be in same boat.
  3. there aint any other police force/sag in the uk like what we have in south yorks , there will be over 1000 seats empty behind the goal and there supporters also wont be allowed anywhere near us on there stands at side of pitch , yet in west Yorkshire for similar game hudds vs leeds last month there was a line of stewards between 2 sets of supporters what despise each other , similar man city vs man utd and they also kick off at 3pm like we did at leeds. its a joke that south yorks police have this much control over us. cant we vote them out or something and get different police/sag.
  4. yer im proper shocked its sold out . I wonder how many empty seats there are with quite a few supposedly buying £1 seats to get points?. ive been to qpr 3 times before and you hear a lot of cockneys amongst us ,it could be that a good few going are from London and the surrounding area. the wigan game next Tuesday is a far more important game a little easier to get to if your working/kids but strangely there wont be anywhere near half that end filled.
  5. it was never in doubt that it would get recinded despite some of our fans thinking that the efl have it in for us so why even bother appealing. still think it would have ended up at least 3-0 4-0 without the sending off , we have been awful at home now for some time the world beating 442 what was used over xmas showed why we cant play that system unless we drop bannan and get 2 new strikers in. bannan needs to play further forward that's clear but with his limitations he needs to be in a 3 . you just get the feeling that a lot of supporters are going to start squaring up to each other like they were doing regularly 3 years ago.
  6. I quite like watching leeds 2 every time they lose which is many times , was pure heaven beating them.
  7. just cant believe the mentality of some of our supporters . to suggest that was a red card is ridiculous , saying monk should be sacked is laughable. he should have scrapped the winning team at brighton and leeds and gone back to 442 over xmas were we played 3 poor teams and played shocking ,the stoke performance was nearly as bad as Saturday but stoke missed a hatful of chances. I think 90% of us supporters what have a brain know that nuhiu and Rhodes or with winnall are shocking the worst forward line in the league by a mile . without fletcher how can we play 442 until we get someone in? if we revert back to 442 with nuhiu Rhodes then the same tactics give it back to dawson and just wack the ball forward to nuhiu that was the only tactic over xmas when we played 442 . fletcher is class the other 3 are embarrassing .
  8. for me he should play before bannan , we played brighton away without bannan and played ever so well
  9. well that's the big if ,have we any funds? probably lower wages etc. yet we will be still paying the highest prices in the championship.
  10. its next season what worries me more ,I doubt the efl with the undoubted long drawn out appeal ,possible legal action if the efl hit us this season . if they can pass a points deduction it be next season ,starting next season -15 -20 for starters means you couldn't attract the right players in the summer
  11. trouble is we have a fair few supporters what just cant see that . ive said even 4 years ago all this wont end well , I just couldn't get for instance how david jones got a 3 year deal at his age and I believe he was on 25-30k a week ,gave loovens a 3 year deal when previously he only ever had 1 year deals either here or elsewhere due to his fitness record . I went on here at time we signed Jorden Rhodes and said this is a huge mistake 8-10 million fee and 40k a week for 4 years on someone who hadn't played regularly for 18 months before we got him and he has only ever been known as a finisher ,he wasn't suited to the way carlos set his sides to play (Rhodes needed to ball going forward much quicker with wingers delivering low balls across the byline something what carlos never did so why the heck was he signed? regards abdi well that's a big mystery none of us have a clue about . then didn't we pay urby 20-25k a week for 1 hours training a day with no involvement in the matchday squad. that's just a small amount of the mess created which has bust our accounts and got this club into a slippery path which we will do well in next 3 years to not be lower than we are now. gary monk remember has inherited all this ,he is doing his best and supporters need to let him if possible get his own players in, im certain he wants to go back to 442 but how can he with the garbage he has to choose from up front?.
  12. yer what idiot decided to stop that? does chansiri think that stopped supporters going to spend there money at half time?
  13. I think its a number of factors why the atmosphere aint good to be honest it aint been for some time at home , the style of football scoring goals etc is what we go to see ,seen that we are the 2nd lowest scorers at home this season answers the main reason why the atmosphere is so flat its almost nothing to do with efl as that possible punishment will be extremely unlikely to be this season anyways. there are other factors even at away games in concourses its defo dropped massively the noise levels this season you used to hear the gary hooper song, Michael hector 1 and loads more but these players have gone and we don't seem to have new players to fill the gap ones what create an identity etc . even under jos we were louder away watching utter dross ,but during the away games this season we are loud just purely on what we are watching on the pitch which away from home has been the complete opposite of home games.
  14. we could have had a bent ref on our side and playing against 9 men and we wouldn't have won yesterday , equally we could have played some no hoper team like Bolton or southend or even national league and we would almost certainly have lost. if we played say fylde in cup yesterday we would have been humiliated . if it wernt for blackburn easing off and some of there quality was poor we could have been tanked by 10 by a better team . I posted on here we were lucky that bottom of the league stoke didn't get 8-10 against us on boxing day ,guess what that was with 2 up front ,2 only works if you have 2 up front what are any good ,Rhodes and nuhiu that day was like playing with 10 men and they totally over run our poor midfield.
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