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  1. Get a grip. It's a discussion forum. We debate things. We disagree. You asked for "one single example". You got one. You can't get much more abusive than "Evil F'kr". It's not the majority. Most is constructive or frustrated criticism. Understandable. But in my opinion there has also been abuse. You disagree. Fair enough. "Delete accounts" because people disagree with you. Grow up. And did you seriously just say "There is no abuse of Chansiri or any players/managers on here". My lips are sealed.....
  2. Because I presume like many fans (I would have sold fernando then by the way) he thought he was an asset that could get us to the Promised Land. As for Admin, still yes presumably if the net value to him of the club is positive. But now he owns the ground the dynamic may change. My impression is he is still in this more for ego and football than economic but I really have no idea. I don't know the guy. I merely judge him on what he has done (good and bad) and what alternatives there seem to be out there.
  3. I'm just pleased to have an owner who is looking for ways to put money into the club. And I happen to think there probably arent too many of them around. That doesn't mean I think he has got everything right though. Far from it. He has got plenty wrong. I just tend to think we should be grateful to have him at the helm in this current financial football climate. Better the devil you know, etc
  4. Chansiri is the owner and leader and I suspect he is fairly autocratic, so the buck does stop with him. It is not solely down to him however. He has been incompetent and naive but he has kept us out of administration (so far). He hasn't fully grasped the FFP system (has anybody) and has tried to work ways around it to allow him to put more money into the club. He could walk away. Find some Azeri businesman to sell it to like Saint MM. As for "emotion" and "taking sides" well I think that comes from labelling people Uber fans or "weird" (you tend to eventually use that
  5. Yes but if it does happen I know we will all be well behaved and nice about it
  6. Some incompetence yes, combined with plenty of naivete and particularly a FFP structure that isn't fit for purpose.
  7. You were implying he shouldn't fight his corner because his naivete got us in the EFL mess in the first place
  8. In the "middle of an EFL thread" in which he's fighting his AND OUR corner rather than bending over ....
  9. Given the previous owner presumably gave various warranties in the sale contract they may very well be quite nervous at the minute. Also as regards the sale only being made a month ago, it's possible the sale was made in say February, and the next few months were simply spent satisfying conditions precedent (or subsequent as drafted) one of which would no doubt have been satisfaction of the EFL's fit and proper person test. Rather ironic if the EFL delayed completing the test until May/June. All speculation but could get rather messy this.
  10. Which itself is based on 18th century witch trials around Salem, Massachusetts except they used drowning - weighed them down and if you survived you were a witch and if you drowned....er...whoops. Fact really can be stranger than fiction.
  11. And they are our final game of the season.........
  12. In your example 16/17 season we were um one point behind 6th place at this stage so not really comparable is it? In any case when did we last win 8 consecutive league games (genuinely, have we ever?) So there's your answer
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