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  1. Its the football equivalent of someone drinking 1 bottle of vodka except u might be ok 2 days later doing that ,the carlos damage with paxo puts this club years into trouble. Id sooner have a stable club with gradual progress than a short tempory orgasm
  2. As long as chansiri is owner as long as paxo is the advisor as long as monk is manager as long as our non excistant coaching set up continues then the club can only keep going backwards.
  3. Thats the thing league 1 you get kicked all over , many a succesful manager in that league use big physical players . Lightweight dont work.
  4. He does , but you need a club what will want 2 have our u23s on loan , i cant see too many lower league clubs will be picking phone up wanting them.
  5. Improve with the right coaching, maybe but we dont have any coaches , u23 coaches and kick bucket bullen thats all we have . Thats another major problem we have.
  6. God help us . Ive nothing against the lad but he is out of his depth and he is too small , he would need to be an exceptional talent to cut it at his size which he clearly isnt . How the heck has this happened .its a circus our club.
  7. If we go down we could be several years in lower leagues . Thats a very real prospect ,its happened to many well supported clubs, even pigs spent 6years , portsmouth a few , coventry 10 plus, sunderland 3 years plus now. We are in such a mess from having a shocking youth set up , shocking 1st team coaching/manager set up , to an owner who still aint a clue. No forward thinking plan whatsover , just takes advise off paxo and look where that is taking us.
  8. The simple facts are we are the worst team in the championship since xmas day , we are awful and now have a threadbare squad , having to put on young lads who are totally out of there depth worries me that monk thinks there the way forward . We need young quality players from premier league like most other championship clubs get . Homegrown sadly are miles off the pace. Our incredibly poor u23 set up sadly never seems to improve . Sack all academy staff if hunt or that young full back are the best we have , both look kids in a headlight .
  9. I really have rated lee since lockdown certainly looking to get a new deal . What does this kid hunt offer? He is so small its unreal .
  10. The table from xmas day shows us bottom of the league. And since then we have lost fletcher fox etc , this team would even struggle in league 1.
  11. This shower is sending us 2 league 1 . Why has hunt come on?
  12. Seen a few on sky, watched us against a few. Dont rate cruz at all. At least its a loan no way will he be signing.
  13. Thats not saying much. If rhodes dont score he offers nothing.
  14. Poor game this , quality on ball from us shocking , its a very winable game . Cruz omg what does he do? Seen better quality in league 2.
  15. Yer just noticed that. Its the presenters and pundits what have dropped it , even black pundits like evra have ditched it. Just had enough of it now . All lives matter .end of rant
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