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  1. This is why I don't make predictions. First and last time.
  2. South Africa basically out-Englanded England. England didn't have a plan B and South Africa's Plan A was the same but they just did it better. It's sport isn't it and let's face it Wednesday over the years have been the epitome of inconsistency. Match the top dogs one week; get convincingly beaten by someone in bottom 3 next. I'm sticking my neck out and saying we are a bit different this year with Monk. Don't roll over and die and are as up for games against the "bottom" clubs as the top. So I'm going for 0-2 to the Wednesday today, Fletcher and finally........Palmer.
  3. Lucky you. As a Kiwi and 50 yr Wednesday fan, after the blxxdy cricket, watching England stuff the ABs last Saturday I started shouting at the TV "it's 93 all over again, it's 93 and Arsenal". And that's how it still feels.
  4. Definitely 3 pts ( clue: I'm a Kiwi)
  5. RIP Klas. Inspirational. And that brilliant, gutsy open-letter he wrote.....
  6. Sorry mate but I hope that's a whooosh. Because otherwise it's a bit of a childish post.
  7. Not necessarily. Depends how you view "best". Clearly many of us have differing views on that and voted accordingly. That can happen when it's not adequately spelt out what you are being asked to vote on, apparently...
  8. Ok but I'm glad you're not my boss. These things are much more about man-management then blowing smoke up someone's ar$e.
  9. Might be available for the latter game.....allegedly
  10. Those misses by Assombalonga were something special. I think even I would have scored with them. Without wanting to turn this into an opportunity to bash someone (we won by a large margin, let's enjoy that), can some tactical genius enlighten me as to what the heck happened with those two Assombalonga chances? It was like the parting of the Red Sea where our defence just opened up and said "there you go matey". Anyone?
  11. Yes but would you want him ululating over you...? Groan. Sorry I'm just very very bored. Agree with you. Quite like the fact he looks a bit wimpy but seems to have the air of crazy aggression about him.
  12. Where did you find ululate? Had to look it up. Well done Sir.
  13. He was superb. Used to love his Italian football show. He's over on BeinSport now with the odd cameo. What's really creepy is he doesn't appear to have aged in 30 yrs.
  14. And while I understand the sentiments of Snoots opening post, this technology has however made it so much easier for us worldwide fans. When I first started following the Wednesday as a 7 yr old nearly 50 yrs ago from the other side of the world I only got the weekend result from a tiny snippet in Monday morning's newspaper where results were listed and I had to go to a library (!) to find out whatever I could about Wednesday. Or hope like heck they might be on The Big Match ( which was rare and we got a week later anyway). Would have given my right ******** to have had the internet and owltalk etc back then in the 70s and 80s to have been able to get my daily Weds fix.
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