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  1. Ok maybe, but when you have guys like Torry and others who have watched us for 60 years saying they don't recall a more abject performance then perhaps there is something in it don't you think? Just consider that. The worst performance in 60 years of watching. And let's not forget the 3 mighty games between Christmas and New Year. The boys are on quite a run aren't they. Absolutely relegation form. I'm glad you're feeling entertained but these players really do need a kick up the jacksie.
  2. As I live outside UK so have to rely on iFollow I may be wrong but I still think he adds a lot in a midfield 3. This is because I think he does as much if not more off the ball (closing down space, harrassing opposites, tackling, running into space) than on it. Can any of those who attend games confirm this or is it just wishful thinking on my part?
  3. Agree with this. Thankfully Monk is keeping his composure. Sure we have problems and weaknesses but yesterday from early on it felt like one of those games that was just going to be a bit of a disaster. It really is the Wednesday way I'm afraid. I felt much much much more angry over the three pathetic performances between Christmas and New Year. They are the ones that made me want to punch the wall. Leeds showed what we can do (although we were lucky they had Bamford) but yesterday simply showed against a physical team unless things go our way we often struggle. Sorry but with a Wednesday team that is at best marginally better than many of the opposites, we need a bit of luck. When we don't get it (and I don't think Weds could ever regularly be described as a lucky team), we struggle. Getting the early red card from an incompetent referee was unlucky and frankly we are not talented enough to win a game against a decent team from behind when we are down early doors to 10 men. I'll stand corrected but don't think we ever have in my 56 years on this planet. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Well yes I was one of the few. Not all was lost. Still got that free monkey thing they gave upon joining ( star of Pg tips ads) which passed down to the kids. Serious question: is that the longest owlstalk topic title ever?
  5. Oh just checked and it appears you didn't. The other bloke ( whom you seem to delight in winding up as he takes the bait) did, so you just continue. Fascinating stuff. Fascinating.
  6. I haven't really followed this little lovers tiff because it's frankly a bit boring. But for someone who said "I'll leave it at that" you didn't manage to leave it at that for very long. I think the problem for Harris is that after a couple of games he was seen as our main threat so became double teamed which made it tougher for him. Still doesn't give up and hide though. Yes his crossing and (like the whole damn team) his shooting could be a whole lot better, but at the moment he's one of the few effective attacking outlets we have . Anyway nice to hear we're looking at bringing three in. Gives us something to discuss.
  7. Well Rhodes seems to need Fletcher to bring the best out in him, and Nuhiu is an impact sub, so if Fletcher's injury takes him out a while and we don't bring anyone in this January, then it's Winnall's by default so we had better get used to it. Problem is try as he might ( " he runs around a bit") he just doesn't look like scoring. And also his defensive work marking an opponent at set plays is not that great either. I'll cheer him as long as he pulls on a Wednesday shirt but it's a bit of a sorry state of affairs. Unless given our performance yesterday the way forward is for us to play like Barcelona, pack the midfield and play without a striker. There you go. Easy this strategy lark.
  8. I take your point but I don't blame GM. It was the players that simply didn't turn up and give it a go. Wednesday will always lose plenty of games unfortunately but if the players give it everything then fair enough. They didn't however in those three games ( unlike yesterday when they were a joy to watch). I keep going on about it and neg away if you wish but until our players develop the mental strength to succeed, we won't.
  9. Playing well Wednesday. More of the same second half please. Players seem a bit more involved. I wonder if the absence of Barry means players take a bit more responsibility?
  10. Absolutely this. It's about CHARACTER or in the case of our players, lack of it. And it's not new. Apart from an exceptional couple of years in the early 90s, it's been the same for the last 30 years. ( The 70s and 80s it wasn't about character, we just weren't very good). I actually think the players we have do care, they are trying but they are brittle. They just don't have the character to lead and deal with the pressure. They panic and lose their nerve. Forget about tactics and training. We need to get a few psychologists in.
  11. "Doom and gloom merchants". Well good for you mate. Seriously, did you actually watch the last three games? There aren't enough swear words in the English language to describe the performances.
  12. Don't accept Monk is to blame for these last 3 games. As Snooty pointed out his record is actually better than Messiah Bruce ie averaging 2 PTS per game. This shower of poo is down to the players lethargy or maybe fear and lack of character. I can't decide what it is. We saw this half when they stepped up the tempo we started to look more dangerous but they are all a bit fragile. I get a bollocking for using the expression but seriously, they need to man-up.
  13. I'm sorry. I'm a 50 yr supporter through thick and thin but that "shot" by Reach was pathetic. It's basic skills!
  14. Again problem with the basics. Bannan, Winnall, Reach all have shots at goal, none anywhere the goal or goalie. Playing quite well but for heaven's sake someone learn to shoot.
  15. Now Reach has lost his radar we don't have one single player who can reliably shot from outside the box. Not one.
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